The Spygate Coup Is Real

Normies twig to NKVD/Bolshevik op.

Hand-wringing to follow.

10 responses to “The Spygate Coup Is Real

  1. Surprise, surprise! Hook nose front and center…

  2. too bad this particular Jewscam appears headed for failure…not the least because most of the (((neo-conz))) and other never-Trumpers now understand that Trump is one of their own:

    because only the removal of Trump will remove the stinking wet blanket that the Orange con-artist has cast over the entire White/Right.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. So look the same kind of horse shit Kabuki was run with ObaMao and his birth cert Chronicles. Ann Barnhardt was right about ALL of these shitheads. ALL of them are corrupt as fuck, that’s all that’s left (and right) pun intended. Watching Kabuki will get you dead. There’s much more important shit to be done. The play won’t last forever and when it fails they will pull the pin. Until then live. Live well. Train hard. I rucked a couple hours today, temp was a balmy 12 with a 30 wind. Hopefully some of you did the same. Get fit or get dead.

  5. There is a deeper scandal in the RussiaGate scandal — Hillary Clinton getting a pass as the Red Queen of this whole affair. This has all the makings of being able to blow the Democratic Party to Hell (capable vs actual not withstanding) and still to a person they would give that bitch a pass. Its unreal.

  6. fuck the jew gubmint of Fusa or should i say Jusa?

  7. Beat that dead horse. It may have more gallop in em.

  8. What is the consensus, if the Supremes decide
    that World War I memorial in Maryland is a violation of church and state separation?
    If the decision goes against the memorial,
    it will be removed or it’s appearance altered
    by disfigurement.

  9. Heh…
    EartofTaint shows their talking heads shapeshifters 🙂