Bloomberg: Blackwater Mercenary Prince Has a New $1 Trillion Chinese Boss

What possibly could go wrong?

H/t to VD for this wrist-slitter of an article on the Navy, comments to which contained the posted article.


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  1. 維尼熊同志

    You’re an optimist. It is 百分之九十以上。


      In answer to the questions posed by the narrator: What happens is Amerika goes full Weimar and you have rioting in the streets. I believe the term thrown around here is Bosnia times Rwanda. And, anyone who has not prepared himself/herself for that scenario is just plain stupid.

  2. The US Navy fiasco: either you pay the price “up front” amidst screaming and shrill caterwauling and reject all the bullshit of “diversity” or “multiculturalism” or “sexism” and refuse the implementation OR you pay the price of degradation and slow walk the Navy to incompetence and destruction. The Politicians, Pentagonals and ADMs has made their choices.

    The other deal–Let me get this straight: I cannot “UNDER PENALTY OF THE LAW” sell transfer, or export my night vision scope to a Commie country.

    Yet–this ruse by Prince & Blackwater et. al. just keeps rollin’ along.

    I was born at night–but not last night. Tell me–exactly WHO is getting the pay-offs in this entire deal? Kick ass and take names–WHO? From your gentle and benign Congress Critter all the way up the ladder. How far up?

    Here’s how the Chinaman treats this kind of stuff on his own turf: “Rule 7.62 x 39” Equal-employment results for treason and sedition.

    (and they send a bill for the cartridge to the remaining family members!)

  3. I told you day before yesterday how effed up the dotMil is; I wasn’t just spinning shit out of my tailpipe. The state of the Navy (and the entire military) is beyond belief to anyone who served in it prior to 1993.
    The USN makes the Hong Kong Harbor Trash Barge Flotilla look competent and professional by comparison.
    And that was done by design, from 1992-2001, again from 2009-2017, and with blatant ignorance as the guiding principle for the eight years in between the two.

    The new military motto:

    Puellas et praedictas fatales perdiderunt omnia.

    As to Blackwater trying on being China-whores, they’ll have their own reward for that, as all mercenaries ultimately do.
    They always realize too late that being the tip of the spear, with no spear shaft behind it, is a short-term proposition.

    Ask the guys at Benghazi one night how that works out in practice when things get sporty.
    Or watch The Wild Geese.

  4. Old Gray Wolf

    Sounds like a proper citizen of the world… One must also consider the source. There are probably a few people more hated by the left than Prince, but not a bunch. He surely is no saint, but the source of the complaint against him gives me pause as to how much of the accusation is truth. I was interested to see a Bloomberg article here. Not the usual…

  5. What could go wrong? Fucking Traitor!

  6. anyone that thinks there ain’t a plenty more mil types like him that are gonna be loosed upon us here, on our own soil, is fucking delusional. but like t-fat says, its gonna be the cops that are gonna be the bigger problem. at least at first. you all better have a plan fer lots o’ killin’. i sure do. my brother in law retired as a bird col out of the army 2 yrs ago. that fucker would put people on a box car if it meant he could have stayed in and promoted higher. and he was just a desk jockey his whole career.

    • “Mil types”, yes.
      The actual dotMil: not so much.

      The latter would be hard-pressed to subdue so much as the Bronx or D.C., alone.

      The number of ex-anythings who’d like another bite at the Napoleon apple is a “n to the tenth power”-sized group of has-beens, wannabees, and never-weres.

      • Aesop, my friend, even a broke clocks right twice a day. I think it’s a mistake to underestimate the shear horsepower our militaries wield.

        The US isn’t in a fight in the box etc etc, our boys are prolonging a buying frenzy for MIC.

        Those of you who live in areas of military providers should recognize the potential to capitalize on pieces and parts. Samo samo with ammo manufacturing, and fuel production.

        Prince, is a tool, he’s a product of the MIC, he isn’t on the front lines, what’s he got to loose. Bet your bottom dollar, he’s got multiple bail out plans in play, dude is a survivor.


  7. I reckon the same sort of breathless expose of the Clintons ties to China and other dubious misadventures will be published by Bloomberg any day now.

  8. Go to bed with dogs, wake up with fleas. Except these days you might add “… and a congressional hearing to be named later.” For the cameras, not that anything comes of it.

