The Run-Up To WWIV Intensifies

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  1. Augusto Pintobean

    Let me guess. World population can be reduced by 1/3 in such a conflict. Kudos to the authoritarians who orchestrate this shit for their agenda.

  2. Georgiaboy61

    Re: “The Run-Up To WWIV Intensifies”

    Sorry to be the slow student in class, but did I miss something? “WWIV”? What happened to number III – did I fall asleep and miss that one?

    • Cold War (largely) betwixt US and USSR = WWIII


      • Johnny Paratrooper

        The last 60 years of global conflict, which resulted in the spread of Islam and Communism to every corner of the globe, culminating in the largest ground invasion in world history (2015 J-Com Border Breaches) is 100% WW3. IMHO ( In my humble opinion)

        The destruction of Latin America, Europe, America, Africa, The Middle East, and Asia is certainly worth considering as Enemy Action.

        • horseshit. Words matter:

          the differences between WW2 (1914-45; the actual First WW was the 300 year-long struggle between England and France/Spain for predominance in Europe and control of the New World, roughly 1500-1814) and the Cold War are qualitative in terms of weaponry used and associated destruction of life and property.

          when the actual WW3 happens,

          you’ll know it.

          but not for long.

  3. Been watching this develop for several days. last Friday India and Pakistan both began moving major assets and making plans for war. Both nations last we asked all hospitals in their counties for 25% of their bed space to be made available for soldiers. India began rationing fuel.

    At 1:00 EST 2-26-2019, reports of major fighting is being reported on social media but no proof has been shown.

    Both nations have moved tactical equipment into the area. Pakistan moved a large number of Main battle Tanks to the LOC,.Sunday.

  4. Well this is a big O Shit. I noticed that the Pakis were talking about retaliating in the BBC article. Looks like we might have some extra hot curry dishes soon.

  5. Yawn…this shit has been going on DAILY at the India/Paki border crossing points during retreat every night. Itching for a fight for over 71 years instead of playing either “taps” or “last post.”

    The freaking grandstands on each side are packed with either Hindus or Musloids cheering on their home team. It’s their “Super Bowl” each night. Getting worked up into a frenzy and screaming. They really do need some bare-assed cheerleaders, popcorn, tacos, and suds to calm themselves down. (BTW, rape out of control in India these days. A “hot time in the old town tonight” with a few tac nukes incoming will cool down the lust.)

    Pakis at 212M and India at 1.3B. Yeah, that’ll be a fair fight. When the nukes start flying

    Love these guys headgear! Hope they keep wearing them when things get frisky over there by their respective ground-pounders. How the hell could a guy even miss at 500 yards with a utility cover like that being worn topside? Talk about kill hats!

    You can’t make this shit up. And each has nukes….

  6. Traditional East/West school playground shoving wasn’t regarded during my career as the worst LIKELY fear. A scenario loosely termed ‘Kashmir’ in conversation was the one that was thought to be the potential 1914 Sarajevo Part II. All can vary depending upon the mental stability of the players involved & how good their phone lines are.

    • RENEGADE STATE: The Four Families Of California And The Private Company That Controls The Internet

      The grid will be taken down come CW2

  7. There has been lots of talk on the Pakistan Ordenance Factory.
    Many different factories.
    YUGE area with many factories of ALL KINDS of weapons manufacturing.
    Destinations of such arms/weapons/ammunitions shady.

  8. Thjis ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco”…

  9. I always wanted a thermonuclear weapon in full HD and surround sound….

  10. Johnny Paratrooper

    Fuck Yeah!

    Stop thinking about the consequences and blow something up.

    Then shoot at it.

    And blow it up again.

    Then shoot it again.

  11. Chief ShortingBull

    Boy, wouldn’t it be a fucking shame if all those data and call centers in India were reduced to radioactive rubble with no infrastructure to rebuild or even power new ones? Why, imagine the panic and horror in every board room and c-suite in the US when the executives realize that they will have to bring all of that capability back to the US, where the tech workers they’ve been fucking over for years will have them by the short and curlies? How tragic!

