SLL: Well-Gotten Gains

Robert goes intermittent.

Having just buried today one of the good men around when I began this whole journey more than 15 years ago, I can fully understand.

One of the commentariat admonishes all: “Better get living.”

Dead spot-on.

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  1. Shinmen Takezo

    yeah, it’s a nice tome to “scale back”…

    Good new video to watch…

  2. An interesting product so that you may be… “a remnant”:

    • 5 gallon buckets of dirt work well too. Or you can also stack Libtard bodies 3 deep and 4 ft high as a barrier also.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        My fathers unit did that outside Moscow. They were holding an airfield just a few km’s outside the city, Soviets hit them around 3am, drunk and lots of them. MG-34’s piled them up. -40’C and in the morning they blasted the walls of bodies to deny them cover in the next attack.
        They probably work best when frozen, but watch out for ricochets.

        • lastmanstanding

          My father spoke of that at Chosin as well. Said it is something that you never forget.

    • Very nice, Mr. Liguori. What isn’t listed is weight and price. Dimensions seem consumer compatible. Better than five gallon buckets are plates made with fiberglass fabric cross weaved with resin and hardener between each sheet for an inch thickness.

      Don’t know the cost comparison with Mibbs, but a poor man’s options are a poor mans’ options.

      • Yes. “Call for a quote,” translates, “How much have you got?”

        I am betting that a ring of AR500 .50BMG targets strikes a reasonable cost/benefit ratio.

        Still an interesting product.

  3. I heard a great comment, this morning, on the radio.

    They were talking about hoarding money, and someone said, “Youth is not something you can save up ’til you retire.”

  4. I first read Robert on TBP and since, always look forward to more. I have a passion I’ve done all my life and can’t imagine ever stopping.

    The image is the penultimate scene from On The Beach and the banner is put to the lie with the last scene…just like in real life.

  5. You receive and spend your days as a gift. Thanx for sharing yours with us.

  6. wendystringer48088

    “Better get living.” Because you can die at any time…

    Found this story farther down on the SLL home page (

    ‘They Did Not Deal Drugs’: Neighbors of Slain Couple Who Shot 4 Cops Refute Official Story

    “…When the couple saw four plainclothes officers in their home—who immediately came in and shot their dog—they likely went into fight or flight mode. Tuttle opened fire, likely thinking he was the subject of a home invasion and Nicholas may have tried to disarm one of the intruders who she thought was trying to kill her…”

    A profoundly disturbing story.

    • Beyond irresponsible. These fucking cops should swing from street lamps. This shit fucking pisses me off.

      Until people stand up and hold the courts, their legislators accountable, tell them this is going to stop or else. At least this guy ” got some” .

      Cops are going to cop, what all of you seem to not understand is you your community DO have the ability to make these changes. Chiefs serve at the pleasure of city hall. You want change, hold city councils feet to the fire, the mayor, etc etc. change will come quickly.

      Nobody will do it, so back to the regularly scheduled show.


      • “Cops are going to cop”

        after a lifetime of “copping” you should know.

        • Teeeeeeeeeee, give me a fuck you pig.

          Hey tee no apologies from me. Life’s about choices, you made yours, I made mine. I’ll see you in hell, Amigo.


      • Very nice, Mr. Liguori. What isn’t listed is weight and price. Dimensions seem consumer compatible. Better than five gallon buckets are plates made with fiberglass fabric cross weaved with resin and hardener between each sheet for an inch thickness.

        Don’t know the cost comparison with Mibbs, but a poor man’s options are a poor mans’ options.

      • Better yet, vote your tribe into city council, your neighbors and not some outsider hack whom the “Party” appointed over you and your neighbors.

      • wendystringer48088

        Thank you for your response.

        Without body-cam video and two dead innocent people (still being referred to as “suspects” by the police) it’s hard to know for sure exactly what happened, but if they came in wearing plain clothes and shot the dog first thing it would certainly seem to any reasonable person in those first few moments of surprise and panic that it was a home invasion by criminals intending to kill everyone in the house.

        They obviously do this because they don’t suffer any consequences (no loss of job or personal liability in a civil suit) if they make a mistake.

        Unfortunately it looks like the current crop of LEOs (at least most of them) will follow whatever orders they are give and (as shown starting at the 0:46 point in the video) the response to anyone fighting back will be “If you engage police officers, if you start shooting at police officers, they’re gonna shoot back.”)

        At least they both went down fighting, rather than cowering or crawling on the floor. They both believed themselves to be under attack by a group of armed men who were intent on killing them and in spite of this did not freeze or fall down begging for their lives.

        The man was able to react to a complete surprise attack where they came in shooting and was able to get his gun and get four hits with a 357 mag revolver on the armed attackers and the woman went down fighting for her life trying to get a shotgun away from one of the armed attackers.

        They both died bravely.

        • Wendy, They died for ALL the wrong reasons. And their will be zero accountability, other then their family in a civil court.

