Civil Wars & Woes – Part I

“Psychokitties Will Live Forever”

Civil Wars and Woes: Part One

By: Johnny Paratrooper

February 3rd, 2019

From my modest historical and military understandings, I believe we can expect social and structural fracturing along the lines of the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939. I expect those lines to exactly follow the 1936-1939 splits. Specific examples, like the International Communists distancing themselves from Anarcho-Communists and the Catholics/Christians not being able to pick a side can be seen on TV right now in living breathing “on-demand” HD mega-color 24/7. The 1936-1939 social fracturing occurred along racial, religious, and regional lines, but also international lines as well due to Spain’s diverse multicultural global society. Spain’s diversity was a direct result of the collapse of Latin America and the hard fall of the Spanish Empire beginning in the late 17th and early 18th century. Many of Spain’s global colonists abandoned their colonial expeditions in favor of looting their respective vassal states and fleeing back to the old country. The west is experiencing this again a la Latin America, China, Africa, and the Middle East. On an enormous and unprecedented scale. Clearly, the elite are using the same playbook. ( The fall of the Spanish Monarchy reminds me of the fall of the Clinton/Obama/Bush Cartel.

These occurrences are obvious to any student of history and occur with consistent regularity (See Iraq circa 2005 and the “Current Year” situation in Venezuela). These social and structural fractures also occur the same exact way during times of peace. Peace makes for strange friends. War is no different. War is life without Peace; Peace is life without war. Life is the only common denominator and the greatest common factor. This is “Life”.

The Spanish Communists of 1936-1939 are known for their famous fighters and camp followers like Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, and Eric Blair (AKA George Orwell). Those famous celebrities fought in the civil war and supported it any way they could. We have already seen in our very own countries a plethora of famous people who are more than willing to support death, destruction, and mayhem. In our own nations, our celebrities, police, and politicians pretend to be friends with Antifa and Islamists. However, do the beautiful socialites hang out with diseased, mentally ill homeless Antifa and hardline Jihadis? No, they don’t. This is the social equivalent of the varsity football team inviting the chess team and skater kids to the gymnast, dance squad, and cheerleader pajama party. It just isn’t going to happen. Sure, they go to the same Islamic-Marxist indoctrination camps, and maybe attend a social function or two when they must, but they are not friends by any stretch of the imagination. They stick to their own, despite their many denouncements when you object to participating in their mandatory fun time. If you watch the documentary I have linked below, you will see the Anarcho-Commies look like a rough bunch of Angela Merkle and Bernie Sanders types. Meanwhile, the International Commies were well connected, talented, and seemingly attractive politicos. We see these same social parallels all around us. I witness them in living color every day. Please read the two links below to follow my point more closely.

Check out this video linked here.

As I was proof reading this article for grammar and spelling, this happened in real time.

Imagine if that lunatic sporting a “Smash the Patriarchy and Keep Calm” shirt had executed two cops, multiple administrators, and a classroom of cisgendered middle school kids with that semi-automatic combat handgun? Would the celebrities call for a gun ban while CNN runs file photos of middle school kids? Or would they abandon their comrade as an “Anarchist” and not a real “Comrade”. The answer is: Abandon, Ignore, or Counter Spin the narrative. A process that the Anarcho-Commies will quickly understand. Currently, they engage in a cover-for-action for each other, however the Anarcho-Commies will eventually realize they are not invited to the “after party”. The 1936-1939 Spanish Communists abandoned the Anarcho-Commies because they were far too extreme and committed wild atrocities (Like banning money in favor of trade and barter). During the first couple days of that body camera video being posted, the comment section was deeply divided. It looked like a 4Chan Board and a WRSA comment section combined with feminists and illiterate keyboard smashers defending the “poor kid who was crying for help”. Needless to say, any support and excuses for the offender were not at all well-received and the over-whelming majority of comments were similar to the following.

Thank God; please shoot to kill all Antifa Members; bless our police; MAGA!

It read (to me) as if fathers and mothers around America were praising those brave officers for their less-than-superb take down, and perfect barrel-to-brains sight picture. 60 million Americans who voted for Trump can see the writing on the wall. Everyone in America works with at least one of these Pro-Commie supporters or has one (if not more) in their own family. Just the same as the Spanish Civil War. The Spanish, Americans, and Europeans as a whole, can see the writing on the wall. This is currently unfolding, and accelerating, all over again. There is no stopping this. Nothing can undo decades of Marxist indoctrination and Koranic studies. We can only go forward from here, because they will not stop.

