GoV: One Tiny Little Glimpse Into The European Soul

Full-bore socialism is so good.

Just can’t wait ’til the job started by Frank the Cripple in ’33 gets finished.


15 responses to “GoV: One Tiny Little Glimpse Into The European Soul

  1. the Fusa is so FUBAR.

    there is a program to give relief for all.

    they WANT to give you something.

    all you have to do is ask for it.

    $ has no value to them, they just print it up as needed.

    having the reserve currency allows that.

    Haxo is right (((debt bux))) rules the world- for now.

  2. It’s hard for me to relate to this stuff. I grew up in a small town where in the summers time, at roughly eight years old and on, we were out the door at 08:00 with instruction to be home by dark, if we got hungry come home and eat, or go to one of the other kids houses and eat.

    We ran in a little pack of kids, all from the hood. We could literally roam miles and miles, fishing, exploring, riding our horses, playing. at ten we had twenty twos, so we shot a lot. By 12 we were accomplished duck and dove quail and pheasant hunters,,with our dads and uncles.

    12/13 we all had used second hand motorcycles, Yamaha 100/125 kawasakis and Suzukis, we used the railroad tracks like roads, often riding 100 plus miles a day.

    At 14 we would ride our bikes, to my parents cabin, up the Union Pacific tracks, thru the tunnels, to Donner summit. We’re were would hang out ride fish shoot some more.

    Was the sixties, baby sitters?, Mother Nature was our sitter and teacher. We were taught to be rugged individuals, polite but to not cow tow, to others beliefs.

    I cherish that time in space, that way of life. I only wish my grandsons could grow up as I did. Not the case, even here on the mountain.


    • lastmanstanding

      Same here.

      Thing must change. I’m having better luck with others than my own family.

      Son is squared away. Daughter, not so much. Hard work with gkids starts this summer. Fucking commie school that she sends them to.

      I wish us both good luck.


        LMS: I just read on the Ammoland website today the American Communist Party in the State Senate in Boise, along with a few Dead Elephant Quislings, are going to pass a Red Flag Law. Stay tuned.

      • Lastman, “word” my oldest grandsons here, I’m taking him to school today. Both my kids are squared away. No idea how that happened, I was never home.

        My sons wife split, she’s 34,,,,, fucking a fifty year old dentist. Go figure. End of the day, she gave us perhaps the most important people in my world. My grand boys, We”ll always be Attached at the hip. I do wish her well.

        Matters of the heart absolutely shredd people. The only cure is time, and new love.

        embrace your grandchildren, model what a great life looks like, incorporate them into finding their own solutions. Allow them to stumble, and learn from their mistakes. Pick em up dust em off, and ask them to define what they learned from that failure.

        After reading your principles your views, I’m certain. You will excel as a grandfather, onward, upward.

        Life IS the lesson.

    • ” I only wish my grandsons could grow up as I did.”

      but they won’t because of dirtbags like yourself. fucking cops have ruined everything good in the Fusa.

      wnat to have some fun? can’t without a cop showing up and fucking everyone over with tickets, fines, arrests, jail, prison..

      fuck you rotten basturd pigs. i hope your grankids are used for fertilizer.

      • More pearls from the bitter, drunken, loser. Go back to Reddit

      • Tee, you will never understand what being a grandfather is all about.

        As your learning, your money can’t buy happiness , or the joy of watching your legacy sprout like flowers right in front of you. See the wonderment in their eyes, their learning about life solving complex questions at young ages. we all did this, when we were kids.

        Answer their questions they ask, honestly. Introduce them to what’s truly important in life.

        What sadness me is this. Tee under your shell I know your a good man, and I believe you would have been an outstanding grandfather.

        Children are the finest gift woman could ever giver her man. The gift of birth is truly a miracle.

        I admit I’m blessed. Not by my money, or the shit I own, but by two little boys who sadly look exactly like me, when I was their age. For me this is a culmination of my life’s work.

        Tee, I don’t apologize for my career. Their is good and evil in this world. And their are STILL good men and women who serve their communities. Doing the right thing for the right reason. While the haters here tend to focus on everything negative. I don’t. Their is far more good then bad in this world, at least for now.

        You wanna hate cops not sweat off my balls, hate away.
        Have a good one.


    • I was not as rural but your experience echoes my own

    • Word. Our parents were glad when school let out and we boys disappeared until fall. Two less mouths to feed. They were glad when the girls eloped and married soon as they could. Damn, we rode the rails, hitch-hiked across the country, found short term jobs– any farmer’d pay five bucks a day for kids to sling hay or shuck shit outta the barns. We slept under bridges, in grass huts, under the stars, we really didn’t give a damn. Worst thing ever to happen to us was getting drafted, totally ruined our wandering.

    I’m sure many of you have seen this but it is worth revisiting . We have to abolish the Department of Education and/or home school the patriot kids . Put most if not all educators on your list .

    • Remember when ronnie raygun promised to abolish the Dept of Edumacashun, along with the Dept of Energy?

      More fraud by politicians, just like trump.