Conglomerate Of Evil

JJ writes about atheism and communism.

“As gods” went the dark promise.

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  1. That was well written and concise.

  2. the religious nutters are going to be rounded-up and executed- or just executed where they are found and left to rot, for publicly displaying signs of severe mental retardation and the lack of critical thinking skills- and that goes double for statists. anyone who requires any authority other than themselves to rule their lives deserve nothing less. for it is those enslaved minds who will demand the rest follow their archaic and pathetic belief system of gods and demons. the world will be much better off without them.

    mark my words.

    tick fucking tock

    • Pater noster, qui es in cælis, sanctificétur nomen tuum. Advéniat regnum tuum. Fiat volúntas tua, sicut in cælo, et in terra. Panem nostrum cotidiánum da nobis hódie, et dimítte nobis débita nostra sicut et nos dimíttimus debitóribus nostris. Et ne nos indúcas in tentatiónem, sed líbera nos a malo. Amen.

      • Thank you for that translation.

      • kneel and say your prayers idiot.


        • Ave María, grátia plena, Dóminus tecum. Benedícta tu in muliéribus, et benedíctus fructus ventris tui, Iesus. Sancta María, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis peccatóribus, nunc, et in hora mortis nostræ. Amen.

        • From the comments section at Claire Wolfe’s place:

          “ “Jesus, that site is a cesspool.”

          I agree, and it’s a damn shame. I think WRSA was better off when comments weren’t allowed, but that comment section certainly does show there are real creeps on the “red” side, too.”

          It’s *xuys* like this tfat creature about whom they speak, I reckon.

          • Its the constant Jew hating. Every thread the same three or so posters chime in to tell us all, in case we forgot, how the jews are responsible for whatever the thread is about. Alternatively if they are not even bothering to reference the thread they just give us yet another tidbit of jew bait.

            As we have seen in the last 24hours there is far to much deference given to jews in power. No one is above critical assessment, but that can be done at an individual level. You can lump as much critical assessment on to people as you like as long as its done because of their actions or behavior. They deserve all that they get.
            When you begin over generalizing you open yourself up to the counter argument that we all know “Not all X….” Then you find your train of debate descending the spiral into the weeds of specific people and situations that prove or disprove the rule. That’s not even getting into the fact that you open yourself up to the charges of being a “racist’.
            Now people can scoff at that term all they want, but it still has power. That’s beginning to wane as they throw the term out there for everything its losing its power to immediately polarize a target. When you clearly demonstrate a bigotry toward a group of individuals then no one casually observing is going to argue the actual definition of the term, they are just going to side with the person calling you a racist.
            It does not matter that on an intellectual level we know that DNA has consequences. It does not matter that 13% of the population commits 50% of the crime. It does not matter that a large number of individuals from a specific group are involved in financing and pushing our downfall. Those are facts that vanish into thin air when the power of grammar majik is wielded.
            I have repeatedly told these clowns that there are more people reading this page than posting on it. I have told them time and time again that they are not winning hearts and minds, they are scaring away the normies.
            There may be a few people already down the path that have come to realize that things are not what they seem and they are now prepared to have a rational conversation about how to go about saving western civ.
            Those are few and far between.
            There is a reason that recruiting officers do not show potential recruits a body blown into bits.

            • Yea but what you need to understand G1 is they aren’t here to recruit they are here to divide and drive away…That’s why your pleas fall on deaf ears…That’s why they will never show their faces either because then they are marked…If the normies aren’t smart enough to see that well then they will be scared away but when you think about it so you really want someone in your corner who are scared by words…

              • Yes that’s the other side of the coin. That the very same people they hew and cry against have sent them here to disrupt the place. Even if they are themselves unaware of who has motivated them.
                Don’t think I underestimate that.

          • (((Claire Wolfe)))

            you fools just can’t handle reality.

            but reality will handle you…

            anyone who’s beliefs are based on faith and not fact are the one’s who suffer “mental illness”. prove there is anything other than earth, wind, fire, and water.

            adults weren’t supposed to base their life on fairytales- yet here we are.

      • alright then. you asked for it.


        they are the enemy of freedom.

        • O God, our refuge and our strength, look down with mercy upon the people who cry to Thee; and by the intercession of the glorious and immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God, of Saint Joseph her spouse, of the blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and of all the saints, in Thy mercy and goodness hear our prayers for the conversion of sinners, and for the liberty and exaltation of the Holy Mother the Church. Through the same Christ Our Lord. Amen.