The Spanish Nationalists, in my opinion, were the biggest victims of the 1936-1939 Civil War. They tried their hardest to protect their cities and land interests, knowing Civil Wars destroy wealth in at least three ways. First by destroying the public trust, second by destroying the industrial production, and third, by draining the wealth. The aristocrats and their supporters in the northern portion of the nation are the blood and heritage that saved the historically strategic peninsula during the “Reconquista”, and, it makes sense that Stalin would attempt to destabilize or seize this land in 1936 before launching a full invasion against Europe. This is the same strategy that Rome and Islam had previously attempted during antiquity. The Spanish Military, mostly loyal to the Nationalists during the civil war were tasked with the protection of the industry, roads, trade routes, and ports. The Spanish military was also very weak, and 100% concerned with foreign invasion during these years of instability. Does this sound Familiar? It should so far. Keep reading because it only gets better. And the parallels get much deeper. Including the foreign fighters and subversives. They are back, and better than ever.

The Spanish military had several inter-rank conflicts which resulted in limited force-on-force engagements and the banishment of unreliable or over-zealous generals and their soldiers to friendly foreign lands. The military was not interested in killing Spanish citizens, nor were they interested in seizing any land or resources. They had no reason to arbitrarily seize territory in their own country. The country was theirs to begin with and they could only lose support and/or precious soldiers in the fields of battle. The civil war was a zero-sum game for the Spanish Military. Anything anyone did during the Spanish Civil War (All Sides) was a costly, hard earned disaster and everyone kept everyone very busy; or ignored them entirely. Negating any effect either group had on the other. The Spanish civil war is a micro-cosmic version of WW2. All the key players are the exact same. The Nationalists won because they held the moral and ethical high ground. The military committed little-to-no atrocities and continued to defend the national borders and territories during the entire civil war. We pro-Westerners are the New Spanish Nationalists circa 1936. This article applies to Americans, Canadians, and Europeans in the new resistance the same global threats. The Islamic-Marxist Alliance, henceforth referenced as “J-Com” (Jihadis & Commies) will engage “Free Force” within the next couple years. Probably whenever South Africa or France/UK/Germany kicks off their genocide. This will be something like a dozen Venezuela-Columbia, South Africa, and Iraq/Afghanistan wars combined into one giant mess, depending on your geography and human terrain. In some areas, like my hometown of Baltimore, I expect to see Rwandan and Yugoslavian style ethnic conflicts. In the Rockies, it will be like Afghanistan in the Mountains, and Baghdad in the cities. To any well-read American partisan, you should know I am paraphrasing the well-traveled, well-trained, and well-studied fiction and non-fiction author “Matthew Bracken”. For the uninitiated, his website is linked here. All writings are a must read.

I am a history student at a major Islamo-Marxist Reeducation University in the Baltimore, Maryland area. One that is heavily infiltrated and funded by the Chinese Confucius Societies and the Saudi Kingdom. This article contains some very important intelligence that you should be wary of. The Islamists use the same script as the Chinese. The Spanish Civil War is the best modern parallel to our situation. It is a PERFECT in fact. History is repeating itself. The Commies, NAZI’s, Nationalists, Islamic Mercenaries, Fascists, Catholics & Christians, Jews, and Celebrities are literally, and figuratively repeating history. The flags are the same, the classes are the same, and the divisions are the same. You can plainly and clearly see that all the key protagonists and antagonists are the same. Mirroring even the settings perfectly. In many respects even the languages are the same (Press 1 for English?). You should know that the Latinos have a long, violent, and confusing history of splitting their ranks between freedom and tyranny. Click the link. A Caudillo is a Spanish or Latin Warlord. These people have a very long history of asymmetrical war, typically lasting many generations. Many of these same Caudillos evoke the same nostalgia Americans feel when they hear the name “George Washington” or “Andrew Jackson”. Simon Bolivar (Linked Below) is the South American George Washington, and Tupac Amaru is another famous hero of Latin History. Tupac Shakur, a famous Baltimore lyricist and poet, shares his name intentionally. Toussaint is the only successful leader of total slave revolt in written history. A model for the blacks at my school.ón_Bol%C3%ADvarúpac_Amaru

This civil conflict is eventually going to happen. The match was lit during the 2016 election and the 2015 J-Com invasion of West Europe. The trigger event for the Spanish Civil War was a contested election (Sound Familiar? With the ambiguous scent of foreign influence, invasion, and intervention). One side(s) wanted the miracle of success, health, and wealth through empty promises; While the other side(s) wanted to continue to be proud Spanish merchants, producers, manufacturers, artisans, and aristocrats. The following links are Wikipedia articles that have great sources at the bottom. Including maps, major players, and timelines. This link below is my favorite historical documentary ever produced. Barring none; Watch Part 5/6 if anything. You should make some popcorn and sit down with your friends and family to view this 4-hour long documentary together. It is incredible. This is what happens to an advanced capitalist society who recently forfeit an empire due to incompetence, treason, and greed. The war was a total mess. Very confusing. I can only imagine what it was like to see a nation so divided. Or can I? Only time will tell.

