The Best Of All Worlds?

A review of the Ranger Assault Knife by Ontario, via AP.


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  1. That’s a good looking knife, performance designed. Very practical.

    • Have the same one, used it in afghanistan, everything he says is true, definitely needed a new sheath. I like the pointed handle, besides a glass breaker, it’s reminds me of a modern skull breaker like on the devil’s brigade v42.

  2. No complaints about the Ontario Blackbird I bought a couple years ago. Use it for everything from splitting up 4-6 inch wide ×1-2 inch thick wood to feed an Emberlit stove to making feather sticks. Even works for field dressing deer if you’re careful not to hold it at too steep of an angle and end up puncturing a colon or other nasty parts, as opposed to using a purpose built dressing and skinning knife . Used it to clean salmon and steelhead last November also but blade was a little too thick for filleting. I paired it with a sheath from Apocalypse Gear .

  3. I have a mega pounder 7 with teeth I really like;

  4. not bad. back when i served with the British Thermal Unit, we carried Ontario asek’s. seemed ok to me.

  5. There are many good knives out there. This one seems to be a good general purpose knife, though I prefer a bit more belly

  6. I ordered a RAK-7, a bit larger than average, I have others that have shorter blades. I have a skinning knife to handle initial dressing a deer carcass.

    I have a Worksharp power sharpener, works very well. You can set up and sharpen lots of knives in a short period of time. Yes, I know some folks set great store of manual sharpening of their blades, I don’t. As long as I have power, and I have a generator, I’ll be able to put an edge on everything from paring knives to axes.

    • It’s a good knife for offense but a little too big for bushcraft but you can easily make whatever you need it to be with the right grip and pressure(that’s what she said) true all Ontario besides the folders are bomb proof

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    for EDC i keep this in my pocket at all times. small, light and sharp