“It’s Too Late. You’ve Lost Your Guns.”

The word from some bint, via Twitter.

These people are your neighbors.

And your relatives.

Plan accordingly.

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  1. I read all of this “swill”.

    Nobody, not one recognized the existence of the right of the people to resist forcefully against overbearing government as the singular basis for possession of firearms…….

    • I think it is because they are all rabbits who would never stand up to anything.

      They’ve made it clear. They are coming for the guns.

      They’ll deny it but phase 2 is reeducation or boxcars.

    • Tom McAllister

      I just did. She may or may not recognize what she reads, but facts and logic aren’t always the winners in these conversations. My instinct is to be angry with her obvious liberal notions, but I respect her position as a mother, and understand her concerns. My son just returned from Afghanistan, and guns weighed heavily on my mind. I’m personally trying to live with a God-centric view of people, and I will refrain from pointing out specs in others eyes until I remove the log from mine! I will, however, do my best to get a good sight picture, even with a log in my eye, to defend that woman’s God given rights!

    • @ 173Viet Vet;

      When, where, which battalion?
      Me:6/68-6/69, LZ English Bong Son, B Co 2nd Bat.
      Long Life,

  2. I fear this is a prime example of a bad sample resulting in confirmation bias. Facebook is NOT in any way shape or form a representative sample of the American public or the subset of actual voters. A tipping point based on social media posts is more likely bots creating news. No one watching on FB expected the outcome of the last Presidential election. Trends observed there were wrong then, and they are wrong now.

    Americans cannot vote their way out of a Constitutional Amendment that easily. And the Keyboard Kommandos on social media are, as we used to say in the country, all hat and no cattle.

    • Facebook is run by the tribe. What else would one expect???

    • When forecasting the future moves of the Left one need look no further than the “Radical Fringe” because the Radicals, the Loons, the pyscopathic are the one’s in charge. Look to the Spanish Revolution (or any other Marxist coup) for confirmation.
      They mean to disarm, rob,enslave, rape, starve and execute you and yours.
      end of story


    Indeed, some of them are my neighbors. That is why it is always important to listen and observe, rather than bloviate about the Second Amendment. I know I will never convince them. And, should this country TOTALLY succumb to the forces of darkness in 2020, I will know who to deal with, immediately. It all goes back to whoever posted this truth a couple of years ago: The greatest dangers you will face are within five miles of where you live. Bleib ubrig.

    • Folks like Gabby and the ones in your AO can
      be described as the ‘Zuckerborg Drones’….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Are you not able to think of ways to make their lives so miserable that they move away, WITHOUT you being identified as the perp???


        Mr. Matis: Be of good cheer, sir. I am actively working on solutions as we speak. The freezing temperatures actually make it easier because few are out and about. Bleib ubrig.

      • i’ll tell you what makes me move every time so far..


        i can’t fucking stand noisy assholes, loud music, screaming hillbillies or their fucking barking mangy dogs.

        here on the island, if you make a nuisance of yourself, you’ll be packing as soon as the rest get tired of your ass and target you. the guy i bought my place from was given a choice… he put the place up for sale and i bought it the first day on the market for asking price. in two and a half years, it’s value has doubled what i gave for it. glad i don’t have to pay property taxes. 🙂

  4. “I agree it will take some time to get the illegal guns out of play. But that is just a question of time.” Yeah……MS-13 and other gangs will of course give up their guns, and have a hard time getting ammo. No-and that includes the police and government gangs who have unlimited access to our tax payer supported toys store. The general public is pretty damned stupid. Keep prepping.

  5. I’d have to say that ‘the time for conversation’ is LOOOONG over!

    Her ‘common sense’ suggestions are completely unacceptable and
    out of the question. She talks about mountains of dead children yet
    she doesn’t mention the entity of the greatest mass murder of men,
    women and children throughout history – “government” (175 million,
    which pales into non-comparison to the 250 million killed by the
    adherents of ‘Team ‘Mo’ over the last 1400 years).

    Gabby Blair beautifully fits that Lenin and Trotsky spoke of,
    the “useful idiot”.

