Buppert: Never Go Full Benchmade


Screw any business that wants me dead.

Who else needs the Dick’s treatment and why?

Answer in comments, please.

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  1. And even now sides are STILL being chosen against us. Idiots. I’ve had a few knives from them over the years, mostly small ones, with locks and springs breaking. No more.

  2. Bench made screwed up, benchmade was called on their fuckup, benchmade unfucked the issue. End of story.

    Benchmade is a fine knife, like many on the market. I’m always amused by the brand wars. Knives are tools, knives have different uses. The steel used in manufacturing reflect that. Utility knifes are a world of difference away from a fighting knife.

    End of the day, I’ve seen a lot of men and women killed with simple garbage kitchen knives.

    Do your homework, buy what fits your needs. I own Emersons and
    Benchmade, knives. Have since their inception. Nothing special.

    Have a great day.


    • “Bench made screwed up, benchmade was called on their fuckup, benchmade unfucked the issue. End of story.”
      Eat a bag of shit, you taint swabbing lackey.
      A bedpan of diarrhetic shit……a GOP’ing boomer cuck statist…….dirk, all a ladle full
      of piss, one in the same.

    • You are wrong. Benchmade made it worse with the release of that video. They’re done.

    • Bench made screwed up, benchmade was called on their fuckup, benchmade unfucked the issue. End of story.

      Oh? Details, please, if you don’t mind…..

    • Nunya Bizniss Sr

      Read the fuckin’ article, Dirk. This isn’t a brand war it’s about someone finding and supporting the other side’s cause.

    • Did they also unfuck their years of donations to anti-gun DNC politicians?


    • Has the owner been refunded all the donations to all the anti-2A candidates he has made through the years?

      Is that what you mean by unfucking the issue?

      Did they explain that they were the only shop in the city with a chopsaw, hand grinder and acetylene torch, and have an “anybody is allowed to enter the shop area and use our tools and take pictures of their work” policy, so it wasn’t their fault the local PD posted on facebook their deeds so it’s all cool unfucking of the issue?

      Or are you saying that all those firearms were never owned nor papered in that commie state, so the rightful owners could never be tracked down so those evil jump-off-the-bench-cop-killer firearms just had to be slaughtered before they slaughtered other people?

      Perhaps the State should crush every car that was driven by anyone arrested for DUI so that no innocent chirruns get run down in the street?

      Wouldn’t that be an appropriate response to ending everything the State deems unseemly?

    • What exactly did Benchmade “unfuck”?
      Last I looked, they give overwhelmingly, like 10:1, to Leftard politicians.


      That’s their business.

      Who I don’t buy anything from is mine.

      Fuck Benchmade and their liberal sympathies.
      They’re Dick’s.

      And CA: You left out Jillette™:”Razors For Little Bitches”/P&G.

  3. Wondering why Springfield Armory is in that meme?

  4. Folks,we need a organized list and reasons to NOT support certain companies.Take the time to e-mail and tell them you not only will not buy their products but encourage also others not to.

    I would also say a good list with companies one SHOULD consider supporting would be a good idea(assuming you need what they offer) as we as a country need to support good business if we want them around.

    A privately held company may do as they wish for better or worse,tis the great thing about private ownership.The banks that will not loan to say gun makers and deplatform certain sites should be held to a higher standard as we the tax payers unwillingly bailed them out and pay for their fdic insurance ect.

    These actions are a good way of non violent protest(unlike a large group of progressives) and give us a vote that really counts,our dollars.

  5. Old Gray Wolf

    No mercy for companies that “screw up”. They would not have done it if they had the correct mindset to begin with, and any attempt to “unfuck” the mistake after the fact is simply trying to save the profits to be lost by acting as they did. No more Benchmade for me. Or Dick’s or anyone else that works with the Stasi and the Politburo. Starve the machine and all the sychophants that assist it. No room here for dojng business with traitors.

  6. Once you become a tool for the communist part you can NEVER “unfuck the issue” They are now and forever the enemy of liberty, as are you @ Dirk. You bot ,federal POS. FUCK BENCHMADE! Help the enemy and you ARE the enemy @Dirk. Hips , Heads , badges. The friend of my enemy is the enemy.

    • The Walkin' Dude

      What’s excellent about low IQ pigs is the fact they HAVE to come to the “incident” ( ambush 🙂 ) when called.

