Aesop: The Feminist Manifesto

A rebuttal.


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  1. Not worth the spittle it’s written with; Wammen are a protected class and this tripe is just another trope to piss-off wyte men.

  2. Donny Corleone

    At least she’s willing to give head. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. I’ll go sit in time out for the next two days.

  3. Did the head in the bottom picture belong to the woman in the top picture?

    Does anyone know the story associated with these pictures?


      The stories I saw at the time were that she was a long sought after Kurdish that ISIS had a bounty on because she had killed numerous IS fighters.
      Who knows how true that actually was but the IS guys believed it that’s why they cut off her head.

    • Google it.
      She was Kurdish Combat Barbie; then later, an ISIS trophy head-mount.

      Equality in combat is a bigger bitch than womyn are.

    • wendystringer48088

      “Did the head in the bottom picture belong to the woman in the top picture?”
      “Does anyone know the story associated with these pictures?”

      Yes. The top and bottom pictures are of the same woman. The name she went by was Barin Kobani (her real name was Amina Omar)

      She was 27 years old and a member of the all-female fighting unit (the YPJ) of the Kurdish YPG (People’s Protection Units).

      She died bravely fighting Syrian rebels backed by Turkish forces in battle in Afrin, Syria in February 2018. It is said that she had killed over 100 enemy fighters in her short military career.

      After she was killed the enemy fighters cut off her head and mutilated her naked body and posted the pictures and video for propaganda and psychological warfare purposes.

      She deserves much respect. She died bravely choosing to fight to the death for her freedom and for her Kurdish people rather than surrender or submit.

    • Pretty well established through sources at the time that the 2nd photo was photo-shopped. Others (bloggers, social media straphangers) made “Angel of Kabane” a poster child for Kurds fighting ISIS; later (after the alleged beheading) she was also dubbed her “Rehana.” Verification of whether she’s actually alive or not vary – it was really just the one iconic photo that spun off from there. There was a Brit gal, Anna Campbell, who was killed fighting, however.

      Some collateral musings here and here.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Well, Considering she went around the internet as a “Kurdish Sniper Woman sends Jihadis to Allah” Meme for about 5 years. I think it is safe to assume that she was purely a propaganda apparatus.

      Some claim she had hundreds of kills.

      I find that hard to believe because that would mean she cleaned out several villages.

      I think the most reasonable answer is that she was the least inbred and retarded looking of all the “women” who served(Lost) in the war against ISIS. So they decided to put her face everywhere as False Propaganda.

      The fact of the matter is this…

      When I see a photo of her in a hide, overlooking a village full of Mohammedans, with a high powered rifle, then I will believe the propaganda.

      However, that top photo is the only one I have ever seen.

  4. Johnny Paratrooper

    All the women I served with were complete and absolute liars, thieves, drug addicts, and whores.


    Sadly most of them have kids.

    • Why did you leave, you must have felt right at home being the busted pot smoking vagrant that you are

    • you are correct.

      but this dumbass Lori Gattuso still believes wymin are worthy of respect.

      “It is interesting to read the comments on this subject. It seems most commenters would enjoy seeing their young women getting drafted into combat, getting killed or mutilated, and many call women by vile profanities. Only a few men like you hold the line in your own lives and resist the temptation to bitterness and self destruction.”

      what a stupid bitch. obviously, she hasn’t had to deal with the modern murkin slut/ex-wife, this isn’t a modern phenomena, they were like that many decades ago- ask me how i know… cunts deserve nothing. i hope they all drown in their own piss and vomit, better yet, may their pussies rot out and off as they moan in agony from the pain. funny how things come full circle, huh?

      again. fuck them worthless cunts.

      • lastmanstanding

        Your killin me man…too much snow and cold. You need some sunshine.


        • this lori cunt shows just how dumb the murkins are- obviously a fucking fuckwit BOOMER! i’m thinking she’s related to dirk the pig cop.

          oh, and to all who claim their girls are saints- HA HA HA

          no they are not- more cognitive dissonance.

