It’s Time To Get Real About Our Enemies

Nice ain’t gonna make it.

Neither is delusion.

Tempus fugit.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Perpetrators are not “scapegoats.” Perpetrators are the enemy.

    scapegoat | ˈskāpˌɡōt |
    1 an innocent person who is blamed for the crimes, mistakes, or faults of others

    perpetrator | ˈpərpəˌtrādər |
    the guilty party, a person who carries out a harmful, illegal, or immoral act: the perpetrators of crimes against humanity must be brought to justice.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      My favorite part of this spiel is that they wrote some rules for themselves, now enacted as actual laws that say you cannot point the finger at certain people. It constitutes a hate crime to look in their direction. Does that in itself not speak volumes on how a guilty party protects itself from investigation?
      How is it that speaking out against Jews is a hate crime, but saying the same thing about Muslims is perfectly fine? Calling for their extermination and nuking the Middle East is a good thing.
      The same as our gov’t, our politicians have now wrapped themselves in a paper cloak of immunity. Unfortunately for them, it’s not made of kevlar.

      • “To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”
        — Voltaire

        (((chosenites))) HATE the truth…not at all surprising since
        they’re born and bred deceivers ala their Babylonian Talmud,
        Zohar, Kaballah and Torah…. Rules for them..and a different
        set for ‘the goyim’…not surprising at all….

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • (((Pelosi)))

          the terrible Cohencidences…

          they keep on adding up.

        • Hmmm… this may be relevant to your interests (BBC documentary on U.S.S. Liberty incident):

          • The murderous attack on the USS Liberty was the
            icing on the cake until the israeli’s via their murder
            organ ‘mossad’ pulled off the 9/11 attack.

            Criminal terrorist attacks by the jews of ‘israel’:

            Bombing of the King David Hotel
            Cairo, Egypt fire bombing attacks by the Irgun (the Lavon Affair)
            The massacre by Irgun jewish terrorists at Deir Yassin and
            other areas during the jewish ‘settlement’
            Their intentional starting of the ‘6 day war’ (non-defensive land grab!)
            Invasion of Lebanon
            various assassinations (a staple of jews since 1848!)

            israel and it’s people ARE NOT our friends — they NEVER

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Allegory, I’ll tell you what is funny. Your gang trying to read the second commandment: Exodus 20 v.4-6. You know, the one about idol worship. The one that got cut out of the Word of God and then split the 10th into two so you all could fill all your fingers . Maybe you could find a scapegoat for that.
      I’ll not soil my kilt for such popery.

    • So how many Innocent jews are there?

  3. the true enemy is religion and phony gods..

    toss that bullshit in the rubbish bin and man can start going forward.

    until then- WAR FOREVER

    • “the true enemy is (phony) religion and phony gods…”
      Absolutely! And the one true God is the……………


      • SemperFi, 0321

        Every one of you thinks you’re a biblical expert.
        If God is so great and mighty, why didn’t he just imbed his book in your brain, on your hard drive? Everyone would have an original copy. Even the blind, deaf and illiterate.
        Instead, every single one of you has a different interpretation to give, to argue over until fists fly. That makes a lot of sense when egomaniacs are at work.

  4. Here is a 4 hour long BBC produced documentary titled “The Death of Yugoslavia.” It appears that Western societies may not be that different.

  5. Old Gray Wolf

    They come to kill the rooster, eh? Well, it’s about time. Been waiting on them to get the nerve for far too long. Let’s get the party started!

  6. They hate you and they want you dead. Fact. There is no reasoning with the leftists aka: democrats. When a group decides that killing fully formed babies up to and after birth is ‘women’s health and’ A-ok and when they glorify this monstrosity by lighting up skyscrapers then you must accept the fact that you are dealing with inhuman monsters and there is no reasoning with such creatures.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Lets have a big hand for all those Republicans who are standing up for their constituents and doing the right thing……………(sound of crickets)…..
      Yeah, thought so.
      You Republican cheerleaders have a very big learning curve ahead of you (if that’s even possible), your bosses sold you out long ago. The D’s and R’s are Equally evil and treacherous, they’re playing you dumbmasses for every last vote they can.

      This nation has no choice but to go down the toilet at full speed when we have the masses still operating in denial mode, taking instructions from their TV sets instead of using a few brain cells to try and figure out whats actually going on. But then again, the world has always seen the guppies thrown out as bait for the sharks. Some just aren’t meant to survive.

      • Some just aren’t meant to survive.

        more like MOST just aren’t meant to survive.

