You Are Being Replaced

Mike explains.

The invaders are winning.

And they know it.

32 responses to “You Are Being Replaced

  1. Old Gray Wolf

    They will keep winning. They have kids. We can kill all we can pull a trigger on, and they will just keep breeding until we run out of ammo. That Killcullen talk shares some interesting numbers. 2.5 billion MORE people by 2050. Most of those from developing(shithole) countries. Most of those packed into coastal cities of more than 1 million people. Entire coastlines one big slum. We think the world has changed so far? Buckle up, buttercup, you ain’t seen shit yet. Changes here will be huge. Already over-seeded with brown incubators, we continue to import more every damn day. Most we can hope for is to push them to the coasts and hold the interior for our own. What we really need is some serious downsizing by nature. Like ebola or smallpox in the slums of developing countries. Which carries its own risks, given the porous nature of our borders and the efficient nature of modern travel. Anyone with a brain needs to be unassing the coasts and the cities now. While you can. The coming goatfuck will not be good times for those in the wrong place. The more I read and learn, the less hope I see for any effective return to common sense and homogenous society. Humans are simply a parasitic scourge, and will continue breeding and moving about until the entire world is one giant slum full of mongrels. Barring some cataclysmic cleansing of the planet by natural means, its gonna get ugly, and keep getting uglier. We just got stuck with the tail end of the best time in history. So we get to know what is good, and watch it all fade into the past. Wish I was older…

  2. #RealNoose

    Let the Noose loose.

  3. Freeillinois

    Coudenhove-Kalergi has to be laying in his grave laughing his god damn ass off.
    He claims whites are all a bunch of inbred mother-f**kers that deserved to be replaced and erased from history.

    Sad part is we are doing a good job of doing nothing about it.

  4. Juan and Company continue to expose their shortcomings……The “Hispanics” might be numerous in the large megalopolises, but in the boonies, most speak English very well. Voting was a winner when White People ran things; honesty, sacred honor, all that. The folks in the overstuffed cities won’t have much longer to welcome Diversity. Once the cold-hard-brutal facts of SHTF show up, the Elites will have more pressing problems. A new sport will replace the coat of many colors, and I think Blood Red will be the winner. Pantry full? Secured water? Got cast iron cookware? Winter is coming…….

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Got it all, and then some. Love winter. Always at my happiest when the snow was deep and the power went out. Let it friggin’ snow.

  5. The cholo is winning…for now.

    We are many.

  6. Invaders: to many to count.
    i am sure many of you have seen the liars. well what about the Hate, the haters on all sides? Those who simply unwilling to find any common ground.
    Vengeance and Justice are not equals, as they are not the same.
    Both sides seem to seek Vengeance, getting even, never seeing how it is that both sides are being manipulated to feel act,and react in this way.
    How many times must this same scene play out to see , we are being used to murder each other?

    • A follower,

      One DOES NOT ‘find common ground’ with those that have
      made it abundantly clear from the very beginning that they
      not only are envious of what has been created but more
      importantly, WHO made what they covet possible – that they
      hate those of us who create, maintain and build.

      No, it’s easy for those in the religious ‘fuzzy-wuzzy’ camp to
      say, “Vengance and Justice are not equals, as they are not
      the same.” They are applying their ‘principles’ to try to engage/
      understand the enemy that looms before them. Here’s a hint:
      The communist, nihilist, atheistic malevolent hordes that are
      sent forth by folks like sorros, rothschilds and their globalist
      masters DON’T give a moldering dead rats ass about ANY
      prinicples that we hold dear; in that regard, our principles ARE
      and will be used against us as a weapon; it’s our ‘Achilles heel’!
      It’s like finding oneself in a street brawl with BAMN or Antifa; one
      absolutely doesn’t fight by the ‘Queen’s Rules’ when the opposition
      brings chains with attached bike locks, molotov’s and other
      weapons, improvised or not to such a fight.

      Yes, it’s better ‘to avoid the fight’ if one’s honor and conscience
      will allow for it; but what has been slowly constructed since the
      end of ‘The Bad War’ is NOT something that you, I or anyone
      else can go, “lalalala…all is fine..all is well..we just need to
      share a Coke and the whole world will sort itself out beautifully!!”

      There IS a fight coming that no one here, including you will be
      able to avoid…whether it’s the globalists finally letting their dogs
      of chaos slip free…the parasites employing a very nasty 9/11
      type of incident as handled by mossad for the jews/israel’s benefit..
      or some psychotic squirrel/fed agitator like Curt Doolittle playing
      ‘Dr. Raoul X’ to the unstable impressionable types via social media
      as he does below:

      Curt Doolittle is siegepilled

      Factor THAT into what has been being yowled about non-stop
      by the parasite-controlled propaganda media about the ‘national
      guardsman’ “who was planning a major terrorist attack”…he’s been
      arrested yet Curt Doolittle hasn’t?!?

      That should speake volumes to folks right there!!…

      In any case, the upcoming nastiness WILL NOT be surmounted,
      let alone be won by “being nice”.
      Far too many people have forgotten (if they ever knew it) that ‘nice’
      is NOT something to be proud of or a quality of virtue. Nice really
      means that the subject being referred to is: stupid, ignorant, senseless,
      foolish or absurd.

      I AM NOT a nice man!
      No one here should be nice either!

      When your enemies face you – kill them! – ‘Hate’ DOES
      have it’s place in survival’s ‘scheme of things’!

      Unless you intend to ‘bore them to death’ with talk….GFLWT!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. “You Are Being Replaced”
    Quite possibly and ‘we are all being used.’ And who do you serve?
    who do you fear? Are they not the same?
    Stand back and take in the whole picture.

