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From Twitter via CH, appended to a guffaw-fest on Bezos’ boner boo-hoos.

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  1. They are up to their usual course of conduct. Push their agenda so far left that the Conservatives start to accept everything to the right of it. We are no longer arguing to stop abortions just late term ones. Gun Control is be accepted by the NRA because we don’t really need that attachment. Socialist Green push so far left we will again will accept most of it, if the left just compromises to the right just a tad. People we can no longer accept any of their positions, we must stand firm with ours. or do we not have any ground left….

  2. Horizontal Harris will be the ‘Rat nominee. And she is to the left of Mao Tse Tung. If Harris wins Americans will deserve what’s coming. In spades.

    • And if Moochele the Tranny is her running mate,
      of course that means that if Kamela’s ‘selected’, her
      jewish attorney husband, Douglas Emhoff WILL
      be expected to sit in the corner of the bedroom
      fapping H.Weinstein style while Moochele
      ‘showers Kamela’ with “xir’s” “diversity” as “xir”
      pulling her hair from behiind and slapping her ass….
      O’homo will be doing mega choom and blow as he watches…

      They’ll most likely have Desmond and Lactacia come
      and perform at the re-named “People’s House of Equal Colors”…


      No Arrests? 10-Year-Old Drag Queen Photographed
      With Naked Adult Male

      And a pro-life Christian young man who calmly smiles down
      a gap-toothed paid injun shill is ‘the bad guy’?!?…..

      America has gone FULL Weimar degenerate!!


      Hitler was absolutely right!!

      Fire her up Heinrik!! Burn all the contagion away!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • “Desmond” is the pedophile elite testing the waters for public acceptance of child molestation. Of course, none of this is new, as Nero had a public marriage to a 12 year old boy. They’re known as catamites. I’ve theorized that the elites of the West have allowed mass migration of Muslims as a catalyst for child marriage in the West. The elite class always conforms man made law to their depraved passions. It’s why we end up with tyrants if either political variety (Stalin and Hitler). They want to bend us to their will and not the will of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Father.

        • “A girl who is three years and one day old whose father arranged her betrothal can be betrothed with intercourse, as, despite her age, the legal status of intercourse with her is that of full-fledged intercourse. And in a case where the childless husband of a girl three years and one day old dies, if his yavam (brother) engages in intercourse with her, he acquires her as his wife…as despite her age she is legally considered to be a married woman.”
          Sanhedrin 69a

          “A father may betroth his daughter without her consent as long as she is a minor, and she also remains under his authority as long as she is a maiden. . . . If she is three years and one day old, she may be betrothed by an act of intercourse with the consent of her father.”
          Maimonides “the Great Rambam,” Sefer Nashim 3:11

      • WTF? how is that not child abuse?

        so glad i don’t have kids.

        what a demoralizing thought- the ones you sacrificed for, are the ones who will betray you. as hard as it is to think- a lot of the kids will have to join their parents… won’t bother me in the least, a quick thump on the head will do the trick. how else can that magic # be tallied?

        • 1 in 100 of your children is born a freethinker, who grows up to become some flavor of libertarian. The other 99 of your children want daddy enslaved for the good of society.

      • “Hitler was absolutely right!!”………….Yes he was.

      • At the lez blog link I was especially amused by this comment: “Thank you for gathering this invaluable information. I am a writer embarking on a new work. While I have researched our community in Germany before & after Hitler’s rise to power, I have since lost most of my notes.…”

        The “researcher” lost xer notes. And xit expects us to take xit seriously.

    • “Look what I have created; I have made fire!!”

  3. Statements and sentiments such as hers can almost make one eager for the shooting to start.

  4. Bloody Kansas

    • Yep. This hits close to home for me.

      Recommended reading on this subject for anyone interested in how it’s all gone down before.

      The talk about local and your immediate AO, knowing your neighbors WELL, and the door-to-door bit is REAL.

  5. Dude, as if this crap hasn’t been going on for the past ten years. It’s wrong.
    Nothing’s going to change this until the people stand up.

    Meanwhile nothing’s changed on my mountain.