  7. The campaign donations information is a little misleading. Every single person who donates to a federal candidate is asked to fill out a form. One on the fields on the form is “employer”.

    So the Benchmade contribution numbers is the sum total of all those made by their employees.

    Benchmade is a big employer just outside Portland, OR. A few people at my gym do or did work there.

    Any employer who is hiring people in Portland, especially manufacturing employees, many of whom are late 20s to early 30s , is going to have a resulting employee population that skews liberal and Democrat. The GOP is almost extinct in Multnomah County, OR. More so among younger people.

    Oh, yeah, Portland is the whitest large city in the USA. So, it’s not Somali immigrants doing those jobs,. It’s the tatoo’d and pierced former baristas who decide at 28 they want a better job.

    • Jackson, great overview, I agree. Benchmade is guilty of surviving the political climate in Portland. It’s a matter of survival politics. No Idea why they stick around in the Portland area.

      These boys would eat their own, in one of their feeding frenzies. What’s sad is for every wrong reason, they won’t purchase one of the best made knives in America.


  8. Answer while you can. Anybody ever live for months on a sail boat? How was resupply? Where did you sail? What was your biggest problem? Coast Guard bother you?

  9. They popularized the bali-sung knife and called it the Bali-Song and trademarked that name. They were also competitors with Al Mar and a few other tactical folder knife companies.

    I don’t understand why there is an issue with Bench Made chopping confiscated guns as a third party. Did they volunteer as a “social” outreach or for publicity?

  10. Donny Corleone

    Dirk, first of all they fucked up. No one made them fuck up. They did it themselves. This just shows their true colors.
    Forgive them if you like, but I choose not to. Cutting up police confiscated weapons is not a good business plan for an outdoor oriented company.
    I have seen your affinity for the police because you used to be in “law enforcement” and I guess that this colors your perception of the actions of this company, so I’ll just close with the hope that your “normie” way of thinking will evolve in time.
    Not trying to pick a fight, just expressing my difference of opinion with you. Have a good one.

    • Donny C, you ever make a mistake, when you realized your mistake. How did you fix the mistake?. Did you except the responsibility for your mistake, own it, and correct it.

      Or did your kiss it off, blame your actions on others. Donny, after reading your posts here for while, I recognize your a guy who does the right thing, for the right reasons.

      Bench made made an mistake, when it was brought to their attention they fixed it. “So what” , they allowed their equipment to be used to destroy guns seized and court ordered destroyed.

      I think your aware that I’m a retired policeman, and held in the highest Regard!, around here lol!

      . I to have been involved in the destruction of weapons seized in crimes, and court ordered destroyed.

      We used local lumber mills, To cut and melt. We didn’t ask about their politics, what the fuck does that matter. By the way ATF has a best practice on how exactly the weapons must be destroyed.

      While I fundamentally don’t agree with destroying weapons, most not court ordered, destroyed, were sold to the public at market value. that money went into the Cities general fund, not the police departments fund.

      Local gun dealers usually came down, reviewed the guns and submitted a bid.

      I’m fine with the disagreement,,and I,appreciate your addressing it,,rather then revert to childish name calling. Those retards amuse me.


      • Donny Corleone

        Yeah Dirk, in retrospect I probably should have left out the FU. Don’t apologize for the difference of opinion but I do for the profanity.

  11. What did palmetto state do?

  12. Walter Sobchak

    The problem is that it’s almost every business, the communist virus is everywhere. It’s so widespread I can’t keep up any more. I know there are a few good ones out there, but they’re few and far between. I think it was Barrett a few years ago that said they wouldn’t sell guns to the cops in states that have unconstitutional/anti 2nd amendment laws, and good on them for it. It’s double difficult for low income people. I know that Barrett makes a very nice AR they’ve come out with recently, it’s a beautiful gun, but it’s far too expensive for someone like me to ever hope to acquire. S&W was probably the first company in the firearms world to go full totalitarian back in the Clinton years, I do believe they’ve un F’d themselves, although there are people who still won’t buy S&W to this day. I try to step on the air hose to the destroyers every chance I get, usually only to find whatever alternative is also contributing to the destroyers as well. It’s probably easier to list the good companies vs. the bad, there are a few good and everyone else is bad until proven otherwise. The best bet is the mantra around here, ‘local, local, local’ at least if you still live in an area that isn’t occupied territory.