    And when, not if, push comes to far more than shove she
    and many others like her WILL not survive the raging
    shitstorm that they’ve released..because they don’t have
    ANY guns of their own..because they don’t believe in owning

    Of course the images below would not make her and her
    ilk happy…not happy at all


    The answer to her and her sisters and related Tradcon beta
    male cucks was given by Kenneth Royce/Boston T. Party in
    his book, “Boston’s Gun Bible” on “A letter from Fred’s Column”
    How to Be A Rifleman, Chapter 19, pg 15

    Look it up…it says all that needed to be said (by Mike V.
    of all people).

    It’s also obvious that she’s never read any of what
    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn had to say about freedom,
    among other things.

    The power of vagina’s voting leads to?…….

    Need I say more?…
    Didn’t think so…

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

  6. Bint? Hell, feckless c*nt. Women like this stupid cow (apologies to cows) are a menace to society. They are too stupid to understand that criminals could give two sh*ts about gun laws and gun control. Not one of these cows has ever had a situation happen that required them to defend themselves apparently, they seem to think that if guns are taken then they and their useless offspring will be safe and protected.

    Guess none of them have been to London of late. Guns are evil but knives, bricks, hammers, battery acid, and motor vehicles are just dandy and never used to harm or kill people. You know you’re in deep sh*t when half the population is this f*cking stupid and brainwashed.

  7. https://deborahleejarrett.com/2019/02/14/heroes-in-blue-cops-at-their-best-shooting-children-dogs-other-cops-and-people-in-the-back/


    all cops are criminals. it’s a prerequisite for hiring. no decent person would ever consider being a hired thug to rape, and murder innocent people.

    tick tock

  8. What a shock!

  9. “These people are your neighbors.
    And your relatives.”

    Yep. Have both. I have no doubt that my sister in law who is a denizen of the greater District of Criminals area will make a “tip” about her lunatic brother in law once they get rolling. She’s made it clear there is no need for handguns or “assault weapons” in civilian hands.

    You best really look at and consider your acquaintances and family… there’s likely a Progressive in that woodpile…

  10. truly scary, the ramblings over in the bubble at design mom’s. more people with no knowledge of guns lecturing everyone else why they shouldn’t have one. “guns are evil. people that have guns are evil. we should make them illegal and just take all the guns.” no different than saying, “there are too many traffic deaths. many are caused by people driving ford trucks. nobody should want to own a ford truck. we should make them illegal to own.” and to that, many will say, “you can have my ford truck when you pry it from my cold stiff fingers”.

    it all comes back to, “what business is it of yours what i own?”

    still shopping for that “gun that sprays hundreds of bullets a second” that every gun grabber keeps talking about. neither dillon nor garwood has one that comes close. not one you can easily carry concealed anyway.

    that local accountability list might be of an unmanageable size by summer of ’24.

  11. This cunt earned a triple. Fuck you! Fuck you and fuck you!
    I see a Morbark in her future.

  12. Walter Sobchak

    The bints article was definitely TLDR. I skimmed the ‘swill’ and that was enough. The bint was deleting comments she didn’t agree with. Several of the communists over on twitter have been salivating at the prospect of using executive emergency order for gun confiscation post 2020. They don’t understand the BOR. They don’t understand that many of us are thinking beyond the BOR. If/when they get their way, the cluebat is going to knock them senseless, and I’m going to be very amused.

    • They understand the BoR just fine, they don’t like it and are working to negate what they don’t like with a blizzard of Gun Confiscation legislation. The Emergency Gun Confiscation bill would be exactly what they want.

      These communists, dominated by Jews and peopled with lots of useful goyem are making their moves. If they win the presidency AND the US Senate in two years, we know what they will attempt.

      Get ready, or in some cases, more ready than you are now.

  13. MBV said it best. Vote all you want. In the end, we cast the final votes. From rooftops.

    Ban away, cunts!

  14. that was…quite something, I’ll tell you what.

    All emotion, no appreciation for our history or traditions or even a basic understanding of human nature and power structures. And the most bitchy, unreasonable set of expectations for gun owners that I’ve ever seen.

    oh joy.

  15. FakeNews.

    And only women would feel this way.

    So, repeal the 19th.

    • Men are the builders, hunters, warriors and protectors
      women are the nurturers and caregivers.
      women, by their own biological and physical makeup
      are 95% likely in a looming visible conflict to either:
      (A): Pick up kids and flee the conflict
      (B): Try to de-escalate, contain or eliminate the conflict.