    • Waiting until they are at or inside the gate isn’t much of a plan though Brother it’s a recipe for disaster…

      • Old Gray Wolf

        Much like I have been working alone for several years now in my construction business because there is a severe lack of young men willing to work at a physical job and learn trades, I am working on how to fight these scum without a large support system. The people just aren’t there yet, and once they are, it will be too far along for real trust to be built. That takes time, and we won’t have much of that. Most of us here are more switched on than anybody around us. That’s why we come here. That’s why the opposition comes here, too. Informative to hear people’s thoughts when they are in a “friendly” environment. Got a ways to go yet before the average schmuck gets their head up and becomes possibly useful…

    • You’ve changed. Just from your comments over time your thinking and activity has evolved. Thats a great thing.
      So have I on my mountain ridge. And who and what I stand for, mostly by plain soft spoken example in meat space, and being in the honorable resistance, all the self determining elements of sustainable secession from the industrial/corporate/crony monopoly state, I have effected positive change, because by example, this provides truth you can secede from tyranny, in order to become stronger to resist and fight tyranny. It proves the axiom It all begins with each of us. That is in effect, from humble beginnings effecting the greatest kind of positive change.
      And its those little things that seem to really be most effective.

      In the beginning it was almost like talking with mannequins in a store window about what is being done to us dirt people and our country, and what as little people one can effect.
      As Seneca spoke about ideas and precepts, being like seeds of thought, once planted in fertile ground of receptive minds, they grow all out of proportion to their diminutive origins.
      Really, Liberty is in its beginning introduction to receptive minds is an iterative process of the heart and the mind. Remember, our enemies have devoted a century and more to eliminating Liberty as a concept, and freedom as action one takes. Lot of people honestly have no idea what these things are. They have never been exposed or introduced to their precepts.
      But as many do have relatively open or fertile minds, once the epiphany is realized, paradigm of new thought, realizations and sea change in thinking is highly likely to take place. Its the process of Zeitgeist. Which terrifies those who depend critically on ignorance and deceit being a factor an intended majority can suffer.
      Once a plurality of Armed Men begin to realize yes it is indeed going to get that bad, there is no non violent or use of force method of stopping the Zeitgeist. And an Armed aware plurality possesses latent power far outside its size and composition.
      Warriors in this plurality come in every size shape and character. They actually constitute a Legion in potential, that can never be realized until the plurality have that mysterious but oh so very real gestalt they ARE a Legion. Until that paradigm, our Legion is part of a very large “electorate”, not unlike or associated with The TeaParty, the million bikers on DC, (remember it was the leadership of the million bikers ride who they assassinated or locked up in political prison in Waco Texas, because the threat they had become, that Legion growing it is one and how much legitimate power it represented), the voters of 2010 elections, these people didn’t pop up out of thin air then vanish in a vacuum, they evolved, again that iterative process of Liberty and action of Freedom. They showed up again as 64 million Trump voters who thru an amazing act of unorganized resistance deceived the pollsters, because the many began to be highly suspicious of “polling” and what it was being used for, hence they beat the fuckers at their own game, and out voted the built in margin of 1%-5% margin of baked in vote fraud used to create an illusion of a close legitimate election with the fake media complex providing the smoke and mirrors fitting with the intended results, of an already chosen next regime leader.
      If you understand that, you probably understand why they are so pissed off about losing, and why they hate our fucking guts. We dared defy them. And it worked fucking awesome. The Clinton deep state organized crime faction is in a tail spin they cant pull out of without pulling off a palace coup or outright JFK Trumps ass.
      But The Legion as I love to call it, because it is one and will realize it is legion, many of it are eager happy Warriors, yet restraining this Lets Go, is in the very unique American fashion, the Christian Greco/Roman Western culture sense that by nature most of us are prudent Warrior people. There is a widespread perception that this innate cultural prudence is mistaken for cowardliness or reluctance to define, resist, and give the powers that be the finger and say Because Fuck You Thats Why. Nothing could be further from the truth.
      Many of us keep our own council, our powder dry, our rifles zeroed, an ear to the ground, we know what is in the wind. There is nothing for it at this stage but be prepared and ready. We know whats coming in our bones.