After I watched this documentary, my jaw literally hit the floor. I immediately watched it again. And during these multiple viewings, I noticed that our strengths exist in several key areas similar to the situation in 1936 Spain. I will touch on a multipoint plan in my part two supplementary article that proves we will win assuming we have hard hearts, deep provisions, and most importantly fresh water. During the Spanish Civil War, the Communist instigators convinced the mostly illiterate and poor farmers in the south to rise up and seize farmlands they were laborers on. They then took advantage of riots and anarchy during the transitional government period splitting the police forces, military, and politicians into friends and foes within weeks. All sides kicked open the doors to prisons, freed long lost friends, and proceeded to engage in Hunt/Kill excursions into enemy occupied territory. Typically, these events occurred on university campuses, churches, prisons, police stations, and office buildings. The only reason they lasted 3-years is largely thanks to the farmers who produced food in an area that wasn’t important strategically, occupied by overzealous and unchecked international reinforcements, and hefty foreign aid on all sides.

This scenario could happen in California and maybe Texas or Florida. But not in a place like Maryland, PA, or Ohio. The climate in the Northeast/Mid-West is too unforgiving. Modern “Commies” are not farmers, but they are illiterate, poor, desperate, and most importantly; They are motivated. Our Commies and Muslims don’t live in the isolated strategically unimportant farmlands. They live in the cities. Gigantic never-before-seen mega cities that require electricity and non-stop trucking. I hang out with J-Com sympathizers all day and they believe this “Worker’s Jihad” is a “Win”. They are very, very wrong. This is not a nation of inbred, sex deprived Muslims and very poor, low-IQ Catholics. Our nations were built by hard working Christian European pioneers, warriors, and explorers who knew their history and loved their cultures. America’s former slave class has destroyed their inheritance(twice). Their neighborhoods and institutions are rapidly crumbling and crashing. The same cycle is occurring in the Latino neighborhoods. The Islamic Neighborhoods in MD, PA, D.C., and VA look like the Middle East. Divided by class, as always, we can assume they have all the same problems, although with less Sunni/Shia divisions and more have/have not problems.

During the Spanish Civil War, the southern farmlands and cities of 1936 Spain turned into occupied territory hostile to God, Government, Capital, and Nation within weeks. Which is the same ideological trap as our modern cities. They occupy our states using the cities, dictating the terms of surrender of our resources using infiltration, the “power of the vote”, sabotage tactics, political and physical assassinations, re-education, and kidnapping. The veil is quickly being lifted. Very quickly. Every month or two, one of my family members or friends wakes up to this nightmare, to one degree or another. As I am sure your family and friends are experiencing right now. Only the most suggestable are hopelessly jacked into the J-Com matrix.

Because of the modern reversals between cities and farmlands, I believe it’s inevitably going to be our turn to use this same quadruple threat. In fact, other than the peaceful removal and/or arrest of occupying enemy forces, it’s our only chance for long term survival. Eventually they will outnumber and slaughter us, or our grandkids, in a South African/Venezuelan inter-generational conflict after slowly draining our resources while poisoning the minds, bodies, and souls of our peers. Currently, we are not winning as much as anyone believes. There is a full court blitz occurring in the legislative and judicial branches of the State and Federal jurisdictions. The J-Com brainwashing in the Universities continues to produce anti-white, anti-Christian, and anti-capitalist subversives by the hundreds of thousands every year. Anyone who isn’t a comrade, is treated like a modern-day leper. Our GPAs are destroyed to prevent successes and drain scholarship money, and our social structures are sabotaged by false leaders combined with the misdirecting of core motivating principles and emotions. Islam and Communism should be the enemy. Not Christians, whites, and Capitalism. Christians and Capitalism didn’t conquer 4/5’s of the world during the 20th century; J-Com did. The hate on campus is NON-STOP, very aggressive, and is getting more ridiculous. Every day they lie, cheat, and steal to maintain their supremacy. Debates are not really a debate at all, and every opposing view is lost in the mind virus induced state of confusion, paranoia, and misdirection. I have never seen a single piece of MAGA gear on my campus. Not once. Even the Republicans on campus are Trump apologists and worship diversity. Simply to maintain their open invitations to sports games and drink-a-thons. This should give you a window into the hopelessness of rescuing these institutions. The colleges are gone. The long march is complete.

The hardest part to believe about the Spanish Civil War, and modern western societies, is how readily people chose sides they did not, or do not, fully understand. They then fully integrated and adopted their new lifestyle within weeks. If you watch the documentary, Part 5 of the documentary discusses the social aspects in more depth. The levels of chameleon-like “apex predator” behavior, reminiscent of Mike Chernoviche’s recently tweeted “We can adopt a moderated Islam” are modern day examples.