      Except for where their kids are concerned (and this is a BIG ‘if’
      because statistically the overwhelming amount of child abuse
      in ALL categories IS perpetrated by women), will women actually
      go full bore ‘Mama Grizzly’ and fight to the death to protect her

      Remember, mentally and emotionally, the majority of women in
      America are children..and when one factors in that over a third
      of them are on serious prescription pharmaceuticals for various
      mental disorders…that really starts to paint a bleak picture of
      how women ‘shit the bed’ for being able to make rational common
      sense decisions…and we’re talking about while things are still
      nominally ‘normal’ and are NOT in a ‘Failure of Civility’/TSHTF situation….
      (and this is not even with the addition of ‘wannabee cultural messiah
      constitution restoration Asperger’s/Autism poster child Curt
      Doolittle’ making appeals on video social media for acting out with
      homemade molotovs, destructive devices to damage gas mains
      and using chains to damage/impair electrical grid service in order
      to bring his utopian ‘propertarian’ into operation after the USG
      has been brought down…imagine that explosive element added into
      Gabby’s festering toxic brew…)

      If you think I’m not being accurate in what he advocates,
      here’s a couple of videos to prove it:
      Curt Dolittle Is Seigepilled

      (making molotovs, damaging the electrical grid and
      damaging/destroying natural gas mains..oh my!)

      A Warning about Propertarianism

      Is Curt Doolittle a Fed?

      Act like either a major psycho squirrel or cointelpro Fed
      and you’ll be treated as such by me.
      Friendly advice: treat Curt like a 1980’s IV drug using
      faggot who IS Hep C and AIDS positive..and he sees
      you on the street and wants to be your ‘new best friend’.

      Sorry for that swerve off topic but I felt it absolutely necessary.

      Women’s tool kit mentally isn’t ‘what is rational/what makes sense?’
      It’s based almost solely on HOW THEY FEEL.
      Let that sink in and then think on it again…
      When women go ‘into panic mode’ what little thinking
      they do SHUTS DOWN..it’s time for ‘cascading panic’
      as order of the day….

      Yes, there are exceptions to this..but these exceptional women’s
      rational choices are completely overwhelmed by the sheer mass
      of their sisters choosing to ‘problem solve’ by either ‘listening to
      their feelings’ or whatever narcississtic emotional electrical spark
      zips forth via their vaginas!

      The ‘sane ones’ make about as much impact on their community as Thomas Sowell, WIll Grigg, Dr. Ben Carson and Tommy Sotomayor would have
      trying to get an inner city black flashmob to stop looting and chimping
      out in downtown Baltimore or Atlanta..or to stop a half dozen Blackzilla’s
      from deciding to riot in a Boston Chuck-E-Cheese’s joint or the local
      Red Lobster.

      Yes, the 19th NEEDS to be repealed..as does everything else
      after the 10th!

      And a majority of women’s rights must be taken away too as
      they’ve amply proved that they CAN’T be responsible with them!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • this ugly leaky bitch and the rest of its ilk get away with this shit for one reason, and one reason only. they are protected by-


      the cops are the reason murka has turned into a shithole country. decent folks can’t correct these fuckwits in any meaningful way without some retaaart pig showing up.

  16. “These people are your neighbors. And your relatives. Plan accordingly.”

    I just wouldn’t get too worked up …the article reads like a mediocre “influence piece” (aka, group-think propaganda).
    the case could be made that the subsequent comments are by one author pretending to be many… the same repeated logical fallacies should be improbable across random responses, even of PC zombies.
    – and cmon those commenters’ names, wow, seem out of a paperback romance novel.

    oh … a technical thingy but kinda important:
    the “common sense-really swell idea shit” they are suggesting WOULD by definition violate the “SHALL NOT INFRINGE” clause … as such also by definition, they are attempting to usurp THE PEOPLE’S contract (US Constitution) ie: sedition/treason is dealt with harshly in that contract…
    so yes, probably best that they move to a gun-control utopia that will take them. Cuba? Venezuela? Mexico? England good too!

    I will wish them well

  17. Well, that does make list compilation easier…

  18. wendystringer48088

    From DTW:

    “Indeed, some of them are my neighbors. That is why it is always important to listen and observe, rather than bloviate about the Second Amendment. I know I will never convince them.”


    From the author DesignMom in the comments:

    “As someone who has familiar knowledge with mental illness, I hear about people and their gun stashes and think: this person is not stable and is dealing with some heavy duty paranoia. Wanting to own a secret stash of guns seems like a big red flag that you are not healthy enough to own guns responsibly at all.”