    • Every publicly traded company and every company wealthy enough to have a logo IS OWNED AND CONTROLLED BY JEWS, who own 50% of the world’s wealth.

      They acquired this wealth by doing what they do: fraud.

  13. Wounded Warrior Project

  14. It occurs to me that most are unaware of benchmades offensive actions.

    In a nut shell, benchmade allowed their local PD, to cut and melt siezed weapons. these weapons were court ordered to be destroyed. Bench made was contacted by the local PD a few years back and agreed to let those court ordered guns to be melted in their furnaces at the factory.

    No malice intended, simply supporting their local poopoo. When word got out like last week, many folks contacted bench made criticizing them for being involved in the destruction of those weapons.

    Benchmade realized their mistake and vowed to not be a participant in the weapons destruction. This isn’t ” hating” this was simply assisting their home town.

    While I hate the idea of any weapon being destroyed, ain’t no getting around the fact that the courts ordered their destruction, so it’s going to happen. Where their destroyed is really frankly moot.

    Let’s not cut our noses off to spite our faces. Our local conservative talk radio hosts been talking about this for days now. Stated he was one of the callers to benchmade and the CEO, owner realized his mistake, telling Lars Larson they’ve received hundreds of calls in protest, and that bench made will no longer be involved in weapons destruction for the police department.

    . They were simply helping out their local police force, assuming they were doing the community a solid.

    Hope this helps.


    • wendystringer48088

      I think the reason why people are a bit upset over this is because of the trend of the new and ever more restrictive gun laws being enacted and proposed such as bans on all semi-auto firearms and “red flag” laws that strip people of their firearms without due process.

      Destroying guns taken from gangsters. – Cool.

      Destroying guns taken away from a guy who’s wife falsely accuses him of threatening her. – Not so much.


      To say nothing of all the people in California in New York who didn’t register or surrender their now illegal semi-auto firearms.

      By the logic of the laws says this so it is going to happen so it doesn’t matter who does it just have SWAT teams bust into the homes of all known gun owners and if they find something illegal then it’s jail for them and gun confiscation and destruction for the now forbidden firearms.

      Unpopular laws are opposed. That what the Left is big on. You might notice the foot dragging and screaming resistance to President Trump’s attempts to get things done the Left doesn’t like.

      We should do likewise. Screw anyone showing a willingness to help the enemy in their goals.

      • “Destroying guns taken from gangsters. – Cool.”

        so now you are supportive of disarming the coproaches?

        make up your mind.

        oh wait. never mind.

    • anyone or any company supporting the rotten to the core pigs are the enemy of everyone.

      all cops are corrupt. ALL OF THEM.

    • wendystringer48088


      Respectfully, I know you have a pro-police law enforcement bias – I do too, as think the alternatives – probably a world run by gangs and warlords with private armies – would be worse. But there comes a time when one has to protest something that is “legal” but is wrong by simply stepping back and saying “Sorry, I can’t help you.”

      Art worst, make them force you to do it after you repeatedly politely but firmly refuse.

      A law gets passed and they (the other side) expect it to be enforced without hesitation or complaint by people like us because “it’s the law”. But it is funny how the other side reacts screaming and refusing to comply and dragging it’s feet and monkey wrenching the works every step of the way when say the President wants things done or when the police enforce laws they don’t like.

      How often is it said that people like us are who really keep things running? Why make it easy for them? Time to fight back. Make them fight for every step.

      Gaining Momentum: Now 44 Gun Companies Have Stopped Selling to Law Enforcement In Anti-2nd Amendment States



    The Benchmade knives I have seen at Cabela’s, gun shows, and in catalogs seem way over-priced. Now that I, along with legions of others, will never purchase them, I wonder how long it will take them to go under?
    They could have demonstrated some integrity and just said no. If they are depending on the LEO establishment in the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon to buy their products, they are delusional. Most cops, in my experience look for freebies and perquisites from the business community. But, the dyke-commie governor will probably give them a tax break for their: “public service”. Anathema sit.

