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  1. Agitate, agitate, agitate. Counterproductive or purposeful? Tends a little Trotskyite to my taste.

  2. Answer: Ask Nancy.

    That is not to say Trump may very will not build it, but that is just where we are at the moment.

  3. LeaderOfTheBanned™

    Funny, I said exactly the same thing a few weeks ago and Aesop smugly ripped me a new one while slobbering all over Trump’s balls.

    I knew I was right then and now so do you.

    So I repeat, no wall by 2020, no Trump in 2021. Hilary may get away with it, but without a wall, Trump will not.

    Write it down.

    • European American

      While you anti ( latent leftist) Trumpers whine and bitch about no Wall and Trump, the Wall continues to be built and will be finished soon. Trump will win in a landslide in 2020.
      Who’s capable of beating him? No one, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE.
      Trumps’s speech in El Paso last night was epic. Thousands in the auditorium, totally supporting his every word, and thousands outside.

      • LeaderOfTheBanned

        LMAO! Still makes me laugh out loud that True Belivers immedialtjy accuse any objective person who simply holds this POTUS accountable to do what he said he would do as being a “latent Leftist”, “NeverTrumper”, “Hilary voter”, etc.. Pathetic. Maybe you fucking cucks are satisfied with getting less, but I am not. And fuck you if you think I should be. What losers. LOL.

      • “the wall continues to be built…”

        As said here often…”show your work.” Some proof or pictures would also be appreciated.

        • When it’s finished, the Wall is up, during Trump’s tenure, then you’ll all continue to chronically bitch about something else Trump has yet to do, in this imperfect world we all live in. Why? I don’t know, I see the glass half full, I’m happy Hillary didn’t win and have WRSA shut down. Which absolutely would have happened.

          • lastmanstanding

            Putting your faith in dt to fix this or anything is not even worth arguing about.

            I just asked you for some legitimate proof that construction was going on.

        • lastmanstanding

          It was me that made that comment.

          My email/info not being retained today.

      • your (and Trump’s) “Wall”

        consists of a few demonstration projects spread along a 2,000-mile sieve. These projects have nothing to do with Trump and his ever-receding “wall”; they were funded during the Bush43 regime and, when (if ever) complete will cover about 200 miles (10%) of the otherwise disappeared border.

        you little hasbara sucker,

        @ $2.39 per comment,

        you’re still


    • No, I told you you were knee-jerk anti-Trumping, and jumping the gun, and that you’d neglected to bitch, whine, and moan, when nominally your own side held the Congress, and it might conceivably have accomplished something useful. But that now that they don’t, it’s suddenly all Trump’s fault. As if Quisling Ryan, John McBrainTumor, and their backstabbing gang of cronies never happened, because you were sick that day in school when they covered the Constitution and separation of powers.

      That was bullshit then, and it’s bullshit now. There’s nothing smug in correctly naming a crock of a well-known substance. It’s simply a function of adequate eyesight and olfactory sensation.

      No wall means no Trump in 2020, to a great likelihood.
      No wall and no Trump in 2021 also means a lot of far shittier things, and a wall, at that point, will be so far down on any intelligent list of priorities as to be snortworthy.

      If you want to be the guy cheering that his disliked neighbor’s house is burning down in the brushfire while the flames start in on his own residence, ROWYBS.

      You’ve had exactly one chance to get a wall built from January 1, 2000 to present, and he’s currently sitting in the Oval Office.
      No one else has ever even tried.
      Wrap your head around that, when you get tired of listening to your own premature cock-a-doodle-doing.
      If all you brought to the party was using your colostomy bag as a water balloon, fuck right off with that. You’re as useless, at that point, as the entire communist opposition. And as menopausally delusional as cat-lady Coulter.

      But maybe, for an encore, you can tell us how your congressweasel and senators voted on a wall, if you even know.

      And when you noticed it was a problem, from 1986 to yesterday.

      Just wondering.

      • “We’re with the government, and we’re here to help.”

        Write, call, beg,
        plea, or offer to blow any “Representative” you want, just realize that the crook also has at least 300K other people that they represent.

        They also represent a lot of people with bigger bags of money than any of us have, who can help them get re-elected, and keep the news of their daliances with underage members of both sexes out of the limelight and the gravy train rolling as long as they play ball.

        It’s either “Good luck with that” or “More, faster, better”…

        Accelleration is here whether you like it or not.

    • Nah! Most Americans have short attention spans and will have forgotten all this when the next bright shiny object comes along.
      H.L. Mencken one said ” no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people”

  4. Harry, understood, wrsa is value added. Complacency’s a Killer. Been doing this a long long time, we’re in no hurry to kick it off. Alinsky and friends are counting on this side starting the party.

    Would be a foolish move.


  5. Wall?…You want a ‘Wall’ built, you say you already paid for it?…
    Oh…wait,..yes,..a Wall was built with your tax tributes..you’ll
    be happy to know that it was built in israel.