          • and yeah, it’s still fucking snowing.

            184″s this winter- so far. over 2ft above normal.

            it ain’t even march yet. it was -6 this morning here on the island.

            • lastmanstanding

              Just came in from moving 2′ in my drive. 50″+/- this month. Still snowing in the single digits.

              Gonna rain next week so they say.

              We’re headed the right direction…days longer, sun closer to the earth.

          • Tfat Lori and me are not related. She actually makes sense, unlike your black fucking sole. Trash with cash.

            You got an exit stradegy their on the island. Those natives gonna cut your fucking head off, before this is over.

            Love Dirk

    • As for them being whores…. life abroad can be pretty boring when serving with the Army.
      These girls might spice that time up a bit 😛

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        Military women are hideous.


          Word. And, the ones who are not are usually making rank on their backs. I saw it with my own eyes when I went back as an active Army Reservist in 1979, That is why I did not last long as far as service in the ranks. The older Warrant Officers and senior NCOs were just counting the days until they received their “Twenty-year Letter.” I understand from reliable sources conditions are even worse, now.

      • wimyn can only destroy the morale of a fighting unit.

        if anything, they should be back at base camp with their legs spread and tied apart for rotating troops enjoying some R&R.

        they have ZERO biznes in the field.

  5. Perhaps the likes of Gloria Allred will find a new revenue stream suing the enemy combatants that mistreat the womyns. OK Mohammad, here’s some friendly advice. No titty tweaks, ass patting, pussy grabbing, chick dick pulling or misgender pronouns. Just clean gender neutral kills.

    • wendystringer48088

      Torture and mutilation pictures and videos of fighters captured by the enemy are on the internet. It is the nature of the enemy to do this, because of their culture, because of anger over their people who have been killed and to encourage their own people and to discourage and demoralize their enemies.
      There is a case to be made for keeping the last grenade for yourself – take a few with you when they come to take you prisoner and don’t leave enough for them to cut up and piss on and put on display.

  6. TL:DR

    Bottom line: Anyone who thinks that women should be involved in combat should be taken outside and shot. I care not if your motive is ‘equality’ or retribution towards Marxist feminists.

    • Talk is cheap bucko, just how froggy do you feel?

    • So you’re willfully clueless; noted.

      You’ve also mistaken “should” for “will be”.
      Ignorance is a poor substitute for logic, just as shit is a poor substitute for brains.

      • Say Mr. California who won’t fire a shot while he “fights”.for California.

      • Aesop–do you have any reply comment that simply isn’t an ad hominem?

        Didn’t think so.

        In your mind, I bet you think you’re really smart.

    • If they want the vote .. they can sign-up for selective service and die just like a man has to.

      We had to .. they didn’t .. privilege without responsibility or accountability is why we are in this sorry state of affairs.

      So .. let’em face the same results for the right to self government / vote / liberty / freedom.

      And .. yes I’m a Veteran.

      • You obviously don’t pay much attention around here. As I’ve been saying for quite some time now… Repeal the 19th.

        We had to .. they didn’t ..

        Poor, poor you. That the best you can come up with?

        • You obviously don’t pay much attention around here. As I’ve been saying for quite some time now… Repeal the 19th.

          Actually I pay atyention very well.

          Poor, poor you. That the best you can come up with?

          Like trying to repeal the 19th .. how’s that working out for you.

          My argument at least has a chance .. oh wait .. it’s in place now. Keep looking like the fool .. tool.

          Try a winning strategy next time.

  7. I’d rather fight to the death and be beheaded than be stuck in a burqa, raped repeatedly, and forced into Islam. I think she made the right choice, considering that she lived there and those seemed to be the two choices available. I know of at least one Kurdish female fighter that pulled a pin on a grenade with a bunch of the jihadis surrounding her, taking them with her. I think most of the Kurdish women fighters feel the same way. There aren’t enough men to do the job; the Kurds need everyone to fight.

