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  1. Old milk jugs?? Stupid!!
    Use old steel helmets, but don’t forget to
    start by brushing your teeth first, then face etc…

    And even piss in somebody else’s steel helmet 🙂

  2. The wall got built and southern border is CLOSED. Bigly. Deportations began on 25 million illegals.
    Oh wait…..

  3. There is just so much Genius here, I can barely comment.

    (I’m going to go drink my pee now.)

  4. The seemingly DNC front runner Kamala Harris has endorsed this “Green new deal” from what I have read its full communism.

    Normally these crazy bills get killed in committee, but with a top tier presidential candidate endorsing it, and the craziness in the world recently is a *bit* concerning. not to mention Harris is the most anti-gun candidate ever in history to the best of my knowledge.

    • Something like this will pass post 2020.

      • I’m with you there 100%. they will rig it against POTUS (Even though it looks like right now he would win anyway)


        Word. And along with it will go a Slave Reparations law.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      As I pointed out earlier, Kamala Harris can’t run for President, neither of her parents were US citizens when she was born in the US, but they are naturalized citizens today. She’s an anchor baby, but was not eligible at the time of her birth because neither of her parents are Natural Born citizens.
      That’s like me, born in Canada, but trying to run for presidential office today since I’m an American now. Can’t rewrite the past.
      Why has no one brought this up in the conservative media yet? They’re going to pull another Obama stunt with an illegal candidate.
      OR, they’re using her as a front and at the last second she’ll duck out for a dark horse candidate.

      • according to the current interpretation of the law, she is GTG. If that doesn’t fly, the 9th circuit will declare it legal.

        • Does Kamela happen to have a freshly minted Hawaiian Birth Certificate?….

          Will Moochele the Tranny be her running mate and be Kamela’s ‘First Swinging Cod’?..

          Just saying….

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          • ‘First Swinging Cod’?..

            Definitely something fishy there….

            God told Eve not to go swimming. She did.God lamented, “Now I’ll never get that smell outta the fish.”

            Original Sin!

            • Yup..Moochele..really ‘Michael’ can’t
              really hide that ‘swinging cod’…

              Top 5 Reasons Michelle Obama Is A Man

              This is even a clearer view…believe your eyes?..
              Michelle Obama Dances With Ellen and shows her stuff.

              NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

      • “As I pointed out earlier, Kamala Harris can’t run for President, neither of her parents were US citizens when she was born in the US, but they are naturalized citizens today. She’s an anchor baby, but was not eligible at the time of her birth because neither of her parents are Natural Born citizens.”

  5. It may be funny but the number of people who subscribe to this type of insanity grows everyday and the number of people who have a basic understanding of economics and history and oppose this insanity is shrinking everyday.

  6. The Clinton Crime Syndicate,Revrund Al,Mad Max,Out of her fucking mind Pelosi,Occasional Kotex,Stacey the trained manatee,Soy boy Shithead Schiff. What in blue blazes fuck is in the drinking water?
    The de-evolution into a sewer of stupidity,ignorance and incompetence is mind numbing. If these retarded,corrupt fucking idiots didn’t exist,we would have to invent them. T-fats estimates of eradication may be right on target. Start with lawyers.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Before this clusterfuck is over, we will find out both tFat and Hitler were right. Sometimes as a last resort, the only way thru is to start stacking bodies. Pussyfooting your way around does not get the desired results.

  7. Look at all of the anti-gun bills being filed in the Texas legislature. The newly appointed *Republican in name only* House Speaker, Dennis Bonnen, is an ‘A-rated’ bastard. He appointed two anti-gun Democrats to chair the two most important committee’s that will see gun bills. He’s been in the legislature for several years and IS NOT ‘A+ rated’. Meaning – he has not carried forward pro-gun legislation. If Texas falls, so falls America:

    • Sorry Mike. You Texans can take “America” down with ya. Us Alaskans will stay put.

    • In a few years Texas will be part of Mexico.
      Here in Mississippi we will be part of Dixie.
      If there is still a remnant of America it will be in the northeast.

    • so he must go.. how tight is his security??

      • Pfttt, one man a rifle, a mile, easy peasy. Bill that’s a no brainier. Who cares how good his close protection team is. I ain’t your guy, I’m only consistent to 1600y. Lol.