      And this is an amazing thing. Nobody, I mean nobody, really knows how our Legion will fight, what black swan is the catalyst which sets in motion penultimate events of redress. Is it some oft discussed “red line” or some tiny little thing which touches off a grass fire which sweeps the landscape?
      The potential though, it can be denied till one is blue in the face, yet there it is. Proof is in the telling. Millions upon millions aren’t up-armoring and up-gunning, building, buying, by the millions the finest combat rifles created, choosing exquisite combat sidearms as constant companions, gearing up, and training, stock piling, becoming fit and healthy, getting right with faith to their mortality, because it is a fad or pass time.
      No dirt people in all history is become, has up-armed themselves as we are, and there is no end in sight in this respect either. What that portends is an open question, but if I could bet on it I would say the powers that be if they don’t cut the crap and double down as they are in their mind bending hubris are going to do, they be sticking their dicks in a fucking meat grinder they be lucky to a dirty stinking commie, or NPC. to survive.
      Hopefully the America we cherish isn’t destroyed past preservation of the things that matter in the process.

      In the last reckoning, there are an awful lot of good decent people among us. People who got a care, who believe in something better, and larger, something worth fighting and if needs be dying for.
      That counts for a great deal how this shit goes down.

      • Matt Bracken

        “And this is an amazing thing. Nobody, I mean nobody, really knows how our Legion will fight, what black swan is the catalyst which sets in motion penultimate events of redress. Is it some oft discussed “red line” or some tiny little thing which touches off a grass fire which sweeps the landscape?
        The potential though, it can be denied till one is blue in the face, yet there it is. Proof is in the telling. Millions upon millions aren’t up-armoring and up-gunning, building, buying, by the millions the finest combat rifles created, choosing exquisite combat sidearms as constant companions, gearing up, and training, stock piling, becoming fit and healthy, getting right with faith to their mortality, because it is a fad or pass time.”
        Great post, that paragraph sort of jumped out but it was all great.

    • Lineman, no arguments from me. I don’t question the event, I question the timing. You’ve been here seen what I’m willing to show others. Rumor has it your could triple it, and still be way short.

      My friend I’ve been getting ready for this, since the 80s. I get it, I’m not loosing any sleep over it.

      Looking forward to Cody, hoping to bump into. Truthfully really want to meet your kin!


      Still pain free. Wanting to start my walking, solid ice here. Neighbor broke her wrist, slipping on the ice yesterday, right in front of our home. Ima hold off I just got pain free, not interested in going back to it.

      I’m riding my stationary bike daily now.

  6. European American

    Trump will win the 2020 in the most lopsided victory In the history of presidential elections. Why? Because no one will be running against him. There won’t be one Democrat that survives the implosion of the criminally infected, Democrat party, not one.


      While I am not a Trump supporter, I hope you are right. It always goes back to: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

      • you fucking morons.

        all Trump has done

        is vastly energize the ethnoReds,

        while crushing the White Right.

        with Clinton Prez we’d be

        in a state of Hot Internal War right now,

        while we still have a chance to win.




        • Na Hexo, you simple aren’t reading the tea leaves correctly.

          Haters gonna hate, far left men like you parading as right conservative, have been ” outed” your politics is starting to shine. Check your six motherfucker!

        • European American

          “Energized” them? Really? How about “Exposed” them? Yes, that is exactly what he has done, and every day he continues to flush more and more out? That’s how one wakes up the masses, incrementally, methodically. You show them just enough to slowly pull them out of their programs, and Trump is a Genius at that. 76% approval on the situation. And that poll comes out of a network that is owned by (((them))).
          “Fucking morons”? Look in the mirror.
          Are you under the influence of “something” Haxo? You don’t seem yourself, of late.
          Anyway, vote for whomever, doesn’t matter. Trump will win in a landslide, with it without you.

        • A.B. Prosper

          The US Is not running out of demographic time , its running out of time period.

          Demographics wise , nobody is having kids. I can see this here in California, Black, White, Hispanic , Asian . Nobody is having any.