    Now stop asking about your ‘Wall’ and get back to work..we
    need you to fulfill your tax tribute obligations again.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. POd American

    Any bets on whether or not Trump signs the compromise spending bill?
    I bet he does.

  7. The Fox News says he’s getting 55 miles of “bollard fencing”. In the last 2 or 3 years the US Chamber of Commerce has spent more money in bribes to congress to keep the border open, than the congress is willing to give Trump for a fence.

  8. Him, yet we continue to support those who support COC. Local local local.

    I write the White House weekly, I advised Trump to take the money and run. Their’s always next years budget to make up the difference. 55×2=110 miles. Works for me.

    Then we will have four more years, to finish the job, I hope!.

    Actually that’s the plan, no wall, no re-election.


    • Fuck that, Dirk.

      Trump should shut it down again, declare a national emergency, and send in the CoE and Seabees, and build the bitch coast to coast.
      If some commie federal judge thinks they have jurisdiction over four states and the military from any district bench, he can tell them to enforce an injunction themselves.

      He’s also free and legally able to shut off all immigration with Mexico at the stroke of a pen tomorrow, and by the end of the month, the wall would go up, and Mexico would pay for it, for self-survival reasons. (Not to do so would mean open revolution nationwide down there.)

      If that happened, they’d be running three shifts a day at ABCNNBCBS for a month to clean up all the exploded heads.

      Congress wouldn’t override, and if they did, they’d ride that boat anchor all the way to getting voted out, both parties, in 21 months, and Trump would win re-election in 43 states by doing nothing more than correctly pointing out where the problem is.

      And both Yertle and Queen Alzheimers know that.
      They’d both be out of a power, for the rest of their lives, and that prospect scares the shit out of them more than anything else on the planet.

      If Trump caves now, for good, there’s not four more years to fix this, he’ll be a private citizen in 2021, and rightly so. If he isn’t imprisoned.

      All I know of the man is what I’ve seen him do since 2015.
      Caving doesn’t sound much like him.
      If he crumbles now, it’s fucking over.
      He set this confrontation up, and he’s going to politically live or die on how he handles it. Capitulation is political suicide.

      When something simultaneously pleases only Pelosi, Haxo, and Teefat, it should go without saying it is a consummation devoutly to wish avoided.

      • lastmanstanding

        Hopefully, he’ll build the wall, then be imprisoned.

        He’s acted like a pompous, spoiled douche his entire life. Hard to imagine another man who has fucked over more people in a lifetime than he has.

    • no,

      ZOG-stooge Trump’s plan

      is to attack Iran on behalf of his Jew-owners,

      wave the bloody shirt,

      and win.

      the “Wall” was always a scam.

      Trump’s scam.

      aimed at fooling dopes like Dirk.

  9. Speaking of Trump, don’t know if you have seen this:
    The Beginning of The End – MSNBC Reporting Senate Democrats Agree No Russian Collusion….

  10. Be the leader you wait in vain for.

  11. you all have been cucked and you know it.
    get your supplies squared away, everything is on fire,

  12. LeaderOfTheBanned™

    You’re certainly one smug motherfucker, happily building straw men and false premises. It’s your blog, so you can do what want – but you’re wrong – about a great deal of things and arguing with you is a waste of time. You’re just like the rest of the True Believers that just can’t stop making excuses and shifting blame for why Trump can’t, or more accurately, won’t do what he said he would do. It’s really quite pathetic to watch, especially when it’s cloaked in the self-aggrasizing hubris and laughable arrogance you bring to it. Why do you keep making excuses? You can blame McShitstain and Ryno for the wall all you want. Who are you going to blame for Hilary still walking around free? Or Trump leaning towards amnesty and increasing H1B visas? Or “Take the guns first”? Which “vast left wing conspirators” are responsible for that? What is it about you True Believers that totally disallows any objective thought about what Trump said he would do verses what he has done without you immediately vomiting “it takes time”, “not his fault” or “5D chess”? Why do you immediately accuse anybody who can be objective about it as being “communists” or “Never Trumpers”? Hey, I’m glad it’s him and not her – but saying that’s enough is the mating call of the Loser. Trump was specifically elected to do specific tasks – which he ran on knowing full well saying he would DO those specific things is what got him elected. You want to give him a pass and say “he didn’t know how difficult it would be.” Makes me think you’ve never had to manage people or be accountable for any level of performance that included benchmarks and deadlines? You talk like the proletariat who do not understand that excuses don’t build businesses or buildings – or walls. Anybody who understands this would have called Donald into the office to let him know that the ONLY thing that counts is results, not slogans or excuses. Do you get that? Or do you want to go back to smug and specious arguments that you think make you look good but have little to with reality?

    Trump has done some good things. He’s also done some stupid and bad things – but NONE of that will mean jackshit if he fails to execute his signature promised task of building a wall. PERIOD. End of story. It doesn’t have to be fair. It doesn’t have to make sense – but it is what it is. No wall, no Trump – and then, civil war.