On The Non-Existence Of Soft Power In Certain Groups


The Intercept: On AIPAC And Its Power

Fox: AIPAC Tweet Doubleplusungood Badthink


This place can be depressing.

The topics are generally dark, and some of the commentary oscillates between “not helpful” to “likely a product of mental illness”.

Most days, I am reconsidering the comments on/off decision.

But when something like yesterday happens, in which a Muslima congresscritter gets spanked into submission within 24 hours by all sides after daring to assert that Israel pays US powerbrokers to advance its interests, my free-speech zealotry is reinvigorated.

Ditto to SJWs and their howling.

Ditto the poor Greenwoodians who still think that “Rwanda times Bosnia on steroids” can be avoided.

Why is it that those who claim to be above criticism are demonstrably part of the global push to destroy Western Civilization?

And why do they froth so profusely when someone raises that issue?

In the meantime, never, ever give up your guns.

Nor your speech.


113 responses to “On The Non-Existence Of Soft Power In Certain Groups

  1. CA, pleeeeeeese don’t turn off comments. while your work is invaluable, the not so helpful to downright mentally ill comments are what helps get most of us thru this daily depressing grind. we are all of like mind who come here, despite the hostility of some .we agree on the end mostly, maybe not the means.
    if the regulars here lived close together, we would be the same grumpy middle and old age fucks going back and forth in the local coffee shop every morning. and i guarandamntee that if an outsider raised a hand against even t-fat, every man jack here would seriously fuck someone up. the time is near, just not yet. that akward stage that claire spoke of. hang on a bit longer CA……..the end did not turn out well for the founding fathers. but they carried on anyway. the fear of how i may have to account for my action or non action is what keeps me going.
    when i got hired on the fire dept in 1983, my first boss was on Corregidor when it fell. spent all of WWII in a jap pow camp, nearly starved to death. he survived that, and enjoyed that so much, he stayed in the USN til 1962, when he retired and joined the FD. i worked for him his last 4 yrs til that retirement in his 60s. he stayed longer than he should and got hurt in a bad fall.. any one wants some light reading can look up the USS Napa. “Boats” Walter Hoyny is one man i hope i never disappointed . he got plenty pissed at a young dipshit version of me, but i don’t believe i ever let him down. i was too afraid to. too afraid now to also, and i am 54.

    • Matt Bracken

      Even T-Fat? Really? O…kay. I see your point.

      • you wouldn’t last 5 minutes where i came from.

        they’d skin you alive as you screamed for your mother.

        • Old Gray Wolf

          Yeah, because where you came from is the JUNGLE! And you are Tarzan, right? Nobody else ever learned how to wipe their ass, and you are so damn bad, you don’t have to wipe yours! You can lick it clean. Which is why most of the shit you spew is exactly that.

          IF you are the pompous ass in real life that you are here, which I really doubt, it is no wonder you live on an island. I notice you do not live where you claim to have grown up. Hard time fitting in?

          I might stand up and beat the hell out of somebody for stomping your head, but not before I let it go long enough to teach you some manners. You need some.

  2. robroysimmons

    Hows about freedom from the Protected Classes, all of them, and stop it with that stupid conservatism where you think you are going to educate them or something. Basically grow the fuck up.

    • The solution is to stop hating on just specific ones, and start hating ALL of them.

      Now I will hit on another point I keep in the back of my head.
      Did anyone pay attention to how much money those people were tossing around? Like its not a damn thing to push 30K to a congress critter to vote how you want them to?

      Folks if we don’t do something about funding we are FAR behind the curve.
      We win by converting Gold to Brass*, but we have to have the gold first.

      *oversimplification but you get my point

    • Afuckingmen to that

  3. How can a muslim truthful take the Oath of Office for Congress? When the muslims have to hold the karan as the highest law? Or am I just being islamafobic?

    I had to force the lower case on certain words there. Can you guess which ones? No fucking agend on this here spell check.


    • It’s called Taqiyya Brother…

    • @ Cavguy

      Being an American and being a Muslim at the same time is extremely problematic. Why? Because if you sit down with the fundamental and foundational sources of Islam on one hand – the Koran, the Hadiths and the Sira – and their counterparts in the United States, the Ten Commandments, Bible, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, British common law (the basis of our legal code), etc. – they can not be made to reconcile to one another.