          , They were back in 2007 and 2008 though it wasn’t huge numbers, Now ? Nope

          The fertility rate in numbers of children per woman of child bearing age is at its lowest level in US history and out total fertility rate among all groups except a few highly religious ones and a few welfare Somalis (who are probably devout Muslims) is well under 2

          We are on our way to low European fertility with all groups.

          I can’t tell you how much natalism agitprop is out there but its a lot and its not working And note we are also running out of people to import, There are still far too many but it appears that modernity is coming to mean low fertility globally

          Even the globalists are in a panic and they thing they have to do , fix the culture and have good stable well remunerated jobs in unthinkable so they’ll go into panic mode and try to loot all they can.

          That said this isn’t the biggest issue,

          You need to understand the old USA is as gone as the 1776 one went with Lincoln. The population isn’t going to wake up and go back to the old ways and you can stop ghost dancing.

          You and your people have to make a new USA to the standard you want as much as people under your rule will tolerate. maybe Gen Z will vote for some of what you like, maybe , it worth a try but you may have to consider other options

          The key to winning either way is knowing what it is you do want, not what you don’t but what are you going to do when you are in charge

          To paraphrase our host, you will be tested on this and if you fail, you are unworthy of leadership

          I also might suggest meditating on the word Interregnum

          a period when normal government is suspended, especially between successive reigns or regimes

          This is where the ugly work gets done

          You don’t get to go home to the farm, you have to rule for a period until the rot is gone and the foundation for a proper freedom focused society is made. You have to teach the people because the lust to be left alone and for freedom doesn’t come natural to anyone save a few Anglo Saxons and they are a tiny fraction of the US population, even the Anglo Saxon one

          You win there is no running away, no punking out, no refusal to run the State .

          If you can’t accept those terms no one will follow you and you are unworthy of support being little betteer than anarchists

  7. To the person “Hermes” – what makes them think that’s the future?

  8. would be interesting to see what the Hispanics do, once their numbers are big enough that they don’t need all of the causes the left uses the blacks for. would be very ironic if the Hispanics pass the blacks and the blacks end up picking crops in the field again.

    • That time has passed them by Brother the machines do it much more efficiently… Pretty soon machines will pass by everyone with an 85 IQ or lower…

  9. Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho!
    Kamala Harris has got to go!

    • Ought six, Harris, is one sick puppy. She represents EVERYTHING evil in this world. That entire goat fuck white dressed gaggle of geese in congress, are the best defense we have for trumps reelection.

      Can’t speak you you all but an extra four years would come in handy.


    • Talk about smirking, “IT”, has no equal. Did you see her expressions during Trump’s SOTU Address, in particular when President Trump, (lord I love typing that, as it gives Trump legitimacy our enemies are desperate to deny him), declared America would never be a socialist country? Priceless NPC superiority smirk.

      This NPC tool is one piece of work. Has that potential kind of populist brown people black face, with Hillary Clinton kind of cunning and evil needed to rise to the top power elite of the amerikan communist party. Fits right in their dirty stinking commie sewer of marxian madness they got going lately.

      She may have the ruthless drive for raw naked power. She has that look about her. They need a true psychopath to run against Trump, it has to be a vagina, another marxist progeny, who can pull off the kind of fraud obama employed to be anointed and funded to run in 2020. You know they will pull out both the white guilt card and the all new toxic male guilt by association card.
      Clinton was terrible at projecting that psychopathic pseudo humility the NPC’s eat with a spoon and grovel for, and she’s brown colored too boot.
      A raging radical feminist version of part Kohna Coffee savior fundamental transformation of amerika pickle smootcher, with the cunning survivalist qualities of barren Vag madness of the Mao pantsuit dick-less-tator HRC.
      She reminds me a lot of Barry, a Jr Varsity female version. She has the right punches on her ticket. Survived all her scandals and political contretemps. Though why she was recently doxxed for fucking her way up the kalifornia political cesspool ladder, kind of marks her as having some internal party enemies trying to nip her 2020 run off in the bud. But then those clowns are like circling hungry Piranha outgrown their fish tank waiting for who shows weakness first. The various factions of the leftists are having an internal war right now. Decention in the ranks. The Bernie’s and Pelosi’s are long in the tooth and have completely blown the golden opportunity of the 200 year long march agenda wide of an open Overton window on a silver platter repeatedly the since 2008. Soro’s and his ilk are furious. The young guns aren’t liking being held back by theses clowns, they are trying to break out and go full tilt boogy commie come what may. There’s no lack of clowns in that respect if recent developments prove anything.