  8. Reluctant Preppers channel posted an excellent interview of Jim Rawles, Survivalblog yesterday about pending landmark Federal gun control legislation that Trump has apparently said he will sign if ten more senators get on board. Well worth listening all the way through…

    • They can make whatever bill they want, it has nothing to do with me.
      I already realize I live in a criminal run country, so I live my life accordingly.
      Nobody gets to say anything at all about what I will possess.
      Remus Rule #1: “Avoid crowds”

      • lastmanstanding

        I listened to the interview today. I’m with you.

        We live our lives, do well of others, support who we can and leave nearly everyone else on the planet alone…and like the same in return.

      • Other reason to avoid crowds, risk of disease
        pathogens being spread.

        flu, ebola, typhus, tuberculosis and all the rest anyone?….

        I’m sure that all those people streaming in are all
        in the peak of health……
        (sarc off)

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Begging permission from criminals never made sense to me either. But the masses will continue to play the game, kneeling and bowing to their masters.
        Just occurred to me that during the Malheur and Bundy standoffs, how many of my conservative NRA friends here in rural Wyoming were all screaming for those people inside to be killed, they had no right to stand up to the Feds and steal land. These are the same folks who I’m wanting to help fight gov’t intrusion? I think not.

        • lastmanstanding

          It is just beyond amazing how many of those that belong at the local gun clubs blow the nra. As long as I can remember, the same jagoff’s have been at the nra helm…kinda reminds me of the same bunch that dictate just us and inhabit the holey chambers of fusa. Butt buddies forever.

          Too many pieces of paper to punch, too many clay targets to break. life is good.

          • Word inside the beltway for the NRA is: “A lobby you can work with”
            y’know whut that means Vern ?

      • Johnny Paratrooper


      • Old Gray Wolf

        Bingo. Except for one thing. Us having that attitude allows the injustice to remain, amd metastasize. Governments do not make laws thinking everyone will follow them. That is never the point. In fact, they expect and hope that some will ignore the law. That gives them examples to show the rest of the population, illustrating the negative circumstances that come from ignoring the law, thus encouraging further compliance. They make the laws so that they can be used as a hammer to smash those the government finds objectionable. They really do not care if one guy here or there ignores the law. They only care that the law exists and that the majority see it as legitimate and obey it. The guys who ignore it get hammered with it one by one, or grow old and die, and thus matter not. Thus, the law works. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. And evil counts on that for its very survival.

        • Correct, Old Wolf and, therefore, all that “i will live as I please and damn all the rest,” sentiment is bullshit.

          We either kick over the traces and start the party, or we kick the can down the road, shirking our responsibility to our children and country. We will allow tyranny to enslave the planet. Sheer cowardice and appalingly narrow self interest.

          The psychopathic Baal and Moloch worshiping baby eaters win HERE! they win every where else that counts. We must answer for our decisions and actions, inevitably.

          • Exactly right Brothers… Hoping to get eaten last isn’t a plan it’s a recipe for disaster and destruction of everything good and decent…But it seems that’s what most here want…Sad That…

            • A.B. Prosper

              Lineman, leave me alone is not an ideology worth fighting for and as people won’t follow anyone and you can’t shame them into it either. Libertarian autism about the nature of government won’t fly . People want and need State more than before in 2017

              People never really fought for small government and we allowed all kinds of laws on moral grounds that restricted behavior and trade and though these were good in intent they were hardly the acts of people who wanted to be left alone

              Remember blue laws ? The kind of law which fragrantly violate the 9th and 10th amendment .

              Or laws on porn and the made up idea of “obscenity” which is legalistic bullshit

              In that sense you have more freedom than you did in 1970!

              Maybe the people you are trying to help want you to lead them in the direction of a more moral and better society . This is BTW what the Left is trying to do though its the morals of Moloch.

              You have to lead and when you take over. congratulations you now have to make sure people keep the air and water clean, the border is secure, that American workers aren’t replaced with foreigners or maybe machines. You have to be the State and decide what it does in 2017 and who does it

              If you can’t do that no one will put you in power because until the very end , the other guys will still be better at their job than you

              However as for “being eaten last” beam, splinter — why haven’t you done anything?

              No multiply that by everyone else and you have an answer.

              Go make your 15 friends (2 squads, a small platoon no?) and your accountability lists , get fit. be ready to die.

              You have to lead when the time come, YOU may have to be the first out and the last in or first in a box.

              In the end the Right had better learn to hang together, to act collectively or they’ll hang separately or up buying the collective farm

              If you aren’t up for it, understood and respected but don’t complain about others not taking your load .

