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Consider also “Nation of Cowards” as well.

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  1. So, any idea when John Ross will be having
    the sequel out for purchase?…

    It’s gotta be more successful than Mike
    Vanderboegh’s aborted effort….

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Aborted?
      “Writing about the fictional run-up to a civil war, I am trying to avoid a real one. I hope people will read Absolved and class it as a “useful dire warning” as David Brin calls the genre. By warning folks of the unintended consequences of their actions, I hope to avoid them myself.”
      “And, oh, by the way, for those of you who have been flogging me about when Absolved will be done — here it is. (Holds up a thumb drive.) My part is done, and it will be sent off to the editor and publisher next week.”

      Mike Vanderboegh – Restore the Constitution Rally, Fort Hunt Park, Virginia, 19 April 2010.

      • Aborted.

        As in, Mike had ample opportunities and offers to help
        him get his magnum opus correlated, edited and properly
        finished but chose instead to brush all such offers off
        and dilly-dally around ineffectually with it (the phrase,
        ‘piddling aroud’ is also appropriate) until it was too late
        to make it a successful completed literary effort by
        himself. It was his creation – his choice, can’t argue
        with that.

        That’s all good and fine that you have all the disconnected
        parts on a thumb-drive; many of us had to try to archive
        and save what itermittently was doled out via his site
        years ago.

        If it shows up for sale via the booksellers at the gunshows
        that’s ok.

        Looking forward much more to Ross’s efforts with his sequel though
        as he seems more disciplined about being an author than Mike
        ever did.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • He didn’t diddle around with Absolved…he diddled around with Fast and Furious. He spent his personal capital (efforts and scant resources) on pursuing that axis, because he felt like it would somehow be more worthy of it. I don’t discount the amount of national face time that it potentially gave him in that decision either. Well how well did that turn out? Outside of the gun community no one really gave a shit about F&F. There was already national known reporters and David Codrea on that case. The decision should have been for Mike to promote the story on his web site but to leave the heavy lifting to David and the others. Mike should have stuck to finishing his book. Would have had more of a lasting impact.

    • I think we’ll be living the sequel/prequel?

      As much of a good read as it was, unfortunately JR couldn’t quite decide whether it was to be a p0rn novel, or a freedom manifesto.

  2. Got two in hardback. First was a mid-’90s initial offer from a full page ad in National Review. Second is a $10 copy from a rural Florida antique shop.

    They have been lent out some. One copy stayed out for more than a year.

    Still a must-read, even in these times.

    • Amen.

    • Amen. And glad to see this re-release. It will mitigate some of the $100+ asking for other copies.

      FYI: They now have their link for the autographed version live here.

    • Bought my 2 copies from John face – to – face
      at the 1996 SOF show/convention in Las Vegas.
      Gave one copy to my Father; when he passed
      it returned to me with a complimentary note from
      my Father inside.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

      • theirritablearchitect

        I loaned my hardback copy to my Dad, probably 15 years ago. An avid reader, I thought he’d enjoy the more colorful side of the book, but afterward, he returned it to me with the sole comment of, “pretty fringe shit,” and a shake of his head.

        He was a devout Boomer-age Clinton supporter.

        Stupid fucker.

        • My late Father had exactly the opposite reaction to UC.

          Glad that I have his copy and the note he penned..
          he got the message loud and clear.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  3. $30? I don’t think so.
    The name sounded familiar so I looked it up, turns out I have it in pdf. 749 pages, copyright 1996.
    Is it the same one?
    Have no idea when or where I got it.
    I used to do a lot of warez downloading in the mid-late 90’s so that may be the when/where.

    Well looky here, turns out I have the other one too. Maybe I’ll give em a read.
    Downloaded that one from some place called back in 2002

  4. Damn, must be a lot of words in that big book. Why not just say: When threatened by Comanches, shitbirds, or Babylonian mercenaries, shoot the fuckers and have it done with. There, saved you lots of time and money.

    Oh, did you want to have your cake and eat it too? You’re on the wrong planet that shit. Down here on Penal Colony Earth, you better be really to say “Let us cross the river and rest in the shade” on any given day, or you’ll find yourself piss’n down your own leg and frozen up like pillar of salt, trying to have your cake and eat it too.

  5. Who comes up with this stuff–Seven Nation Army?

  6. I think I gave away at least 10 copies of UC, first editions, too. I’ve had Nation of Cowards for a long time as well.

    They’re required reading for anyone that’s normal.

    John Ross isn’t likely to write a sequel to his magnum opus. He’s in poor health and has his hands full managing his hootchy-kootchy bar in Missouri.

  7. Unintended consequences: Ross, is an entertaining read, chocked full of potential scenarios. I’ve got two, the second one is promised to Gerard Vanderlun. After his place burned in Paradise Ca, four months ago.

    Got a few things to drop by his place, when I finally get down to Chico. Being retired, I rarely drive distances in the snow anymore, to many fucking retards on the road. And that IS California, occupied territory. I’ll sneak down eventually.