    Her life wasn’t about shopping malls and texting, or mindless submission to the demonic religion. She died free, and I bet she took some of those bastards with her. Good on her.

    • She also took any hope of a family, and thus a future for her people, out with her. That’s called Darwin Award, first class, with self-directed genocide clusters.
      She’s thus gone one step beyond Planned Parenthood, and skipped from killing just babies, to killing the mothers before they conceive.

      You confuse last-ditch necessity with oughtness, just as you confuse feelz for common sense.

      The logical difference between what you might do when they come in your front door versus what your country’s army should be doing as policy is wider than the Mississippi River.

      Biology doesn’t give a shit about your feelings, and reality is a crueler mistress than butthurt, especially in wartime.
      Sane, rational people don’t have to be beaten over the head with such obvious common sense. Until now.
      Which rather underlines the depth of the fall with red highlighter.

      Women belong in no army ever invented, and the attempt is a death wish, on both the women involved, and most of the males in proximity.
      Perhaps even entire countries or cultures. Those are the chips you’re playing with.

      The attempt to normalize such nonsense is pure cat-lady insanity, and deserves its inevitable reward.

      You want to learn to shoot SOBs coming into your home as the last-ditch defense of hearth and kin, ROWYBS. That’s responsible parenting.
      You want to join the army, get a psychiatrist. It’s delusional.
      Your gender doesn’t pack the gear for that job, and never will.

      Lowering standards (which has now been done across the board) to accommodate and normalize such insanity brings nothing to the mix but failure.

      That’s what you’re advocating for, and that’s what this country’s military is laying the foundation for, in spades.
      Way to own it.

      • wendystringer48088

        Maybe she had no choice other than fight or be a slave for the enemy or be killed.
        If she could have came here to the U.S. (in place of any number of useless immigrants) and got married and raised a family and had children and grandchildren here that would have been great. But no such life was possible for her.

        Maybe she was only a cute poster girl holding her AK with her hand on the muzzle and posing for the cameras and maybe she wasn’t really as much of a bad ass killer as she was made out to be, but she died fighting.

        Note when they first got to her she was dead but was wearing clothes and later on it was obvious they were mutilating and cutting up her dead body.

        As a side note, I would expect if CW2 breaks out here, with our criminal gangs, ghetto dwellers, leftist true believers, etc. we will be seeing the same thing here once things get going. Pretty sure they would be doing that to any of us or our women that they caught.

        As to our situation in the U.S. military at the present time, there are some things women can do well in the military but women are definitely not built to be infantry soldiers.

        I’ll bet if there is ever a draft that involves women they will all be stateside / in the rear with the gear, pregnant and sleeping with the senior NCOs and officers to get easier duty.

      • I love how you have the balls to judge people better than yourself.

    • Bless you. Unlike the rest you nailed it. She fought for her beliefs while the rest of the dregs in this group sit around watching porn and jerking it all day.

    • Immigration Moratorium

      “I bet she took some of those bastards with her.”

      I bet you she didn’t

    • The female fighter in the top photo is your Kurdish female. She walked into the wrong room – a short, savage gun battle ensued. After shooting several of them, she was mortally wounded and popped a frag. She took out six to ten enemies, depending on who’s story you go with. A true warrior, may she rest in peace.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      I agree with your assessment. My entire feeling after reading an article about those Kurdish girls fighting with/for the Peshmerga was, I wish the men here were as hard as the girls there. Some, perhaps most of those girls had been Isis sex slaves and either escaped or were freed. Any human worth their skin would want some payback after that.

