The Central Questions

Now That We See That The Deep State Is Tyranny, What Now?

LARPers Or Warriors?

And one final link for contemplation:

Solzhenitsyn: Live Not By Lies

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  1. The commitment to fight to the death, instead of submit, when that unwanted time comes, is the key to peace of mind. Around our table, we have finalized that decision. We only regret the dogs will have to die with us, they did nothing to deserve that.

    The AR you have is the best one, the food and supplies you have are the best for now and will do just fine. The place you are is the best place to fight.

    This is same as a medical diagnosis of terminal illness. We seem to get one every day, no?.

  2. Pete, thanks for the link to this post and important question. I have said 2 things that are well known here.

    “The US is dead and is not coming back, might as well stop discussing it. What replaces the US? Now there’s a discussion worth having.”

    “I may not agree with the pesticide politics of my exterminator, but I can damn sure learn to kill bugs from him”

    I am writing at NC Renegade now by request. I have a few good ideas left and I am not quite done yet. WE are not done yet.

    Come read and comment.

  3. In the absence of orders, find something evil and kill it.

  4. Home remedy, and random thoughts .\*o*/. Duct Tape. It is a cure all, has well an 88 cent paring knife at the China (WALL-mart) store is worth its weight in gold if you need to cut something cheaply, if you know what I mean? I was waiting for somebody to say biol boil -ogy water. So, after your life straw is past if=is expiration date, them what??? BOIL WATER? Perhaps, distilled?
    Yet considerable energy will be required to do so. And, I might add, those of you that have not done so, PLEASE do so now. Can you start a fire with no matches or flint? If you cannot, please do so now. Learning is a good idea. However, what is to be learned need certain consideration has as well who taught the teacher, are you the student> grasshopper?
    The truth and the gospel has consequences. Duct Tape? The Inter=Net is the gospel and the truth as they know it, so to speak. Now, suppose they were to read the truth on the Inter=Net, would it be? One “In the beginning was the word and now the word is now on the Inter=Net/ and burn web of deceits, add and receipts. Do you see the conundrum? And the word was with God.
    3 All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. 4 In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. 5 And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not [a]comprehend it. (John)
    And, “and the darkness did not [a]comprehend it. “(John-KJV) The darkness is the Inter=Net! It is AI, the art-official intelligence that someone had to input. The ancient saying is still valid, garbage in, garbage out. Without a doubt. 3 Remember therefore how you have received and heard; hold fast and repent. Therefore if you will not watch, I will come upon you as a thief, and you will not know what hour I will come upon you. (REV3)

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    They cast lots for my people
    and traded boys for prostitutes;
    they sold girls for wine to drink. Joel 3-3
    That’s why!
    “For behold, the day is coming, burning like a furnace; and all the arrogant and every evildoer will be chaff; and the day that is coming will set them ablaze,” says the LORD of hosts, “so that it will leave them neither root nor branch.” Malachi 4:1

    Joe X
    PS: Home remedy? Duct Tape and an 88 cent paring knife from WALL mart, China store, invaluable! Then = how do you boil water with no energy? No matches, no Bic and no flint? Will you use solar or wind? Boil water without energy? But if you needed some energy, with or without her is what I would have, a PROPANE torch with piezo electric igniter, with several canisters of gas for refill. But you should have known that by now, shouldn’t you?

    • The States are the natural home of the future Restoration / Revolution.

      If only one decides to quit the Union, then the question will be called.

      I don’t take it as an axiom that the FedGov will resist. Imagine President Alexandria O-C being confronted by the Haiwaiian Nation reasserting their sovereignty. Would she fight them?

      With that precident in place dealing with Montana, Idaho and Wyoming will be much less obvious.

      The left has self indoctrinated with anti war ideology for two generations.

      • “The left has self indoctrinated with anti war ideology for two generations.”

        You are joking right? No, I know you’re not but those “two generations” are long gone and never really had power… the ones who did gain power soon learned to stop worrying and love the bomb… the debt bomb, the everwar and profits forever.