  10. Yep they’ll just entirely invent it all as some national security matter, 100% obviously fabricated to anyone with 90+ IQ, just like the rest of their “science”.

    And then they want to invite 85- IQ Muslim patriarchalists to take the white man’s place.

  11. “Operators operarating operationally: I spent today looking into the mil op “training” and the building they breached. I will begin by saying I believe the Army is pushing disinformation with regard to “training”. What we discovered – the buildings are owned by a single owner: Thomas Girardi…”

    Yup. That looked to me like a very live operation… https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1093716367742775297.html

  12. I think they screwed up. They have now let the normies know what they are about, with this totalitarian green deal bs. At this point, the normies might finally realize the situation.

    All the left had to do was wait a couple more years to ensure their power via immigration. It will probably still happen that way, because that is the current trajectory; but, by letting the proverbial cat out of the bag, they’ve blundered.

    • no, the “normies” –
      see examples in this thread so far –

      will just go out and vote for Trumpenthal again.

      while the demographic clock continues to run out on us.

      “cat out of the bag”?

      the Jew-authored 1965 White Exclusion Act coupled with Susan Rosenblatt-alias-Sontag’s public statement of Tribal intent to genocide the Whites

      not to mention any number of similar statements since by Jews and their servants,

      should long ago have alerted the “normie” Whites.

      instead, they slept through it all

      and finally, barely roused themselves to vote for con-artist Trumpenthal.

      literal suicide.

    • Yeah, and they truly screwed the pooch during the obama regimes reign of power. They had it in the bag, everything, both factions of the swamp traitors, an unmolested barely understood deep state, the overton window was right there for the taking with the red diaper baby regime holding ultimate power.
      They had it all. All the useful idiots imaginable by the slobbering millions. Full control of the feds feed trough.

      Me thinks they are desperate. Time is a perishable never regained commodity.

  13. The statement from Kamala Harris is indeed revealing. What it reveals is that the power centers in America are minority activism, the gynocracy, the Chosenites, the queer agenda, and mentally ill people who wish and do play Halloween with their own flesh and insist that everyone else agree that they are what they are not.
    Voltaire stated “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” This is EXACTLY what Kamala Harris is revealing here. In plainer language:
    1) Anyone other than heterosexual white men.
    2) See #1.

    The natural next step for this should they succeed is to continue to fracture constituencies and choose the ever present popular enemy of the moment. That is the “and then?” question that progressive pawns never think through, let alone verbalize. Yuri Bezmenov knew the truth of this.


    His interview with G. Edward Griffin, in 3 parts (links active as of this morning):

    For the exact point I am relating here, start at the top of part 3. For the TLDR crowd, I will break it down, babby-style:
    1) useful idiots destabilize system and are promoted/reinforced by communist creep state.
    2) Communism prevails, useful idiots rejoice.
    3) Useful idiots go to collect what they think is their reward for service in the cause, find out otherwise (cue lime sprinkled ditches).

    Peace, out.

  14. The party that politicized the national secret police apparatus has used it to frame and harass the President, his family, friends, and associates with fabricated “evidence.” This is the sort of weaponized legal persecutions endemic to police states everywhere. If they can destroy the President with malicious fabrications what chance do We the Peons stand? It’s no coincidence that party of treason, sedition, betrayal, and usurpation wants our guns.

  15. meanwhile 75 billion leave the US economy every year to Mexico, central America, South America and Caribbean. influence, Harris? lets start with international welfare of 75 billion thru remittance and the same foreign citizens voting in our elections due to lack of voter identification, lack of voter law enforcement and open borders.

  16. Yes and after “gun control”(confiscation) we also get free train rides, free housing at the reeducation camps, free burial after our gassing and free confiscation of all or possessions. They are serious as death. If you want to live you had better get on that trigger most ricky tick.