      It’s like two puzzle pieces which won’t fit together. And the more-observant and devout a Muslim is, the tougher the union becomes. Most Muslims who also identify as Americans are doing one of two things: Either being somewhat lax in their observance of Islam – or lying (committing taqiyya). “Lax” meaning observing the earlier portions of the Koran written in Mecca, but ignoring the later and much more-violent passages from Medina, which overrule (abrogate) the earlier more-peaceful verses.

      Congresswomen Omar (D-MN) and Tlaib (D-Michigan) are, without question, practicing taqiyya as a means to penetrate and subvert the nation’s political process. They don’t even have to hide it much these days, their disdain for traditional America, since the mainline Democrat Party is now so openly anti-American.

      • georgiaboy….

        the “nation’s political process” consists of a

        Zionist Occupation regime. And it

        whipped that sandnigger back into line right quick.

        the Jew regime brings sandniggers to ‘Murka

        for the same reason it floods the place with Blacks, Browns, Yellows:

        to exterminate the Whites.

        • You realize who’s in charge when you are forbidden to criticize them.

          “those who call themselves jews, and are not” (several of you know what I am referring to and the truth of the matter) have got this country’s politicians and financial system by the balls.

          It is constantly brought to our attention who the “enemy” is by those who shall not be criticized, even to turn Americans against each other for every reason you can think of.
          Nice way to win a war and not get your own hands dirty or your own blood spilled.

          But for what purpose? greed? power? insecurity? pure evil? hatred of anyone not-them? I recall a particular piece of propaganda film that I don’t dare even mention what was depicted – interesting, but why? Has the counter-propaganda been so successful that it influences my daring to even think such or criticize?

          We don’t dare say anything derogatory or in the least bit off-color for fear of who we’ll offend? And I find myself playing defense. F-that. Wars have started for less than that. Are we being cowed and brow-beaten into submission?

          It seems the opposition has done a damn good job of it. We need to push back with a vengeance. The enemy is showing their colors but they are a bit premature thinking they are victorious.

          We can be picked off in ones and twos by the deep state an an example and to scare the rest into submission.

          We need to become a Band of Brothers. But how do we do so without creating a signature? Not easy, but the direction we must go and the means are becoming clear.

      • @ Georgiaboy61

        If you sit down with the fundamental and foundational sources of Judaism on one hand*** – the Talmud, Sefer Yetzirah, and the Zohar – and their counterparts in the United States, the Ten Commandments, Bible, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, British common law (the [theoretical] basis of our legal code), etc. can they be made to reconcile to one another?

        *** “Only Jews are human” “Kill even the best of the Gentiles.” http://judaism.is/who-is-human.html

  4. I still drop in several times a week to read, even when you have the comments off, the info is worth it.

    On a related note, the congresscritter appears to have some questions regarding her immigration status, as detailed in the link. The possible bigamy just adds credence that she shouldn’t be in office.


  5. Pete, your 15 fighters series is incredibly value added. Suggest we get back to beans, bullets ,Bandaids, with a chosen smattering of politics.

    Frankly I can’t wait to be in Cody. I want to put faces to personalities.

    If my musing regarding AP, and “STAFF” are getting you down, my apologies, that Dodge and me spare, is nothing. We’re both very much alpha dogs.

    As are most here.

    Let me ask you this.

    What kind od dialog would you like to see here amongst us in the game?

    Fair question.


    • Maintain current course and speed.

      Some need to understand that shouting and/or repetition in excess can be counterproductive.

      Carry on.


      • You mean like your needless Ebola “we’re all gonna die” updates? 😉

        • I know you like those especially.

          • Johnny Paratrooper

            CA, I think you and Bracken would be a little surprised at the content of my courses.

            It has been written about, in detail, for some time.

            The comments, both positive and negative, are 97 percent relevant.

            Strap Hangers, like the Cops, Patriots, and Military guys are mostly correctly.

            And, sadly, so are most of the “off-the-wall” wild cards.

            I suppose the old saying “Army you have; Never the Army you want” is true.

