Protect Yourselves, Lads

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  1. Rule Number One:
    Never stick your dick in crazy.

    • Rule Number Two:
      Never cohabitate with crazy – see Travis Alexander/Jodi Arias.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. Johnny Paratrooper

    Best Too Simply Surround Yourself With Like Minded People.

  3. This link involves women (and a guy) making serious accusations against a cop. First I heard of it.
    Take a look, you decide. Then, render your judgement of what went on.

  4. Yep–“she may look clean,” BUT–better to wear your “raincoat” when you meet these crazy ladies. Helps keep your bird-cage clean from droppings as well!

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Alfred E. Neuman

    Pray tell, what does “YAGTSAKPESYMK” mean?

  7. Anyone who doesn’t use a condom in this day and age is an idiot. Anyone who can’t figure out a person’s politics within ten minutes of knowing them is either stupid or willfully blind. Liberals all signal their beliefs loud and clear right from the get-go. Outside of biker bars, most heavily tatted, neon colored hair females tend to be liberal, feminists and bat-sh*t crazy. As another poster so aptly stated, don’t stick your dick in crazy.

  8. Whew. I was wonderin too.

  9. Repeal the 19th.

  10. What a mook. That bitch is a CIA plant if ever I saw one. Bring it on. I’m tired of waiting.

  11. I’d say at least 85% of women in the US are emotionally immature shitlibs, and that includes ALL of the women who vote Democrat and most of the women who vote Republican. The Republican-voting women are usually shitlibs as well.

  12. No, don’t.

    NEVER ask a woman about her politics. Never discuss politics with a woman, period. That’s part of being a man and redefining the roles of the sexes to fit a healthy society.

    If she is the sort of woman who wants to discuss politics (and engage in all the other behavior that comes with it) that will come out quickly enough. You don’t need to mount a frontal assault on that particular prepared position. Just scout it a bit and move on.

  13. If you rely on <1mm thick latex to save your life you are too stupid to live and will deserve exactly what you get.

  14. Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    Left “feminism” off that meme.
    Otherwise, spot on.
    I’ll have to show this to my g’son.

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  16. No wonder sex robots are the coming thing, no pun intended.

  17. wendystringer48088

    I think the new term is “Occasional Cortex Disorder”. 🙂