Buchanan: Dems Make Race-Based Reparations An Issue In 2020

This is gonna be great.

Embrace the horror.

67 responses to “Buchanan: Dems Make Race-Based Reparations An Issue In 2020

  1. I researched my ancestry. My mothers maiden name is German. Immigrated in the 1850s. Her grandmother spoke German. No slave owners in her family tree. Yankees all. I know the history of my last name back to the immigrant. 1685. Only one immigrant with wife and son, from England. All people in America with my last name, come from this immigrant in 1685. No slave owners in my family tree. Yankees, all of us.

    This is an abomination. This must be resisted. All Americans alive, are not responsible for slavery. All American blacks alive, have never been in bondage.

  2. I’m fine with reparations, under the following guidelines:

    Everyone who actually picked cotton or did other work as a slave in the United States prior to 1865 is entitled to recompense at the prevailing minimum wage from the years of their servitude, plus interest.

    The costs to be borne by every person who actually owned slaves in the United States prior to the ratification of the XIIIth Amendment.

    Application for such reparations to be in person by plaintiffs, at any U.S. Post Office. Applicants should bring all relevant supporting documents to their claim.
    The IRS and Census records can be used to locate any surviving slave owners from 1865 or prior for assessment of claims payable.

    Then when everyone notes that all slaves and masters are dead, and all further legal claims are therefore moot, we can move on to something important, instead of hashing around this sort of Gibbsmedat entitlement bullshit.

    If they persist despite that obvious reality, the sum total of Union Army deaths will be assessed at the prevailing civil settlement rate, with interest, along with the total federal military budget from 1861-1865, with interest, and every descendant of freed slaves can pay their fare share of that debt in cash, or have the sum applied to their income taxes until that debt is repaid and discharged.

    Once those debts are discharged, said descendants may make a claim against any or all Confederate States, any settlements therefrom to be paid in Confederate dollars, with interest.

    Also, the State Department should provide a website with information on how to file a claim against slave importation by the British East India Company, to include filing instructions for Her Majesty’s civil claims courts in London. That website should be the full extent of any assistance in pursuing such claims, other than a link to the London phone book listing of solicitors.

    Wise readers may notice a trend in these dealings.

    • Don’t forget that once all claims are settled the following laws/legal opinions are rendered void:
      * Affirmative Action
      * Civil Rights Act of 1964
      * Any race based proceedings attached to Title IX
      * Federal Aid programs of all departments be terminated
      * All educational preference methodologies terminated.
      * All forms referencing race or origin shall be removed or revamped.

      All savings afforded these actions transferred to the pay the national debt (ha!) and federal dept budgets adjusted downward accordingly.

      • I believe the sum total of reparations will end up being the price of 1 (one) First Class airline ticket to the airport closest to where the purported slave was from, if that is not established then to the DRC.

        I believe in reparation with repatriation.

    • You forgot factoring in the lost opportunity costs for hiring the unqualified [Affirmative Theft], along with the cost of rebuilding urban infrastructure destroyed in riots, beginning with the 60’s and moving forward to the modern era circa Ferguson

      Unfortunately but not unexpectedly, the screams of maf be raycisss will soon follow

    • In my estimation the ill-gotten gains of black-on-white crime more than make amends for slavery. In fact, BLACKS OWE A REBATE FOR THE EXCESS BLACK-ON-WHITE CRIME.

  3. I don’t owe shit. They can kiss my white ass!

    • Of course you owe them something. Lead.

    • The only problem is .gov will merely add an additional assessment to your personal property taxes. If you don’t want your home, cars, etc confiscated and sold to support Tyrone and Shitnequia you will have to cough up the money. Just think instead of the Rain Tax in NJ you will have a nationwide Race Tax.

  4. I’ll pay reparations. In lead and copper.

    • see?

      this is why we on the White hardRight need the demoncrats in power.

      unlike Trump and the wet-blanket republiscams,

      the hardLeft wing of organized Jewry will Bring the Storm.

      while we are still numerous enough to kill it.