Westerners have been brainwashed to hate themselves and their culture to lower our defenses before a genocidal campaign. Currently, we are committing our own genocide by not raising big, strong Christian families. However, in America; rebellion is the heart and soul of our country. And in preparation for our inevitable awakening and the reversal of current trends, the J-Com alliance has a backup plan. Plan “B” is to burn it all down. Like California or Baltimore.

During my training for the inevitable future, I frequent the shooting ranges in MD, VA, and PA. Which are now full of Communists and Islamists on the weekends and weekdays. Never have I seen this before, and I am under the impression that they avoided visiting these areas for fear of the DHS, CIA, FBI, or local PD. However, they appear to have dropped all inhibitions towards training upon realizing where the allegiance of the police state lies (Thanks in large part to the MSM, Academia, and the FBI decloaking). These institutions, and their apex predators, are clearly under direct and explicit orders to convince all non-whites to suppress and eventually kill off whites in preparation for the inevitable and eventual great awakening to the J-Com campaign. Before any war, you have to convince your foot soldiers who the enemy is and why it’s worth their life, limbs, and eyesight. All soldiers and extremist ideologies need an enemy. Else they find, invent, or manufacture a common enemy. If you are a pro-western sympathizer, you are the enemy. You are in occupied enemy territory and you absolutely must act accordingly.

Mohammed has his Infidels, Marx has God and Capital, Globalists have Nation-States

If you are reading this, you are an Infidel who loves God, Capital, and the Nation-state.

Buckle up, because they cannot cover up the civil conflicts in Germany, South Africa, Venezuela, and France forever. Nor can they hide the underlying reasons of “why?”. Currently, culture and language are distinct and real barriers, however, this will rapidly escalate when the global economies begin to feel the tension. Everyone speaks “Assault Rifle” fluently. When the assault rifles in Europe and South Africa begin to bark, the global festivities will begin. Matthew Bracken, a counter-terrorism expert, once used the military tactic of “Skylining” to describe Free force leaders, like Trump, Le Pen, and Geert Wilders to describe how our leaders bravely blood-let themselves to test the waters for J-Com sharks. The spasms that our leaders cause have decloaked so many of our enemies. The result? We are surrounded. This is truly noble effort and I hope their actions are rewarded ten-fold. This can all be done in less than a paragraph. By merely “begging a question”. It’s a social “S.A.F.E.” test.

S.A.F.E. stands for “Say/Stimulate something”, observe “Actions/Re-Actions”, “Feign, Fake, or Fight” and “Expose and/or Evaluate” your target(s). The process is rather self-explanatory. This is how you survive in 2019. Stay S.A.F.E. my friends. You are going to need it. At this point in the history of the world, you should know that Christianity, Capitalism, and Nation-States work. If you can’t, or haven’t figure that out, there is something seriously wrong with your brain, or, you are an enemy combatant. Barring no exceptions, ladies and gentlemen.

This is the end of part one of a two-part piece. And I encourage you to share your educated opinions in the comment section and be sure to watch that documentary. Am I correct? Is this a rerun of the Spanish Civil War? If we have another civil war in America, will it be State vs. State? Or Friend vs. Foe? You know how I feel, and what I believe. Part two will encompass a complete and total plan for Free Force survival. Using the same tactics that freedom fighters have used throughout history. Have no fear. We will win. We always do.


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  1. A DTIC paper in .pdf format to warm the hearts of the Psychokittes:

    “The following account is drawn from interviews with four distinguished
    veterans of the 505 Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR). Their composite
    World War II service comprises fifteen combat jumps and over 1140 days of
    combat from Sicily to Berlin. All four veterans joined the 505 PIR in the
    States and participated in the unit’s pre-deployment training. This article
    i~s an incisive analysis of how one of the youngest regiments in the U.S. Army
    was molded into a battle-hardened and respected fighting unit. Despite the
    passing of forty-five years, the conditions under which they fought might
    well be replicated on tomorrow’s battlefield. Being dispersed over a large
    area of enemy territo ry, beginning the battle disorganized, and operating
    in an environrent of confusion do not seem very different from the fluid,
    chaotic, and intense battlefield described in Airland Battle Doctrine.
    he legendary paratroopers of the 505 PIR and their small units that fought
    the Regiment’s battles from Sicily to Berlin, never losing ground or a battle,
    are truly a legacy worth the study and reflection of current leaders. The
    lessons they remember are not unique or totally forgotten ones but the
    intensity of their training and preparation for combat have long been set
    aside in our peacetime Army. Winning the first battle will be unlikely
    and the casualties heavy without a renewed intensity and realism in current

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  4. I’m with Bracken: “… it can’t be ruled out that the leaders of the totalitarian Left, with their backs to the wall, won’t invite in foreign “peacekeepers” to help them win….”

    I imagine this deal’s already been cut. I worry how or if there’s a counter once the fires start burning…Chinese western seaboard, Russian north, what the real partition of the country may be…

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