        Weren’t you paying attention when Hillary cackled at Kadaffi’s demise, wanted war with Russia, Syria, Iran and China? And she’s 60’s product poster child.

        The only war the left is against now is the one they are bringing upon themselves.

        They are right to be afraid…….

  5. History repeats. It is Written. When it’s time, we’ll know.

    What amuses me AGAIN, is everybody loves to point out the obvious. How often do these bloggers offer up ” Tangable” solutions.

    Here, we’re well aware of the sky fall, yet each here is so strong in their beliefs on how to solve the problem. Ain’t a bad thing. Local local local.

    I’m not interested in leading, and I sure as fuck ain’t going to follow. My priority, MY PEOPLE, not yours. When I know their safe and reasonably secure. I got a plan, it don’t include killing mass America.

    I Must again recommend a fictional book titled: The Turner Files. If only their was that kind of structure on our side.

    Lawless , well written, but my solutions here in bum fuck Oregon are going to be vastly different then yours in NC.

    Nothing changed on the mountain recently. Well, 2 dozen calves have arrived already. Another 200 on the way. Three sets of twins so far.


  6. Sorry, but this piece is merely looking at the barometer, not changing the weather (or one’s clothing).
    Yes, the weather looks shitty. So, what’s your plan for that?” – every member of the Donner party

    It’s reading the altimeter, but doing nothing towards pulling back the stick.
    Stick? Stick? What stick?” – cockpit flight recorder for Western Civilization

    The central questions are, Who, Whom, What and Why.
    Answer those, and the How and When will take care of themselves much more handily.
    Bungle them, and you’ve shot yourself in the junk while tucking your pistol in your waistband, before you even get out the door.

    And when anyone kneejerks (((ZOG))) into their answer set, they’ve already selected themselves for ultimate failure, for they’ll attract little of the Who they think they want, and write the Why in ink, only to find out too late it’s the wrong answer, and have failed the test.

    There will be no do-overs.

    Best wishes with that plan.

    There was a good list of 4GW reading here the other day.
    Most folks should skip that reading, and start with baby steps: study the abortive fuck-ups of recent history, like Charlottesville, Malheur, etc., going back anywhere from about 60 years ago. Then go back another couple of centuries, same topic.

    If one can’t even get a PR campaign off the ground without fucking up by the numbers, a counter-revolution is so far beyond anyone’s capabilities that the attempt is going to make the Bay Of Pigs look like a sound military operation, and the US Cavalry at Little Big Horn will more closely resemble tactical genius by comparison.

    Crawl, walk, run, kids.
    In that order.

    That’s why Fran Porretto’s pin in the balloon at the link was a hilarious bullseye.

    As if you need more topics, CA, I’d humbly suggest:

    Why We Fight

    Including, in depth and detail, for Who, and against Whom, to What ends?
    If that can’t be answered satisfactorily, in private if not in public, we’re still at the letters on wooden blocks level of things, and we’re each of us going to graduate at the level achieved on the day.

    People don’t sign up to risk everything for Sumdood shrieking “Not That!”.
    (Unless you’re recruiting at the Community Mental Health Center lobby, which will bring its own reward.)
    But the sort of people you want will demonstrably follow a Leader (or Leadership) who stands for This, and can explain how to get from A (where we are) to Z (where we want to get) without stuttering, mumbling, hand-waving, or any recourse to “And then, in Step Two, a miracle happens”.

    But that kind of thinking is hard, hard work.

    I’ve seen a lot of Underpants Gnome blogged, and like FP, I’m immune to that pitch.

    It’s not necessarily catastrophic to get the answers wrong. But if someone can’t even get the questions right, nor grasp what’s required to answer them, they’re so far from Fucked they can’t even see it in their rear view mirror.

    If I had an hour to come up with a solution to a problem, I’d spend fifty-five minutes thinking about the problem, and five minutes working out a solution.” – Albert Einstein

    Planning is useless, but the planning process is invaluable.” – D.D. Eisenhower

    • A.B. Prosper

      Outstanding as usual Aesop. Nice to read someone who also get the fact the the actual Right, that is folks here don’t actually have an ideology worth fighting for

      Leave me alone is a temper tantrum not an ideology and nor can you get 1950 back.