          • “….sentiment is bullshit.”

            Who am I going to trust in this criminal world, you?
            You, and everyone else, can be bought in a second and whether you’re my blood brother or not, can turn me in. So I stand alone. It doesn’t matter if you understand this and you can live under whatever silly premise you choose, but as long as you play their game you will continue to be their victim. I choose not to play a game I can’t win. I’ll stay back here in the sticks and let it die on the vine.Onward.

      • I agree. No piece of paper will tell me what I can or cannot do. This includes the Constitution of the US. I exercise the right of a reasonable man and respect others until they fuck with me.
        Come to think of it….our congresscritters don’t give a rats-ass about any law on paper or otherwise, since they are their own law(lessness) and they only represent themselves.
        Being “voted” as our representatives has been the big con for years.
        …..and you think voting has changed anything…..ever? maybe locally.
        The results nationally are evident. Hell – folks didn’t learn from the Bush-Gore debacle…..but will still go the the polls every time.
        You do know what the definition of insanity is ?…….
        When you realize the whole system is FUBAR it’s time to tear down the temples and rebuild. We’ve been way past FUBAR for over 60 years or so.

        I see a bunch of keyboard generals but few very few ass-kickers.
        Yes….I can include myself as a keyboard virtuoso. I need to get off my ass and get serious…….you too!……you know who you are!

        Don’t forget to drink your Ovalti- I mean piss!!

        • When you realize the whole system is FUBAR it’s time to tear down the temples and rebuild. We’ve been way past FUBAR for over 60 years or so.
          If you tear down before you have a alternative in place then there is a good possibility you won’t like what is rebuilt…The key is have your own system in place so when it all falls down or gets tore down then you will be the one that everyone will gravitate towards…The Problem is everyone being to comfortable yet to do anything proactive for their Liberty…Sad That…

          • And then ?….We are back to square 1.
            Who’s system? The first asshole who wants to be in charge gets the firing squad…!

            Local…..keep it small. village, town, city, county, state, nation. The larger the area, the fewer the rules. Envision a pyramid where the shit doesn’t roll downhill. nation (smallest) at the top with villages at the base (largest). Just an idea, something to think about.

            I doubt I will ever see this country un-ass itself. I have more faith in the Lord’s love, mercy, return and salvation.

        • lastmanstanding

          Many of us are off our ass…in a bunch of earthly ways.

          I’m motivating every young couple with kids that I come in contact with to grow their own food and get their meat, eggs, milk, cheese from a local source. I tell them it is the best thing they can do for their kids bodies/health until they fly the coop. By doing this, they have the means later in life to do it for theirs…and I am fucking scoring BIG bro!

          5 families in the last 3 months already. I’ve even hammered a couple older couples whose kids are gone and gotten them to shit can a majority of store bought garbage. Only big corps they need are arms related.

          You know what…It feels good. Many of these younger couples have businesses or are in positions of responsibility…and you know what else, I send my people their way. When my old friends/clients check these younger sharp folks out, they bring their game to bear and their $$$.

          It becomes one BIG ASS KICKIN SNOWBALL that no commies gonna be able to stop! These kids will gain confidence, strength and understand how to stand fast with their own God given rights.

          Why? Cuz that is how the fuckin planet works.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • Whatever your intent, all y’all would do well to stop posting passionate and explicit declarations of said intent onto the Interwebs.

          During the unknowably long interval during which blue team must maintain some semblance of legality for the sake of those few and dwindling mushy middle onlookers, such things will continue to matter.

          In short, when engaging in politlcal posting:

          Do request or offer practical (but not “illegal”) information: advice, analysis of events, predicted or planned events, memetic mockery, etc.
          Do not break the law nor declare your intent to break the law on public record.

          If you really can not follow this advice, at least do so as part of a large-scale well-organized public spectacle with a planned response to any enforcement (a good example is the deep benches of Soros-funded lawyers available to Antifa and BLM). A large crowd of dissenters is civil disobedience. A lone dissenter is a speed bump, even among 10 million other speed bumps.

          Hold your passions, direct them intelligently, while remaining calm, patient and loving in the face of madness. We can’t afford to do otherwise.

