Bezos’ Blog Blasts As Balderdash RBG Death Rumors

WaPo: Ruth Bader Ginsburg was seen in public Monday. Conspiracy theorists still insist she’s dead.

Ermagawd! It’s almost like these filthy Deplorables think that journalists would lie about something that would disrupt the globohomo culture of death they have erected over the past 55 years.

And then the Washington lifers would swear to it!

As if!

(Via Twitter; do read the whole hilarious thread)

21 responses to “Bezos’ Blog Blasts As Balderdash RBG Death Rumors

  1. RBG attending a concert is a hoax. No photos, no reliable witnesses.

    • And the disinfo afterwards.

    • Totenberg, Ohlheiser, and Rosenberg are surely reliable; wink, wink, nod nod.

    • Ruth Bader Mienhoff last seen in public unconscious during an episode of advanced near death Altimers disease.
      Since, only rumors of rumors she breathes still.
      Uncharacteristically quiet on the 5th column front.

      If her genocidal heart was still barely beating, they would have rammed a steel rod up her arse and boot her up with Meth laced with Flacca, as a show of militant solidarity with the barren vag toxic white male baby liquidation brigade.

  2. lastmanstanding

    Can you even imagine how many $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ have been thrown away in unlimited, spare no expense healthcare for these pols over the years and for what?

    Cuz they all want to actually watch you entrenched…or “in trench” ed.

    Don’t think I need to explain further.

    • I can imagine the desperation that drives them to retain raw naked power. If only for the reason you mention.

      The upper echelon of the usurpers have held onto power since the Clinton Regime. They are reaching past the half century mark. At 60 most people begin to experience a myriad of complications from diabetes to heart disease, all of which require state of the art care and medicine. And these deep stater’s are people who have not lived what you would call a healthy outdoor physical active lifestyle both physically and mentally. They have lived a life of industrialized resources from food and drink to the toxic metro air they breath.
      With the collapse of civil society, the dirt people own everything outside the beltways in terms of the bulk of supply and lines of communications required for the modern fragile sources of medical technology and medicines they require to remain in a hale and viable state to sustain their grip on the levers of power.
      Think of a total collapse of infrastructure within the FUSA, similar in to Yugoslavia kind, mixed with the half of the military who will go over to the dark side protecting the oligach’s, add to this the extremely resource exhaustive airlift, or heavily guarded ground convoy, supply and provisioning it will entail providing these tyrants with their customary needs living in their cut off enclaves, and their essential amerikan Nomenklaturer class servants.

      How many Cptns, LT’s and loyal solders the main factions of the organized crime syndicate called government are there? From Mueller and Comey down to BLM sycophants, they are going to want a bed in the redoubts they have created for the continuity of their power, (“Continuity of Government” plans ). The billions of rounds of ammunition, gear, and “personal defense weapons” bid/contracts sent out over the last 10 years. What else is in or under the Fusion Centers? They have spared no expense. Probably one of the purposes of not running a “balanced budget” for these last 10 years, to launder in the billions used to create this continuity of power.
      The politically connected and privileged of the Pentagon would be no different I imagine. What else explains a portion of the trillions in untraceable funds from the recent “audit”.

      After all the oligarchy is ruling class anarchy in action.
      It isn’t rocket science if you rape and strip mine a civilization of 340 or so million people, there are severe civilizational consequences. Especially when no small plurality have also been gunning up and preparing for what you are doing to them and those consequences.

      Long story short I believe, they fully expect everything to shit the bed, they have been specifically preparing for it.
      This may be why they look like out of control crazed maniacs who don’t give on shit what happens to you and I. First they don’t give a shit.
      2nd they are prepared for what they have sowed, and it simply is too late to at this stage what they do now.

      None of that implies resistance is futile or all is lost.
      Quite the contrary.
      I see, to borrow a certain phrase, opportunities to do things you normally could never do. With political ruling class open rule by raw naked power comes the circumstances to wage total 4th Generation warfare.
      When the only rule is there are no rules everything is possible.

      Looking at it another way nothing is so bad it isn’t good for something. Seems to me regardless of our warts as Americans, those of us who believe in what was first attempted out of winning against tyranny, what looks very bad to us and TEOTWAWKI, what could be worse than those holding the levers of political power intend for the rest of us?