    • A follower,

      NO, they are NOT the same!

      If you can’t understand such and why, that explains
      why you are merely ‘a follower’ and NOT a LEADER!

      Trying to attribute ‘moral equivalence’ with invasive
      violent parasites makes as much sense as you
      trying to smile as you cry out, “I love my intestinal
      parasites…the pinworms and tape worms are me and I’m them!!
      I share existence with them and rejoice in it!!”

      I’m sure Paco, muhammad, Lebonsha and their globalist
      handlers ‘wuuvvv yuuu’ right back too!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  8. thesouthwasrght

    When the free ride ends there will be an exodus that would make Moses proud. Yeah some of the harder gang types will hang on to some concrete real estate here but the vast majority of them will be fleeing like rats leaving a sinking ship. Which is a rather apt comparison now that I think about it.

    I give us well less than a decade before the music stops.

  9. the murkins are just getting what they have earned.

    they sit around and watch tv, eat like pigs, and drink beer till they are fat. stupid, and unhealthy. then, wonder why everything is slipping thru their fat greasy fingers. their wymin are whores, their kids are useless, and they elect psychopathic pond scum to lead them.

    what could go wrong?

    • THIS!!!!!!!!!

    • First 6 months, 80 mill, poof, gone. Then a mill per month til equilibrium is achieved. 3 years down, there will be enough spaces in between that people will be able to breathe. Sporadic killings will continue, but not in mass. Raids, conquests, etc. Slavery will be the order of the day and primary method of exchange for food.

      In order:
      as far away from society as possible.

  10. This’ll tug at tFat’s otherwise soulless heart:

    Bodycam Captures Moment Illegal Pulls Gun And Fires Shot at Deputy

    Illegal immediately deported to Hell. Did not pass “Go.” Did not collect any U.S. taxpayer’s dollars.

    Good work.

  11. Any of you boys know what happened to Christian Merc? Site doesn’t resolve for over a week now.

  12. Yes and no, its the old quality-quantity argument. Is the population of Anglos attempted to be replaced? You bet it is. Is what is the replacement capable of holding together a highly automated industrial society — nope. Just as I don’t think a 40yo coal miner is going to start coding to beat the band. I don’t expect some field hand from Guatemala to be able to do it either.

    Best I can hope for is that when AOC is slobbering in her pillow some dindunuffn gives her The Shot having forgot that there was air in the syringe. The rest is Idiotrarcy all the way down.

    • This is a must see:

      Why America isn’t the greatest country in the world anymore.

      Just remember that someone thought it was OK for
      AOC, Pelosi, Feinstein, Kamela Harris, Barbara Boxer,
      Stacey Abrams and all the rest to:

      Be able to vote
      Get an education PAST High School
      Go for a ‘career’/hold ANY ‘public office’

      Never forget that all women function on problem
      solving with EMOTIONS not critical thought.

      The invasive hordes in Europe and here are to
      be solved as if they’re sad hungry shivering puppies
      and be fed, nurtured, cuddled and adopted…
      It’s how women ‘function’…it’s what they ‘do’ (they can’t
      help it; that’s HOW nature ‘wired them’).

      MEN create, build, repair and innovate.
      Women nurture and care for the young.
      and have men’s babies.
      Just as nature intended.

      It’s past time that women were put BACK
      into their place in the home, where they
      are suited best and truly shine.

      Or…it could end up for them like Lando shooting
      his mouth off….

      This Deal’s Getting Worse All The Time | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

      “Daddy…why’s mommy riding a unicycle and clown
      shoes while she’s making breakfast?’…..

      “I have altered ‘The Deal’….pray I do NOT alter it
      any further!”…

      “Oh..ok Daddy..the lights on your chest armor’s
      flashing again”…

      “Never mind your breakfast before it’s cold!”
      “Ok, I love mommy’s unicycle pancakes!”
      “Me too my little Dark Jedi in training!”

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Learn to code.

  13. Gotta love affirmative action. without it you can’t dumb down society enough to guarantee Democrats. The Get Whitey plan exists to make some ‘people of color’ feel exonerated when they don’t meet expectations or are incapable of meeting minimum standards or requirements. They kill the goose and then complain that there’s no golden eggs and are too stupid to understand where the golden eggs came from in the first place.

    What is most astonishing is to listen to and watch the self hating white people destroying their ancestry in order to fit in to a group that would kill them if and when the status quo changed. Imagine black students WANTING segregation.

    Who doesn’t love the idea of an affirmative action heart surgeon?

  14. Shinmen Takezo

    There’s a lot a hand wringing, whining and babble about what to do.

    The fact is you are all being replaced.
    The same dynamic is being played out currently in Europe but on a faster, larger scale.

    It will only take one election to put some Communist dunce in the White House who will throw the borders wide open and allow literal columns of turd-world, disease-ridden, average IQ of 70, Spanish speaking unwashed rats to pour into this country by the millions.

    So I am posting a few links here for you all to get your minds right.

    This set of videos is from John Mark who’s message is exploding like wildfire. I suggest you take the time to watch all of his videos–the will in fact wake you up and perfectly explain the dynamics which you are currently facing–also give workable solutions which we can all put in play right now…

    Pay close attention to the voting charts in the following video…

  15. Anyone here spend months straight on a sail boat? How was resupply? Which geographic area did you prefer to sail? What were your main problems?

  16. the Usual Suspect

    And when the merry ROUND go’s end, your skin color will be your uniform!

  17. No, you we’ve quit guarding Our, We the People’s Republic.