  9. oregon farmer

    “I am a businessman, not a politician, but I am also a proud American who would never do anything against my country’s national interest,” Prince said in a phone interview.”
    So can we call this what it actually is? Which is TREASON!
    Do we need any more proof of the absolute moral degradation of this country’s armed forces command structure?
    American careerists would and WILL sell their own children to a Chinese organ harvesting mill in exchange for a little cash and that oh-so-special 20 year retirement. They do NOT give one fuck about ANYTHING except their own sweet special little asses. This POS just took a huge crap on the reputation of all special forces. Don’t fool yourselves, he won’t think twice about exterminating flyover normies, or coordinating the genocidal activities of cops and national guards, all made so much easier with hunter/killer drone swarms and 5G connectivity. Iraq was just a Proof of Concept training exercise (which they mostly fucked up, but wont admit)..

    • Farmer, I was going to say your wrong, but your not. My only argument would be simply this.

      Some of the finest men I’ve ever known are retired military, ex military. Those boys put up with a lot, so did their wives and children. While I know a lot of ex military here, I tend to gravitate to the honorable ones, the ones who speak truth.

      The rest of your post is spot on.


  10. He is a smart, very smart business man that just happens to be a Merc. Merc’s have been around since the beginning of time and he is no exception. He goes to the money. Period. My only, and I do mean only,problem is now he can afford to be the world’s largest army for hire. Just my 2 cents.

  11. Ruthless works. When I lived in Africa, I met some real interesting guys. One of them had worked for Bob Denard in the Congo. 5 or 6 Commando. How did they retake the cities from the rebels? They just drove down the streets and machine gunned everyone in sight. The rebels took off back to the Angola border. About 300 White “volunteers” against 30,000 African rebels. I was sitting with this guy in Salisbury (1978), when a French journalist came up and asked to speak with him. They spoke for a few and then my buddy comes back and says the Frenchman just tried to recruit him for a coup. He declined because the cover story was about a country he didn’t want to fight in. A few weeks later there was a coup in the Comoros Islands. 20 French mercenaries led by Bob Denard overthrew the African government. Those days are gone. Oil companies are the usual suspects when it comes to financing coups. “The Dogs of War” is a prime example of that. Frederick Forsythe wrote the book. He was also the paymaster of the failed attempt on the west coast of Africa. He had British Intel and oil company connections. Ruthless works.

  12. Marlo Stanfield

    WBY rifle in a WBY caliber, and a SA Saint handgun for the backpack and sleeping bag at night. And wait on his students to pop up one day. Just thinking out loud. He a cheap like a lot of people who have sold this country out. No thirty pieces of silver for this guy.

    From: Western Rifle Shooters Association To: Sent: Monday, February 11, 2019 11:29 PM Subject: [New post] Bloomberg: Blackwater Mercenary Prince Has a New $1 Trillion Chinese Boss #yiv3883742549 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv3883742549 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv3883742549 a.yiv3883742549primaryactionlink:link, #yiv3883742549 a.yiv3883742549primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv3883742549 a.yiv3883742549primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv3883742549 a.yiv3883742549primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E !important;color:#fff !important;}#yiv3883742549 | Concerned American posted: “What possibly could go wrong?H/t to VD for this wrist-slitter of an article on the Navy, comments to which contained the posted article.百分之九十的美国人将被用作农业补充剂或生物燃料前体。” | |


    The brother of Betsy DeVos, huh? Show me who you are with, and I will tell you who you are. But in other news, since the “Global Force For Good” has turned into an Amerikan social experiment, what can TPTB expect but deterioration and incompetence. I saw the same thing in the Army when, after an eight year break in service, I reenlisted in 1979. I have told the story here before. Thank you, Congresswoman Schroeder.
    The elephant in the room which no one talks about is the increasing amount of male-on-male rapes which occur in all branches of .mil. I am grateful that none of my nephews or nieces chose to place themselves in the thrall of the Leviathan by serving in the ranks. .mil Is disintegrating right along with the rest of this syphilitic country. Get ready.

  14. No tickee. No laundry.

  15. Mother fuckers like this will do anything for a dollar. I think James Carville had a saying about something like that. I’ve always found mercs repulsive, someone who fights for money and not a cause. Hell I’d even accept a bad cause over no cause. I have more respect for the jihadis I fought overseas than this scum. He took the elite training he was entrusted with to defend the nation and monetized it. He would go full jack boot for the commies in a heart beat. I say again, fuck this soul less scum.