      If I may streamline the situation, before anyone will fight with you , you must articulate what kind of State are you going to run if/when you get power and how ill it get things done.

      Even Neo Nazis like the Northwest Front can manage this very basic step which should tell you something.

      Remember that the Founding Fathers fought because they wanted the the big chair and to run the show their way. So must you

  7. Tactless Wookie


    I miss your L&L2 blog. Glad to see you still around. Did you also abandon your novel? (Dead Reckoning?)

  8. The vote is in. The leviathan can’t be beat, by us. At this time. It must destroy itself from within. We can help it along that path. The beast’s infrastructure is in decline. A disaster here, a black swan there. Sooner than we think?

    • I’ve been thinking along those lines myself lately. There seems to be some infighting amongst the leftists and no consistent direction. The womens march – didn’t they reject Jewish women because they are white ?

      Lenin and Trotsky had a falling-out. It seems that Queen P and AOC are not exactly on the same sheet of music either.

      We can only hope. We’ll need a very big bag of popcorn for this one.

      Yes, the poor lost souls need all the help they can get – good and hard.

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  10. Now That We See That The Deep State Is Tyranny, What Now?
    I posed this query last week, before the storm hit

  11. That comment thread at NC should be mandatory reading. Thanks for sharing your thoughts CA.

  12. Once again, I understand why TL is done.

    Maybe I’m hardheaded but I’m not quite done. If you want solutions and ideas you can apply to local problems. Show up at a coming get together that may be announced soon. If not, stay in your hole and wait til they come.

    The collectivists win because they don’t give one little rat turd what your nuances are as long as you have the same desire to kill the white devil. We can’t even give a man a chance to explain how to kill cockroaches here because he’s a monarchist.

  13. It’s going to be rough for us under 50 in this coming unpleasantness but it’s going to be hell on Earth for those over…You have generations on both sides of the spectrum that hate your guts for what they think that you have done to this country…Do you really think they are just going to let you live out your days in peace…They are going to burn you and everything you love to the ground because they don’t care about their future let alone yours…Sure you might get a few of them but they will be like locust but with a revenge attitude like nothing you have ever experienced…So go ahead and sit back say I’ve got mine, I’m not leading or following or any of joining shit, and when they come for you which they eventually will don’t expect me or my tribe to intervene in your behalf…The founders by the way would be sickened by all the apathy, laziness and just plain cowardice that is exemplified everyday on this site…I’m saddened by it I really am I thought there were more men out there that cared about there fellow man and not just about themselves…Sad That…


      Word, my brother. But, since I have nothing left to lose….

    • Take a hundred self-sufficient rugged individualists, and you can turn them into a fighting force with minimal effort.

      The problem is that we have sugar-coated individualists, who won’t even take care of themselves and their own, when doing so would be relatively easy.

      Getting anyone to agree to take on responsibilities for a greater group, when they won’t even provide for themselves, is a wasted trip.

      The guys (Mosby, Max, Culper, JCD, etc.) linked here and on my site should be booked solid two years in advance for fifty weeks a year, but they’re not. Probably not even close.

      People will walk by literal pearls of information, for free, here and elsewhere on the internet, because they’re too caught up in their own little version of reality, and oblivious to the Greater One.

      If we held a Lexington Green muster today, twenty-two people would show up with no musket at all, because they thought one would and should be provided free of charge, and thirty more would get into an enthusiastic debate about which caliber should be the standard, until it descended into fisticuffs. Another dozen would gripe about the food at lunch, while seven more would be loading all they could into their pockets and knapsacks. On the way out, they’d tar and feather the sergeant and hang the officer, because he wasn’t ideologically pure enough, and another guy would set fire to the village church on the way out of town, because atheist, and three more would never get to the muster at all, when they passed an intermediate town with a goldsmith or tailor, and they’d run into the winds screaming “Jooooooooooooooooooos!!!!”