        300 million is just the start.

        fuckin murkins are worthless shits as is their bullshit god who has let them and everyone else down every.. time… it took me 5 decades but i finally broke free of the brainwashing. it’s easy if you just go back and start to remember all the bad rotten shit that happened anyway while you believed in that lie. one dismal failure after another..

        in god we trust
        one nation under god
        god bless america
        with god all things are possible
        god loves his creation

      • Here’s the last two parts of ‘The Lobby’:

        The Lobby – USA, episode 3

        The Lobby – USA, episode 4

        As with the first two parts, please download
        in case the (((chosenites))) decide to have
        it ‘removed for hate-speech’ and disappear
        it down the memory-hole.

        As mentioned before, jews absolutely HATE truth
        when it exposes their perfidy to the light of day!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • lastmanstanding

        Just saw everything you described in a 3 day family gathering.

        Not a clue.

        Wife took time off from her biz with no pay to prepare unbelievable home cooked meals from scratch for her fam that were all on paid vaca for the 3 days. They declined most and chose the normal fast food/garbage stops and guzzled diet sodas. I could go on about what they do for a living. Not worth it because it has been discussed here before.


    • Indeed.

      Walking through Walmart here in southern NM Sunday minding my own business when I hear two elderly latino women talking to each other…one says ‘pinche gringo por Trump.’

      Walmart always was a ‘townhall’ of sorts in various rural places I was stationed at on active duty.

      You know it’s ‘time’ when these folk start using it as their townhall.

  7. Pull their teeth and they’re as helpless as a heel hound. The media is their teeth. What if some media persons started showing up “missing”, permanently?

  8. Here’s the Polish created movie about it:

    Katyn (with English subtitles)

    Yes, communism won ‘The Bad War’ and the good guys lost!

    That’s why we’re still dealing with their problem children
    (((antifa))) and others to this day!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  9. Been thinking along these lines, too. The chief problem is people’s inner inability to accept the reality of their enemies. That the concept of “enemy” might be pertinent to them in real time & space (as opposed to the donkey/elephant colloquies) is distasteful to them.

    • That list starts with looking in the mirror.
      You have to ask yourself the hard questions.
      “What did I do that put us in this situation”
      “What ideas, thoughts, concepts and philosophies contributed to the current situation”
      “Did I allow myself to be deceived and misled”
      “Am I being deceived and mislead now?”
      “Do I contribute to the misleading of others?”
      “Is my first answer for any social problem, the government should do something about it?”
      ” Do I expect others to do the job that I could do myself?”
      “Do I expect others to do a job that I find would be morally wrong to do myself?”
      “Do I believe that nominating someone else to do immoral things absolves me from responsibility?”
      “Do I seek to control the actions of others?”
      “Do I seek to control the property of others?”

      That’s just a start. Franklin is supposed to have told a women that the founders had given us a country if we could keep it.
      Well we have proven that we could not do that.
      Blame starts within us, now I know that’s going to ruffle a lot of peoples feathers because they think their shit does not stink. They think they voted for all the right people for decades and its really all the fault of (insert hobgoblin of choice). They think anyone pointing out that they might have fucked it up along the way sounds like some socialist “white guilt” bullshit….Well its not.
      We are all where we are because of the decisions we have made (bad ones and good ones). Period. End of concept. That’s not just an axiom that applies to our personal life, it applies to our national life as well.
      We would admonish the drug addict, the homosexual, the cult member, the poor homeless unwed mother. We would tell them that if they had made better choices that their lives would be different, we would tell them that they first have to look at themselves and recognize where they went wrong.
      WELL…..why is that good for them and not good for us?
      Fixing it starts with fixing yourself.

  10. Man, that’s some list. LOL. Pastor in the comments section says they should be ashamed. Haha. I think we’re a bit past that point reverend problematic.

  11. I’m assuming some comment deletion, but reading those comments over at CF make it look like Bracken has lost his mind.

  12. Caesius – sorry, CF? whats the web page?

    • Cold Fury, linked under the top image. “Nice ain’t gonna make it.”

    • look at the link dude… it’s at the top.

      and don’t cry or pray.

      i’ve already been down that road- it is futile.

      accept that you have been lied to your entire life.

      the world, the universe, is cold and ruthless. there is no god or devil, just the basic elements and electricity. these are what you are composed of- and those are what you will return to. heaven and hell only exist in your fucked head. get right and get killing priests, cops, and politicians- they are your enemy…

  13. Two happy endings in this story AND we know who gets the crimestoppers check, too.