  3. What JJ forgets is that what was operative with communism wasn’t
    so much atheism but jews and their religious foundations, especially
    those of the Babylonian Talmud, Zohar, Kaballah and Torah.

    Jews and Bolshevism

    The Revolutionary Jew and His Impact on World History

    Why do American Jews Idealize Soviet Communism?

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Not only that, but after they finished in Russia, they went to Spain. They figured if they could bookend Europe, the rest would quickly fall. Fortunately Franco was able to shove it up their hook-nosed asses sideways, although at great cost to the Spanish. So they then fell back to Germany where they figured the Russians would help them pull it off. Hitler saw what they were doing, but unfortunately he was not able to finish his Final Solution.

      • At least the Romanians were able to kick the commies out
        of Hungary for a while fwiww.

        You’re right about Franco, although he couldn’t have
        done it without without Adolf’s help.

        Just imagine what the world might be like today if ‘the good guys’
        like Hitler and Leon Degrelle and Skorzeny had won….

        No Korean Vietnam war…no bullshit wars in the M.E.
        No communism, Freemasonry…

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  4. In a crystal clear illustration of why the Patriot movement is in the sorry state it is in….

    The piece linked in this post contains serious and very straightforward assertions of moral supremacy. It is a moral supremacy demonstrably unwilling to tolerate dissent. Ask me how I know.

    This strident factionalism will be the death of us all. We must ask ourselves: what did Northern Puritans have in common with Southern plantation owners? One thing: hatred of the occupying power.

    If we do not hang together we shall all hang separately.

    The far left in this country is made up of a great many factions but they are united in the view of what to them is a great object. We have no such unity and are so pure as to seem completely unwilling to produce it.

    We absolutely must stop taking ourselves so seriously and start taking each other seriously.


      Word. This whole “class struggle”, if you will is all about the violation of the two fundamental principles of Natural Law: DO ALL YOU HAVE AGREED TO DO. DO NOT ENCROACH ON THE PERSON OR PROPERTY OF ANOTHER. We have all posted about how: “…I just want to be left alone.” That is NOT going to happen. If you want to talk about the American version of encroachment, we can take it all the way back to the “Constitutional Convention” and the subsequent Whiskey Rebellion.
      Those farmers wanted to be left alone. So did Jefferson Davis. So did Geronimo. So did Emilio Aguinaldo and the Philippine people. So did Randy Weaver and the Branch Davidians. But the Leviathan, its meddling busybodies and its financial puppet masters had other plans for these unfortunate people. Natural law was trampled on for: “…the greater good.” So here we have the American Communist Party. They have already won the issue of infanticide. Next, it will be a formal capitulation on “The Wall.” Then comes more draconian measures abrogating our God-given liberties, especially concerning the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. We are at the point where we will be forced to put into practice the observation of T.E. Lawrence: “An opinion can be argued with. A conviction is best shot.” Another H/T to Mr. Chittum. Get ready. Stay ready.

  5. have any of you seen the elephant? whats your line in the sand? whats worth dying for to you? whats worth killing for?
    i have a sinking feeling we are going to find out sooner than later.

    • Mule, every man has his ” line in the sand” many won’t know it until they trip on it. Regardless, the ” Line” is always present.


  6. Don’t think through answers to moral questions…extrapolate from observations of past human behavior and defend those arguments to find the holes…first, do no harm…instead you should accept whatever answers priests tell you emerged from behind that curtain…in the Middle East, or in DC. Global Warming says to sacrifice your fossil fuel and unborn children to the volcano.

    It really is looking like anyone that believes stuff contrary to evidence…the faithful…is all going to end up with the same fate. Because so few of the gods tell you to act libertarian and don’t aggress your fellow man. Maybe just the Quakers and Amish.

  7. Once again, the call goes out to purify our overflowing ranks in accordance with the favored collectivist criterion du jour. It’s those libertarians! It’s the atheists! It’s the civic nationalists! No need to fight our real enemies, we’ll just make some up!

    That reminds me that I’ve noticed more than a few Christian churches involved in activities destructive to this republic. Is there a single nonreligious organization contracting with the fedgov for refugee relocation bux? The conclusion is clear: all Christians out! Purge the 5th columnists!

    Don’t you know, dogs have fur therefore if it has fur it’s a dog.

    No wonder we’re winning so hard every freaking day.