Planning For War In 2020

CNN: If Trump Refuses To Leave Office

The people who hate you want a war.

Plan accordingly.

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  1. CNN headline- “What if Trump refuses to accept defeat in 2020?”. Those SOB’s have refused to accept his win, or rather they have refused to accept defeat. Looking forward to finding out what will happen.

  2. It’s just more psyops for their base–the MSM whores want to keep the blood pressure up for their useful idiots. They can’t let their pool of fools calm down. Just remember: their fuel is raw emotions, not facts nor reason.

    BTW–gander at the “Editor’s Note” CV of the author of this piece–HE is exactly part of the problem here. Credentials up the wazoo–“future of war?” My ass!

    Betcha that smirky MF never wore the uniform nor fired a shot in anger, much less see somebody bleed out after being shot to pieces on the line.

    Let the candy-asses like him keep penning these BS pieces; I can’t stop him. I’ve got more important chores to do meantime.

  3. thesouthwasrght

    Imagine if the media were truly impartial. This globalist shill Geltzer who penned this is as full of shit as a Christmas turkey. I made it through about a third of that tripe and it left me wondering still how it is people can have a belief system the relies so on patent lies. Lies such as him decrying Trump not believing in the Intel community, or Trump attacking the media as if that happens in a vacuum, or his so called overreach in declaring a national state of emergency. Then I noticed there is no comments section therein.

    If WRSA is only right about one thing it is thus: there is no compromising with these people.

  4. What is CNN?
    You mean that semi credible news organization from about 40 years ago?
    Well, they immolated a couple decades back.

  5. josh must be working from home with the flu or something. just regurgitating the same line cnn has been putting out the last two years. being from georgetown law center, it’s easy for him to turn a blind eye towards who didn’t accept the results from the 2016 election, “cause that’s different”. that’s the thing with the flu – smelly stuff flying out from both ends.

  6. CNN presents an absurd question.

  7. Donny Corleone

    (((Joshua Geltzer))). Nothing to see here. Move along now.

  8. holy shite ! These people are certifiably insane. It’s obvious these evil bastards have been in power for a long time and are very upset about losing said power.

    Dear Lord protect the president from the evil that he is surrounded by.

  9. Tribe. Why is there any surprise?

    Kill the Communists. Every one of them. And every one of their enablers. Which include their Media shills.

    • whitedeath81

      I often wonder when is the line sand going to show up. My prayer is that it happens in my life time and not my children’s.

      Stock deep practice hard and kill them all.

    • It makes it so much easier, list wise, if one needs only to note the organizations rather than the treasonous individuals within

  10. Well guys I tried but FAILED! I was unable (or refused to ruin this glorious morning) to read the entire piece. I stopped at the commet about voter fraud. This punk thinks all is well and there’s no voting fraud?
    I have again been reminded that I “don’t have enough ammo”. One word BLOAT.


  11. That essay was written by a Jew, the most common denominator of anti-white, anti-Christian spew. I always check the authors race, Jew is a race, most of them are non-practicing of Judaism, that is like most of the Bolsheviks, they’re atheists.

    • “non-practicing of Judaism”

      in fact, communism is a secular morph of Judaism; a practical application.

      that’s why so many Jews have been and are communists, here and everywhere, and so many communists have been and are Jews.

  12. Johnny Paratrooper

    The Author Is a Retarded Commie Piece of Internationalist Trash.

    “Joshua A. Geltzer is executive director and visiting professor of law at Georgetown Law Center’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection and an ASU future of war fellow at New America. He previously was senior director for counterterrorism and deputy legal adviser at the National Security Council. The views expressed in this commentary are his own; view more opinion articles at CNN.”

    I have dated several Georgetown Women and spent many, many nights out drinking and working with Georgetown men.

    They are all, without exception, mind virus commies who worship Islam, Israel, and China.

    Yet they will accuse us of being racist, anti-semitic plantation owners who have too many weapons and not enough 70 IQ brown people shitting on our front lawns and selling heroin to our women.

    When the reality is that Islam is a deeply anti-semitic religion and the Chinese currently own half-a-billion slaves.

    On that note. I’m going to keep my guns. I think this Georgetown “Counterterrorism” expert probably had family who fought for Stalin or Mao with a big smile on their faces.

    • JP, Rhodesia didn’t have much in the way of urban warfare. Study Beirut in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Beirut had it all. Probably still some video on you tube.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        99% of America is a vast open sprawl with nearly zero population.