  16. The faction of the dead elephant party easily referred to as the ultimate in cuckery called The NRA Pilled
    Traitors of an entirely different useful dupe color. They live among us.
    Right in front of 15 million Fud’s as they blissfully whistle past their own graveyard. The cognitive dissonance of the Normie’s writ large. And they think donating to the useful idiot’s of Fairfax is part and parcel Murica!
    Support The NRA Pilled!
    They be first into that bulldozer prepped dirt nap.
    The ultimate irony will they be charged for the bullet?

    I’m letting my cold anger flag fly one day. It hits me. There is a remedy for this. It begins with 1st principles. So I began with myself, (another first principle).
    It starts with it is time to return to essential elements of what being an American is about. More base than that, a Freeman. And it isn’t what some meddling asshole thinks they got some special right to determine what I can and can not do.
    As Mr. Hoffman put it, We become a people who are artists, craftsman, farmers, blacksmiths and gunsmiths, foundrymen, millrights and gristmillers, cabinet makers and fishermen, tailors and midwives, country store proprietors selling fine made local produced durable goods and toothsome vittles, wine, beer and whiskey, it is then nobody can tell us what to do. Thats a fact of life and history. This country is in a pickle because the inertia and value, the prosperity and wealth created by those great self determining industrious creative elements of us as a civilization are running out, that wealth is systematicaly being strip mined for the benefit of a select group of usurpers. Fuck them. If we are to not just survive, but thrive, it is time to get back to basics friends. Thats the real sustainability. This faustian bargain of industrialization and corporatized tyranny cramping our style and freedoms is for shit. Free unfettered economic activity on our local levels is in parallel and very much the spirit of 4th Generation warfare. The whole holistic kittenkaboodle.
    You wage 4th G war on all levels. Its upstream of everything. Its running up the sonofabitches flank. Open source insurgency on all levels.
    That uniquely American culture of can do and industrious innovation on the grass roots level is upstream of politics and everything attached to this ugly festering hide of the human extinction movement.
    It Works

    Learned myself the art of making match grade Thompson Contender carbine barrels. I learned enough to being building a single shot .50 cal Browning rifle. Then I get to thinking because I love me some home built 80% weapons, for the whole spectrum of resistive reasons, and satisfaction, why not design into this .50 cal ordinance rifle, 80% build form factor, and offer it as a kit?
    Then it hits me. A single shot? In the mighty .50? Works, but maybe something a little more nuanced. Something so brutal and ugly its beautiful?
    I gets me another brainstorm, why not the most badass up close and personal weapon possible. A semi-auto rugged 12 gauge shotgun with as much ammo such a weapon can carry? Like 25 rounds in a unique combat type form? The FU12-25

    My concept the FU12-25 has a couple of unique features. Gas impingement bolt unlocking, assisted blowback action. And a 25 shell “Feed Tray”, which is a rugged double column, tilt out to reload, non removable magazine device. Another feature, it is almost guaranteed to give the hoplophobes fits. Remember in the the 90’s they went bugfuck over the Street Sweeper and lost no time having the BATF proscribe it as one of those horror weapons with no legitimate use but to kill people. Yeah. Isn’t that one of the essential truths of American weaponry? To kill dirty stinking commies before they kill you? Right. That statist hysteria is commie speak for they are scared shitless it will be used by those they want to disarm, for disarming them. I see nothing wrong and everything right with that. Dont want weapons used against you for what you are doing to others, dont stick your fucking nose where it dont belong. Wont be no trouble. See what I did there?
    There ain’t many things more BFYTW than a man in his workshop making his own weapons.
    In that light, how about you help out your fellow Patriots, and make one of your weapons into an 80% kit and offer it at a working man’s pay scale of affordability?

    My chicken scratching is a little out of proportion. No matter, form follows function with this.

    On that note, shouldn’t you be learning yourself the art of bladesmithing? Forged, or stock removal style. Roll your own.
    Worst comes, bullets run out, blades are forever. Is there any better way to boycott Benchmade? And the NRA Pilled? Than to bypass the whole lot of them? Isn’t that insurgent, isn’t this upstream from all their fuckery.
    They all deserve to be shunned. To be shunned in a country of tribes and local communities is a time honored long proven remedy for cognitive stupidity.