      Times are coming in this nation, and are just around the corner in Europe, where women will have to develop a harder mind and do what needs to be done. My wife is an integral part of my team. Rather than treat her like some delicate flower that needs my protection, I made it my business to give her the unvarnished truth of what can happen, and we train together so we can fight together if need be. I also want her to be the predator in any dustup with a would-be predator when I am not with her. That starts in the mind. The mind can conceive the proper mindset more easily if the skills to back the mindset are already developed. So we train. Will she pull the trigger on another person? I won’t know until she has to, but I think it is likely at this point. Far more likely than if I treated her like some fragile doll and promised to protect her at all times. If we love our wives, we will train and educate them. Who better to back you up than somebody who has a deep and vested interest in your continued good health? Who better to defend a woman when she is under attack and alone, than the woman herself? How is she to be thus, if she is not trained and mentally prepared for the occasion?

  8. don’t know whether it’s true or not, but that Kurdish sniper-grl supposedly had quite a few kills before ISIS terminated her career.

    anyway, I’m all for the continued SJW-networking of the ZOG Empire’s military. For 2 reasons:

    1) to facilitate (((system))) collapse, we need the (((Empire))) to lose the next Big War.

    2) and once the domestic disagreement goes bloody, we need the ZOG military – which will be deployed against us – to be as rotten as possible.

    great essay by snarkmeister Aesop, incidentally.

    • She clipped so many worshippers of the pedophile prophet, ISIS had a price on her.
      And her death is not a recent event, it’s been
      almost five years since the incident.
      Moreover, she is rumored to still be alive.

    • Amen, Haxo, Amen.

    • Lori, You point is well taken. What this debate is about is having the best military possible. Having the best military for the USA does not include women in combat.

      Your point is different. In WWII when Russia was invaded by the Germans they needed everyone to fight who could. Every grandma who could pull a trigger was needed. That is not the same debate as having women in the US military.

      • “Your point is different. In WWII when Russia was invaded by the Germans they needed everyone to fight who could. Every grandma who could pull a trigger was needed.”

        Too bad that the ethnic Russians DIDN’T shoot the communist jew invaders such as Lev Bronstein /Trotsky and the rest includin Lenin and Stalin. Would have saved millions later.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  9. To be fair, she did kill a lot of sand people before they got her.

    • I wonder who among her “people” saw to it she was captured? Was she Christian or Muslim?

      • Aren’t Kurds an ethnic group with their own branch of Islam?

      • She was (is) of the Kurdish people.
        Kurds are classified as being Iranian
        and the majority are Sunni muslim.

      • I think she was dead when the bad guys found her. So they left her body out there. Which is bad on them but sometimes shit happens to fast to do anything about it.

    • Grenadieri,
      Your response to the ostrich statement was spot on. I am confident there are a large number of douche canoes and shitheads that are not Jews. The quoting of dead sea scrolls,torah,biblical verse and nazi propaganda by a deranged zealot diminishes the efforts of proponents of freedom.
      I admire Petes resolve to publish disparate positions on subjects. Judge individuals on their merit and actions. The Jew hating retards get pissed if I don’t agree with them. To them I say Fuck You! I will think for myself and evaluate hebes,micks,spics,sand-niggars,walking clams,pollacks,pavement apes,beaners,commies,albinos,eskimos,snowflakes,guineas and Norwegians on a case by case basis. Any employee of mine who constantly comes to me with problems and never a solution does not remain in my employment. The jew-haters never have solutions.
      Jews will do whatever they must to educate their children. Educated,disciplined children become the power brokers of civilizations. Magic men in the sky are not the reason. Ignorant nazi scum may eat my balls.

      • Knuckdm,

        Nice to know that some of us ARE living ‘rent free’ between your ears..truly hilarious.

        I guess for all your talking, that it’s difficult for you to understand that when I, Al, or others call out the jew for their bad behavior/evil that they’ve evidenced before and continue to do, that it’s hateful to do so or that hate is the motive behind my speaking to the truth of the subject. Far from it, it’s not hate, but love, love of the truth that motivates me to do so..just as it is to speak truth about “The Bad War” and how we were ALL deceived and enslaved by the International Globalists when their proxy militaries declared victory over the only real threat to their communist/zionist ‘new-world-order’…a united Germany led by Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists..the only nationalist leader with the balls to tell the International banksters to fuck off and make it stick for as long as possible!