    “…And if they’ve ever told anyone about their stash (like your friends told you), then it’s not actually a secret stash.”

    Words to the wise.

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  20. wendystringer48088

    Just realized the article is from a year ago – dated February 18, 2018

    Gabrielle Blair is a mother of six, and a Mormon. I think she has some pretty strange ideas for being a Mormon. Anyway, here is her Twitter:


  21. A commenter told her there would be a civil war. She responded “oh good lord”. They can’t comprehend what is coming and what is coming is because of their actions. Time is really getting close til we have to start killing commies for mommy.

    • They truly don’t understand what they are unleashing. The prole bints don’t understand, the .gov bints think there are enough popo and .mil to protect them, and the news bints think that their “journalyst” status will stop a high-velocity centerfire rifle round or the downrange effects of a fougasse.

      Lots of learning coming up.

    • wendystringer48088

      She also is a perfect example of a “privileged” white woman.
      Clueless about the dangers of life in the real world outside of her own bubble. Citing school killings but not mentioning the much larger numbers of black on black shootings in the major urban areas.
      Probably figures that since she has her husband sleeping next to her and she can dial 911 to get the police to come out she doesn’t need a gun. Well, what if the attackers are armed? What if when seconds count the police are only minutes away?
      Those of us who grew up in / lived in more “diverse” violent areas know there are situations where you need to protect yourself, and you need to have the means to do that.
      Having six kids I can see why she may not want guns in her house, But what may work for her in her home now may not always work for her at some point in the future, and isn’t going to work everywhere across the national landscape.

      • Six children is way too many for a white woman. Four of those excess kids must go to deserving POC families, now. No waiting period.

        And she must pay for their resettlement.

      • Wendell, that’s not a “White” woman.

        any more than you are.

        it’s an ethnic Jew.

        and never mind “Mormon”: she could as well be a Buddhist.

        “Jew” means race. Not religion.

    • AND she admitted to deleting over 200 posts saying the end result would be civil war and mass bloodshed as part of a long response essentially saying that gun owners would be socially pressured to comply. Zero concept that there would be active hot resistance or that she makes herself a target by advocating insanity.

  22. thesouthwasrght

    Not a one of that list of 12 “reasonable” regulations is close-ended. Each one has obvious follow ups that will ultimately lead to outright confiscation.

    I also find it interesting that the same people decrying gun ownership because of the children are the self same advocates for the wholesale slaughter of the unborn, and now born.

    To summarize: BLOAT. That is all.

  23. Charley Waite

    She reminds me of the Dutch reporter lecturing the Panzer vets from WWII that was posted a few days ago in the comments. She won’t ever believe it when people won’t listen to her shrill “reason” in a crisis.

    • Is this the video?

      World War II justified by former German soldiers

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Um, did you listen to these old guys in that video? I mean, really listen?

      First, they have a rough understanding of history and their beloved “Reich”. I have no idea if they were SS or Werhmacht (presumably the latter), but one of the old guys proudly boasts that Stalin didn’t sign the Geneva Convention, and therefore they were fully entitled to invade the Soviet Union (apparently the non-aggression pact that his führer did sign with Stalin meant nothing). He also seems to be very confused on the timeline of the Soviets molesting their women, which he says they fought until the end, but lost. Apparently, there must’ve been a contingent of Soviets in the Germany prior to 1940 molesting their women! Now, I fully understand that after they lost their battles against the Soviets, the non-human Soviets treated them in the harshest of manners, but…. guess that’s what happens when tear up a non-aggression pact, invade, kill millions, and then lose. C’est la vie.

      When the lady, who was Dutch, pointed out the war crimes their fellow Wehrmacht soldiers committed (these guys apparently all fought on the Eastern front), they were actually taken aback. When she told them that the Wehrmacht had taken 500 men out of the town to work in labor camps, with less than 50 returning after the war (which did not include the lady’s great-uncle), they act as if it was entirely legitimate because a car had been attacked by ‘partisans’ or non-combatants. You can see the smile on each of their faces when they hear this, and laughingly say, well, that’s different, they weren’t playing by rules (which again, they seem to take some high moral ground on their selective application of abiding by ‘rules’). When the lady points out their crime of Germany invading the Netherlands, they erupt in laughter, “The Wehrmacht should have just asked if we could march into the Netherlands!?”