    Anymore the amount of blue heads driving, is unnerving.

    The book should be read, just to,check the box, if nothing else.


  8. Old Gray Wolf

    All three of my team have a first edition copy of UC. Chock full of good ideas, we have all read it multiple times. Also motivating, all the history and thinking about what this country used to be like. Makes me wonder where the Henry Bowmans are.

    I am ready to go there if pushed, or with anyone else I trust enough. And therein lies the issue. I will likely be pushed before a trusted partner gets a belly full and decides to hoist the black flag. Guess we will see if trust was placed correctly if I run the flag up first, won’t we?

  9. I’ve never been willing to pay the insane used prices for this since it was out of print.

    Read it in pdf a few times.

    Glad I can buy a hard copy and John gets the profit.

    Anyone who knows how to read English, naysaying, this book just doesn’t have a clue.

    Firearms history and a damn good story all in one.

  10. Henry Bowman for president.

  11. Download here; The first half of the book are intended as setup of the gun culture and its various permutations and I skipped over it after reading a few of the anecdotes. The quick thinking creative and out of the box planning of the characters seems to me, a non-military service private sector engineer, as very 4GW – just saying.

    Oh and to Mr. Zelma, HBS never visited the South, ever, so her book about the horrors of slavery in the South was based on hearsay – full stop. HBS, Julia Ward Howe (The Battle Hymn of the Republic) and William Steffe (John Brown’s Body) penned the three most influential literary and musical works that polluted the Yankee mind towards invasion and subsequent subjugation (dare we say enslavement) of the Confederacy. Now think about Sherman, Camp Chase, Reconstruction and the modern tools and mindset of the Liberal CommoFascists – yea.

  12. I ordered one of each.. do not like reading a book unless it is on paper..UC has been unobtainable at a reasonable price..Thank you, $30 I am okay with..

  13. Made my kid read it, he learned alot.
    If you haven’t read it, you should.
    You’ve pissed away 30$ 10times over, don’t be cheap.

    • I bought several copies to give them away to select people. When I ran out of people, I offered the same on a forum. I was immediately accused of and chided for offering a download. I wasn’t and wouldn’t do that. I did that because it is an important book and should be read by everyone who professes to be a non fudd but of course it won’t be.
      I read it three times. The second or third time the flaws (editing and story line) are much more noticeable but still a good read.

  14. Love it! I must have read four times so far. Another good read is Stephen Coonts’ “Freedom’s Last Stand”. Barry declares Martial Law, Texas secedes and we go on from there.

  15. Over the past year I’ve began to realized/recognized the narco terror, south of the border. I’ve purchased a book titled :El Narco. Hoping to better understand their tactics. Their reign of terror is far more effective then others. Their mobility, their showing up UN predicted, their use of graphic decapitations are a very valuable tool. Their certainly not the first groups, using these tactics.

    I think we could learn a lot from them, should the need arrive. I see the lesson as ” Their can be zero rules”

    It’s just a matter of time before IEDs become a daily thing down their.

    Got a list I need to purchase, next month.


  16. Hvlee, wasn’t that a series, recall it being a very good read.


  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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  18. I tried in vain to find a copy for a long time. A couple of months ago I happened upon a pdf and downloaded it.
    I really enjoyed it and now that it’s available in paperback I’m going to buy a copy for my library and to show gratitude to Mr Ross for writing it.
    Sometimes when I read about current events I think WWHBD (What Would Henry Bowman Do?)

    • Good Lord. In your vid, the hero/defender appears to be a dweeb who none would rally to. Can’t heroic speakers stoop to the idea of doing daily PT and of having minimal body fat? Or if not, to mimicing Churchill during his time of most effect? I couldn’t watch this guy for maybe more than five minutes. Sorry ’bout that. As I age I become more discriminatory, and this speaker did not pass.

      Who else, less discerning and less set in their ways, is this speaker supposed to impress or convince, given his presence (or lack of it) as he speaks?

      • Quietus, I never heard of the book Unintended Consequences,
        so I did a quick search and found this man giving a review to get
        a better understanding.

  19. Mike sounds like the God some of you wanted, and disappointed that he wasn’t.

    But seriously, were you all hoping, if he had finished his book and had been published, to find some super-duper secret on restoring your liberty? Maybe it would have convinced millions of people of their state?

    Anyhow, if you want to read {{{his book}}}, you can start at the beginning of his blog, through and up to his death… fuck-tards.

  20. You are projecting too much. Most here, would have settled for a published book, with its flaws for all to critique. Critique as the crowd here generally does, deserved or not, as slams on thought, or more generally people, are done.

    Nice send off by you to your readership, I’ll give it a 3/10. “Fucktard”, y’all. That is a fine way to make friends and influence people.

    Fine try. Show up more often.

  21. From what I understand Mike was dying during the whole time of the book. I don’t have a problem that it was left unfinished and can’t see how anyone would. Maybe some of the critics can write a book of their own.