Stacey Manatee Responds To SOTU


SOTU Transcript

PA gives a SOTU wrap-up.

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13 responses to “Stacey Manatee Responds To SOTU

  1. Johnny Paratrooper


    I pay $1500 a month in taxes to a bunch of assholes who hate me.

    And, They also invited friends I don’t want to the party.

    Mexicans, Africans, Muslims, and Chinese.

  2. Stupid EAR WORM – stuck
    I love you mana-teeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    you are the one for Meeeeeeeee

  3. How dare you insult one of creation’s valuable aquatic animals

  4. communist mantra BS. They are all conartists. Some of the world’s biggest and worse types of criminals is what they are. History doesn’t lie about that.

  5. It don’t add up, how one can profess to be a Christian yet is a liberal, progressive, dike, communists. Oh yeah live the sinner hate the sin.

    Meh, I’m not buying it fatso. You are the enemy from within. Manatee in the wire!


  6. oink oink oink oink oink oink

  7. oink oink oink oink oink oink memememe oink oink oink oink memememem oink etc. et al……

  8. ‘SHOOTER!!!!!!!!!!!,
    ‘BITCH PLEASE!!!!!!!,
    I’m sure this was in “jest” but to claim that this mass of undulating protoplasm is in some way “related” to those humble creatures that reside in south Florida waterways!!!!!!!!!….. “sigh!!!” …….. I’d prefer relegating her “Bulk” to a “Kraken of the deep!!” aaaaarrrgh Matie!! Where is “Ned Land” and his harpoon when we need him!!! “I have a whale of a tale ta’ tell ya’ lads’ .. a whale of a tale or two!!!”
    Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat,