Coulter: Calling BS On POTUS

You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

This is your preparation period.

Don’t waste it.

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    Like her or hate her, Ann is telling the truth. Working-class American citizens have been sold down the river once again. Do not shoot the messenger. Plan accordingly.

  2. Coulter really needs to STFU. The attention whore store is two blocks down to the left.

    • Hell yeah! Because that Big, Beautiful Wall is damn near done, amirite?

      Just STFU you bimbo, and stay out of baddog’s way at the Trump rally!

    • Truth-hurt, Dog?

      Why should the truth, or at the very least, the right questions and blatant facts, NOT be written?

      Because you don’t like the messenger?

      Or is it with the message that you have a problem?

      Or you’re just another trollbot.

  3. Harald Balzac

    See how easily we come together when we need to…

  4. Coulter is the canary in the Deplorable movement. Trump disregards at his own, and more importantly our own, Peril. The political CW will go hot without a portion of the Feral Gov having some allegiance to the Constitution.
    We are on the verge of lawlessness brought on by the Deep State itself.
    Self-defense is not a crime.

  5. What say you about the facts her article posted on vdare?
    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  6. Conservative Crazy Cat Lady has been lying about the wall for two years.
    You can believe Ann, or your lying eyes.

    I don’t expect her to start getting it right anytime soon. Her current Please-Love-Me letter to the media and Normies Inc. is “I Was For Trump Before I Was Against Trump”.
    Okay, thanks. How’s anti-Trumpism working for George Will and Bill Kristol’s carreers?
    Asking for a friend.

    Menopause is hell.

    Tell you what:
    Post links to all the Ann Coulter Anti-Quisling Ryan and anti-Bitch McConjob essays since January 20, 2017.
    That would probably be zero, but maybe as high as something you could count on your thumbs.


    • Yes – Will, Kristol and Coulter are three peas in a pod….just like her love affair with Ryan and McConnell.

    • LeaderOfTheBanned™

      You’re pathetic. Fucking Kool-Aid gulping True Believer, you are.

      Coulter is so fucking correct, it’s staggering, and Trump, and you are so blinded by your own hubris that you utterly refuse to acknowledge that people who voted for Trump are rightfully pissed-off that he has not delivered. All the shit you worship him for is low hanging fruit. All he did was un-do the direct efforts of Obama to fuck this country up. There’s nothing magical about that. Is it good? Sure it is, but it’s expected. Those things that Trump claimed he would do (and not do) that set him apart, he has not delivered. Period. Wall? Hilary? Gun Rights? Now we find out he signed a bill allowing pigs to collect DNA… So fuck you, Aesop, you mouthy arrogant fucktard. No one here is against Trump, we want him to succeed – at doing what he said he would do. When there’s a wall on the border and Hilary is in jail, I’ll vote for him again – but he had better get moving.

      • Link her articles decrying the dithering do-nothing Congress, and its leadership, 2017-present.

        Oh wait, too late, she’s too busy defending Quisling Ryan and Bitch McConjob:

        Conservative commentator Ann Coulter defended former House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) after President Trump appeared to blame Ryan for the lack of a border wall.

        This is not Paul Ryan’s fault. It’s not Mitch McConnell’s fault,” she tweeted. “Trump ran AGAINST the GOP and won. Responsibility is 100% his.

        Coulter has recently criticized the president. On Thursday, she ripped him and the GOP for passing a bill to fund the government that didn’t allocate all of the money Trump wanted to build a wall at the southern border.

        “100% Trump’s fault”??
        Ripped the minority party for not passing a spending bill??
        Coulter is 100% full of shit, and delusional.
        And you’re giving her a tongue bath.

        Ann has descended into being nothing but an attention whore, and it isn’t pretty. She’s only on the side of selling books, and right now, there’s more money and web looks for shitting in her own nest than in turning the blowtorch at the Usual Suspects.

        When you get President Harris in 2021, doubtless Coulter will suddenly discover the joys of flaming the Disloyal Opposition, and she’ll still be ignoring the problems with the GOPe.

        When somebody’s a never-has-been adolescent bartender, you get a pass for not knowing how the Constitution arranges separation of powers.
        When somebody’s a media jabbering head with a law degree who’s clerked for federal appellate court judges, not so much.

        Coulter’s a post-menopausal harpie with daddy issues.

        Meanwhile, Trump’s actually declared a national emergency, and told Congress to go fuck itself, he’ll build his wall any-damn-way.

        Total number of presidents to do that, to date, is slightly higher than Coulter’s current IQ.

        And she isn’t telling the truth, she’s spinning it into the most controversy for the buck, which ABCNNBCBS is only too happy to give airtime to covering.