  5. Reparations? OK. For that “slavery thing” I guess. Look here:

    Let’s take the figure of at least 620,000 WHITES who died fighting the War of Northern Aggression (some say it’s more like 850,000) and then all their direct WHITE family-tree relatives whose loss of a family member are darn near incalculable. But, I’m sure there’s an algorithm to handle it. Millions times millions of dollars.

    Then, add up all the TRILLIONS (Quadrillion?) in welfare, cash, food stamps, WIC and assorted food-subsidies, Section 8 housing, set-asides, free medical, dental, optical. prescriptive benefits doled out, extra-ordinary police. fire, rescue, services and dope and drug rehab (opioids the current bug-a-boo) job training and re-training, adoptions, community management, policy research, and lobbying costs rendered unto BLACKS. Gargantuan amount of money.

    Then, tally up all the costs and personal injury compensation for personal bodily injury by crimes inflicted upon WHITES by BLACKS–murder, manslaughter, agg assaults, rapes, robberies, arsons, home invasions, and other assorted assaults, perversions, and tortures. Wrongful death, maiming, and dismemberment compensation to WHITES would be astronomical. But, I’m sure it can be calculated to trillions upon trillions.

    Then add up the societal costs for entire cities being destroyed by BLACKS and the “lost economic opportunities” thereof in places like Detroit, Baltimore, LA, Chicago, E. St. Louis, W. Memphis and so on. Economists have numbers for this. Billions.

    Then, add up all the lost opportunities suffered by WHITES being intentionally discriminated against in hiring, displaced or demoted due to the fraud termed “equal employment” in the marketplace of jobs and employment. Trillions there.

    Don’t forget the out-and-out theft, schemes, swindles, and bunco by BLACKS of the so-called welfare benefits and transfer payments. A true ‘black hole’ thing, but subject to a rendering in dollars and cents I’m sure.

    When ALL numbers are added up accruing to BLACKS and paid by WHITES–


    BIG time.

    No question about it. We want reparations. RIGHT NOW! Can’t wait.

    Exactly HOW does WHITEY collect the difference in numbers from these “peoples of color” wanting yet more freebies? I would be pleased to have this past/present/future debt sum reduced to monetary “present value,” say by having ALL these self-identified reparation-DEBTORS run up their credit cards from their banks to pay me and other WHITES. Or, they can email me Bitcoin. I also take Pay-Pal.

    I’m sure the denizens running the ponzi scheme known as fractional banking would be more than pleased to offer BLACKS unlimited credit, eh?

    • georgiaboy61

      @ Centurion Cornelius

      As per the curmudgeonly-but-logical Fred Reed, don’t forget all of those royalties and user fees due to “people of European ancestry” – a.k.a. white folks – for inventing, discovering and building the modern world. Everything from antibiotics to calculus to skyscrapers to air and space travel…

  6. all persons who worship politics should go to one and never come out.

    just saying..


  7. Something for nothing…typical.
    Not a ONE experienced what there long dead relatives may have.

  8. Funny that – Kamala Harris family where slaves owner/traders
    from Jamaica.

  9. Old Gray Wolf

    If we cannot offer people something they want more than free shit, anyone offering anything free will mop the floor with our ideology. It has worked over and over, all over the world, and is still working. Most people are little better than animals, in that they will come to eat the bait, no matter how many of their species have been trapped or shot while doing so previously.

    Anyone who is still productive is the target of these traitors. They intend to reduce us to an existence level lifestyle, in order to minimally enrich the low IQ voter just enough to ensure their own unending turn at the trough. Of course, their trough is full of better feed than anyone else’s. What we need is something to offer that beats free shit. I will freely admit that I have no idea what could be offered to the mouthbreathing, glassy-eyed, low intelligence trash that we have allowed to have a say in how this nation operates, that would cause them to eschew free shit in our favor.

    This is not going to be fixed politically, or peacefully. We are the minority. The only way a minority regains political power is if:

    1: They can offer something most people want more than what the majority offers.

    2: They are willing to kill enough people to regain power.