  6. For once, I can agree with just about everything this guy said in the linked vid. Moreover, to see both sides of aisle come out and attack her for, wait for it, being anti-semitic, simply because she’s raising issue with AIPAC. So now it’s very clear that merely questioning Israeli government policy and/or influence is de facto anti-semitism. That’s just plain nutz, and goes to show that nobody can criticize (((them))).

    BTW, anyone see this little gem? https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/dual-citizenship-public-officials-creates-conflicts-interest

    And who would you guess is the most over-represented dual-citizenship country in Congress?

  7. Tactless Wookie

    CA, yes, please do not turn off the comments again. I get a lot of perspective from the comments. Even if some look like they are in the house of funny mirrors.

    With the coming unpleasantness I fear there is no winning. Just degrees of how much or little you lose.

  8. I am for Israel and I am for the Israeli Jews. We don’t like the same pieces of shit. They make great weapons and they are motivated, smart, and in the middle of the shit. hanging tough.

    So you publish this bullshit from Al Allahfarza and consider it good? Or have some goofy hippy with a satan shirt on give your commentary. If you can’t do better than this or think better than this. You are doomed.

    • Think harder.

      Everybody is propagandizing.

      Even this place.

      Even you.

      Pretending that one player on the board is not – or worse, that even raising the issue is some sort of “anti-” offense against humanity – is daft.

      Phrased constructively, please explain from your POV what happened yesterday with Congressmuslima Brotherhumper.

      Show your work.

      • CA the Unspankable—priceless!

      • Squirrel here Squirrel there Squirrels Everywhere 😂 Maybe some will get it when the wolf is at the door but even if they do by that time all they can do is die in place or submit…Sad That…Oh and to all who say I or anyone else should be leading I say to them how do you lead followers who aren’t worth a fuck or don’t see a need to follow…So unless you have the dough or the power to entice or force people into following you at this point in time then your shit out of luck…

        • Why does the butterbar LT say “follow me?” Well … you ever tried to push a string?

          Yeah I know. You’ve got your real estate and friends, and I’ve got mine. Both of us sadly lacking, no? And separated by a day’s drive.

          Keep on keepin’ on.

          Helo toe-ins at elevation build character.

      • lastmanstanding

        Funny how they scream out in pain as they strike (in this case) at you…and MISS.

        I like it here because the playing field is level for all. Just like the real world.

        “Enter at your own risk.” I like, no…love risk.

    • Has everyone here familiarized themselves with the attack on the USS Liberty? It was an accident of course, which included accidentally jamming all US naval frequencies so the ship couldn’t tell anyone what was happening. They also accidentally didn’t see the gigantic US flags being strung desperately up by the crew, and they accidentally imprisoned at least one pilot who refused to participate in the slaughter.

      Did y’all catch that news article about the guys in the carpet cleaning van on top of a parking tower in Jersey who got picked up by police on a tip for tailgating in anticipation of, and cheering at key points during the hits on the WTC towers? The ones whose offices were clear of papers and employees by the time the police arrived, and were later picked up out of jail by the Israeli embassy as Mossad, their carpet cleaning offices cleared out by the time the police arrived? Look around, you can find it.

      If the US military was fighting for our freedom, they’d have cratered DC, Riyadh, and Jerusalem long ago. The vicious cliques running this triad of shitholes are incapable of being anyone’s friends, least of all ours.

      • Daniel K Day

        The attack on the USS Liberty, yes.
        The tailgate party, no. Got a link?

        • Google ‘dancing Israelis’

          • Daniel K Day

            Thanks, done.
            Whatever else is true, and there’s plenty I’ll never know, I’m skeptical Mossad agents sent to attack the US would be unprofessional enough to make such a spectacle of themselves.

        • Daniel,

          Links to videos about both are in a reply that I
          made to sonofnnun24 that’s currently pending.

          If it doesn’t make it in just go to Youtube and
          put in ‘israel attacks USS liberty’ and ‘dancing
          israelis 9/11’

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • lastmanstanding

        Add the “square mile” and the Vatican to your list and we’d really be golden.

      • I have a hard copy of the book written by LT Ennes.