        I have driven cross country several times. I obverse the following.

        America consists of developing Mega-Cities. Which are really a mix of high density Urban, Commercial, and Industrial zoning, surrounded by decreasing densities of Suburban(Some Office Buildings), and Rural(A Gas station and 50 buildings in an intersection surrounded by farms)

        You should be prepared to operate in High Density Urban and Wilderness.

        40 minutes of driving(maybe even 20 minutes) the outside of any major city, the area turns into nothing but sticks with few exceptions. The area between Baltimore and D.C. looks no different than a Kansas farmland.

        FYI, all the HVT’s are in the major cities or in the middle of nowhere like Vail or Jackson Hole.

        • Ahhhhh last I looked, 45 years ago, the space between Baltimore and DC was pretty well filled-up, no open plains there, Johnny. This is what I would expect of a Bot

          • Johnny is not a Bot. He’s a young man making the obvious conclusion of what he has seen. He’s not lying to you about the demographics. You can check the “retirement economics” of Boomers on the official sites (fooked! and trying to cover it up with re-financing). Ann Barnhardt (cattle trader) & John Williams (vintage economist) are rational commentators on the situation. Got food?

  13. Nightbreaker

    this collision is unavoidable , when the dems loose its going to devolve rapidly.. do they really think they have a winning selection? liberty vs Dem totalitarianism, reparations, and racial descrimination,. this is going to get ugly , expect the media to fan the flames of discontent.
    you only have 2 years or less to prepare , choose your planing wisely.
    There are still people out there that can and will make a difference, when this all goes down it will be the local people who decide in the end when pressed to act in their own AO. Whats coming is plain as day and crystal clear to those with eyes to see and a level head.
    Work on your preparations , find trusted people , be that go to guy in times of trouble.
    Ruck , use your gear, get in shape , eat right , practice !
    prioritise your planned purchases , instead of a 105″ TV, purchase non perishable food (freezedried , LRRP rations), water purification equipment, field gear (not neat nich items) sleeping gear , shelter , carrying gear and make sure you are capable of carrying it! and get out there and use it under ALL conditions. there will be no do overs when it hits the fan,
    you have a cornacopia of gear available now take advantage of it.
    Everybody can do at least something to improve your own chances and the chances of others to being able to see the other side of this alive.
    What it comes down to is all you really own is what you can carry in both hands at a dead run.
    take care of your gear and learn new skills , your survival may depend on it .
    Mobility is life,

    the only way out is through.

    “At least once every human should have to run for his life, to teach him that milk does not come from supermarkets, that safety does not come from policemen, that ‘news’ is not something that happens to other people. He might learn how his ancestors lived and that he himself is no different–in the crunch his life depends on his agility, alertness, and personal resourcefulness.”

    ― Robert A. Heinlein

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Sure like some of what Heinlein had to say. His “specialization is for insects” quote has been a virtual motto for me in my life. It has served me well. The above quote is a good one, also.

  14. These boys must be a front. They’re hoping to bait someone into responding, which is not new, and not working.
    Still makes the rational man angry to see such fabrication and hyperbole spewed by such as these steamers.

  15. Trump will go down in history as one of our greatest presidents. I’m told he owns several, ” bench made” knives. Lol.


    • jesus fuck

      you are an idiot

      • Tee, don’t think Jesus, has anything to do with it. Riddle me this Tfat.

        Why do you continue to use the tools of communists, rather then offer up any tangable evidence. Discrediting my observation?

        Why is your opinion more right then mine. Dude your an agitator, your at minimum a socialist, and likely a communist. You use Alinsky’s rules, like a pro, you use the communist Manufesto, of deflect, defer accuse , belittle like you wrote the stradegy yourself.

        Only one problem tee, I’m not interested in your propaganda. I see you for what you are, anybody who is anti American, who is incapable of offering solutions.

        Anybody who ran away from America with their tail between ther legs, is a fucking coward. Tfat, you sir, are a coward and a communist propagandist.

        Your island folk despise you for the chickenshit you really are.
        The fucking a team. Guarding drug loads, muscle for the mob, your a fucking disgrace,

        Other then that have a wonderful day.

        Tic Toc.

        Dirk Williams
        Police Retired.

        • anybody who is anti American, who is incapable of offering solutions.