    But hey, thats just tough shit. I don’t owe them anything. The hoplophobes either.
    Ol’ Bill is right about Abolition of the State and its slavery. Session begins in the head, its the #1 weapon, then you need weapons you hold in your hands. What is more profound than being a Freeman than Freemen who make their own weapons with their own hands. Huh?
    Unarmed slaves don’t stand a chance. But well armed ones with resources that are open source, well those kind of slaves are an entirely different dynamic.
    But I owe it to myself and my brothers in arms & Liberty to say Because Fuck You Thats Why to them all. Learn new skills. Make it at home.
    What are they going to do. Ban technology and metal fabrication?
    You get my TIG welder when you can pry it out of my dead cold fucking hands Bitchez!

    And so I have acquired the materials and components to begin machine work and fit up of the FU12-25. Will be posting an update with full specs and pics of progress shortly.
    I’m going to need a totally independent brutally honest beta tester if I am successful. Lucky guy gets a free kit. The only catch is you have to build it yourself to “see whats in it”.


    I am fully aware of all you worthless resistance is futile surrender monkey’s, trolls and agent provocateur shit stirrers, I hope you all loose your fucking marbles over this project, the ones you got left anyways, I mean go pluperfect plumb bolshi full retard.

    • Remington already makes it

    • Good an interesting idea with the shotty might check out weaponsguild.com they are a good resource for helping people along with gun ideas also wholeheartedly agree with the whole rolling your own knife aspect, it’s a good skill

    • Forge,would be more then happy to be a beta tester.With that said,I am a carpenter by trade/do own work on me autos except machining and there is my point,I do not have nor do most folks a tig welder/mill(am looking into a mini mill for a lot of reasons so not sure would be appropriate guy equipment wise.That said,have been around some interesting 80% builds that came out just fine,the best being a 1911 and what was interesting was that the decking/rail cut manually went easier then the final fit/finishing of the beaver tail safety,a lot of hand filing/stone and sanding to get just right.

      I would say might not want to engage in the 80% business unless you get the ole it is not a receiver letter from atf,do not want that perhaps just build your own/pass on the plans and let folks go at it themselves with no legal blowback to you,either way,best o luck and interested in how this turns out.

    • That FU12-25 looks sick. Would love to see one in real life. Super down to be part of the beta test.

  17. I met the owner of Benchmade about 3 decades ago on a business matter, he’s an OK guy. In this instance he fell for the ‘support muh local police’ meme. In retrospect he would have been better-off buying the cops their own metal cutter. When I was in the army I had to cut-up privately owned guns…shit happens. In the coming festivities we will need every swinging dik we can get, lets not make our enemies jobs easier. OK?

  18. Kbar 3077 folder, just a tool.

  19. Would it be considered irony if I use my benchmade to survive the commie onslaught? I mean I already have the thing woven into my chest rig! Damn!

  20. Benchmade may have unfucked the gun issue BUT they cannot do same for the political donation history. End of story, no more of my hard-earned $’s will go their way.

  21. So should we all get angry at Benchmade for helping local police carry out the law or should we actually try to improve things by going after the lawmakers that wrote the law and demand they change it to allow the resale of police guns?
    One feels good, one actually makes a difference. This is why conservatives truly deserve to lose to the progressives. We go after our own and punish them for existing in the system we allow leftists to create.

  22. Dick’s is struggling in Folsom. I saw their big sign up yesterday: We Beat Any Deal. I guess some SJW CEO grabbed the wrong snake to play with.

  23. Alfred E. Neuman

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  24. Benchmade Knives does NOT support the 2A. See OpenSecrets.org. Benchmade was founded and run by Les de Asis, he has donated repeatedly to Darlene Hooley, Oregon 5th District, US House of Representatives 1997-2009, Hooley has a 8% (F) rating from the NRA – and a 100% rating from the Brady Campaign. Benchmade as a company donates to Democrats almost exclusively, and to very rabid anti-2a Democrats.

    I have bought Benchmade for about 16 years. I have carried a griptilian in my pocket for years. No longer.

    • Hi Mr. Sheep.

      Hint: pocket knives have zero value. Literally not one thing that $6 scissors can’t do better and safer.

      News flash: modern technology. Scissors use 2 blades, a hinge, and leverage.

      Pocket knives are tacticool garbage worth zero in SHTF.

  25. “End of the day, I’ve seen a lot of men and women killed with simple garbage kitchen knives.”