        • Surviving Veterans of the USS Liberty are involved with
          an effort to create and complete a high quality movie
          that tells the truth of the attack against them and their
          ship by the israeli military:

          Trailer for funding a full-length feature film of the
          June 8, 1967 Israeli attack of the USS Liberty

          I don’t believe that Hollywood will embrace this,
          let alone support it and their efforts.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

      • I remember the carpet cleaners. There were multiple stories appearing even in mainstream news outlets about those guys DIRECTLY after 9/11 (means before the sanitation squad could clean shit up).

        I’ve looked for the articles before and have not found them.

    • Ok, sonofnunn24,..I’ll raise and see your bet.

      Let’s talk about influence peddling, espionage and
      the historically PROVABLE criminal acts by israel
      and jews, whether israeli or not.

      First, the influence peddling:
      The Lobby – USA, episode 1

      The Lobby – USA, episode 2

      The Lobby – USA, episode 3

      The Lobby – USA, episode 4

      The espionage:
      Zionist Spies Against America

      Jews, Communism, and Espionage

      The Israeli Spy Ring

      The Venona Secrets, Exposing Soviet Espionage and America’s Traitors

      It’s important to remember that the Rosenbergs and Johnathan Pollard
      were not the ‘tip of the iceberg’ where spying against America was
      concerned, it went so far as to include both Albert Einstein and
      J. Robert Oppenheimer.

      The criminal violence of jews, whether israeli or not:
      The communist jew led coup in Russia against Czar Alexander
      and the resulting holocaust of the Holodomor in the Ukraine
      and utter reign of terror by jews like Lev Bronstein (Trotsky),
      Stalin, Kaganovich and others imported from America and
      other countries.

      The attempted and temporary successful takeover of Hungary
      by Bela Kun resulting in a wave of terror there until he and
      his supporters were forced to flee the Romanian army’s arrival.

      Jews and Bolshevism

      Why Do American Jews Idealize Soviet Communism?

      The rape and assault against civilians in Berlin and other German
      cities and towns by the communist jews after they won ‘The Bad
      War’. Watch the video below, if you have the stomach for it:

      Hellstorm ~ The Ugly Truth About World War II ~ HD

      The bombing of the King David Hotel

      The massacre of innocent Palestinian villagers at Deir
      Yassin and other areas by Irgun jewish terrorists.

      The firebombing of occupied public places in Cairo, Egypt
      in 1957 (the ‘Lavon Affair’)

      The pre-mediated military attack on their neighbors to
      the East as a unlawful land grab (the ‘6 Day War’):
      Six Day War Just An Elaborately Planned Land Grab

      The unprovoked and vicious attack on the USS Liberty and her
      crew during that unlawful land grab.
      The Day Israel Attacked America | Special Series

      and finally..the gory icing on a cake of murder and deception;
      the 9/11 attack by israel’s “Mossad”:
      How the World was Fooled #4

      9/11 Suspects: The Dancing Israelis

      “We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on
      the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, and the American struggle
      in Afghanistan.” — Benjamin Netanyahu, israeli Prime Minister

      As I’ve just shown, all of the above is documented and

      The jews and by extension, israel are NOT victims or
      scapegoats; very far from it given the above proofs.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • LOL.

      You failed to say you were for THIS country.

      Which is EXACTLY the problem that a lot of the commenters here are referring to.

      • I’m for my country, America – NOT for the ‘gov’, whether
        it’s the native born parasites or the ‘dual-citizens’ that
        are only loyal to the Rothschilds corporate/military colony
        known as ‘israel’.

        Kith, Kin (where earned and deserved) and best friends too.

        Other than that I follow ‘Treebeard’s’ wise advice on

        Treebeard No One is on my side

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Don’t underestimate “goofy hippies with satan shirts”.
      See Black Metal in Norway, circa early nineties.


  9. Another jihadi sharia compliant practitioner is now the MN AG. No one seems all that concerned about that one.

  10. Nothing happened to the muslim, lady in congress. Nothing’s going to.

    How’s that.

    What amuses me is this, did y’all truly, believe she would get spanked, in a meaningful way?. This gaggle of geese Women, on the dem side, ARE what will guarantee Trumps reelection.

    I don’t mind having an extra four years.


    • It was an illustration of power in the open with short time cycle.

      From your lips to God’s ears on the 2020 effect of Team Tampon.