    3: Some event decimates the society to the point that the minority becomes the majority.

    I don’t see an opportunity for the first option. I keep hoping for the third option. But I think the only reliable option is the second one. And I doubt that the minority has the stones for that kind of solution. So here we are. Waiting for the corruption to run its course and hoping maybe there will be enough of us left to make something of what is left when it burns out. Wanna bet most of us will be dead of old age before that happens?

  10. Donny Corleone

    The fallacy of the arguments that you are all making is that they are based in facts and logical thought. Leftists and their nigger pets do not deal in facts and logic. Prepare to deal with them in the only manner which they understand.

  11. A bridge too far
    Running on IQ was never in question
    Nor is the understanding of:

    The Perfect Proxy

    Race War Was Always The Prime Directive of Divide & Conquer

    All bodies look like dead African cadavers after a couple days in the sun

    The media complex will be overjoyed

    Matt Bracken was always right

  12. My family owned slaves.
    GG Grandfather fought with Lee in Virginia from ’62 to ’65.
    At the end he was captured at Petersburg and spent two months in a prison camp.
    Upon returning home he learned that GGGG Grandfather had died from the stress of the war and that all of the families property had to be sold to cover the debts of the farm. The farm could not be worked by a single family it was 1000 acres and the loans were called in by the new owners of the bank.
    Lost farm
    Lost his Grandfather
    Lost several years of his life living in the field and a prison camp.

    Yeah that’s called payment for debts incurred.

    Fuck reparations.

    • https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2019/02/25/z-blog-the-new-narrative/#comment-291988

      Amidst all your breathless straw man arguments there was not even a single reference disputing my actual statements.

      My evidence is here. I count 89 verifiable references: http://judaism.is/disarming-goyim.html

      Regarding evidence, it is 89-0.

      You are welcome to simply continue your ritual name-calling.

      • I was not talking to you Al.
        I am not wasting my time tracking down every little detail that you want to throw out there.
        Occasionally I will do that when you say something really stupid for all the reasons that I laid out, but I have no illusions of changing your mind.
        You are committed and I can no more convince you of something different than I could convince someone that they don’t have Morgellons disease, or that vapor coming out of that airplane is just a contrail and not a chemical that gives them ED.
        No matter what evidence that I supply you will find some way to discredit it because of ((THEM!!!!))

        And yes I have every intention of continuing my ritual name calling.
        Its what I do.
        I have a sharp wit and I know things.

        • Let me also add Al, that for the record I am open to the possibility that I am wrong about things.
          My mind can be changed.
          Everything I said about not believing something unless you know it to be true or unless it is consistent with something you know to be true applies to what I write as well.
          What you don’t understand about me is that I have been around the circle already.
          My beliefs and ideas are the result of a long trip where I believed many of the things that you talk about and even more bizarre concepts and ideas that are not ever covered on this site.
          But more information came out.
          More ideas and concepts overtook those old ways of thinking and made me realize I was wrong about a great many of those things.
          My understanding of things evolved. While I still believe in a lot of odd things by most ordinary peoples standards I have put aside the more outlandish things that just don’t have the evidence to back them up beyond personal tales and personal interpretation.
          I have seen your type plenty of times. They ride the one trick pony just like you do, its just a different color.
          Everything that you attribute to the Jews, there are thousands of people out on the internet that attribute the same things to shape shifting lizard aliens. They are JUST as vehemently sure that they are correct, and just as dismissing of anything that anyone says counter to their ideas.
          At the same time there are just as many people that attribute the same omnipotent power to “the illuminati” or “the Greys” or “the Cabal” or any number of other groups of people.
          I am more than willing to believe in vast world wide conspiracies, the fact is I think there are more than one in place and that’s why things don’t make sense.
          But I also understand that we cant get 10 people to agree on the same caliber of pistol much less agree on how to “rule the world” so a lot of what we attribute to “conspiracy” is far more likely to be just human fuckwittery.

  13. something for nothing, again, for that demographic.

    this is news? no, just another rerun.