        Look up the statues on “giving aid and comfort”, and compare them with Cat Lady’s anti-Trump screeds.
        When you work out who flaming Trump helps nonstop from now until 2020, instead of going after the backstabbers in the GOP branch of the Uniparty who gave us Speaker Brainsalad Alzheimers, get back to us.

        And have a Happy Thanksgiving.

        • ‘This is not Paul Ryan’s fault. It’s not Mitch McConnell’s fault,” she tweeted. “Trump ran AGAINST the GOP and won. Responsibility is 100% his.‘

          How can you interpret that as “defending” ryan and mconnell ? Put down the bong and read it again.

          • Go read the link. Try not to let the 40-pt. headline hit you in the head when you get it.

            Then take a wee look at the opening graf of Article I, Section 7 of the U.S. Constitution. In case you lost your copy:


            Coulter’s delusional, and spinning to cover for the do-nothings who dropped the ball, while she dithered and blathered.
            So are you if you think it’s Trump’s fault that line was originally penned as read in 1787.

            But prove me wrong: link all the Coulter columns where she excoriates Quisling and Yertle for fucking this pooch every day for two fucking years once they had a President they knew would actually build the goddam wall, and shut down the federal government to prove it.

            The lack of a wall is all Quisling’s and Bitch’s fault.
            Total number of federal spending bills passed by US presidents from 1787-yesterday:0.
            You could look it up.

            Presidents sign spending bills, they don’t pass them.
            Maybe you were sick the day they covered the Constitution in school.
            Ann went to law school, and has no excuse for not knowing that.
            Your excuse for not knowing that basic reality is…what, exactly?

        • Coulter’s a post-menopausal harpie with daddy issues.

          I’d say. BIG daddy issues.

          One of her boyfriends was DI-NO-MITE jimmy….

        • any year now, Aesop will put up some more pics

          of Bush43’s fake-wall demo projects along the

          Trump-vaporized border

          and claim they’re “Trump’s wall”.


          wrong about: ebola 1
          wrong about: hurricane Prunella “drowning Florida”
          wrong about: Trump
          wrong about: ebola 2

          give your fables a rest


    • Aesop, a little known item about Ann, is that she sometimes attended meetings of the Council of Conservative Citizens, over 25 years ago. Before she was known. She never took part in the discussions. Just listened. She was always suspected of just studying the conversations for future applications in public life. Infiltrator? Subversive?

  7. But… but…but. he signed the national emergency bill FIRST so that negates the spending bill – right? At least, that is what Q is telling people.
    How stupid are people these days?
    Ann is right. His actions are those of someone who is either schizophrenic or lying.

    • “…How stupid are people these days?…”

      Trust me, you really don’t want to know.

    • Aesop is Q

      Q is Aesop

      what’s the total now, Q/Aesop:

      20,000 “sealed indictments”?
      50,000 “sealed indictments”?
      70,000 “sealed indictments”?

      lets us now ASAP,


  8. So much winning. Trump is not coming to save you. No one is. Follow the rules. The ship is clearly listing now. Water looks cold.

  9. Why is it, Ann feels the need to tell US what to think, what to do. Tipical sky is falling barker. It’s how she makes her living.

    If I believed she had the nations best interest as her agenda, I might feel better. She doesn’t, she’s a personality not about to turn loose of her fame. Will do/ say whatever keeps her in the limelight.

    Have a look at her boyfriend!.


    • Have a look at latinx ‘Sandies’ boyfriend.
      All of you are grifting shitbags, especially
      you statist patriots, Dirk.

  10. Ann should get a couple of black guys with red hats on to rough her up with some sort of noose bullshit and then maybe people would clamor to listen to her tell the absolute truth about the gutter pig Trump and everyone else allowing the third world to ruin our country.

  11. Ann talking about fake? What about her avatar that has to be 20 years old!

  12. A collection of petty little piss willys.

  13. i gotta admit, i ‘d push my ruck with my nose thru a klick of claymores just to see her dirty skivvies go by in a laundry truck…….

    • Dude.

      that twat is never good after an over-nighter. it’s ok when you’re horny and they just showered, but afterwards… stand them on their heads and they attract flies just like any other foulness. pussy is so over-rated, if they didn’t have your children you wouldn’t stay with them for long.

  14. Why did Coulter ignore Trumps announcement about adding a ‘Signing Statement’ to the border security bills, effectively freeing his hands from being tied before she went full retard?

    • because his “signing statement”

      is as meaningless as his

      “national emergency”.

      you are a lucky person. Clearly,

      you enjoy the punishment. And the

      Kushner-Trump regime has lots more to dish out.