  9. Its not new today, but the best things never get old really, they improve with time. But I was perusing the great link selection CA catalogued on the left side of his blogs pages, going thru, linking to posts and places I hadn’t read in years, clicked on ‘EVERY CITIZEN A SOLDER’, 1st rate good stuff. Really good. The section on combat Tactic’s holds up superbly. The author has a wonderful way of describing, getting across the difficult to define citizen small unit infantry combat tactics which are so critical to getting into and surviving the fight. Hits the nuances and little details that count so much with a certain right to the heart of the matter down to earth manner:

    Its all good, better than the first time I read the site front to back.
    Brief and concise.

    Start here:

  10. Soylent Green New Deal.

    There. I fixed it.


    they want to put the govt in charge of EVERYTHING.

    “strengthening and enforcing labor,
    workplace health and safety, antidiscrimination,
    and wage and hour standards across all employers, industries, and sectors”

    welcome your new communist overlords

  12. I’ve had enough of bein’ nice
    I’ve had enough of right and wrong
    I’ve had enough of tryin’ to love my brother

    I’ve had enough of bein’ good
    And doin’ everything like i’m told I should
    If you need a lover, you’d better find another

    Life is for the living
    Takers never giving

    Suspicion takes the place of trust
    My love is turning into lust
    If you get on the wrong side of me you better run for cover

    I’ve had enough of bein’ trodden on
    My passive days are gonna be long gone
    If you slap one cheek, well, I ain’t gonna turn the other

    Life is for the living
    Takers never giving

    Fooling no one but ourselves
    Good is dying

    Here comes the end
    Here comes the end of the world

    I’m gettin’ sick of this universe
    Ain’t gonna get better; it’s gonna get worse
    And the world’s gonna sink with the weight of the human race

    Hate and fear in every face
    I’m gettin’ ready and I’ve packed my case
    If you find somewhere better, can you save my place?

    Fooling no one but ourselves
    Love is dying

    Here comes the end
    Here comes the end
    Here comes the end of the world

  13. Johnny Paratrooper

    Reading my books. And Prepping for class.

    • Couldn’t reply to your last question. But I’ll hang it out here in the open.
      I’m in NW MT.
      (No need to salute….I’ll be in the area all day……smoke ’em if you got ’em)

    • read some more.

      you’re still wrong about the Spanish CW:

      24 out of 24 largest urban garrisons supported the Nationalist Uprising
      spearheaded by Franco’s Army of Africa and Sanjurjo’s troops in the north.

      urban Reds overwhelmed and massacred 20 of the 24.

  14. I swear to God somewhere there’s a committee made up of some hand picked members of the “ruling class” – who sit around coming up with ideas revolving around ” Hey – what can we make these clowns do next!?”.

    A year or so ago – one of them proposed: “Let’s come up with something that makes them drink their own pee”. “Sounds good! ” the other ones said. “Well we can just tell them it’s for saving the planet – leave the women out and just make the men do it – that will gin up all sorts of protests about the patriarchy trying to destroy the planet because they won’t drink their own piss”.

    “Let it be done!” – came the cry from the committee.

    And so it was.

    But seriously – why won’t people just start saying “fuck that” – and just simply refuse to stop doing some of this shit?

    • thesouthwasrght

      Excellent take Cal.

      The answer to your question about when is enough enough? That will be when the average painter, tiler, logger, store clerk, etc can’t get off work on Friday, pick up a case of beer, swing by their hookup for the fat 1/4 of hydro, and take in the game/race/mud bog that weekend bc their $$ ain’t worth shit. Then maybe. But until then, nada.

      • Yep the comfortability factor will be in play until the pain is to great to ignore…If you wait until your corner of paradise turns into a shithole well then your no better than the ones turning it into one…Sad That…

  15. As Ace of Spades is saying, 2019 Best Year Ever.
    Yeah, Ruth Bader Meinhoff is a cadaver.
    Dirty stinking commie Clowns who “won” various States elections by blatant outright margins of vote fraud and gerrymander falling like dominoes, strung up by their own petards of virtue signaling. Faceborg bagged, along with Goolag spiking their clicks and people numbers by 50%, NPC shitholes imploding, propaganda departments of the fake media complex shutting doors, finding out NPC’s can’t learn to code, they ain’t liking finding out “Those Jobs Aren’t Coming Back”. Its a veritable whirlpool of payback and unintended consequences and the year just got started.
    Getting better every day.

    Always figured it would be hard at first to rip the oligarchy’s grip from the levers of power, but that once begun, they would indeed collapse fast all together, but I never figured they would begin to collapse like they have been dropping like flies.