      Now it is debatable whether the seeming inability of the US .mil to wage long term effective COIN against the indigenous G in Afghanistan and related theaters of COIN war, is due to deliberate political agenda to hold back waging of unlimited .mil COIN, or the .mil in its paralyzing institutionalized general military strategy/tactical mindset, effect not unlike, in terms of political fossilization, that which the old Soviet ruling party had on the Soviet Russian war in Afghanistan.
      Is the G in 4th Generation Warfare in suitable geographic terrain a superior and also evolving form of war in the 21st Century? In particular 4th G conflict in the confines of the geographic FUSA with its vast lands, energy resources, extensive infrastructure, indigenous creative, industrious, highly productive inventive ingenious industrial culture among its dirt people, are these Freemen people of America the Acme of 4th Generation Warrior culture, with its organic resources, vast territory it presently occupies and has generational knowledge of, will these decendents of the 1st war of secession from The State, become the hallmark people who finish the legacy which their forefathers in the Colonial Era handed down?

      The Ruth Ginsbergs of the human race are a dead end branch sub species. They are naturally self destructive to the bone.
      The human extinction movement Ginsberg and her generation of organized baby genocide are in no way supreme in their ideology and agenda over that of natural God given rights and the blessings of Liberty. They simply have the appearance of social and political advantage, an illusion of a legitimacy currently facing an existential crisis.
      One of the features of marxian madness is it can only propagate if it gets its meathooks on a wealthy productive prosperous culture. NO form of marxism or its sister communism has ever risen up on its own druthers. It is such a tedious destructive madness it requires vast wealth of others, given and stolen, to plant its seed and grow into its typical hideous movement.

      Looks to me time is running out. Other peoples money is just about Kaput. The human extinction movement is in a serious pickle. Its orderly timeline, the so called Overton Window hasn’t moved sideways, 64 million Deplorable’s and their Orangemanbad murder weapon took a fucking wrecking ball to the window.

      Look at the madness over President Trump’s first pick for a conservative in name only black robed wring wraith replacement Nazgul.

      If the marxist’s where sitting pretty and their time line for the FUSA was secure and on schedule, there would be no dire need to keep Ruth Bader Mienhoff’s corpse hidden.

      A certain desperation has set in with the victory of the Deplorable’s color revolution of November 2016.
      There is deep disarray within various ranks, radical factions are defying the party central, their deep state operations are in a tail spin, their positional power within the executive branch, the judicial, and most of the regulatory, their collective ability to manage even a soft palace coup to oust what is declared most hated despised Man in America, has been an abject failure at every turn.
      And they keep doubling down on everything from Baby Genocide to free citizen disarmament.
      They couldn’t even see 64 million Americans giving them the BFYTW Salute in plain sight, with them having total control of the media complex and its margin of vote fraud operations, unopposed social media monopoly, enjoying a singular advantage across the IT sphere of META Data and real time intelligence gathering.

      Black Swans come in every shape. Is RBG a dirty stinking commie lynchpin, when its pulled the whole hive mind collective construct collapses?


        Sir: The upper echelons of usurpers have held on to power since The Whiskey Rebellion. Aaron Burr was too little, too late.

    • It has never been about healthcare, their goals are to destroy our healthcare, control, and depopulation whether it’s the homosexuality/transgenderism agenda to abortions to the the climate change farce and fraud….. it’s all about depopulation in conjunction with foreign entities.

      Destroy and reconstruct in the communist globalist model.

      • “conjunction with foreign entities”

        Would do everyone good to think long and hard about this. You don’t see this kind of behavior from elites unless deals have been made with Plan B in place.

        Back to RBG… I think she’s on fumes and they are trying to wait out the clock. They know the Court will take some cases but better than facing a lifetime appointment. If she passes, or has passed, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to hear that her death has been hidden from the public. All they have to so is scream “MERRICK GARLAND” as their justification for this behavior.

        What recourse would there be?

        If any so-called opposition in DC were meaningful, they would demand she report in person for a hearing (for anything). Section 1, Article 3 requires a Fed judge to be in office and have “good behavior.” If she can’t participate in a hearing she can be impeached.

  3. Hmmm. The plot stiffens.

  4. Tens of thousands saw Ronnie Raygun in public.

    And he was dead.

  5. Lying spirit cookers….

  6. No “Schrödinger’s cat” memes? Thought that would have been a gimmie when the “Were you there? NOPE.” / “No pic, no proof.” / “No proof she wasn’t there.” exchange took place.

    Maybe we should just put a big box in RBG’s chair…. she’s in there, hearing cases and shit. Honest injun. Prove she’s not.

  7. They said she was sitting in the back, so..,

  8. They had the closest thing they could find to a body double or maybe a cardboard cutout propped up there. Nothing that could withstand scrutiny. The claims that she was there and “glam” are such obvious desperate lies. They are trying to buy time hoping for an impeachment or a couple of assassinations.

  9. There comes a time when even the blood of murdered infants can no longer stave off the inevitable. If she were mummified how would anyone know or be able to tell the difference?