  17. What part of NO and MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS, I AM A FREE MAN, don’t you and your simpleton colleagues get kamala harris? You and your midget minded, lying, thieving, killers of children, modern day slave holders and evil worshipping pieces of shit really think your all untouchable? TICK TOCK………

  18. Time for dead Communist niggers. And their enablers.

  19. commies gotta commie, but usually don’t advertise ahead of the slaughter. this troll let it slip out.

    YES, they are that stupid.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      What do you think makes them so confident today?
      The fact that they come out in public and call for the death of a sitting President, to his face, and nothing is done to them.
      I don’t think it’s stupidity.
      They have a plan.

      • they are confident because they are deluded in their thinking.
        oh, yes, they certainly do have a plan. the point made is she let their plan slip out and that is STUPID.

  20. Live now – Judiciary Committee with Whitaker present

  21. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  22. One of my friends had a crazed Siamese cat that he named Mousie Tongue. This cat chased ghosties, was convinced something was behind the walls, dashed away from windows during daylight, and all in all exhibited schizophrenic behavior. When I think of Leftists and Socialists, I think of Mousie. Same behavior, same delusions, same crazed behavior. However, at least Mousie was declawed-which made a world of difference to the important things. Kamala needs both declawed and defanged.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      “Kamala needs both declawed and defanged.”

      That’s the problem with this country today. Not enough fortitude to do the job right. You don’t just take away their pens and white lab coats, give them a slap on the wrist, you recycle them, into compost.

    • mister-sigint

      I’d settle for de-headed

    • de-barked too? (apologies for a slightly mixed metaphor)

  23. Nunya Bizniss Sr

    People are going to need to toughen their hearts to the uncomfortable truth: The only way this ends is with one of us dying. Them or us. You’re going to have to harden your height to the fact that one day in the not so distant future you’ll need to fix your bayonets and engage in the fight of your life.

    You’ll be killing those who you once called your fellow countrymen, your brother, your friend and your family. The ones you once shared your very life with.

    You will be killing them in variety of dastardly and wicked ways. You will see people you once called brother die to rat poison covered IED, the person you once called friend shot point blank with a garage shop welrod or people that were once your own blood swinging from the lampposts in the local town square. If this is something you can live with you stand a chance. A slim one perhaps but a chance you’ll have.

  24. ‘Accelerationism’ is a thing, it is to allow the Commies to barrel-ahead and thus reveal to the Normies their evil intent; but this assumes that the Normies have an IQ of 100 or so, the PPL that bright have already chosen sides and the PPL dumber than that believe they are gonna get more Gibs under the Commies. This brings us to forced gun confiscation under cover of ‘Law’. Leftist cucks, those school indoctrinated lofos actually believe that the military will help them subdue lawful citizens with force of arms (while they sip their lattes) which leads us to examine the flip side of ‘Accelerationism’, using arms to neutralize the Commies 1st, this goes against the tribal ethos of the wyte TradCon American male but even lawns benefit from fertilization and trimming.

    • “those school-indoctrinated lofos actually believe the military will help then subdue lawful citizens with force of arms”

      and they are right.

      the imperial stormtroopers will kill anyone the ZOG pays them to kill,

      foreign or domestic.

  25. Based on the post, this comes to mind …

  26. The Chinese have fortified a reef in the South China Sea called the Fiery Cross Reef. Who knew!! It was named after an old British Clipper ship that got shipwrecked there in 1860. I had to look it up. Fiery Cross is a Scottish tradition called Crann tara. A call to arms. I knew many Americans have Scottish and Scots-Irish ancestors. Me too. The Klan doesn’t burn crosses, they light crosses. Taken from Emperor Constantine’s event. Much of the Klan had Scottish heritage. About the most indirect manner to fill in a piece of missing history. I need to get a life.

  27. Johnny Paratrooper

    A touch alarmist.

    But not entirely untrue.

  28. I’ve never been a fan of “worse is better” theory. I think most people who are haven’t even experienced “bad” yet, much less “worse”.

    But, as the masthead frequently says “we aren’t voting our way out of this”. Trump has proved that is more than a motto, it is a simple fact. (What’s the over / under on Trump impeachment? Trump indictment?).

