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  1. Johnny Paratrooper

    LOL. I just commented on the exact same thing in the tampon post below

  2. The Stepford Bitches. Hijab optional.

  3. Toxic Deplorable B Woodman


    Now if someone with more skill than I (which ain’t sayin’ much) could take one of the pictures of the white robed suffragette KKK DildoCrat women and put pictures of the stone Easter Island statues in place of their faces…………..

  4. Matt Bracken

    Hey, I know who created this meme!

  5. Fabulous image. One of the manginas sitting with the cuntocracy was pencil-necked Adam Schiff. That should be indicated, to polish that meme.

  6. Donny Corleone

    Wow, people just love to hate on the Klan. I was reading the comments on the last thread and people were snarking on Democrats and hoods.
    You people do realize that the Klan saved the South during reconstruction, don’t you? Temporarily at least until you enlightened yankees put a stop to that “foolishness”. I hope that you are all happy with the progress that has been made in the last hundred years. Suck on it and enjoy your wild ass niggers while YOU last. It shouldn’t be long now.

    • The irony is during reconstruction many blacks moved North, hence Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore.

    • Sad that truth gets buried by marxist political correctness
      isn’t it?…

      niggers have been niggers since they’ve been here –
      folk like Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell and Will Grigg
      have been very much the exception – not the rule and
      the ghetto niggers DON’T consider them black or like them!
      Such men are ‘blacks’ in my eyes just as Taleeb Starkes
      delineates the difference in his book between blacks
      and niggers. Blacks like them I can tolerate..niggers, NFW!!

      The NAACP was created by people like Jacob Schiff to
      help them be even more destructive niggers..they
      chose Willam Du bois (a communist) as it’s ‘first
      figurehead’. The commie jews really ran it
      from behind…blacks didn’t actually elect their own
      until the 1980’s…that’s truth too!

      So, what is it with niggers that they almost always
      auto-default in selecting communism…retardation?..
      low IQ?…dropped on their heads by their crackhead
      single mama’s as they’re popped out..what?….
      Any of the above would explain either the misengenated
      O’Homo (and his stealth tranny mate ‘Michael’) and
      Stacey Abrams along with Maxi-pad and Kamela Harris.

      Adolf Hitler, Leon Degrelle and Otto Skorzeny were
      FAR better men than FDR, Eisenhower and Henry Morgenthau!

      Some will be going “REEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” pod people
      fashion that I made that above statements..IDGAF, it’s all true!

      REEEEEEEEEEEE away bichez!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. what percentage will never have children, or a male lover?

  8. Women voting

    Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, and France all had financial collapses after promising too many gibs and losing battles, yet women weren’t voting. Thus women voting makes less difference than you think, maybe no difference, and therefore removing it won’t fix much.


    The biggest problem is that it’s still a (self-declared) monopoly, where only the one official league of propertarians may operate courts in a geographic region. The only tactic which ever fixes anything is competition, and the propertarians have banned that. Small government doesn’t stay small, no matter who the founders are or what documents they write.

    • Women not being permitted to vote would make it much harder to establish a “gynochracy”, wouldn’t you agree? All of the following heavily favor women: Divorce Courts, Family Courts, Protection from Abuse Orders being given out like candy at Halloween, and the “I had consensual sex last night, but this morning I changed my mind so now it was rape.” line of BS.

    • Propertarianism is a white totalitarian wet dream and it’s effect (in a hot CW) would be to split the White/Christian/Trad Con forces

  9. Big power lines

    DeWalt has a battery-powered angle grinder. Bet that would zip through guy line cables real well. Cut locks, too.

    At this point in the history of the world, you should know that Christianity, Capitalism, and Nation-States work.

    Those things produced the present, which doesn’t work. Your “government” cure is worse than the disease.

    • Idjit! Godless Communism created the present!

    • “these things” did not produce the present.

      they offered opportunities for

      Jew subversion.

      THAT produced the present.

      keep these things, resolve the JP,

      means a different present

      and a better future.

  10. i see about 3 cunts that are attractive enough to be worth fucking in that entire gaggle. and only if they don’t say a word to ruin the moment. no wonder they are such bitches.

    • “only if they don’t say a word to ruin the moment. no wonder they are such bitches.”

      That’s what duct tape and paper grocery masks were
      created for!

      Me…I just see targets of opportunity…safety off!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

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  12. A flock of hateful, communist, bitches!

  13. wendystringer48088


    Women got the vote in Wyoming because some gained enough financial and political influence to be an important force. Don’t go hating on all women.

    Perhaps maybe limit the voting franchise to those with “skin in the game” (business or property owners) and those without “skin in the game” (single women and men living with their parents or in rental property, those on government assistance, etc.) don’t get to vote.

  14. Tree Top Flyer

    To Oath Keeper…. contact me on Freezoxee….
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  15. Since I didn’t get to say this earlier. NO helmet ever made will stop a rifle bullet at ranges under 300 yards. Most steel helmets will stop a single 9MM fired at 25 feet. The internet is covered with home made “test” videos. They all show pretty much the same thing. Helments were made to stop frags and flying “chunks” of crap. Not bullets. None of them will stop rifle bullets. Watch the videos on you tube. I own every US helmet ever made. They all deliver what they were designed to. About like my frag vest. The Gymocuntcommunistparty. Above. If we burn them they will stop being a problem.