  15. So, here is the Bullshit ” We are going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it” Bullshit by Trump. Truth… No matter who pays for it, the congress will not approve it. When it was all Repubs he couldn’t do it. With scumbag Botox Nancy in charge…. Never in a million years. Unless he can use funds seized from El Chappo it is an empty campaign slogan. In the meantime the national debt continues to escalate …. Until it takes a shit

  16. Alfred E. Neuman

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  17. Trump was NEVER going to build a wall, was NEVER going to repeal obamacare, NEVER going to deport the illegals, NEVER going to stop the muslim invasion, NEVER going to end sanctuary cities, NEVER going to end the wars for peace. Never.

    And yet.

    The usual dipshits here will continue to convince themselves and no one else that trump is and has done these things. Except congress!



    • Well since Trump cant do most of those things by himself within the limits of executive power, it kind of stands to reason that he could not.
      No one with a passing knowledge of how government works would think otherwise.
      No one who voted for him with the intention of putting in an outsider and buying us time thought otherwise.
      What people DID expect was that since the same “party” controlled the House, Senate AND the Presidency that all those things WOULD be accomplished.

      Serious people put Trump in office to accomplish one of two things.
      To either do all of the things you listed in addition to cleaning up the deep state, OR by his inability to accomplish these things prove once and for all that there IS a deep state and that your party (either one it does not matter) is infested with people who are a part of it. That by proving this fact he would completely destroy serious peoples confidence in the system and wake them up to the fact that THERE IS NO VOTING OUR WAY OUT OF THIS.

      • Stop talking obvious reality and common sense, Grenadier.

        The anti-Trumpers wanted Cosmic Superdaddy to seize control of the whole government, and act like Caesar. The same low-information dipshits that bitched, moaned, and whined when Obozo tried to do exactly that.

        There’s no voting our way out of this, because there’s too many people who think they’re on the right side but are too fucking stupid to pour piss out of a boot even with the instructions stamped under the heel, let alone comprehend concepts that common grade-school drop-out folks grasped in about a minute, 240 years ago.

        Which also explains why you can’t find enough like-minded and hard-hearted friends for what’s coming.

        50+ years of predigested pablum public education, biting the whole country in the ass, day in and day out.

        The problem isn’t, and never has been Boomers, X-ers, Millenials, or all that codswallop.

        It’s that 90% of everybody since 1955 has been the Captain Kangaroo/Mister Rogers/Sesame Street Generations.
        That clearly includes Conservative Cat Lady.
        Anything harder than that is “Too much work, thinking hurts my head, and Uncle Daddy should give me Free Shit For Life”, whether it’s ObamaPhones and health care, or a wall.

        Coulter just wants it louder than some, and has a forum for her shrieking.
        And lo and behold, it satisfies the MSM’s itch to see her attack the president, and stay within her total denial of where the problem is, and always was. Trump Derangement Syndrome FTW!

  18. oregon farmer

    Pakistan has an armed triple fence approx. 1500 miles long on its border with Afghanistan.
    Algeria has a tilt-slab concrete WALL on its border with Morocco. Algeria is NOT a wealthy country.
    It’s pretty obvious now that the United States Federal Government is actively COLLUDING with the cartels to FLOOD this country with METH, HEROIN and FENTANYL. They are also actively COLLUDING with human traffickers to flood the USA with the cut rate labor. Most illegals now are migrating to heartland states like Nebraska, diluting out the obese sterile white population. Creeping Californication.

  19. Coulter is right. From what I can tell, the deplorables got nothing. Trump got nothing. Pelosi and the neocons got everything. Again, we are paying to secure every other border on earth but our own.
    We have no President.
    We have no country.
    Plan accordingly.
    Tulsi for president.

  20. “I gotta admit,I’d crawl through shit with fish hooks in it”… Brings back memories. .

  21. thesouthwasrght

    I didn’t realize they shit on the Angel Moms like that. I have long wondered how he planned to “drain the swamp” when he keeps tossing alligators into his pond. It seems every cabinet appointment is filled by a swamp denizen. The latest being H.W.,’s sloppy seconds for an AG. W…..T…….F.

    At the end of the day, and I knew this going in, Trump is very much a New York yankee, and he acts as such.

    • “I didn’t realize they shit on the Angel Moms like that.”
      Where the fuck have you been?

    • So, who is it that confirms AGs…?

      Weren’t you paying attention during the Kavanaugh lynching?
      Did you notice the final vote tally to confirm him?
      Beuller? Ferris Beuller…? Anyone? Anyone?

      How many more fights like that d’ya suppose POTUS can sustain…?
      With the 2020 re-election campaign starting two weeks ago?
      How many hours of free election campaign air time do you want to give to Harris, Spartacus, Fauxcahontas, Morono, Sanders, et al?