      • Amen on that Brother…
        Take a hundred self-sufficient rugged individualists, and you can turn them into a fighting force with minimal effort.
        Only if they are in the same vicinity though…If they are spread out you aren’t going to get them to do anything of the sort…They are going to be hunkered down trying to defend their homestead and that’s it…Also they will only be led through force or it’s their last resort where they have nothing left…

      • Bro,
        this may be the comment of the year and we are just in February.

      • I wholeheartedly agree with your first paragraph. 98 more to go.

        Your last paragraph made me laugh. Sad but accurate

        Thank God I had great mentors in my life and my career.

      • A.B. Prosper


        Its helps to have leaders or hell people who understand what motivates men.

        Take the anti abortion movement, men and some women went to prison, killed and died for the goal of “saving unborn lives” I think they were misguided in some ways but they were effective at stopping abortion clinics in a lot of areas and abortion is at an all time low

        The anti vivisection people on the left weren’t quite as effective but they too had an impact on animal research.

        The patriots, OTOH mighty individualists all as as worthless as tits on a hound at achieving any goals since they refuse to have them.

    • i laugh.

      at 55 i can out fight, out fuck, and out class every 18 year old i come across.


      • A.B. Prosper

        I’m a bit younger and far from fit, yet, and can sometimes grind younger men into the ground. That is not the point at all

        A one man guerilla however formidable is is a dead man walking.

        Also those young men and women can harden up if motivated and get as skilled as you . They also recover faster than us older dogs too.

        That hardening is already happening and truth is as Stalin noted quantity had a quality of its own or if you prefer someone on our side, good enough and plenty of it wins the day.

        A few guys like you are just lone wolves who can inflict some damage but little else.

        Lost of men and women fighting for a common goal, however stupid that goal is will win the fight.

        The right needs to suck it up buttercup and accept power. Learn to rule and stop punking out., For a people with a lot of military experience , they also seem to lack the ability to form a group. Maybe they should relearn to motivate people and to know what makes people tick

        A pro tip here. people bleed for for something bigger than them, bigger than family in most cases

        Give a man a cause you share with him and lead him well, be his bother and he’ll die with you if he has too.

        Come on with a I’m going to fuck off on home the minute I think I can attitude lost ,most so called patriots have and he’ll ignore you.

        This cause, Americans Posterity is bigger than any of us but most patriots while good men and many are dangerous are small minded and so atomized. so terrified of being part of something that matters they are of no use to anyone

        The Reds believe in collective goal and a future that they can build and you don’t . Simply put, they’ll splatter you and rightly so

  14. Fred Smith @not-here Guns of Gab
    5 minutes ago

    Dear Mr.:

    Thank you for contacting me regardingbackground checks for gun sales. I appreciate hearing from you.

    I am continually saddened and angered by the epidemic of gun violence in our nation. Such senseless violence is heartbreaking, and it threatens the sense of security that our communities deserve.

    As a graduate of the United States Military Academy and a former officer in the Army, I respect the Second Amendment and responsible gun ownership. However, meaningful action to address gun violence is long past due. Indeed, there is widespread consensus among Americans on many common-sense gun control measures that would help reduce the number of gun-related crimes that shatter the lives of too many Americans every day. That is why, so far this Congress, I have cosponsored legislation to:

    Reinstate the assault weapons ban.
    Expand background checks so they are universal.
    Ban “bump stocks” and high capacity magazines.
    Permit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to research the causes of and solutions to gun violence.
    Help local law enforcement officials prevent dangerous individuals from purchasing or possessing firearms, while still providing due process protections.
    Mere expressions of sympathy are no longer enough – we need to act. Please know that I am committed to fighting for effective legislation that keeps our loved ones and neighborhoods safe from the threat of gun violence.

    Again, thank you for contacting me, and please do not hesitate to write, call, or visit my website in the future regarding this or any issue of concern.


    Jack Reed

    United States Senator

    Fred Smith @not-here
    Thanks for the reply Jack

  15. I heard the story behind this video was that all the pigs got together and outlawed guns. …….And then this happened.

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