    • Why, that would be worse than building 7 being imploded with all the ongoing SEC financial crimes evidence vanishing!

  12. Chief ShortingBull

    Oh, and I don’t think there will be any H1B’s, either since the military will most likely be conscripting everyone to go fight in that meat grinder

  13. Shit, there goes Microsoft tech support.

  14. Both countries have millions of poor people that can be used as cannon fodder. Think of it as population control.

  15. Who could doubt this upcoming appendage measuring skirmish? Pakistan is a made up country by the British and the Hindu Kush belong to India.
    As the United Kingdom agreed to the partitioning of India in 1947, the modern state of Pakistan was established on 14 August 1947 (27th of Ramadan in 1366 of the Islamic Calendar), amalgamating the Muslim-majority eastern and northwestern regions of British India.The expansion of PAKISTAN is P for Punjab, A for Afgania, K for Kashmir, S for Sindh and istan from Baluchistan. So before 1947 the the name was in existence was for its province before independence era is called undivided India or British Raj. The Brits have been coddling Muslims for a long time.

  16. 1. This will have zero affect on us, Americans.
    2. More doom-and-gloom.

    3. Hey Pete, you lose interest in covering the Ebola outbreak and the Yellow-vest movement?

  17. robroysimmons

    What gets me is that supposedly Pakistan has a mil budget of 10 billion American debt bucks and you should see what they get for the buck. Hell 10 billion debt bucks in this countries waste of time DoD is a rounding error in the tampon and sex change operations line items of the budget.

  18. India has been the punching boy of China and their proxy bitch Pakistan for a long time now. As far as justification goes, India has plenty.

    India’s got its issues for sure, and you’ll get no argument from me that the importation of Indian engineers to the US is cultural and political suicide. WA was a solid red state when I was growing up, before Microsoft turned itself and Seattle into an H1B beach head.

    However there is no moral equivalency here. Name the last India-based gov-supported Hindu terrorist group that perpetrated a cross-border massacre in Pakistan (or the last Indian military invasion of Chinese territory for that matter). It was inevitable that they either respond or be whittled away to nothing.

    That said, I expect no shortage of Islamic loonies on the Pakistan side looking for an excuse to meet their virgins in a megaton blaze of glory. Exciting times ahead, but we already knew that.

    Interested to hear what other players people are aware of with their hands in this mess.

    • Has anyone seen the new Indian assault rifle? It is a complete failure on every level. Both nations are ruled by low IQ graft and corruption, once the Cold War ordnance is expended the combatants will be reduced to using sharp sticks and I’ll pay a dollar to watch that! BTW a few nukes detonated in asia has no down side for the west.

      • probably right. In the bad old days, China backed Pakistan and Russia backed India. But the Russians are no longer interested. So India, if it goes too far against the Pakis, may find itself getting thrashed (again) by China.

        which is why I doubt anything much will come of this.

      • Like were not ruled by the same????? Fuuuuuckkkkk the stupid is strong here.

  19. the Usual Suspect

    Is this video where the male NFL cheerleaders got their moves on ?

  20. front toward enemy

    Brown on brown. Break out the popcorn.


      Word. WOG vs. WOG. Winners go to jail. Losers go to the morgue. Nothing to see here but some entertaining, real-time shootouts. Bud Lite and Jiffy Pop, coming right up!

  21. Alfred E. Neuman

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  22. China backs Pakistan. Russia is close with India. Hmmm.

  23. Do you think that Trump is in Hanoi just to meet with Rocketman?

    Perhaps he is meeting with others behind closed doors?

  24. fuck the police

    fuck the gobbermint

  25. Perhaps there’s another angle whoever is orchestrating this is trying to work? Some horrible 3rd world nuclear war will probably create massive waves of refugees. And of course Ivanka will cry to daddy about how sad it all is, and why we need to let them in.

    Either that or this is some sort of effort to distract people. Normies will have their faces glued to the TV reports about the war and pay no attention to what the elites are up to.