        So feel free to continue believing the bankster created propaganda from the 1930’s and don’t forget your expected financial tribute to the “chosen people” as they truly are leading you around by the virtual nose ring just like livestock..which is what we are to them..goyim.

        I will continue to speak and teach the truth, both here and in meatspace.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • And yet… the fundamental problem still escapes you, morality.
        “Only Jews are human” and “Kill even the best of Gentiles.” Is that “hate”?

  10. Bitchez coming homing home in flag-draped coffins? Can’t wait….

  11. Aesop: Without hesitation. That was the best fucking thing you ever wrote. Napoleon Bonaparte said that Artty. Was the queen of battle. That was who I quoted. Your Doc was one lucky fucker. A frag that big should have turned him into hamburger at 200 meters. G_S’s will or blind luck IDK. I was 11B. Maybe you got it right,But If anybody is getting bent over , it is not the cannon cockers. Or as we said when we saw the butter bar coming. BOHICA.

    • Witnessed firsthand.
      Was an ashtray-size circle from the base of the shell, and whizzed straight back from the blown-apart Chevy that was the “tank” we were shooting at.
      Doc was sitting on his ammo-can aid kit watching the show when he got popped sitting between my gun and the next one over.

      We were rapidly directed to pick a hulk to target some distance farther out on the DF range.
      Doc retreated to the back of the nearest 5T truck, and relative safety.

      One lucky SOB.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. fuck the police

  14. In the top pic of the woman, she is not really holding her rifle in a safe manner by the muzzle, but I guess that is a moot point now.

  15. Yes.
    And they killed all her descendants, forever.
    Her offspring will never know freedom, because she hasn’t any.

    For an even better refutation of the “she took a lot of them with her” nonsense, here’s one with impeccable logic and a pure-bred bona fide pedigree:
    I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country.
    He won it by making the other poor bastard die for his country.

    I’m willing to be reasonable.
    If you want to conscript the worthless shriveled up harpies like Shrillary, Queen Alzheimers Pelosi, Crazy Maisie Morono, and Mad Maxine Waters and have them scout for land mines with pointy sticks, go ahead on. Throw in the female editorial staff (which would include the men, definitionally) at Cosmo, Salon, and The Atlantic, along with the on-air talent on The Spew while you’re up.
    That would raise the value of utilization of an otherwise-worthless commodity to the point where the game is worth the candle.

    But just like male chickenhawks through the ages, those shrews are ready, willing, and able to sacrifice the younger, prettier members of the Sisterhood to make themselves feel better about their own civilizational hatred and self-loathing, and they’ll never get the high explosive end they so richly deserve.

    So send all the women.
    Draft them, and get into a vast conflagration that would shame Ypres and Verdun.
    Pinch off an entire generation of idiots, and kill this femi-nonsense once and for all.
    It’s the only way to be sure.

  16. We never learn from history.

    .Japanese Comfort women

    When Bataan and Corregidor fell, 11 Navy nurses, 66 army nurses, and 1 nurse-anesthetist were captured and imprisoned in and around Manila. After years of hardship, they were finally liberated in February 1945

    This also happened to the round eye nurses British and Australian captured when Singapore fell.

  17. There are a few women who are good soldiers. Check out Israel and the Sabras. That said, I do believe that should the draft be reinstated then women as well as men should go. Thank feminism for that. Women are equal to men, right? In a fire I’d want a 120lb. woman carrying me out the window, right? Uh, no, Give me the 200lb fit male and we both may just make it out alive. Who wants an affirmative action heart surgeon? Who wants a female navy Seal?

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Israel’s military ground forces are widely known to be undisciplined and cowardly.

      Most of their missions turn into total clusterfucks.

      Their Lebanon invasion was lead by a woman.

      It was a disaster that resulted in the deaths of 1,000 IDF soldiers, followed by a hasty retreat.