    I’m not getting any younger, starting the National Restoration & Retribution Event sooner rather than later seems like the more interesting proposition lately.

    Kamala seems like just the right person to light the torch for the opening ceremony!

  29. Kamala response,” I am a professional hoe.Willy Brown taught me how to swallow a load without getting any goo on my clothes. That Monica bitch got no bidness gobbling goo,gonna make a mess and shit. Learn how to hoe before you go blowing respectable politicians. I can suck a golf ball through a garden hose. That makes me qualified to flap my jaw.”

  30. Kamala is your typical affirmative action hire suffering from delusions of grandeur. She and Booker share the same room temperature IQ along with overweening ambition. Her political career comes as a result of specific actions performed on her knees and back and, like others of her ilk, she can only parrot the script that she thinks will play to the other idiots that support the “Progressive” agenda
    Most politicians aren’t terribly intelligent, what they are is disingenuous and narcissistic to the core, capable of lying at the drop of a hat to further their personal agenda of getting wealth and power on the public dime.

    Up until the election of the current crop of females in the House, Shelia Jackson Lee was once viewed as the pinnacle of Congressperson stupidity but these newbies have surpassed even her layers of bone achingly stupid.

  31. Tell me the part again where you think Trump and voting make a difference……..its just so……its just so damn cute……

    • What that vid proves is what this group has been saying for a long time…

      IMHO, President Trump is just another Yankee moderate Demonrat masquerading as a pro gun Republican and there are several Republicans who want the guns too with with Rush Limbaugh’s Sen. Rubio leading the pack. Trump doesn’t GARA about gun rights as I am confident he’ll deal them away in a NY second, just like the NRA, in order to get what he wants. What about the pro gun control AG nominee Barr? That Republican jackass wants Federal Red Flag Laws and who nominated this new AG? Yep… the Trumpster. Chances are good he will be confirmed next week and I bet he will get some Demonrat votes because of his Red Flag Law position.

      To that end I have no intention of voting for the lying SOB. There is NOTHING he can say that can “fix” this problem for me. Bottom Line: He’s a damn liar about guns. But you guys can knock yourself out and vote for him and rationalize it all you want. In the end the communist psychopathic egos of the politicians will cross the line and we will end up in a fight. Just a matter of time.

      What would Michael Collins do?

      Grey Ghost

  32. Reading the above, and envisioning the future, reminds me that it may be time for all to refresh the spirit of Samuel Whittemore.

  33. oregon farmer

    The women of the American Left are absolute monsters.
    Hillary/”Killary” and her blatant wetwork squad
    Kamala sucking and fucking old Willie Brown to worm her way into power
    Dingbat multimillionaire Pelosi
    Dingbat Mao-wannabe AOC…..
    On and on and on
    Flabby stoopid football-obsessed white guys enabled ALL of this crap.

  34. If you want to see how this could work out, take a look at the movie “Brazil.”

    Given the efficiency of the admin warriors, there will be plenty of Buttles rolled up instead of the intended Tuttles.

  35. Here Pete, too good an epic still from a time seems long ago now to let go to waste because it sure is relative again

  36. On future gun control.

    “We’ve made too many compromises already, too many retreats. They invade our space, and we fall back. They assimilate entire worlds, and we fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn here! This far, and no further! And I will make them pay for what they’ve done!”

    On all the burying guns shit, if you find yourself burying guns, then you have already arrived at the time to dig them up.

  37. There is a biology word for animals which have matured enough to reproduce. That word is “adult”. Most 15 year old humans are adults. Let’s set the child/adult legal boundary to match the biology boundary.

    • Most 15 year old humans are adults.

      You are either an idiot or tool. There is not another person here who doesn’t know that 15 years of age does not confer the responsibility or wisdom to handle raging hormones. Many here consider women as children regardless of age, with strong supporting evidence and experience.

      Breeding is not maturity, much less morality. Biology is the study of design and function of organisms, not a social imperative or plan.

      ‘Grats on being the spokeshole for R. Ginsberg who stated, years ago, that the age of consent should be twelve. Is there a sane, actual adult, one who actually cares about children, who thinks that’s a good idea?

