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Buppert: Never Go Full Benchmade


Screw any business that wants me dead.

Who else needs the Dick’s treatment and why?

Answer in comments, please.


Tempus fugit.

You Are Being Replaced

Mike explains.

The invaders are winning.

And they know it.

Buchanan: War Party A Go Go


No Persian ever said I was deplorable.

Nor did any Venezuelan.

Open Thread

Travel day.

Will keep comments moderated.


Fake Noose


Am glad poop smears are no longer in vogue.


Coulter: Calling BS On POTUS

You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

This is your preparation period.

Don’t waste it.

Kilcullen On Urban Guerrillas

From 2013, but evergreen; h/t Kenny.

Related book:

Out Of The Mountains: The Coming Age Of The Urban Guerrillas


Understand that the end-state of calling the Deplorables “Nazis” today is the Socialist self-scourging of all trad Americans for multiple generations after The Glorious Victory.

You think this kind of thing can only happen in Germany.

You think that FUSA is different.

You are wrong.

Don’t lose the upcoming fracas.

Aesop: Sitrep, Mid-Feb 2019

Read and heed.

Tempus fugit.

Diplomad: Did AOC Jump The Amazon Piranha?


Or will she continue to be the It Girl?

Heckuva election coming up – right, Bernie?


GoV: One Tiny Little Glimpse Into The European Soul

Full-bore socialism is so good.

Just can’t wait ’til the job started by Frank the Cripple in ’33 gets finished.


15 Fighters: The Warm Layer(s)

You know the drill – what works, why, and what does not.

Links matter a lot.

Headgear is next, so save hat commentary until next time.

The Best Of All Worlds?

A review of the Ranger Assault Knife by Ontario, via AP.


Free Speech In Andrew McCabe’s America

The workings of FUSA’s secret police and its treasonous allies.

Related thoughts and vid link.

Read each article, please.

Welcome to Soviet America.

Where you and your families are at best kulaks marked for plunder, imprisonment, and death.

At worst?

You are Nazi beasts, each to be ground into tatters under the treads of the People’s Democratic Unity Government.

(H/t ChicagoBoyz)


Father & Son

Via Gab.

New Woodpile’s Here!


“It’s Too Late. You’ve Lost Your Guns.”

The word from some bint, via Twitter.

These people are your neighbors.

And your relatives.

Plan accordingly.

Protect Yourselves, Lads

Via Gab.

Codrea: We’re The Only Ones Storm-Trooping Enough

Heroes, every one.

Houston edition.