    • Yeah for me it was not what she said that made me angry, it was the double standard.
      The White dude that said something positive about White Nationalists got rode out of his committee position on a rail.
      Guess her religion or sex didn’t have anything to do with the lack of similar demands for her punishment? Just some slap on the wrist.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      This is the major take away(What Dirk Said)

      The crazier they look, the longer we get to out live and out last.

      Also, Europe is still in way worse shape.

      As long as we look better than Europe, we look good.

      That’s what I pray for everyday.

      If we start looking like Europe, It’s time to shoot it out.

      Europe is gone. Like Baltimore.

      It has ceased to be functional.

      • I went to Greece this past September to return my mothers ashes home.
        Much had changed since I was last there in 2005. Then again, little has changed. I was disappointed in the attitude of most Greeks I spoke to. They have either given up, shrugged, ignore, or just enjoy life today because tomorrow will be a shit sandwich.
        Everyone just goes about their business day by day. The politics in Greece are just – yawn – same-ole, same-ole. The shit just gets deeper.

        I tried to light a fire with everyone I spoke to, to get them to at least be thinking of taking back their country. They politely listened and for the most part agreed. They just don’t know how to go about doing what needs to be done. A revolution? a coup d’etat? A Saviour?
        They are circling the drain and have just about resigned themselves to their fate.

        I know what they need to do. The Greeks know what they need to do. But the process will be very painful. All or nothing. They have conceded so much ground (to the banksters, but they can only blame themselves and la dolce vita) they have painted themselves into a corner and standing on one leg.

        I will take a miracle for Greece to get away from the brink. I actually think Greece is further down the same road America is on, but I believe the Greeks have a chance that they still may salvage what matters. There are warriors waiting in the wings that will make the difference.

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          This is good street level intel right here.

          Do you speak Greek and everything?

          Most of the Greeks I know have held onto their culture. Which is saying something in the Baltimore Area.

          Also, (@Concerned American) This is why you should leave the comments open.

          When are Spain, Italy, and Greece gonna get their shit together.

          Those are the three foundational Pilars of Europe.

          The Reconquista of Spain upset votes for Axis, Allie, and the Pope for almost 700 years.

          700 fucking years.

          • I speak Greek fluently. BTW, the Greeks in Greece versus the Greeks outside of Greece don’t always think alike. Sometimes culturally there are differences.

        • 維尼熊同志

          If they are so apathetic then they need to decide whether to study Arabic or Chinese.

          • The Greeks and Chinese were drinking tea together before Alexanders time. ;} The world was a very different place then – or so I’ve read.

      • Slate Slabrock

        Demographics are destiny, America is in 1000x worse shape than Europe

        Note that Trump did not turn out to be a nationalist at all. Well, he’s an Israeli Nationalist.

        Most European countries have nationalist movements, controlled though they might be.

        Most European countries know what it means to be be member of their nation. We don’t. We think it just means you got a piece of paper from the government.

        Britain is the only possible exception, their demographics are far better than ours, but their culture is MAYBE somewhat worse.

        But it must be said that we still have not managed ANY effective political resistance.

  11. I only note again that it might be worth checking who spent the $$$ to get Omar and the rest elected. You will find a shitload of tribe investment there. Even though they are anti-Israel. Because they have NO problem with the “reformed” tribe, who ALSO despise Israel…

    • And why do you think that is??? I have my opinion on it and that is they aren’t to worried about the goat fuckers because they know not will just be a mop operation once all the white males bite the dust but if all the goat fuckers got eliminated well then people might wake up to the fact about who’s really in power and turn their anger on them… And we can’t be having none of that now can we…

      • I think that (camouflage viz power) is part of it. But there are two other main issues.

        1. Creating a common enemy. Yes, the US has had problems with Muslims since at least the days of the Barbary Pirates, but Neocons (and their followers) have very deliberately gone out of their way to maneuver and drag the US into protracted conflicts with enemies (and perceived enemies) of Israel.

        2. There appears to be a deep-seated need for victimhood. A group that has wildly disproportionate influence on the US financial sector, the Hollywood/News infotainment complex, big tech, academia, and federal government are NOT poor powerless victims. But when you’ve largely transcended your disadvantages, and propagandized and terrorized (via “hate crime” laws) the ordinary American out of any criticism — to the point where you cannot by any reasonable stretch of the imagination claim to be victims — then the only thing to do is to aggressively import people who openly hate you and want to kill you, so you can continue to pretend to be a victim. There being a notable lack of Cossacks and Nazis in the US, we will have to look elsewhere, and bring those people here.

