A 4GW Reading List

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  1. robroysimmons

    Maybe all authors who dare use the term 4GW either agreeing or disagreeing with the premise say that is about legitimacy not running about in sandals with a rusty AKM with two mags and a death wish.

  2. How They Lie:
    A very very good graphic example, very well constructed, of marxian thought control.
    Employing the actual event of action of free thought open source leaderless resistance, by precise targeting of instrumental conflation of extremely pertinent precepts and underlying truths, with carefully constructed obfuscations and contextual omissions, to turn 4th Generation warfare by dirt people in the cause of unfettered economic activity, read Liberty, into a piece of agitprop its intent to both steer minds away from having such thoughts and actions of marxist apostasy, like free thinking and self determination, and manipulating those altered minds over to their ideological cause of marxism.

    In short a most believable piece of mind control art expertly executed.
    Sublime and superbly cunning.
    The underlying malice and forethought, a most instructional cautionary example of the 5th column activity.
    Think of the Normie mind, the freshly awoke, the fence sitters, and those with little or no access to alternative media and resource information. Where if you did not understand better you would easily be mislead in formative ways, which would take some pretty ugly truths experienced harshly, fist hand to counter this expert brain washing.

    The entire website is a marxian masterpiece of subversion. I read it regularly. It is quite instructional to know how the intelligentsia in an unrestricted forum with a captive audience of the hive mind collective operating freely.


  3. Excuse me….you lost me there.
    Are you referring to “The Nation” website?

  4. Not exactly convinced that it is nation states devolving. The usual example of Yugoslavia is a poor metaphor as it was a forced combination of smaller states by the will of one man.

    But what I do see is the abortion of the supra-state. The idea of the supra-state was born out of WWII as NATO and economically as Bretton-Woods. That was used as a model for the Euro and the EU. The Chinese are even attempting that model with Beltway eurasian adventure. Combine that with the multilateral economic treaties and the globalists thought they had it in the bag with the Clinton/Bush/Obamas at the helm.

    So what we see is Brexit, remapping of NAFTA, French and German Nationalists on the rise, Poland giving a finger to the EU, Hungary kicking Soros out, etc. The globalist supra-state is being clobered by the nation state ethos. Just the way I see it as the events have unfolded.

  5. How do you include so much fiction (which is good stuff BTW) and NOT include non fiction, Brave New War from John Robb?

  6. Ordering three of these now, don’t have, want them on the shelve.


  7. The decline and fall of the nation-state (NS)? Where?

    Be it corporate NS, globalist NS, or nationalist NS, all I see is the continued growth and overwhelming dominance of the NS (nation-state). For example, you and I surely do not control big pharma, late-term abortion laws, gun control laws, restricting or eliminating vaccine opt-out provisions, red flag laws, 5G (funding, approval, and implementation), civil asset forfeiture seizure laws (and policy), immigration law, immigration policy, monetary policy, fiscal policy, weather war weapons, EMP weapons, DEW (directed energy weapons), nuclear weapons, UN Agenda 2030, social media censorship, deplatforming, prosecuting or not prosecuting vote/voter fraud, economic sanctions placed on other nation-states, recognizing or not recognizing foreign elections, treaties, saber rattling, international trade policy, tariffs, proxy wars, etc.

    I don’t see the NS becoming irrelevant and declining. I see it as extremely relevant, and growing in power and influence.

    • The decline and fall of the nation-state (NS)? Where?

      In the government finances, and the heavy industry that produces something to tax. The paragraph you listed is true. But the unfulfillable promises for gibs which dismantles the logistical tail supporting government’s points of the spear is also true. Rulers don’t gracefully degrade to a cheaper, smaller government which rules less; they implode. They can print currency, but they cannot print airplanes to bomb you with. Policemen work for their pensions. Once they realize they won’t be getting their pensions, they will find other jobs. No more policy being enforced. Then goodbye, government.

  8. ‘Dune’ is a story of 4GW usurping the power of Empire

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. Alfred E. Neuman

    How about “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross…

  11. Now that were headed into gen five warfare wouldn’t it be wise to have a clear understand of the theory.

    I’m not sure most of us could participate in genfive warefare, appears to be of the digital age. Basically airwave Warfare. I don’t pretend to understand it, am trying to at least recognize it when I see it.