      Steve Pichenick( a Jewish Dude) mocks the IDF constantly.

  18. I dunno dawg. Was just a’ight for me. I dont think any of this stuff these peeps write makes much difference overall. As one of my dawgs once said, “freedom begins between the ears.”

    I dont get how publishing this furthers your agenda more than just ignoring it does.

  19. Sigproshooter

    I’ll take a Kurdish woman over the majority of woymen in the U.S. today. Especially when things get spicy.

  20. Sigproshooter

    A female Kurdish fighter who became a poster girl for the Kobane resistance movement after a picture of her making a peace sign was retweeted thousands of times on Twitter has reportedly been beheaded by Isis.

    The woman, known by the pseudonym Rehana, was celebrated as a symbol of hope for the embattled Syrian border town after a journalist tweeted a picture of her making a ‘V-sign’, claiming that she’d personally killed 100 Isis militants.

    The message was retweeted over 5,000 times, but there are now claims Rehana, who fought for the Kurdish YPJ, or Women’s Defense Unit, may have been killed after gruesome pictures began circulating on Twitter of an Isis fighter purportedly holding aloft her head.

  21. Bravo well said !!

  22. fuck the gubmint

  23. Am I the only one who actually read the article? He says it very well indeed .

  24. Don’t let the Comanches git ya!

    • wendystringer48088

      Not to forget the murders of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom back about ten years ago.

      There are many other examples out there that have occurred since then that strongly suggest if / when a Civil War 2 happens we will be seeing the same sort of atrocities that occur in other war torn places around the globe happening here to any traditional white people caught up in it and captured or killed by the other side.

      I know this started out as an article by Aesop about the foolishness of sending women into combat and the humorous side of the feminists getting the full equality that they wished for in the form of women being subjected to the draft, but since he choose a Kurdish woman who died fighting ISIS terrorists (details differ but that’s more or less the story as I understand it) for his meme, I am going to say consider that woman may have had to fight or be raped to death, and that such conditions are coming here, and in some ways already have.

      • Wendy,
        And the negroes that are currently in the fussa have been
        systematically weaponized via decades of welfare, indoctrination/
        propaganda since at least 1909 by WHOM?

        Such vicious barbarian attacks on whites and other non-negroes
        is a (((cohencidence))) as well as a ‘feature’ of the operating
        system that the International Globalists created in their quest
        to destroy white civilization.

        Only the intentionally self-blinded politically correct
        indoctrinated NPC’s, sheeple and thoroughly blue-pilled
        Tradcon beta cuck normies DON’T see it yet!…..

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  25. What does TL;DR mean?

  26. The Wretched Dog

    Her name was (is) Rehana (although according to some sites, Rehana was apparently a pseudonym).

    Internet opinion is divided as to whether ISIS got her, or not. You have to assess the reliability of various sites and claims.

    According to several internet news sites, Isis claimed to have captured and killed her – twice – in 2014. However, the shape of the face of the unfortunate young women – held aloft by that spawn of Satan member of ISIS, looks rounder than does the shape of the face of the smiling young lady holding the rifle.

    One hopes she is still alive and well.

    This site claims she is alive and well, post-battle, as of June, 2015.

    The Wretched Dog

  27. First, that was a brilliant post. What a fertile mind. And now on to comment…

    This is a great Day!

    Suck on it, bitches!!! You wymmizz wanted equality? Well, here it is, good and fucking hard.

    I love to hear wailing and gnashing of teeth from the FemiNazis. It is a sight to behold…

    I loves me the taste of FemTard tears in the mornin’.

  28. wendystringer48088

    In my opinion, a better choice for the feminist fantasy of women in the combat poster girl would be Lt. j.g. Sarah Coppock who was Officer Of the Deck and Tactical Action Officer Lt Natalie Combs, who were not talking to each other and as a result crashed the USS Fitzgerald into the much larger ACX Crystal container ship in June 2017.