    Now this fuckin’ clown who paid how many billions for a piece of NPC ass?

    From The Last Refuge:

    Unbeknownst to his wife, the richest man in the world took photographs of his penis and somehow decided it was a good idea to send them to his mistress. Somewhere in the process The National Enquirer got them.
    Now things are weird:

    View at

    • Ruth Bader Meinhoff… Pure Gold!

      The RMITW/pecker pics… These pricks are so arrogant they think they are untouchable… Haven’t they heard of Anthony Weiner?

      • Hubris before the fall.
        What was that line about who the god’s drive crazy?

        The awesome JJ Sefton on his Morning report at Ace of Spades coined Ruth Bader Mienhoff. The guy is amazing. Best daily Snark around. LYFAO an minute.

      • 3006, don’t get stuck watching the left hand, this is nothing more then deflection. Let these fuckers shrread each other. look the other way, I know that something not in our best interests is happening when this stuff pops up.

        This is the dog and pony show.


  16. Adam Baum writes: Women not being permitted to vote would make it much harder to establish a “gynochracy”, wouldn’t you agree?

    No, I would not agree. There exist men and women. Which third thing which isn’t a man or a woman or a group thereof is going to “not permit” women to vote?

    Haxo writes: [Christianity, Capitalism, and Nation-States] did not produce the present. / they offered opportunities for [2% of population to fool the White Christians despite their Capitalism]

    Paraphrasing Spooner, not matter what route CCNS failed by, it still failed, and therefore we should replace it with something improved. I propose removing the concept of monopoly. No group gets to be the only criminal-punisher in an area. Instead we encourage MAD, which is stable. The need for final answers is vastly overrated. There are 200 countries in the world, which mostly don’t impose policy on each other. If this increased to 2,000 or 2 million or 7 billion each increment would be an improvement.

    • Anonymous, you are as delusional as the rest of the “many genders” crowd; there are males and there are females. The statistically insignificant number of hermaphrodites might qualify as a “third thing” but I don’t think you are referring to them.

  17. So. If old folks use diapers, does The Law allow wringing them into the jug? (The diapers, not the old folks.)

    So. If some gentlemen are significantly larger than the jug opening, how much percentage of over-spray does The Law allow?

    So. If some women cis-identify as gentlemen, does The Law allow leniency for sitting alternatives?

    So. If a gentleman cis-identifies as a child, is he required to comply with The Law? How does The Law allow for changing his cis-identify to a pre-teen? How does he comply with The Law if she is an adult female prior to realizing his cis-true cis-identify as a male child?

    Asking for an cis-obedient friend.

  18. #newgreendeal = Idiotaracy writ legal

    Please step up for your tattoos.

  19. the gynarchotyranny medusa mob is being stood up as a smoke screen while the old guard with connections push forward with the new communism. they will do their best to rig the 2020 election. again. trump will narrowly win anyway. more investigations helped by an increasing number of rinos will slowly grind him to a halt by 2024. the real communism begins when they once again take over in 2025. the real cw2 starts in spring 2026 after a messy string of remarkably clean assassinations and dorner shoot-outs prompts an undeclared state of emergency and the backstops are gone. there might eventually be a truce christmas 2026 offered by the surviving fifth or six tier of dem leadership. we might decide to accept an armistice by easter 2027. anyone else see this timeline?

    • if the Jews can sustain the consent-buying debtbuck for another 5-10 years,

      they will likely win.

      2024 may be too late:

      White demographic time is rapidly running out.

      in ‘Murka Jews+Blacks+mestizos+slants+muslims

      are already the 18-and-under majority.

      of course, none of this matters if you think it’s just about

      “republicans and democrats”

      (distant laughter)

  20. So lemme ass you. If a dude suffering with toxic masculinity decides to pull the pin on this insanity and lead the way will you guys follow? Or is he just a fool who didn’t wait for the right time, right situation, right weather, proper consultation, and probably not being a certified genuine operating operator and who did not check to make sure there is absolutely no hope of change or surrender of the pagan AmComs on certain devisive (how do you spell devisev?) issues. And therefore not the guy to give supporting fire to.

    Oh, and can a guy I know pee in the bottle post a recent bout of STD. The runny kind.

  21. Drinking piss from a bottle.
    What’s next, a warm shit sandwich to go with it?
    She yanks the wires and the puppet dances, it has no choice.
    Stop being the puppet, climb on top and stay there.
    NEVER meet them on their terms.