        The thing is, I am actually very pro-Israel. But an Israel that stands on its own, not dependent on US support, neither military nor financial. My reasoning is that Israel, the idea of Israel, is a promulgation of the image of the heroic Jew, boldly and openly advocating and fighting for his people, land and heritage. This is infinitely preferable to the “poor helpless victim” delusion that justifies to itself using subterfuge and weaponized guilt to achieve its ends. The “poor us” mentality has done great moral harm to Jews themselves, and multiple types of physical harm to so very much of the West.

  12. Mr. Demon Tee Shirt’s 7+ minute video could be summarized in 1 terse paragraph.

    This video reminds me why I waste no time on video blather from people who have so little to say, yet are unable to compose a paragraph to say it.

    That includes the preening poseurs and shills at TFBTV.

  13. Walter Sobchak

    I truly enjoy this place and the perspective it puts on things, including the comments. It’s not that WRSA is depressing, it’s the decline that’s depressing, and to do anything other than to put an honest, frank assessment of it is a disservice. There’s really nowhere else like this place, an aggregator of news, skills and commentary and one of the few TRULY free speech zones on the internet. Thanks CA for this.

  14. @ CA , good breakdown in your intro paragraph. The only difference between the tribe and the other screechers is they have been doing it longer and are better at it. As to why we don’t emulate them- screech, throw money around etc. – it’s not in our nature. Cynthia McKinney got the same treatment but wouldn’t bent the knee so she is gone whereas this muslin prostrated herself instantly and will survive in the cuntocracy.
    Most here and like-minded elsewhere would prefer an honest to God sword/shield settlement. Someone wrote this on some You tube comment section — ‘ we can vote our way into communism, but we have to shoot our way out of it. That’s why they want our guns first’.
    The fact that a good number of ‘murkins won’t stop tooling up keeps them at an impasse, so here we are.
    Mark Matis is right , lefty Jews (the majority) want nationalist Israel gone along with us deplorables. Kissinger said as much years ago regarding Israeli birth rates vs Palestinian. Tin-foil hat types and myself contend Israel was always a tethered goat and WW 3 detonator along with DPRK, Kashmir, the ‘Stans and Chechnya etc.
    Each move reducing the temp in any of these areas reduces the power of the MIC, Ziocons and banksters who desperately need a giant war to cover the liquidation of their Great Ponzi.

    • And AOC was REAL quick to divulge her ‘Sephardic’ roots…

      Talk about going to see the ‘real bosses’ with the kneepads
      already on…bet she also had the lipbalm slathered on thick too…

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  15. The Pagan authorities are known to capitulate to the Jewish leaders. Pontius Pilate, Roman procurator of Judea, Idumea and Samaria was known to be fairly ruthless, as most Romans were, yet he lacked the integrity to release Jesus Christ. All this even though he considered him innocent of a capital crime, he still let Jews decide the fate of Christ. This is nothing new.

  16. Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose. We are all danger close to being free.

    God bless CA!

  17. It might be time to turn off comments again. Looking into the mouth of the black dog is not worthwhile for mental health. Ain’t no reason for you to put up with here, with folks you wouldn’t want to break bread with.

    Some months back when you turned off comments, I was missing my fix but I got over it. Do what’s best for you and let the commentariat be deservedly damned.

    Maybe put up comments on an ad hoc basis, infoblegs for the sturdy force of fifteen. Those posts generate mostly worthwhile comments.

    You have had a hard tour these twelve years. May be time to look out for #1 and sociopaths be damned, there’s a site or three for them elsewhere.

    All this is easy enough for me to say, perched on a lawn chair inside the range tipi on USFS land with a Malinios pup, air mattress, guns, food, and nobody else around.

    I do think that your today’s reason for continuance, that of a female muslim congresscritter getting smacked down, is just small beans for entertainment and it means very little in the overall course of things. Leave it and similar alone, there’s more worthwhile things to be done.

    And nix the general comments, you will be happier.

