Tempus fugit.

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  1. ” If I stand up, I will be out of a job, lose my house, and be unable to support my family. My former co-workers and most of my family will shun me because they will think I’m insane,”

    and this is exactly why the murkins will lose everything- because they never had anything to begin with…

    slaves won’t bite the hand that feeds them and their families.

    some of us don’t suffer from that weakness.

  2. The young man telling his story at end of article
    sure brings back memories, only very few of us
    where using similar tactics of deliveries on a daily
    basis for years. The reasons it was able to be done
    on a daily basis, for years, was because the message
    was well understood and even approved by smiles
    and even gestures of acquiescing.

    The ones which did not approve, well, gave themselves
    away 🙂

    “Every man to his family and his possessions”

  3. Donny Corleone

    This is all you need to know about Trump’s failures. He has surrounded himself with jews from day one and continues to do so. That is all. Carry on.

  4. You guys are a bad joke. What are you “prepping” for? In a few years time, when the left comes for your weapons, mags, ammo…you’ll give em’ up without a murmur,much less a fight. Wanna know why? Cause your friendly,neighborhood Cop will be the one knocking on your door.
    Also cause they don’t work for YOU…they work for the JEW!
    Your friendly, neighborhood NAZI…

    • “Cause your friendly,neighborhood Cop will be the one knocking on your door.”

      Some…not all.

      Chaves County NM commissioners just passed the ‘2nd Amendment Sanctuary’ statute making it a ‘sanctuary’ county for gun rights. 9th NM county to do so thus far. Affirms the 2nd Amendment and that any new guns laws from the newly elected NM governor will not be enforced or funds allocated for such a law. Passed the commissioners vote 5-0. Newly elected Sheriff Mike Herrington campaigned on the issue and won handily. Roswell Police Chief has made the same pledge.

      750 citizens swarmed the courthouse Thursday for standing room only and raised their right hands in support of the statute.

      1 raised his hand in opposition.

      The Left opened the door in using the ‘Sanctuary’ tactic for laws/rights they don’t like.

      Now they get some sauce for the goose.

    • And don’t forget to present your Real ID/National ID card for inspection to the
      ‘stack’, if they don’t kill or incapacitate
      you upon entry.
      Stop whining, you bleating sheep were
      fully informed and warned long before now.

      But ain’t nobody got time for that!

      Sportyball, boozing, porn, barbecues,
      GOP cucking and voting is where it’s at.

  5. “million man march of MAGA’s!”

    chuckle, followed by loud


    and this just in: (((Epstein)))’s pedo-Island hushaby plea-deal has been revoked.

    IF that rock actually gets turned over this time around, all sorts of insects are going to be scurrying for cover, including

    both Clintons and


  6. Sarcasm Follows:

    I can’t say for sure, but during one of Trump’s recent press conferences I noticed that while answering questions and feigning trouble with the blinding television lights, Trump blinked his eyes in Morse code, spelling the acronym “ZOG”—possibly confirming for the first time to the American people that the White House is under foreign control, which helps to explain the ongoing implementation of the Kalergi Plan.

  7. I buried a bull this morning. Twisted up his insides and strangulated. He had been dead for two days in single digit temps.He was stinking. My 410D backhoe, I keep at the ranch had a tough time punching through sixteen inches of frozen tundra. My big excavators punch through no problem.
    When the human carcasses start piling up and rotting what is your plan? Burn them. Bury them. Render. Morbark. Sanitation requires cadaver removal. Humans rot and stink quicker than a bull. Give it some serious thought. Be creative.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Stocking chain. To wrap the bodies with and sink them in the reservoirs of nearby cities… Yum.

      Just kidding, but I really don’t like cities, or most of the people that inhabit them.



  8. Good article. The money shot:
    “The change (read: violence) will begin when either the welfare entitlements and government pensions start to dry up and those fokes begin to loot and burn in the urban areas, or when economic collapse drives the working class out of their jobs and puts them into a position of nothing left to lose.”
    We are almost there with a fragile banking system, a volatile stockmarket, and most everybody living paycheck to welfare check. The only way this whole ball of idiocy stops, is when families start being family in God’s sense, transgenderism-which didn’t exist 10 years ago-disappears, and we once again engage leading the world in intelligence. It is going to take the entire system blowing up. With Ebola, typhus, antibiotic resistant TB, ad nauseam, it ain’t far off. Add the other oddities and peculiarities of modern living and this is a foaming stew.
    Best advice: get your vittles and powders in order. Don’t forget your luggable loo.

  9. Vote with your feet.have a look at montana.research our state Constitution,property prices,employment,winter weather etc.this is the last best place.everybody 8 to 80 owns and knows how to shoot a rifle.if you have skills you can find a job up here.low cost of living.more critters than people.YOUR outnumbered by Commies a thousand to one where you are,that’s not the case here.if you go to the wrsa shindig in Cody,wy. you owe it to you and your family to swing up this way and check it out.

  10. Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren wants to buy the votes of black Americans by promising to raid the bank accounts of white Americans.

  11. robroysimmons

    Gents word of warning before you follow our usual loser script of fighting the authority you first might want to question authority and diminish that authority in the eyes of the normies.

    You assemble your “million maga army” to go fight the authority that authority will be blessed by the normies and your corpses will be pissed on for pleasure by the likes of AOC to Suburban Suzie.

    In short stop that childish shit of fighting authority, grow the fuck up and question the authority that rules us.


      Word. Take a page out of Alinsky’s book about ridicule. Read the works of Hayduke. Don’t charge the buzz saw. It did not work for Chesty Puller on Peleliu, and it won’t work for you. Bleib ubrig.

  12. You’re being watched………….