Z Blog: The New Narrative

You can’t just replace the native population; you must also create and impose a new mythology.

You are the new Indians.

Are you ready yet for the rez?

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  1. Our national history is a giant continuing lie. We won’t be turning anything in especially weapons. The police have zero duty to protect, and the left want the weapons. That sounds like a win win plan.


    • @Dirk

      Re: “The police have zero duty to protect, and the left want the weapons. That sounds like a win win plan.”

      That’s not a bug – that’s a feature. If the left wants private ownership of firearms outlawed, and the cops have zero duty-to-protect – then wouldn’t that leave legacy Americans entirely unprotected? In a word – “you-betcha!”
      Subsequently to receive the same treatment as so many other disarmed peoples have throughout history.

      Proving yet again that “gun control laws” ought, in the name of honesty, to be called “victim disarmament laws” instead.

    • “law and order” is a giant continuing lie.
      same with the “just-us” system.


      you rotten traitorous badge wearing thug.

  2. From Z-Man: “In case it is not clear, “bigoted people among ourselves” is you paleface.”

    I’m not sure if this would qualify as a corollary, but I’ve been told by a knowledgeable source that lions tend to be very bigoted towards hyenas.

  3. Disarming the goyim is (((their))) religious imperative.

    Contrary to ADL dissembling, Judaism’s “Kill even the best of the Gentiles” religious imperative is no mere anachronism, but evident in the Jewish-inspired-and-controlled murder of over 60 million Christians “in a time when Jews had control over the Gentiles,” precisely as “the Great Rambam” instructed—yes, historians, under Judeo-Communism and soon too in the Zionist imperium.

    Perhaps more subtle than their violent disarmament of Christian Russians, Jews are currently waging full scale lawfare and economic war on gentile gun ownership, while the hypocrites arm Israeli civilians to the teeth, even children. They have unleashed all their economic weapons of mass destruction and media hegemony—censoring and demonetizing gun videos on their internet, skewing reporting, un-banking gun businesses, and funding massive agitprop and sympathetic goyische politicians to disarm us Gentiles—to control us!

    The RKBA is only for the “Chosen.”

    • Thanx for enlightening all humanity. I didn’t know the Jooos were all indians. I knew the jews were responsible for the indians demise but I didn’t know Custer was a jew. Most of the pilgrims who beat on the Wampanoag were jews also along with most of the jewish Quakers and Mennoninites. George”Jew” Washington, a devout Hassidic jew rounded up and murdered 150 million jews in one week. They are all buried at Mt Vernon. That is why you will always see a plethora of jews at Mt Vernon. Giant jew graveyard. I read it on WRSA. Al wrote it So it must be true.
      Check under your bed before sleep tonite. No less than fifty bloodthirsty jews hiding under there. I use the new and improved Liguori jew spray. Seems to do the trick. No family members have been murdered in their sleep by the murdering jews for over a week now. Thank you Al.

      • Why do you constantly go “Full Ostrich” and hide your head in the sand about what the jews are and do?

        Why the ‘white knighting’, tip-toeing and fawning on their behalf where that deceitful murderous tribe is concerned?

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • Because people need to be shown a few things when they come to read here.
          1. Never believe anything you read or hear unless you personally know it to be true, or unless it is consistent with things you know to be true.
          2. That there are people on this page that will not simply let outrageous claims go unchallenged.
          3. That there are still sane people here, and while we will accept an honest discussion about race and religion and the flaws therein, we are not willing to fall into the trap of leveling all of the blame for the worlds problems on a single convenient target.

          This is not “white knighting”. This is a demand for reality.
          This is a demand for caution and logical deduction.
          Were you to post here that there are evil people in the world doing evil things, no one would bat an eye. Were you even to name specific evil people and their deeds no one would bat an eye.

          The problem comes when you go further and transfer the blame for all of the evils from individuals to the group.
          You are guilty of the same Identity politics that we are fighting.
          You are ignoring the dangers of that line of reasoning and its mindset.
          You are discarding the logical conclusions from that line of thinking and how that will lead to actions that destroy any claim to being a moral, fair and honest people we have.

          If you maintain a fair and reasonable approach to discussion and equally apply praise and criticism, then you can have a discussion about groups. Because following that approach with rational people does not lead to people making illogical leaps and assuming the worse course of action when you offer a critical comment.
          For example, I can be critical of Islam without implying that I want all muslims rounded up into death camps. I can be critical of Black people without implying that I want Black people all rounded up into death camps.
          You CAN be critical of Jewish people without implying that you want them rounded up into death camps.

          But if you are CONSTANTLY banging the drum about a group of people, then you pretty much remove any doubt about the fact that you want them rounded up into death camps.

          It only takes a SINGLE disturbed individual who reads here on a daily basis to hear that drum beat that you have been pounding on and go shoot up a local synagogue for ALL of us to be undone.

          • Absolutely outstanding comments, Grenadier. Much needed and appreciated. The voice of Reason crying out in the wilderness.

            Thank you.

      • You tribe are surely as good at taqiyya as your other semite brother ragheads.