    • Matt Bracken

      I think the past year at WRSA has been a good test. When it gets to be too much, turn the comments off. When strength returns and the memory fades, turn them back on. We all understand the balance.

    • Nice to hear you got where you wuz headed. 🙂

    • you sissys can’t even handle hard words- even though they’re true, you sure as fuck aren’t ready for prime time. i’m as close to reality most of you have ever been. that is, unless you grew up at 7 mile and Hayes on the D’s eastside. most here have never been shot at by your neighbors or thug niggers from the next street over- let alone shot back…

      this is where i made my bones. first gunfight at age 13.


      • LOL!…………I had armed police in my High School. Black adults used to walk in and beat up white students 2 on 1. My class mate in NJROTC gunned his stepfather down for beating up his mother with a 12 Gauge. And my other classmate who I later worked with, was shot in the face and killed outside of McDonald’s waiting to pick up his step daughter. ……………… Oh yes, and 100 ft from McDonalds was 5 points in levittown, home of the 5 points gas riots during the 70’s Gas shortages.
        ROTFLMAO…………. you are such a puss!

        • one night my friend walked into his house in Grosse Pointe demanded $ from his dad who was a lawyer, and then shot him and his mother in the face when the old man refused. he walked out and tried to get back in the car we arrived in…


          • My father was Genghis khan, and my mother was Lizzie Borden, and they were in the church choir!,,,,,,,,,,,Thats how bad my town was.

  18. Randy Bartlett

    Leave ’em on, please. They comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.

    I was recently expelled from an Organ of [the Menshevik wing] The Party for failing to call out someone’s “antisemitism.” All the guy asked was “Why does AIPAC have so much power?” and “What are we getting for $38B/yr?” and I was expected to repudiate him as he’s a friend.

    Apparently foreign policy questions are antisemitic now.

    I wish I’d saved that pic of Alexandria Occasional-Cortex doing the shekel clutch. Not even a month in….

    You may wish to google “CI Scofield and the Jews” and see how the USG ended up as the ZOG.

    • Yes, American’s of the religious sort (evangelicals) were
      seduced early on via the Scofield heresy..today they’re
      some of the biggest fundraisers for israel/jews..the
      zionists like Herzel intended it to be that way.

      Never forget that America has been under foreign occupation
      via the Rothschilds and others since the financial coup of 1913.
      (((They’ve))) only solidified their hold throughout America since

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  19. those who wish or ask for comments to be ended are obviously the enemy of freedom and free speech..

    it’s their way or no way.


    target rich environment…
    you won’t even have to aim.
    just draw and shoot.

    300 million+

    • Free speech indeed. Maybe you ought to found your own site and see where that gets you.

      I’m trying to imagine, but am coming up short on what such a site would be: tFat his ownself putting on a website, and with people such as yourself making comments and getting smacked down by your own 100% disabled self. It would be a heck of a show, for the time it takes a person to phlem up and spit. And then to drive on and make better use of a person’s time. Choices are good. Please give us another.

      • fucking loser

        the fact that you have not made it in this world is proof of it

        go to werk punk and make me some money- bitch

  20. Edward Erlandson

    I rarely comment anywhere, but hey, now I have to. Is anybody being forced to read comments? That’s what I thought. Keep posting comments. Some of them have considerable value. Thank you.

  21. Tree Top Flyer

    Agree…. but its the main reason i come here is to read the comments. I shouldnt let the TfA-g in life piss me off … any chicken #~%# can hide behind a keyboard
    Trial by fire is truth… i remember flying over the highway of death from kuwait to bagdad in a Bell 412… this the kind of place tfag will end up

    • you wouldn’t last 2 minutes in my world

      i’m better than you- i always will be

      back up 30 years and give it another go

      i’ll be waiting for you to catch up

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Are you a pilot? I assume you are since you mentioned a bird specifically.

      Can I jump out of your plan during DSR in Cody?

      We should organize a jump.

      • Old Gray Wolf

        The Bell 412 is a helo, JP. Maybe a fastrope would be the ticket. 👍

        • Dopes on a rope. The denizens of Cody WY will be impressed.

          Problem is, most pilots who would do a thing like that, died on intermountain USA seismic crews by about the early ’80s. PTSD and reliving their youts from the VN war, caught up to them in a hard way.