      You know what? Screw these National Socialists. To this day they do not realize that National Socialism and Soviet Communism were merely two sides of the same coin.

      I have no sympathy for them.

  24. I commented on her site. “No. I will not comply with being disarmed. Period. I don’t care what you think about it.”
    I don’t doubt that she will delete it. But I just wanted her to see it.
    Progs like her think that their little dream will be easily accomplished and of course, it is other people with guns that they expect to do it for them. I am an old man. My kids are grown. I literally don’t give a shit.

    • Well that didn’t take long. She has removed it already. But all I wanted was for her to see it. Because, I mean it.

  25. I have seen this “persons” work before. I think she may be suicidal as she posts not only her real name and photo, but part of her address. G_D speed the day when she is taken by a psyco and there is no one to help her. But maybe she is a big Masso. and that what she wants. All that “good pain” .

  26. Typical article by the emboldened and self-righteous SJW wanting her “utopia” here on Gaia-Mother Earth. Notice how well she reasons in presenting her points, sets up straw-men in opposition, and then nicely demolishes them. Oh, it’s just so lovely, neat, nice, no loose ends and relies on “the vote” of her democracy, that wonderful engine.

    Only point she misses: the government, voting, or her happy-horseshit dreams have absolutely nothing to do with my PROPERTY ownership and/or my natural RIGHT to defend myself, my family, and my property.

    Flip the table on her: if you argue to her that she should drive a Chevy, instead of her electric Prius or that she should eat a good locally-raised beef steak instead of hummus, and this was all to be decided by the votes of local UAW workers and ranchers, she would become unglued. Her fangs would come out behind snarling lips. Nothing like the pretty picture on her blog.

    People like her are living, as my old Navy buddy would often say: “They are living in a world of complete bullshit of their own making. Fouling their nest with their own droppings.”

    And how, pray tell, do you confiscate some 250,000,000 firearms in America? Yep–house-to-house. Lots of luck lady. Kindly read up on a city called Stalingrad for house-to-house gun takeaways.

    • Ducks……waddle, waddle, quack, quack. They shit where they eat.

      I wonder how many LEOs, military will NOT obey an illegal order. Those who will participate in door-to-door gun confiscation have ID’d themselves accordingly. When they do not go home to their families at night, synaptic functions may eventually engage the reptilian hypothalamus with 7.5 watt enlightenment for the rest of them.

  27. (((Design mom))). Obviously.

    • Well, the Mormon version apparently. Which is such hilarious irony on so many fronts given that groups rather violent salacious history. Why did everyone hate us, violently oppose us at times and banish us? Oh, I don’t know, you were only going against one of the bedrock foundations of Christian and agrarian civilizational traditions several thousands of years old.

      Anyway, she hit every branch on the way down from her birth from the stupid tree. Mormon, lawyer, feminist and a butch bull dyke haircut.

  28. CA’s masthead the other day sums it up perfectly.

    Prohibition took 100 years of work to pull off. It failed miserably but but they got it.

    This will be no different.

    Any gun owner who thinks trump or MAGA or muh constitooooshun will save them are naive.

    These people mean business and they have no fear in hiding their intentions. They’re confident and patient. They’ve made steady gains all for decades without a shot being fired.

  29. Those that will disarm you, will never disarm themselves. It is not a suicide pact. If you are a gun owner and don’t have the common sense, the discipline and maturity to fight for your God-given right to own anything you damn well please then you should give up your guns, roll over and piss on yourself because some neurotic twat told you to.

  30. Darrell Cloud

    I have no doubt that at some point, the gun abolitionists will succeed either by statute or executive order in abolishing the legal right to own a gun. I am also convinced that the abolition will be a total failure. Once the abolition goes into effect it will lift the constraints on the gun owning third of the population that will not comply with the gun ban. If you are going to be killed or jailed for retaining your ability to resist tyranny you might as well go ahead and build that machine gun and suppressor in your home workshop. You might as well go ahead and kill those that would come to kill you.

    The final push to confiscate these weapons will the the last gasp of the failed republic. The horrors that follow will kill most of us. The remnant that remains will be a freedom loving hardy lot.