  14. More of it, and FASTER! OAC is the answer! Shit yeah! More for the free shit Army!

    If you’d of told me twenty years ago we’d be here I’d of not believed you. Yet here we are!

    Fucking amazing.


  15. robroysimmons

    I hope Pat is just playing conservative with that last paragraph about this crap splitting the D party along lines of this or that. I get the old con of nice white lady GOP politics where a dude has to play nice daddy to the useless and otherwise despairing lot of humanity, but damn that kind of shit is about useless except maybe in some small flyover town still ran by the corrupt church ladies of niceness and refugee resettlement.

    My guess it was Pat being a cynical old pol operator, but I think we can go straight past that script from 1984 or 1972.

  16. This folk possess room temperature IQ’s. They always sing the same songs: whitely bad, whitey the cause of all my troubles, whitey pay me because…blackness. Many countries currently allow slavery, interesting that no mention is ever made about that. Nor is the fact that many freemen blacks owned slaves ever considered, ditto for the jews who promoted and profited from the slave trade. Who caught the soon-to-be slaves? Why other africans and arabs.
    Guess this whole slavery bad, ‘get whitey’ is all about money and power.

    My grandparents were sharecroppers and the family picked their own cotton and…they were white and didn’t own a slave one. Go figure.

  17. Just how valuable is your life to .gov?

    Sobering Stats: 15,000 U.S. Airmen Killed in Training in WW II
    Real Clear History

    World War II was immense. So many numbers boggle the mind. Every day from Sept. 1, 1939-Aug. 14, 1945, 27,000 people were killed. That’s nine 9/11s every day for six years. Nearly 14 million Americans served during the war, the U.S. manufactured 300,000 airplanes. Even narrowing the focus, the numbers still amaze. Three of every four German submariners died. The Soviets killed more of their own soldiers than total U.S. combat deaths … So it is with the number of Americans killed during aircrew training. The number of pilots and crew that died in training accidents in the U.S. during the war is ten times the number of American deaths on D-Day … The fact that 15,000 young men died in aircrew training in the U.S. is virtually unknown … Many more planes were lost due to pilot error or mechanical failure than were shot down by the enemy.

    • Adding to that, even more sobering…

      In addition, in the course of the war, 35,946 airmen died in accidents. That was 43 percent of all accidental deaths in the wartime army. In 1943 alone, 850 airmen died in 298 B-24 accidents training in the States, leaving survivors “scared to death of their airplanes.”

      Ambrose, Stephen E., The Wild Blue, pg. 100.

      In other words, the wartime Army had 83,595 deaths attributed solely to accidents. That’s more than the entire U.S. KIA in Vietnam.

      Those numbers are just staggering.

      • robroysimmons

        My granny told me a story, young man goes into the Navy to pilot planes, gets his wish and is training around the Chicago area during WWII then one day flies his plane to around the Lake Geneva area where my family lived and buzzes his folk’s farm and once he had their attention he augered it in right in front of his folks.


        Word. My dad was a Bombardier in a B-17G. He told me years ago the Liberators were referred to as: B-Crash 24s. A friend of his from the neighborhood was killed in one when it crashed on take-off, leaving behind a widow and a child. He also witnessed numerous accidents during his training in B-17s and the Beechcraft AT-11. Those Army Air Corps personnel were definitely part of the Greatest Generation.

      • My father died piloting a B24 in a training accident in Hawaii, August, 1945… the day before the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

  18. Funny that Kamala Harris and her herd AREN’T demanding
    reparations from the descendants of those WHO did traffic
    in and own slaves…more so than many white southerners…..

    HISTORY: Jewish Slavetrade Documentary

    Were the Jews of New York pro-slavery?

    (short answer: YES! and they voted Democrat fwiw)

    Farrakhan: Jewish-Black Slave Trade (Jun 26, 2010) SEE DESCRIPTION

    To this day, the negro is STILL the catspaw and slave of the jews;
    Kamala just doesn’t know that..nor does Maxi-pad Waters.