          In my minds eye this is a solid case of murder under color of authority. A VERY strong case of civil rights violations has standing. The cops, Possibly could be charged with CR crimes.

          I doubt it. The courts up to SCOTUS tell ” We The People” the remedy is the courts, not fighting the cops. Sadly these American Heros won’t get that chance.

          The reason I mention civil court is that the preponderance of evidence is 51%, not the criminal standard of 90 ish%.. Huge difference.

          And keep in mind the courts, I.E. A judge, signed off on the Warrant, after I believe endorsing it for “Night Service” a huge big deal, means service can occur between 22:00 to 06:00 in the morning. Predicated on medicating factors. ” most warrants are only serviceable between 06:00 and 22:00, not 24-7

          It use to be rare that a ” night endorsement ” got checked. I never wanted to,be out that late anyway, needed my rest.

          A little primer here. Police use what is referred to a ” matrix” to determine how warrants are served. Stuff like suspect likelihood of violence, guns in the house. Dogs, neighborhood, all kinds of stuff. Keep in mind SWAT guys wrote this shit. We were SWAT guys, we recognized what the matrix was all about.

          For retards to carry big shinny machine guns with suppressors, in black uniforms hiding their faces. Why , because the big cities were doing it that way. What a fucked up reason.

          When I worked dope, back in the day, we realized that Based on the matrix, EVERY warrant would pretty much require SWAT teams. We were older perhaps wiser policemans, recognizing the shit factor.

          We just kinda lost the matrix, it was rare that we felt the need to up the aggressive response chances. Most were as simple as a knock on the door, and we would be politely allowed to enter. My community’s only 40k, not very big. And most folks are pretty reasonable around here.

          These people should not be dead, period. These cops should be in custody.


  7. We have indeed reached peak insanity.

    The pen is only mightier than the sword if you stick it in the enemies eye socket.

    • lastmanstanding

      Brother Tom for the win…again!

      We’re busy living…and planning.

    • Pens are for cucks…go with a pencil.
      – John Wick

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  8. Old Tradesman


    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Georgia allows muslims to pimp out the niggers in Hotlanta.

      Same as DC, NY, Baltimore, Philly, Pittsburgh

      Antifa are muslims. They aren’t just wannabe commies.

      Where do you think they get their dope from? The mexicans dont share with the gringo. They only want the gringa.

  9. how much living can one do surrounded by cowards, morons, cops, and bullshit laws forbidding just about everything that is fun? i’ve lived an exciting full life in the fast lane, observing very few speed limits and somehow survived. these days, the majority white cucks have devised ‘rules’ to prohibit one from enjoying life. they believe if something is too scary for them to participate in- then, no one should be able to… i don’t want to be ‘kept safe’.
    it puzzles me how the average folks accept shitty mediocre lifestyles and only climb half-way up the mountain…. what a bunch of putzes.


    that should liven up this party. 🙂

    • Nailed it Tfat!! “As they say get busy living or get bust dying”

    • lastmanstanding

      I’ll bet most of us live just as good a life as you. I’ve been to the top of the mountain many times and there is no need to speed to get there.

      We enjoy the whole challenge of life. 😉

      • i strongly doubt it.

        right now, my biggest concern is the huge amount of snow that will melt soon, it may cause run-off and erosion of my beach sand…

        if that occurs- what a disaster..

        • lastmanstanding

          I’m sure you have access to a dredge…you can use all that disability/back pay to buy the fuel…diesels cheap right now.

          • huh? i’ll have more sand to walk out on, there’s a gnarly steep drop-off. but for legal reasons, it’s “a disaster”. i’ll just have to truck in more sand to top off the beach. can’t have the islanders girls laying on ‘old’ sand..


            you folks in the Fusa don’t know hardship.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Re: your Yellowstone backpacking trip comment.
        Yes, there’s fees in the park for everything. I now have a senior lifetime pass, get in free every day from now on, got it when it was $20, now they’re $80.
        Have to pay to camp in the backcountry, have to get another permit for my kayak, there’s no end to what they charge and complain they can’t make ends meet. This is what happens when your gov’t give away billions to other countries, and invites invaders to free bennies, while I can’t get my VA bills paid. BFD, I don’t care anymore.
        I’m in the last quarter of my life now, not going to bitch and moan everytime they want more money (did that for way too long already), I’ll just keep pecking away at my bucket list and have fun while I still can. I’m only 50 miles from the park, why let all that fun go to waste? Sure there’s tons of tourists, get away and find peace in your head, stay away from the crowds by paddling across a lake or hiking the backcountry. I can go days and not see another hiker.
        I probably am one of the poorest here, live on very little, but I’m rich just by virtue of where I live. Going on life’s experiences, I’m a millionaire.

        Both my uncles disappeared into the mud of Russia, as did most of my father’s family in East Prussia, why should I expect any different?