          There was a guy who was a legend, Tom Smith. He flew under the bridge at Alpine WY. Did a loop-de-loop in a Hughes 500 because he thought it could be done. Did a ground taxi with a Lama up one of the Grand Tetons, then a lazy ag turn at the top and a gun run down it. He cardboarded and duct taped his N numbers and took a load of juggies to Old Faithful. Doors off, juggies standing on the skids taking pics (film) of the tourismos below. He died with his pax trying to shoot a set of jugs out of a tree. Firery crash due to a bad blade strike. Juggies smoked his ashes in their hash pipes, they liked him.

          OGW: I enjoy reading your comments.

  22. 1) Hitler, and the swastika, and the Nazis, are SYMBOLS. What they historically were or were not, or did or did not, does not matter. What matters is what they represent to people here today – and what they represent is opposition to the (((ruling class))) and (((globalist cosmopolitans))) and generally those who would put themselves above criticism, becase Hitler, and the swastika, and the Nazis, are THE precise symbols chosen by the (((ruling class))) to represent all their enemies – the ones who opposed and oppose them.

    We’re all lumped in with those symbols whether we like it or not. Denouncing them and carving out exceptions serves no purpose and will save nobody. The two alternatives are surrender, or total victory.

    2) Europe is nowhere near lost. The Yellow Vest movement has not lost any steam in France, this in the dead of winter. Recently it was announced that 44% of Yellow Vest protesters agree with the statement “France is the victim of a Zionist plot”, and that more than a quarter agree that there is a deliberate policy to replace the French population. In France of all places. And the government has shown itself absolutely helpless to put a stop to the protests. They will only get stronger into spring and summer. The nationalist government in Italy has been taking real genuine action in terms of liasing with the Yellow Vests (causing Macron to recall his ambassador) and forcibly stopping migrant ships from unloading in Italy. They’re not sinking the ships yet but the movement is in the right direction.

    3) I am increasingly convinced that the Spanish Civil War is the model to watch for an understanding of the USA. We may not get a military coup to kick it off but the vast prevalence of firearms in right-wing hands coupled with the right/white tendency toward military experience will serve a similar purpose. In Spain, the good guys won. It can be done again.

  23. you’re welcome

    • Keep that 1 million candlepower spotlight on those roaches!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  24. One more thought.

    In certain quarters of the dissident right it has become popular to say free speech was a tool of the enemy to tear down civilization and that we should oppose free speech and reinstate blasephemy laws or similar.

    What they’re glossing over and hoping you won’t notice is that blasephemy prohibitions are ALREADY in place, just not on Christian topics (see: Ms. Omar and AIPAC); and that these people claiming to be right-wing are not opposed to controlling and restricting what others say and do, they just want that power for themselves.

    Don’t ever trust anybody who takes that position.

  25. Until/Unless a Comment is Raving Incoherent, it has Value to the Readers. Bloggers who make certain Topics ‘off limits’ have No Value to Me as a Reader, particularly when it comes to Criticism of “zionism” and its undue Influence on United States Politics. What happened to this unfortunate Congresscritter is VERY instructive, and Important in revealing to a wider audience just how thoroughly the “Snakes” infest the Government.

  26. The comments have led me to the truth oh so many times . And so many are just fookin’ entertaining mate ! I now look for those that have impressed me with nuggets of wisdom previously . A few just keep on sounding like fingernails on a chalkboard but still can be amusing . I vote for free speech .

  27. Yes – please don’t turn off the comments. The information gained from comments are at least as if not more important than your original articles.

    I’m glad you keep posting Stxenhammer vids – I’ve watched quite a bit of his stuff – and he’s a good example of the why we shouldn’t punch right – he’s completely against the insane left – so he’s nominally “on our side”.

  28. the 412SP . now there’s a bird.

  29. thesouthwasrght

    I’m just wondering if I’ll ever get to take the “your comment is awaiting moderation” training wheels off?

  30. Keep the comments on. I know that you’re sick of fooling with it, but we really do learn a lot from the comments that are posted: even Tfat’s. This is a free fire zone and I think that everyone knows that.
    When do we see part 2 of JP’s essay?

  31. CA…don’t you dare. What would I do with all that sleep if your comments were turned off?