      I swear to Buddha, you princesses are airheads like Amydala, shitting on the Chancellor, and paving the way for Emperor Palpatine, and then suddenly aghast when you see the Death Star swinging into position overhead.

  22. Is she not the one who wrote:
    “In Trump we Trust?”
    was she not blind in that instance? Did no one see the Pride the falseness, the arrogance the $$$ carrot?
    Does no one recognise the False idol worship that is prevalent throughout society?

    • At least she’s not the only one that’s been betrayed, AND she admits when she has been stabbed in the back, unlike the brainless Trump suckasses like Aesop

  23. Oldtradesman

    Embarassing, it is, to watch WRSA’ gaggle of pot-bellied, self-employed “badasses” and double-dipping government retirees in Laguna Hills go full boomtard on Ann for her truth-telling. In their defense, allow me to point out that low capital gains taxes and third world labor is very profitable for them, and the “freedom” to watch football beats having to mow the lawn. Thus steering dissent is what boomer keyboard warriors in the hills do while you leave your racially integrated neighborhood and go to work. The pricey neighborhoods they live in is their “wall.” They simply dont give a fuck about you.


      “…and double-dipping government retirees in Laguna Hills”?! Sir, you have hit it out of the park. Are all those ‘murikan flags still flying around Leisure World? I used to see them waving in the breeze when I drove along El Toro Road.
      The irony of your remarks is not lost on me, and I can say I see the same thing up here in Rawles Land. The exception is, these folks employ the white Idahoan underclass as it is too cold for Javier, Juanita, Tyrone, and LaToya to survive. Also, The Gem State(as of yet) does not have the amount of government freebies to dole out to all the drones. They swarm over in Spokane County. Bleib ubrig.

  24. there are a few of us that knew drumpf was a scam from day 1.

    we tried to tell you.

    he’s connected to the hebes by his whore little girls blood.

    fuck all the drumpfs- traitors all of them.

    • Tee, How’s that Justin Trudeau working out for you, up their in Canada? I’m once again amused, move to Canada, with the real libtards, and piss sideways about your ex country.

      Pure genius!

      You better be coming to,Cody, ya fucking homo!.


      • Cody……it’s just an updated version
        of a gay circle jerk.
        Patcon’s, just like those guns you worship, are nothing but deities slavishly worshipped by you culting simps.
        Truly a waste of time. except in the
        hard up dreams of boomer cucks and
        their cabana boys.

  25. Yet the bookies in Vegas have Trump heavily favored for re election in 2020, go figure!. Sure fucks up most of yours, narrative.


    • Yeah, because nothing says honesty, good
      intentions, and factual truth, like the bookies
      of Vegas scheming (to profit) in their interests.
      Clean yourself off, you filthy shitbag, you’re
      covered in Trump.

      • Good point.
        Shrillary would have done a much better job.

        And Yertle and Quisling wouldn’t have given her everything she asked for, on a platter, with an apple in its mouth.


        You’re a political genius, you are.

        Keep voting in Democrats to Congress in droves too, and then bitch because Superdaddy didn’t fill your Christmas stocking with anything but a lump of shit. 435 districts and 20 cabinet-level agencies stabbing the president’s agenda in the back 24/7/365 is all just an enormous coincidence too.

        We squeaked Cheeto Hitler into office by a red cunt hair, and he didn’t fix everything forever overnight! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!

        Hey, KY, thanks for Yertle over and over.
        AZ, Senator-For-Life Braintumor McCrazy sure paid dividends on cancelling Obozocare, didn’t he?
        FL, thank heavens for Marco ScrewYouBio and his shadow Amnesty plans, and shitting on gun owners on national TV!
        And thanks WI, for Quisling Ryan, who quit after doing nothing for 2 whole years, and lost the entire House the first time out! That should come in handy for the next 6 years, huh?
        And all those illegals Lindsay Grahamnesty couldn’t see in CA for 20 years are sure coming in handy in Democrat-For-Decades Califrutopia. Thanks a pantload! For payback, we’ve sent you Speaker Alzheimers, Fineswine and the endless AWBs, and now Senator Kneepads. You’re welcome!!

        Your chickens?
        Coming home to roost, boys and girls.
        It’s a big shit sandwich, and you’re all going to take a huge bite.
        Chew it up and swallow, or choke on it.
        You made your own beds; now you can lay in them.

  26. Bear Claw Chris Lapp

    Aesop and other friends. These ann coulter lovers are not the unwashed. The bitch and complain without much study. The answers are out there they are just to lazy to put the time in to find the answers. I am still nervous of the bill he signed but time will tell and only time will tell.