        • SemperFi, 0321

          There is the option of hiking outside the park, just south of Wapiti puts you into Natl Forest of the S. Fork Shoshone River and lots of wolves, grizzly’s too. No fees or camp site reservations, but also no geysers, bison.

          Friend of mine, fast forward thru if too long for you. Check out the rest of his Yellowstone vids.

    • shittttttttt, Tee, i agree with you. Regarding living life fully.

      Carpa Diem, daily.


      • SemperFi, 0321

        My buddy is still racing enduros at 76, another friend finally quit in his early 80’s. Folks always mouthing off about how those stupid motorcycles will kill you, my buddy looked at them and said “No, but your couch will”.
        I’ve been an adrenaline junky my whole life, sure aren’t going to stop now because I’m in my 60’s. I’ll be 65 on the YNP backpacking trip. What a way to spend a B’day!

    • Agreed!

      It’s like Rosland Russell as the character of ‘Auntie Mame’ said, “Agnes, life’s a banquet and most poor bastards are starving!”

      Yes, prepping and training are important, don’t forget that life is meant to be lived!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  10. Old Gray Wolf

    Good for Robert. The time for talking is pretty much past. Time to finish up preparations for the fight and enjoy the things about life that we can. Good memories are a nice thing to have in the bag when times are tough. Gives you something to work toward.

  11. Johnny Paratrooper

    “Women only care about you if you are famous or have money”
    -Andrew Tate

    • lastmanstanding

      I hope you don’t believe that because it saf is not true.

      Don’t know who Tate is but that statement is sad in many ways.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        Most of the country isn’t conservatives.

        They are ten months from electing a communist woman and a muslim black man.


        • lastmanstanding

          It may look grim right now young man, but no way they win.

          The earth is going to repel this evil, but we are going to have to help.

          That is how the planet works and it is also what I believe.

        • wendystringer48088

          Election day is Tuesday November 3rd 2020, which is 21 months away.
          I’m going to guess that you’re not nerdy / aspie enough to be taking engineering… 🙂

      • Most women are gold digging sociopathic narcissistic harpies because they’ve been infected with feminism via cultural marxism..they’ve certainly been so since being poisoned in college by feminist professors thru ‘women’s studies’ and similar courses.

        This is exactly what the parasite class wanted from the start..a schism between men and women that destroys Western Civilization..the 19th Amendment and ‘no-fault divorce’ and abortion were just tools in their toolkit.

        The lawyer’s ‘false rape/domestic violence’ “meetoo” is just the latest iteration of assaults against manhood (watch how schysters like Gloria Alred and her daughter do backdoor deals with their clients to see how this works).

        All this shot will stop when MEN want it to stop.

        NorthGunner – The,Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • JP, must have struck out again last night.

      Son, you have a lot of life left in you. Your girl will arrive. Usually happens in a time in space when it’s a chance encounter. Women are good, their our equal, without women, we are clearly done.

      When you find Mrs, Right, she agrees to play “House” with you, and she bears your children, their is no great gift, in life,,then that baby. Or babies. Trust me on this,,, to look into the eyes of a child your helped create is amazing. The gift of life is a true miracle. A baby is the finest gift a woman could EVER give her man.

      I’d like to share a observation. Johnny, us men don’t catch girls, those girls catch us men. How it’s been since day one.

      Keep the faith Lad!


      • They smell desperation.

        If you do it right, our babies will be the jewels in our heavenly crowns.

        Do it right. Babies’ needs must be the #1 priority.

    • so what?

      if it’s $ they want- give them some, and show them a lot more of it…

      they won’t be able to keep it to themselves and their whore GFs will be trying to get some too. wimyn are cheap- as long as you don’t marry them.


      • Tee, man, to have never experienced true loves. gotta suck. Mountains can be moved with the right woman in your life.

        You have mentioned that your wife left you, that you were childhood lovers. I too married my high school lover, right out of high school, joined the Navy, we saw the world together as young people. when she left me, she fucking ripped my heart right out of my chest. I was shattered.

        When a 5.6 blonde with piercing blue eyes 105 pounds showed me kindnesses, and eventually her love, I finally understood my crime. I simply didn’t understand the other sex. Their are rules, and then their are rules.

        You deserve better tee, you really do. You talk a tough game, I’m guessing deep down your a good man.


  12. wendystringer48088

    I’m guessing this guy ( ‘Most hated man on the internet’ and four times world kickboxing champion I think he mostly makes a lot of sense):

  13. I really believe that the first priority of this is having a place to stay, a dwelling, a house, a warehouse, something physical and tangible. The age of nomadic sojourning is milenially past. Besides, we all need a place to sleep at night.

    The second is household, family, neighbors, “tribe.” Defending it is an integral part of all priorities. Third is provisions and sustainment and then mobility. Comms comes in there somewhere.

    Just my opinion and with that and four dollars one can get a cup of burned flavor overpriced coffee at a chain retail cafe.