The Best Cheap Handgun Training Available

On the merits of IDPA.

Shooting for score with your pistol, in scenarios.

Sounds like 2021 to me.

Tempus fugit.

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  1. Johnny Paratrooper

    You should pull that Freezoxee post with my pistol target and post it here.

  2. Always liked the pic of the commie getting his just desserts. If someone could post the video it would be better. The unabridged version, showing the stream of blood coming from the guys head.

  3. The challenge of IDPA is the cost of ammo once the bug gets you. Reloading helps.

  4. Also an idea and one that some of my cohorts are doing this spring is set up our own IDPAish matches. One of our cadre is an IDPA director and we plan to get a little more …. edgy in our matches. Allow Tac mag changes and other things not allowed in the actual sanctioned matches.

    Look I know it isn’t the same as going to visit John, but any almost free activities that teach fast practical accuracy and effective efficient mag changes while moving is NOT a waste of time.

    If you are 10% better than you were, you are 90% better than the average ANTIFA goon or guy who is trying to take your wallet.

    This isn’t as much about freefor as much as every day protection. But…those trying to protect and serve the $&#@ out of you aren’t gonna flank and spank themselves now are they?

    Tick Tock

  5. In the Way Back When period of my life, someone began what we called Practical Pistol Shooting, which became known as Police Pistol. IDPA and IMSHA are off shoots, just with more rules. Steel is another form, and my favorite nowadays due to reactive targets. While some people, even some instructors, poopoo ‘target’ shooting as being ineffectual for combat training, I wonder then, ‘Why do so many cops and Seals and other military practice them?’ My response to them, ‘Until you’re actually shooting at a target shooting at you, it’s all ‘target practice’.’

    Many times our match stages are set up to force the shooter to reload on the move, shoot while moving, use barricades/cover and charge or retreat from a ‘target’. Too, there are the impromptu sessions out in the woods with a group of shooters just out for a day of blasting hell outta the trees, but in an organized manner. You’d be amazed how easy it is to miss a target half hidden by brush, grass, or timber. That is about as cheap as one can get for handgun or long gun training.

    Don’t forget the Three Gun competitions– easily transferable to the woods as well– and the up and coming newest game of Pistol Caliber Carbine. Fastest growing shooting sport at the moment.

    What say you to some down-home shooting, AKA Cowboy Shooting? Not a darn thing wrong with learning to shoot 150 year old weapons that Great Grand daddy used to save his bacon, and provide bacon.

    As for gear: .22 is a fantastic medium for training. If you can buy it in some ‘big boy’ caliber, you can find a clone in .22 that functions identically. The cost savings in ammo will pay for the weapon in a matter of months if one is serious about shoot training. The skills to use Big Boy toys are the exact same skills required for a Kid’s Gun .22. (Although I will admit the .22 will probably teach more about Malf Drills than the center fire breed.)

    Anyway, my two-cents of thought. But whadda I know? I live in the bush far from everyone.

    • Right on! A SW 15-22 for carbine drills is a no brainer! Bulk Federal, even at $20/550 is still a bargain and those muscle memory cementing drills will make your lizard brain be able to perform the basics while your primate brain is thinking tactically.

  6. What the photo portrayed is not the story behind the action.
    The guy shot was one of the commies which had killed
    a non-commie South Vietnamese family members, and
    children too.

    • Paulo ,I was already aware of the back story. Some people probably were not. Thank you for the info.

  7. A ton of fun, your ” flaws ” will shine, beware of caliber classes. On the streets it don’t matter shoot first, shoot fast.

    Use to be, 45 acp and 9mm. We’re different classes. I continued to do the 1911s, in the 9mm class. Nothing brings a shooter up to speed, like shooting compitition, the learning curve is steep, yet very rewarding.


  8. Marlo Stanfield

    You realize how pissed off an Asian has to be to blast one of their own in broad day light with the cameras running.  

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