    Well, I haven’t, but I catch your drift.
    Benchmade has never made one cent off’n my ass and most likely never will.
    Just went to their site for the first time, the least expensive knife in their line up was $115.00 srsly

    There is no knife in the world worth $115 to me. It’s JUST a knife!!!
    What, is there a shortage of knives out there, that Benchmade can charge prices like that?

    I have probably 300 or more knives around here, in my pockets, on the desks, in the drawers, in vehicles, packed in boxes, everywhere, and the most I ever paid for a knife was $35., for a Buck Ranger. 40 years ago. I still carry it regularly.

    About 2 years ago I was stupid and accidently snapped the tip off that Buck. I sent it to them along with a 10 dollar bill and about a month later they sent me a brand new knife no questions asked. And it was better than razor sharp.

    Benchmade? Who’s that? fuk-em-ded

    • I keep seeing comments like yours. So you have 300 knives, each cost under $35. For the past 16 years I have had (and still have) 3 knives, a ka-bar and 2 Benchmade, total about $300. I live on a ranch, I use my knife every day. Who paid more?

      Of course I will be replacing the Benchmade knives. I won’t give my money to a company only to have them stab me in the back.

      • “Who paid more?”
        “I will be replacing the Benchmade knives.”

        Looks like you bought $300 worth of useless knives.
        Most unfortunate.
        I’ll keep using mine.

  26. Maybe folks in the gun/freedom culture will start to understand
    how this:

    Is just the new version of this:

    Hint: It IS being energized off camera by the same (((people))), just
    as Benjamin Friedman tried to warn all of us back in 1961.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  27. Marlo Stanfield

    BENCHMADE? Damn! Lets start funding Vet Businesses that can take over making these products. Need a knife maker or two and a ballistics helmet maker to start. We also need a list of approved businesses. In this climate it will probably need updating often.

    From: Western Rifle Shooters Association To: marlostanfield53@yahoo.com Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2019 8:13 AM Subject: [New post] Buppert: Never Go Full Benchmade #yiv3481986974 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv3481986974 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv3481986974 a.yiv3481986974primaryactionlink:link, #yiv3481986974 a.yiv3481986974primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv3481986974 a.yiv3481986974primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv3481986974 a.yiv3481986974primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E !important;color:#fff !important;}#yiv3481986974 WordPress.com | Concerned American posted: “Heh.Screw any business that wants me dead.Who else needs the Dick’s treatment and why?Answer in comments, please.” | |

  28. Another company to boycott: Surefire LLC. known for their lights/weapon lights.

    Over 10k to anti gun democrats.

  29. Surefire also from what I’ve saw online…

  30. lastmanstanding

    Not only these big cheez dicks, but what about all the small biz in your community. You know who they are.

    I totally boycott them and pass the word to others.

  31. Anything made by P&G

  32. They want you dead:

  33. Bullshit. Enough straw man to feed a dairy herd. Immaterial if they make good knives (a lot of disagreement there). This is not a brand war. Yes they are a tool, but there are plenty of other tools out there as you point out. So why limit yourself to a tool whose owner does not apparently support the US Constitution as written? Anyone who wants to remove firearms from the people, allowing only government to own firearms, is nothing but a fascist. Benchmade has “unfucked” nothing. End of your story.

  34. Everyone should do with their money as they wish.There are a bunch of good companies & bladesmiths out there at this point, just as there are sporting goods retailers, in sufficient numbers that one can shop as they like.

    Benchmade seems to have made their bed (including market-wise) by making sure they don’t offend their LE clientele. However I disagree that they “unfucked” the issue. The CEO’s 2m “splainer” is pathetic, perhaps better off left undone.

    • as long as this fat ass CEO pays it’s taxes to fund my lifestyle i don’t care.

      murka is a shithole is a shithole is a shithole.

      keep working fucktards.


    • “Here lies Les, the whore.
      Four slugs from 44.
      No Les, no more.”