    If they did, the ‘REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’ng would be truly biblical!!
    Why..they might even go en masse to the nearest synagogues and
    do the mother of all chimpouts!!…..

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

    • “To this day, the negro is STILL the catspaw and slave of the jews;
      Kamala just doesn’t know that.”

      Sure she does or, if she doesn’t, the knowledge of it would not matter… she is in league to rip this country, accrue power and wealth, and destroy whoever gets in her way.

      Like all narcissistic psychopaths, she doesn’t care who her allies are. They will be as disposable to her as any other enemy or tool once she gets the power she feels is rightly hers.

      They’re all like that, of whatever color or culture.

  19. One question: does ANY Amercan of sub-Saharan ancestry wish he/she/ze had been born in Africa? Do they TRULY wish their ancestors were NOT brought here (not even addressing the non-slave blacks)?

    Having asked this question MANY times I have NEVER had a single, honest “yes” for an answer.

  20. They want a war, they are gonna get it. Simple, really.

  21. Not so fast, Aesop.

    My Confederate ancestors had to fight the United States while the US was staging an illegal, unconstitutional invasion of our lawfully seceded states.

    I want reparation for that unlawful action, the US owes the descendants of Confederate soldiers billions of dollars.

    • No problem, Pat:
      Anyone alive who lost their property to the “Northern War of Aggression” may also file, in person, for recompense.
      Their descendants, like the descendants of slavery, are owed Jack times Shit, with GFY interest.

      Everybody who thinks they’re going to re-fight the Civil War, this time in civil court with lawyers, is urged to get a long-bladed screwdriver, and vigorously untwist their panties until circulation to both heads is restored.

      If we mandate that plaintiffs, defendants, and their lawyers have to use cap-and-ball black powder muskets at 50 yards, go ahead on with that plan at the local park.

      Otherwise, call George Noury, or just blog it.

      Ain’t nobody got time for that bullshit.

      Doubly so for anyone on any side still butthurt about things 150 years later.
      (Ask the Paddys how that’s worked out for them in Ireland. Or look at how Ishmael and Isaac’s descendants are doing with that plan in the Middle East. Get. Over. It.)
      You will not stop the Free Shit Army by joining them.

      But I’m all for answering them with bullets in the face, if they will learn in no other way.
      Anybody holding a grudge from before they were born should just kill themselves, and get it over with.

      • What we southern nationalists are willing to do, in lieu of reparations, is to accept the US government leaving our lands, leaving all hardware now in our states in situ. Tanks, fighters, and transports will be left. C-130s in the NC Air National Guard, fighters in the SC National Guard may come in handy, or we might sell some to Venezuela or Chile. The nuke bomb plant on the Savannah River will be left intact, too.

        We feel good about this, after all, 96% of the petroleum refineries are located on our lands. BMWs, Volvos, Japanese trucks, Boeing, nuke electrical power, and lots more.

        So, US government, just leave us.

      • Well that WILL be interesting. I hope DoD has a plan in place to move all those graves at Arlington. Huh you say? Arlington happens to have been, in part, the plantation of none other than Robert E. Lee.

  22. james neufeld

    So how would it work? I will be using “racist” terminology here because this is the most racist thing I have ever seen.
    Would the amount be based on “how black” the proposed recipient is, e.g.:
    mulatto = 2 X Quadroon, 4 X Octoroon, etc? How would a High Yaller score?
    How about adding in any heritage of People of Color to the equation so nothing slips through the cracks? Would Amerind count the same as Black on the Intersectionality Quotient? Mestizo?
    Oh, and how much would it cost in addition to the Big Green Ripoff? I realize that interjecting reality is crass when the pursuit of **SOCIAL JUSTICE** is at stake, but somebody has to be the responsible adult.

  23. Irony beyond belief.
    What is it with these colored women,
    who claim to (supposedly) despise
    white western culture, white privilege,
    and especially evil white men, while doing
    everything in their power to foment white
    genocide? But the reality is this: Kamala Harris
    on why she married a white man – washingtonexaminer.com/news/kamala-harris-on-why-she-married-a-white-man-look-i-love-my-husband

    To be honest, I thought she, like many
    feminazi communist shitbags, was a
    childless, unmarried, man hating lesbian pretending to be heterosexual.