          FUCK YOU

          america ceased to exist back in the 70s as far as i can tell.

          i knew before 1981 before i enlisted. i remember telling my mom ” you can’t do anything except wake-up, go to work, come home, sit in front of the TV.

          you try to do anything else and a fucking cop will fuck you over- one way or the other.

          IT WAS ALL TRUE.


          you fucking scumbag traitor pig motherfucker.

          i hope you all are executed.

          • and another thing pig.

            the “mob” has standards, morals, and dignity- unlike the coproaches you were part of. the CIA, FBI, Sheriffs, pooplice, and the pResidents are all drug runners, you are just too fucking stupid to understand that. and the “mob” didn’t and doesn’t shoot innocents and their dogs because they feared for their lives- unlike you cowardly rotten scum basturd pigs.

            given a choice of serving an honorable cartel or the lying, cheating, corrupt pig force, the choice would be very easy. you son-of-a-bitch traitor fuck. go to hell and bring your family with you.

  16. And then one day, for some reason, someone started building camps.

  17. Charley Waite

    You mean, Trump might have the FBI try to rig an “insurance” policy while covering up his own crimes??? That would “never” happen!!!!!

  18. CNN… making up the news for how long now?

  19. I usually check to see who these commentators quote, who they work for , and lastly to see if they are part of the vast zionist media.

  20. A joint session of the United States Congress does not perform any legislative function; and no resolution is proposed or voter taken.

    However, come 6 Jan 2021 watch the Dems do their best to turn the Constitution upside down and inside out.

    Per Wikipedia: “Joint sessions can be held on any special occasion, but are required to be held when the President delivers a State of the Union address, when they gather to count and certify the votes of the Electoral College following a presidential election, or when they convene on the occasion of a presidential inauguration. A joint session is a ceremonial or formal occasion and does not perform any legislative function; and no resolution is proposed or vote taken.”

  21. CNN is a pathetic joke, a sham and a puerile pretense of a ‘news’ network.

  22. Augusto Pintobean

    Just for a moment take them seriously. It appears they get what the Founders were concerned about, but not because it’s best for the country. CNN was not concerned when it was Obama. Yet the potential of abuse exists with every executive regardless of Congress delegating additional powers. Let them worry.

  23. Here is what they are praying to their Satan God for:
    “The health of our democracy rests, in part, on not involving the military in transfers of power. And that should continue. But imagine the most extreme scenario, with Congress certifying Trump’s defeat but Trump refusing to leave office. In those circumstances, the military would no longer owe its loyalty to Donald Trump as of noon on January 20, 2021.”
    They see a glorious battle with the troops putting Trump in handcuffs and leading him in a parade so the SJW “saints” can properly villefy and humililate him. As if. These people are high on self serving worship that they-and they alone-are the Chosen People. This is what a public school education gets you-and I include the so-called institutes of higher learning. CNN-where the news happens first. Yeah………what hole has Anderson Cooper fallen into lately?

  24. dipshit soy boy is stupid, plain and simple.

    it is HIS SIDE that did not accept the election results, HIS SIDE disrupting everything civil in this nation and HIS SIDE that are anti human, anti business, anti accountability, anti responsibility and it is HIS SIDE whose most fervent wish is for us to disappear.

    this article is a list of all HIS SIDE has done and it makes him wonder about the other side? STUPID is the applicable word. it is obvious this dipshit can’t learn.

  25. Alfred E. Neuman

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  26. Dateline 2020: CNN Reporters trying to find steel wool and furiously scrubbing company logos off their vans and equipment after their first 20 news crews were greeted with gunfire everywhere they went.

    In other news, multiple job openings for experienced camera and sound recordists, and on-camera talent with any experience in any major city.
    Four-star health insurance included in package.
    Apply online with…

  27. Consider that Mueller’s investigation has incriminating evidence against Jared Kushner and Donald Trump, Jr., both of whom may then be indicted. Consider the possibility that illegally gained money is involved and that Ivanka had a hand in it. What is the likelihood that the Kushners are already sharing their knowledge of illegally gained money that involves POTUS with Mueller in order to protect themselves and their wealth? Would the combination of these things be sufficient for POTUS to accept a deal and walk away from the presidency? If so, time is shorter than previously thought. The nightmare is about to begin.


      I hope you are mistaken, Joy. I fear you are not. I always believed they had the goods on the POTUS because of his association with that slimy (((pedophile procurer))) Epstein. We live in interesting times.

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