  31. I simply could not resist commenting to the ladies on the blog article “It’s Too Late”. Here is what I wrote over there:

    “Perhaps we can start with a full gun ban and CONFISCATION in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit and New York. Let’s test it in those cities where the populations are biggest. Then we can evaluate the ban’s effectiveness in stopping strong armed robbery, rape, assault and the other violent crimes people commit. We have plenty of police to protect every single one of the citizens in those cities, so guns are probably not needed. Plus, with average response rates of the Police around 5-12 minutes, they’ll be able to protect everyone should something happen. Domestic violence may even be reduced, despite the availability of hammers. And suicide may even go down with as many automobiles in garages that are available. Let’s do this BAN and CONFISCATION test first first before we take it nationwide. By the way, I think that private armed guards will need to be removed as well to make sure this test is done on a level playing field. Let’s give it a try!

  32. “But now, we are coming for your guns. And we’re going to use our vote to take them.”

    I rarely use LOL, but: LOL.

    She attempts to answer all of the arguments against it except for one: “the answer is no, fuck you.”

  33. Wait until they get the idea they can end rape by chopping off all law abiding men’s penises. As usual law enforcement, illegal aliens and criminals will be exempt.

  34. Go ahead. Take my guns, or try to. Gabby would be appalled at the impact I had on the local deer population this past fall and those that preceded it, and that was with a recurve and no sights. Give me a scoped crossbow and I can do that and a lot more, at better than a hundred yards. Deer or sjw, about the same intellect wise. Truthfully I have more respect for the deer.

  35. I would be for total ban IF that included ALL federal, state and local agencies and employees and was verifiable and all gov agencies would have to surrender weapons prior to citizens. There, problem solved.

  36. Old Gray Wolf

    She is way down the list, as it has been in the compilation process for decades, but she has made it nonetheless. I have gear stashed all over the place, just to make sure I have the means to respond to an attack on my liberty, no matter what. Even if they raid the house and parade the “arsenal” that is my home defense kit, they got a tiny percentage of what hangs over their heads. And not the most lethal part, either. It is simply designed to slaughter invaders and escape the area. If I am breathing after an attack, or I escape from custody (if that somehow happens), hell is coming for the other side. And there are more like me. They got a plan for that? Doesn’t sound like it to me.

  37. “People who are “hording” guns are paranoid that the government is going to take them. There has never been a call to take all their guns….that’s deep paranoia”
    Paraphrasing from her replies to comments.

    UH….you just spent several thousand words telling us that you want guns to be taken away. So that’s not paranoia that’s reading the tea leafs.

  38. Well I was late to the game as usual dammit, but I had fun with a few replies and linked it to my site as well. Interesting to note that she is Mormon. Though they did a fine job telling the Scouts to fuck off I fear they are still headed the State route. More and more I encounter faithful LDS members who are opposed to guns and endorse the state more than they endorse the notion of individual liberty. I personally no longer consider them to be any more reliable than the average Episcopalian or Catholic. No offense to any mentioned, I just think the current ‘on the scene’ facts bear that opinion in my neck of the woods.

  39. She seems to honestly believe that the “are only a few thousand gun owners and they can be delt with by the police in one night” (one of her early missives) Blind ignorance. It reminds me that just before first manassass (bull Run) a US senator waved his pocket hand kerchief and proclaimed that he “could wipe up all the blood from this conflict with this” Fools get others killed. Damned fools get lots of people killed. I have had this conversation within my own family. My sister believes the propaganda that “only a few hundred rednecks own all the guns, and none of them will fight the army” That’s what we are facing. IMO Hard times are commin’ boys. Sight in and draw ammo.

  40. Lots of shit looks easy on paper. Even easier on the interwebz. Go ahead ya larping commie cnt, ban away.

    In fact it would wake up a lot of folks who need to get off the fence (or imaginary wall) and smell the coffee.

    I will defend me and mine in the manner I see fit as my God given right to self defense. I love God and I love my country, in that fucking order.

  41. The bint and her family currently live in Oakland, kaliforniya, and they have also lived in France, according to the “about me” section of the web page. She will realize her error eventually, because some people care nothing for the “laws” she would like to have.

  42. Ugh!!! There’s a damn good reason that the Men retired to the study after dinner for political talk fortified by cigars and the brood of Women were banished to the kitchen where their nonsensical clucking wouldn’t be noticed….

  43. Has everyone seen the list of over 70 instances where the national socialist Left has demanded gun confiscation:
    The list of Leftists demanding gun confiscation – Updated to Sep 2018

  44. Not to worry…….I heard they’re gonna send Broward County deputies.

  45. Alfred E. Neuman

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