  24. “A friend of mine who is a political activist said something interesting the other day, and that was for most people on the left political violence is a knob, and they can turn the heat up and down, with things like protests, and riots, all the way up to destruction of property, and sometimes murder… But for the vast majority of folks on the right, it’s an off and on switch. And the settings are Vote or Shoot Fucking Everybody.” L.Corea

    You’ll notice us White people are facing enemies from every quadrant including deranged members of our own race, Everyone wants a piece of us.
    That should tell you something.
    No matter. White Men of The West are not troubled when fighting surrounded, if anything if possible, hardens our resolve further.
    You always knew down in your primitive warrior brain, and what your warrior spirit’s been whispering to you, we where always going to have to fight through.
    Our enemies think they got us surrounded in their ill disguised kill the kulak neo-bolshevik ambuscade, but what they can not see is they have had it easy, any one with a lick of sense in 4th Generation warfare can see its an ambush made to asswipe.
    The hive is inflexible, it moves as a pondering collective, barn blind, seeing only the status of most favored useful idiot of the particular moment. Dogma and a free shit/cargo cult collective mentality looks dangerous when it has a monopoly of media to control the narratives.
    In the strategic, we have been biding our time. Sure there’s been an assault on every form of resistance or defiance, even pre-emptive attacks on the potential threats we pose to our enemies, yet there we are, stronger, more in tune, higher cognizance of the battle field, we have not been defeated in any of these actions, we just pull back and return to prudent defensive positions, and watch with great interest as our enemies mill around like insects of the hive looking for an enemy long gone. Cannon fodder is like that.

    All that, everything changes, nothing survives the transition from cold race/class war to hot 4th Generation war. You can’t discount the enemy, always respect the enemies potential, but in the end it is not an army of great reserve, it is entirely dependent on the race it is being sicked on. It holds the most worthless territory in the land, territory itself which has no resources hence no reserve to support itself, or deal effectively with setbacks.
    In a lot of ways it is a show army, a social engineering tool which is totally expendable. What is it fighting for? Ideological dogma of black supremacy, an oxymoron of its own right, some fantasy of an eternal promised free shithole land. Run by the ultimate bigots with white skin. Irony has no suitable definition for the useful idiots these “token niggers” represent. Nudged and pushed for decades, their grudge pampered, victims honed to a fine edge. Still suckers of a scheme used as total expendable cannon fodder. The amazing thing is, they are that time ignorant, can not see the inviolate laws of unintended consequences, never mind, any who survive, will be liquidated in detail by their white leaders. The fate of all useful dupes.

    As a dirt person you got to think like a cloud person to understand the cloud’s method of rule. For them the only rule is there is no rule, but us dirt people either must obey or be liquidated. This is the prime directive. We are too dangerous, our legacy, our history, our culture, is formidable, it is the existential risk to leave us to our guns and mom’s apple pie. We have a tendency to say nothing, sit by and cradle our cold anger swaddled in a blanket of prudence and tolerance, turning the other cheek in our subtle Christian Greco/Roman western culture way, then all of a sudden say fuck this shit, flip the table over, throw the baby out with the bath water, grab our rifles and go full fucking Kombat Commando.
    Has there ever been any doubt its gonna take killing a lot of people, hunter killer teams with a bloody bone in their teeth, hanging every shit stirrer and usurper from the lowest to the highest. Killing time that equates to a buffer of a thousand years before anything dares raise its marxian head. 3 times the charm as they say. 1st one was pretty good, but they conned us. Second time was a close one. Some great 4th G warfare, but not enough.
    3rd one here, its 4th G all the way. There is simply no other way for it. We are on our own this round. There is no French King, our is it two governments facing off. This is true grass roots insurgency warfare, waged in the style of White Christian Western culture 4th G war against the statist globalists. Nobody has seen this before. All that flyover nation, the “Unsecured spaces” is the makings of a guerrilla camp larger than European continent. The numbers are on our side, the materiel and resources are ours to loose. To be legitimate as the 4th G warrior entity, it has to hold territory, it was ISIS vulnerability, it is why the Mujihideem has survived centuries of foreign invaders.
    Take the Mujihideem, give him the land and its resources of flyover dirt people land, the blood and bone, the precepts and virtues of Colonial era ancestors, add in the inventiveness, the technological creative industriousness White Men of America are renown for, hand him the finest small unit infantry combat rifles and refined tactics, you don’t need in relative terms a huge guerrilla army, the qualitative over quantitative in war becomes an army to be reckoned with, and with the auxiliary support capability potential, it is a force very very costly in men and materials to fight. Never mind defeat.