  35. Dumb asses. Everyday they reveal themselves as the enemy. They would have been smarter to go about their business, take our money and use it against us. Snitches and ditches go together like peas and carrots. The corporate asswipes should have realized the metaphor would be used on them

  36. Did years ago. Fuck them all.

  37. Sigproshooter

    Benchmark “unfucked the issue”? How? They apparently support communism, as broadly as possible. That seems to me they chose a side as a company. They have that right. Just as I have the right to not buy their products anymore. But they haven’t unfucked anything, they just got exposure and are going to see their bottom lines drop. Capitalism is a very good teacher as long as consumers walk the walk. The ball is in our hands now.

  38. Benchmade? Never heard of them. Let the garroting begin for the simple expedient that virtue signalling deserves an ugly death. My first rule of ownership is “If I can’t make it or fix it I really don’t own it.” Live that mindset the best I can.

  39. lastmanstanding

    Unfortunately, I have one benchmade knife that I purchased at a local friends shop years ago before this ignorant corporate fuck up.

    I also have some yeti coolers that I purchased locally same way. No way I paid full price. Not my style…just patience. They were the first s-o-t-a cooler that came along that served my preparedness needs. I wanted a cooler that would give me 4-5 days to deal with all of the vittles in my freezer.

    All the others are just as good and about half the price. I have a Mammoth, just as good. Coleman makes on as well, just as good, half price but retailers thought the Coleman brand had come…and gone.

    I did however make a purchase from a company residing in that progressive corridor area recently. I think it would be fair to say that a flip-flop there would unleash a cataclysmic storm from that out spoken man’s grave.

    As I said above…they are all over your AO. Don’t give them shit.

  40. The Usual Suspect

    NAH !!!! They just got caught, FUCK EM !!!

  41. Donny Corleone

    Changed my mind after reading your second post, Dirk. Fuck you and your cop sucking point of view. Thought that you would see the error of your ways. No such luck. Yours truly,

  42. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-23/americans-call-their-government-americas-top-problem

    americans-call-their-government-americas-top-problem and the coproaches that enforce their laws- fixed it.

    fuck the pooplice

  43. Arguing over what a knife company did? BFD
    We have more important things to do. Stay focused – not distracted.

    By the way – since I happened to drop in – Take a hint from the kid who stared down the Indian guy beating his…..

    Keep away (out of sight, out of mind) from the liberals, leftists, what-have-you. Do not engage in any discussions with them concerning politics, religion, the economy – you get the idea.

    If they try to pull you into such topics, change the subject. Talk about the weather, “Hey! how about them Chargers/Dodgers/Spurs” or the finer points of a Merlot versus a Cabernet. Show them pictures of your grandkids. – get the idea?

    “Gosh” look at the time! I have to go to my Yoga/Pilates/Therapy”

    – get the idea ? ;}

    Do not engage with idiots. They will knock you down to their level and beat you with experience (or drown you out by shouting). But most of the time birds of a feather – flock together. Reminds me of seagulls….

    Contact with such most times is purely accidental. At the first query – eject immediately!

    Just smile 🙂 and don’t say a word to them. At some point they will think they have won (Where have all the conservative, MAGA, gun-strokers gone?)

    This is your simple PSYOP lesson for the day – but I digress – most of you already know to do this……right?

  44. Thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, dumpsters at apartment complexes a few days before end-of-the-month, junk set out to the curbs before trash day…. you’d be amazed at some of the Good Stuff you can find cheap or free sometimes. Consider it “recycling” if it helps you sleep. Make friends of neighbors and small shopkeepers, they might save things for you, or have interesting information to pass along. If you buy something used, and maybe fix it better, you still starve the corporations because they aren’t seeing the money from their stuff. All kinds of warfare going on……

  45. (((Benchmade))) of course.

    And you retards destroy your own property after you already gave (((them))) your money.

    No wonder the Jews think we are cattle.

  46. I never heard of Benchmade either. But I don’t collect knives.
    I have a question. Back during O’bluegums time at the White House he pulled some stink-o and Cheaper-Than-Dirt swooned right in alongside O-nasty. At the time I swore I’d never do business with Cheaper-Than-Dirt and I haven’t even visited their site…until the other day!!!
    I wasn’t on their site very long when the old oath came to mind and I moved on to other sites. But since, I cannot remember what C-T-D did or how they allowed O’buthole to “do ’em dirty”.
    Can any of you remember what C-T-D did that should have alienated shooters?

  47. Remember to keep Levi Strauss off your shopping list. They have been actively supporting the anti-gun crowd since at lest the 80’s.