Radical Hatespeech

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  1. Now its properly radical agitprop


    More, Free, 4th G Alt-Agitprop suitable for triggering more apoplectic White Toxic Male NPC outrage:

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  3. The posted article illustrates the problem with trying to see the world through a secular-atheist worldview. For those of us who trust God’s Word, silly stuff like “evolutionary psychology” are constructs people use to validate themselves. And nothing could be more ridiculous: DNA mutation doesn’t produce values and roles. Idiocy… A purely materialist view does not even allow one to expect to reliably discern “knowledge.” Alvin Plantinga destroyed that in his book about naturalism.

    This is a doomed project without values reliably based in God and His revealed Word.

  4. But when you look deeper at the case, you realize these cops didn’t get shot because of anti-police rhetoric.

    They got shot because they invaded an innocent couple’s home without announcing themselves.


    • agree, ask yourself this why is it, narcs, and fed’s serve search warrants in civilian clothes? Makes zero,sense.

      Clint Smith, of Thumder Ranch over in Lakeview Oregon, is memorialized telling a group of cops who showed up at Thunder Ranch all poggy baited out in their Gucci kit, a tough looking crew.

      Anyway ol Clint reminds these guys, by saying ” You guys are Cops, Not Operators. That was like the second day of training. Apparently the poopoo got his point and showed up for the rest of the class in reasonable attire.

      I’ve pondered the significant change in aggression for years now. My time was the beginning, of the swat operator mentality, was bullshit then and it’s gone way far over the top.

      My objective observation is, the genesis of the problem is that civilian oversight is ” signing off” on this non sense. The search warrant matrix, is a document,net guaranteed to favor the heavy handed intrusion.

      The warrior cop syndrome has to go away. It’s in nobodies best interest.