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A Spot Of Good News

If true…

GoV: Crime, Hate Crime, Propaganda, and Censorship

Blighty today, FUSA next year.

And don’t forget your social credit score, Comrade.

Buchanan: Is the American Century Over for Good?

The patient is terminal, but has considerable more suffering to go.

Don’t kid yourselves.

Milliradians & You

This material will be on the final exam.

Best to start working with the tools.

Tempus fugit.

And That’s The Ballgame

(Via Gab)

Politico: Republicans pressure Trump to back down on border emergency

Abandon hope, all ye who proceed from this point.

You Already Live In A Socialist Country

And, as Mike explains, most of your fellow FUSAns are A-OK with that.

You face a very complex operating environment.

Do not underestimate the task ahead.

Reality will leave a mark if you do.

Your Daily Globohomo

(Via Twitter)

A new feature at Heartiste, “part of a new series detailing all the big and little ways Globohomo invades our nations, our communities, our families, our lives, and destroys them all from within.”

Tommy Robinson

The Elites want you disarmed, silenced, asset-stripped, and ultimately, dead.

Plan accordingly.

TL Sends

In newsletter format.

Bracken Sends

Have you got your alt comms plan created and tested?

Tempus fugit.

Denninger: Ahead Lies Civil War

H/t to GVDL for this KD link.

Read both the post and the comments.

Have others do the same.

Tempus fugit.

Brushbeater: Recon & Surveillance Course Student AAR

Got field time?

Brushbeater 2019 Class Schedule

Sparks31: Learning Electronics & CB Radio

Good ideas on both.

License-free, decent range, useful at the very least for monitoring what others in that ten-mile-plus radius are doing.

Shoot, move, communicate, support.

Keep working on each.

And remember that listening is >2x more important than talking.

MDT: A Modern Jed Eckert Rifle

.30 caliber rifles matter.

Just remember to obtain and cache plenty of ammo for them.

Aesop: The Feminist Manifesto

A rebuttal.


The Spygate Coup Is Real

Normies twig to NKVD/Bolshevik op.

Hand-wringing to follow.

Buchanan: Dems Make Race-Based Reparations An Issue In 2020

This is gonna be great.

Embrace the horror.

The Run-Up To WWIV Intensifies

Via Twitter.


IBT coverage

BBC coverage

New Woodpile’s Here!


Z Blog: The New Narrative

You can’t just replace the native population; you must also create and impose a new mythology.

You are the new Indians.

Are you ready yet for the rez?