    Please pick people who really did fuck up due to acting stupid and political correctness rather than someone who died bravely fighting rather than be a live and die a slave.

  29. Augusto Pintobean

    Saw a comment that “No WestCiv man wants to see the women of his society maimed or killed in battle” by JJ in the comments of that writer. Actually, I do. I’ve given serious consideration to signing up for the Selective Service Commission to choose your daughters for this job. It would be a delight, actually. Especially if they’re liberal cunts. Sorry, take me out and have me shot, Bonaventure. Btw – there is an SSS vacancy to fill in a town near you. Send these women into combat.

  30. So…

    Not all boomers,

    but yes, all women.

    Got it.

  31. Ya some lessons here and in the comments as well. The womyns movement would like to reverse biological realites. The military is being neutered and has been for well over a decade. There are laws of nature though and they are inescapable and undeniable. As evidence I present Grizzlyman and his gal who were both eaten for being foolish and making VERY bad decisions, some might say mentally ill decisions. If you haven’t seen the documentary Grizzlyman I highly recommend it for your fams as something to teach them these very important concepts for self preservation. There is a saying which for me somes up this lesson quite well “Prayer won’t stop the bear”. In fact if you’re in AK not much will so you damn well better be armed and alert <—-key learning there. Amy is dead because she was a female who leaks blood from a hole once a month. She is also dead cause she was with Timmy who though he could talk to bears. Timmy is dead because he was fucknutz. Don't be Timmy or Amy kids. Or Rehaana or Chobani or whoever the fuck is in that photo. And triple PSS I don't give a flying fuck what happens in Iran, Iraq, the Stan or any other third world shithole. Fix this place. Let the rest crumble.

    "Ranger Ellis fires 11 times while rangers Gilliland and Dalrymple each fire 5 times, dropping the bear 12 feet away. “That was cutting it thin” stated Ellis. After about 10 seconds the bear dies and Willy Fulton then reportedly says “I want to look that bear in the eyes” and states that he is sure that this was the bear that chased him back to his plane earlier. (Ellis 2003, pg 3)"

    <—-thats a tough bear

    • Sorry forgot the linkydink

      PS – There is a lot of crazy in this writeup too me thinks. Tim’s friends thought the bear might have…..

      Dude your’e in bear country with no weapons during bulk up time for the bears. Stupid kills. The shocker was that the kid didn’t die much sooner, like years.

    • wendystringer48088

      In bear country I would hope that most people know that bears, being big and powerful and having massive claws and teeth, can be very dangerous. Animals are, after all, animals and will do animal behaviors. Ascribing human characteristics to wild animals is a mistake.

      I think the problem larger problem, in that it affects more people, is always thinking that other people are just like them and share their same values.

      I understand the thinking – ‘A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet’ is the saying some people have, and you will even see it posted on the wall with a cute drawing of everyone holding hands in various places.

      It is only when you get older and more cynical that you realize that stranger could be a serial killer or just someone who is a criminal or is someone who hates you who is looking for the first opportunity to kill you.

      Then you get things happening like the two clueless Scandinavian women (God rest their souls) hiking in a remote Muslim area who apparently think that they will always be treated with the same amount of civilized respect they enjoy in Western nations where ever they go.

      Fifteen men charged over beheadings of female hikers in Morocco

    • “… Amy is dead because she was a female who leaks blood from a hole once a month…”

      Which is the reason there are signs at trailheads in Yellowstone telling women to not travel the trails during their menstrual cycle. But as we all know, the majority of people traveling this country have the reading comprehension of a third grader and do not understand the American English language.

  32. I’d rather be a stay at home mom. Too bad all of modernity and the men around me expect me to make my own living wage when I could have been raising beautiful white babies. But I can’t complain, I’m 30 years old and apparently this is my fault.

    • You and JP should hook up you still have some miles on you…Oh and the comments on here are pure entertainment gold…LMAO

  33. William Munny

    Let’s start with these “Badass Babes”