      We have the debased culture we have in large part, because sane traditional moral values have been relentlessly attacked, distorted, ridiculed and the boundaries of decent behavior distorted beyond recognition. This is no accident but by design and intent, carried out by law,media,”entertainment” and “education.” Philosophy and psychology have replaced religious standards and offered endless plasticity, shifting theories and confusion.

      “If it feels good, do it!” was common in the sixties and it has lead directly to the present steaming heap of delusion, despair and destruction.

      Da Feeelz, is just another even more vapid version of that.

      Oh, and go to Hell from whence you came.

  38. Democrats and their globalist combatants are the enemy. I can foresee a time when our intelligence will have to transform from political op research to target acquisition assessment. Politics is war without kinetics, but the trigger point will most certainly never be known until after the hostilities have started. And don’t get me started on the timeworn phrase, “historians in centuries to come will wonder how we survived such a period” when, if we don’t beat this back, will never produce such historians in the first place.

  39. Bonaventure is 100% correct regarding schism. https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2019/02/07/this-will-end-well-2/#comment-289575

    In the current instance, it is the Novus Ordo that is in schism, having separated from “what has always and everywhere been taught” (Ordinary Magisterium).

    These eschatological topics are tantalizing, even sensationalistic, but not the healthiest first exposure for catechumens, often becoming a prurient focus that diverts effort, saps learning and spiritual growth in the fundamentals.

    Having offered that warning…

    The Occupiers will be purged. If you are interested, there is considerable consistency among prophecies about a chastisement of the World, not just the Church, before the Last Day (e.g., The Three Days of Darkness). Approved prophesy( e.g., Lourdes, Fatima, Akita) is considered “private revelation,” not part of the Deposit of Faith, is not de fide, but merely opinio tolerata, requires no submission from the Faithful, but may be safely believed. “Public revelation” (Scripture and Apostolic Tradition) is de fide, requires submission, and contumacious disagreement puts one outside the Church (EENS).

    Catholic Prophecy: The Coming Chastisement by Yves Dupont is a short, but IMO reliable, compendium of such prophecy. The various online sites are a minefield. Many of them tout the “Divine Mercy,” Garabandal, Medjugorje, and other frauds. The “Divine Mercy” is the most dangerous of the frauds since Wojtyla the Worst Second Worst (a.k.a. “St. John Paul the Great”) was a big fan of the Polish fraud and “canonized” Faustina despite well-documented multiple handwriting styles in “Faustina’s diary,” heretical statements in “her” “original,” sanitized by late revisions, etc.

      • You are always welcome.

      • There is a precedent. At its peak, the Arian heresy held about 90% of the hierarchy and buildings. Faithful bishops, like St. Athanasius, were driven into the desert. His life is instructive for our times. It took about 3 centuries to defeat Arianism. Modernists hold >99% of the hierarchy, territory, and signage, so the victory of the true Church over “the gates of Hell” will be a clear sign of Divine Protection. Meanwhile, lukewarm Catholics must repent and become fervent practicing Catholics.

  40. Re: https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2019/02/07/this-will-end-well-2/#comment-289572

    “…I’ll take Him at His word…”

    Except, South, that you do NOT take Him at His Word:

    John 20:20-23
    Matthew 16:18-19
    Matthew 18:18
    Matthew 28:18-20
    Mark 4:11
    John 17:11, 21-23
    2 Peter 1:20

    • I am certain that there are some things more humorous than Protestants who claim to believe the Bible, but at the moment, I can’t think of anything funnier.

      • Papal infallibility FTW!

        This reminds me of a story.

        When I was a wee lad I used to stand outside St. Joseph’s, a Catholic private school, where they’d rotate the priests through every time the rumors started to heat up. Acquaintance had a holy fathers grab one of her tits under her gown while visiting her at the hospital. Real instruments of God those guys.

        I’d stand in the parking lot when the parents were dropping off their kids and yell “Hey you don’t have to pay all that money to St. Joe’s! I know a guy just up the street who’ll rape your kids for free!”

        No one thought it was funny at the time. I wonder if they get it yet.