    “Nothing in the world is so necessary for man as to be constantly assailed; for in fighting he learns to know himself. As grace is necessary to a man, so also is fighting. Virtue begins in fighting, and is developed in fighting. In every state to which a man is called, inward and outward, he must of necessity be assailed. A high Master said: As little as meat can remain without salt and yet not become corrupt, so little can a man remain without fighting.”
    — Meister Eckhart

  25. My solution? Simple, easy (sort of), cost effective and (dare I say it?) equal for all. END ALL FORMS OF WELFARE. The down side (and I know I’m preaching to the local crowd here) is that our politicians don’t have the balls to do it – and there’s nothing you or I can do about that ……
    As President Johnson stated in passing the ‘Great Society’ bill(s): “…if we do this, those niggers will be voting for us for the next 100 years”. Truer words were never said …………
    As someone else said here above, “BLOT” (and long term food): we’re going to need it …………..

  26. My family has been in this country since 1689. I will NEVER pay reparations. my family has more claim to the US than these blacks ever will.

  27. Black leaders promote the notion that Black Joe & Jane Does are ignorant sub-humans that can’t get ahead without continuous handouts and get ahead programs. Dead slave owners had nothing over these plantation masters.

  28. I suppose we’ll find out Elizabeth Warren is also 1/1024 negress as well.

  29. 300 million +


  30. Susanna Alderdice was unavailable for comment.

  31. Echoed Sen. Warren: “We must confront the dark history of slavery and government-sanctioned discrimination in this country.” This history has crippled “the ability of black families to build wealth in America for generations.”

    Welfare did more to break up the family unit than anything else…………..
    Civil Rights Act of 1964
    Congress passed the Food Stamp Act in 1964. Its purpose was to improve the agricultural sector and increase the quality of nutrition of low income households.


    United negro collage fund
    UNCF was incorporated on April 25, 1944

    Miss Black America
    National Conference of Black Mayors
    Congressional Black Caucus

    Reparations………..Sure how much do think we owe you??????????????

  32. Alfred E. Neuman

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  33. Echoed Sen. Warren: “We must confront the dark history of slavery and
    government-sanctioned discrimination in this country.” This history
    has crippled “the ability of black families to build wealth in America
    for generations.”

    Welfare did more to break up the family unit than anything else…………..
    Civil Rights Act of 1964
    Congress passed the Food Stamp Act in 1964. Its purpose was to improve
    the agricultural sector and increase the quality of nutrition of low
    income households.


    United negro collage fund
    UNCF was incorporated on April 25, 1944

    Miss Black America
    National Conference of Black Mayors
    Congressional Black Caucus

    Reparations………..Sure how much do think we owe you??????????????

  34. the Usual Suspect

    My brothers keeper, what a fucking laugh.
    Judas sheep, more like it.

  35. fuck the gubmint
    fuck the police
    fuck the whore murkin wymin
    and fuck them niggers

  36. Anyone ever compare slave working conditions to poor White working conditions? Child Labor. Sweat shops. Indentured servitude. 12 hour days/seven days a week? Poor Whites couldn’t just get up and walk off, either.

  37. When they say “Reparations!!” – I agree with them and say “I’m all for repatriation – in fact I think it should start tomorrow!!”