  4. the Left has nothing but verbal projectile vomit until they grow some balls, leave their safe spaces, and start assaulting whyte men in their homes; dying in the process. No amount of unconstitutional laws, strangulation by banksters or pronouncements by the Left’s echo chamber of SJW talking heads will change this because the line in the sand has been drawn. My Sheriff is being threatened by the Commies in the state capital; hints of sending in the State Police are on the wind but this is a big empty county and pay day could be months or even years down the road for said Staties…

  5. It is interesting watching this farce continue to play out, with the “Native Americans” being portrayed as wronged by Whitey. In truth, Whitey treated them FAR better than they treated those people who were here BEFORE them. Or hadn’t you noticed that they fully wiped out those tribes? And even among themselves, most tribes were continually at war with each other. The Iroquois Confederacy was a notable exception, and there were some others. But the rest were quite willing to wipe out their enemies, and sure didn’t give the other tribes anywhere near the fairness with which the US has treated them after their defeat.

    • The Confederate States of America treated them even better.

    • The older books dealing with the settlement of America are quite explicit in their description of native American warfare which, except for winter, an ongoing preoccupation of the Braves characterized by murder, torture, rape, genocide and in many instances, cannibalism (it’s where we get the term B-B-Q!

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      The Mohawks ran the Iroquois confederacy like warlords.

      They were wiped out for a reason. None of their allies cared.

  6. Sigproshooter

    Comanche tribe. Study it’s actual history. Things to know.

  7. History records exactly one war started because a tyrannical ruling class sought to disarm a populace.

    It began on Lexington Common and at Concord Bridge.
    It went pear-shaped for TPTB on Day One, and they came off second best ever after.

    Dumbassery v2.0 won’t even do that well.

    Nobody is going to turn in their weapons, and trust the government, let alone get obligingly into the boxcars, because we all know where the boxcars unload.

    The first side that makes a move is going to open that ball, and there are no ribbons for Second-Best Gunfighter.

  8. Very good one-hour explanation by Dr. Ted Broer on “Q”, Trump, and Jared Kushner–very eye opening!

    [audio src="http://mediaarchives.gsradio.net/Ted_Broer/022519.mp3" /]

  9. the really fucked up part is these are the freaks who are currently winning.

    the murkins are gonna have do better than ol billy porter and its man dress…

    sheesh. we’re so fucked

    • you want to know why they are winning?

      cops. judges. politicians.

      that’s right. they love and protect these vile shitstains and will throw you in prison or murder you if you try to correct these blatantly foul wrongs..

    • wendystringer48088

      Well, guess we know who the “woman” is in the relationship…
      “sheesh. we’re so fucked’
      No, he’s so fucked.
      Not anyone else.

    • wendystringer48088

      They are not winning, unless you consider being a homosexual and flaunting it and having the mainsteam media fawning over you for it winning.
      Selco and FerFal and others have made it pretty clear than when the SHTF and the rule of law and law enforcement goes away homosexuals are killed for GP (general purposes).
      Kind of like you have been pointing out about the police protecting the shit-stains from justice enacted upon them by the larger crowd of normal people who are currently kept in check by threat of arrest, being sued, being put in jail or killed by the public enforcers.
      I personally am not a fan of the police all going away because i think the alternative to anarchy will be warlords with private armies and criminal gangs but if it happens at least it will be interesting to see some people get theirs.
      The homosexuals and sexual deviants are not winning anything you or any of us would want. Let them have what they have. Time grows short.. Best to just keep doing what each of us are doing to make ourselves better and more prepared for what is coming down the pike every day.

  10. I always equate Gun Control with Slavery to fight the emotional appeals.
    Is Slavery Wrong? Yes says the Normie.
    Can slaves own guns? No says the Normie.
    So slave owners are for gun control right Mrs Normie?
    Mrs, Normie, why would you want to be like a Slave Owner?
    Most people really don’t mind slavery when you get them right down to it.
    They just want to benefit from slavery or be holding the whips.
    If they are a house slave themselves, they probably won’t mind that either.

    • An observation if I may — “If I am to be called a racist regardless of what I do; I might as well avail myself of the advantages of slavery.” Its on the T-Shirt, $24.95.

  11. My wife comes from the Nunley clan of the hidden Cherokees [ see Black Jack Nunley ] and to say they have a healthy disrespect of government is an understatement . The whole clan still denies any Cherokee blood . That’s the way they were raised. If you put any stock in dna technology I am 99.7% Scotch / Irish and that is self explanatory . Great Uncle Michael may have died but his spirit is still with us . How long till we let him out of the closet ? Things are getting frisky !

  12. Coldfury is down.

  13. Old Gray Wolf

    They can control my guns all they want. All they have to do is come after me, and the guns will start firing. Or they can leave me alone, and fhe guns may stay silent- unless they fuck with my neighbor. And any and all patriots known by me are my neighbors. So start it up, losers. Bring enough of ya, you might be able to kill me. Then you have the issue of finding all my guns before my friends do. Good luck. You will need it.

  14. Monetizing their “experience”. No one is coming to save you. They are hoping people like kindly uncle joe the creepy kid hugger will save them.
    We passed the rubicon decades ago, no one noticed. Idiocracy looks like a Mensa meeting now.


  15. The Usual Suspect

    NO there not winning, you just believe your own bullshit, FOOL!

  16. The Old Guide

    Do NOT get on the bus. NEVER get on the bus!