Two From Mountain Guerrilla

From The Library #2

Skull-Stomping Sacred Cows: Doctor’s Notes Don’t Apply


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  1. meanwhile… the Fusan army led by SF is preparing to attack its own.

  2. Debilitating pain changes a man, I live with it for the past seven eight years. Fucking crippling. I’m now pain free, weened from the pain meds, last Friday, and I’m out doing what I did pre pain. Was out shoveling snow at 05:00 and the activity felt wonderful.

    My fuck up was listening to the VA. Went thru 8 thats 8 sets of lower spine nerve placebo injections, let me tell you, I levitated off the table each time, told the doc, I was gonna shoot em in the fuckimg face if he did that again.

    Week after thanksgiving my legs quit working, I couldn’t move, was transported to the civilian hospital via ambulance. Where I was kept for,days. Legs finally got feeling back, and was finally able to move my legs.

    Two weeks ago their severed/ cauterized all the nerves in my lower back and I’m pain free, and it’s like being set free. The Doc is a friend, one of,our long range shoot circle. As I was walking out, thanking him, he told me, the nerves still hurt like hell I just can’t feel it after that cauterized the four sets of nerves.

    And hour in the CT machine, we talked long range while he gave me my life back. I went years due to VA incompetence.

    I’ve stood toe to toe telling my providers my feelings, and fired them. They asked that I came one last time, my provider my Nurse pt, wanted to apoligize.

    My wife and me arrived Friday, at VA White City, as I checked in I observed a federal VA cop walk in, didn’t think anything of it. Then I realized My wife and me were the only people in the waiting room. The cop kept giving me stink eye, and I realized the nice policeman was their for me. ” gonna intimidate me”, and I physically started laughing. A belly laugh. Carole thought I’d gone nuts, until I explained it to her. Then she was fucking pissed.

    Their’s only one office, he went into that office, giving me one last look. As soon as the door shut, I grabbed my wife’s hand and walked out the front door.

    I laughed all the way home. Fucking retards.

    Sorry Im Just in such a pain free good mood, I can’t help but amused myself, at you folks expense.


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