Denninger: Ahead Lies Civil War

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28 responses to “Denninger: Ahead Lies Civil War

  1. Shinmen Takezo

    Nothing but ‘happy thoughts’ from Denninger.
    Yes, it is inevitable I believe.

    FYI–the founding fathers signed a document that would have guaranteed the forfeture of the lives, property and fortunes if they failed… today, many conservatives are afraid if the cable TV goes out–or if they can’t get their pills, or their parasite paychecks from the government.

    When this unfold it will force a great many people to shit or get off the pot.

  2. Civil War?

    You might need: Professional Tactical Training for the Motivated Warrior Citizen Here:

    Her’e some YouTube (Buddy Pairs):

  3. Johnny Paratrooper

    It’s safe to assume that the epic failures of these hate crimes will culminate in the eventual hiring of mercenaries to “Do it right”

    What the media wishes for every single day is another church full of blacks getting shot up.

  4. What is the consensus, if the Supremes decide
    that the World War I memorial in (Bladensburg) Maryland is a violation of church and state separation?
    If the decision goes against the memorial, it
    will be removed or it’s appearance vandalized by disfigurement.

  5. Though all data is useful data I have to question if spending an hour reading posts that come from an echo chamber is a wise use of time. If one wants to know what is actually ‘habbening’ one might look to the open source Leftist sites to see what their handlers/herders are planning for them/us in the near future. Read your Marx, Che, Castro, Mao. As Provenience would have it much of the US is in the grip of an extended winter which will be followed by spring flooding. It might be wise to take said window of time and use it to note the salient tactical avenues of ingress/egress and bottle necks of your AO. As illustration Operation Market Garden failed because of a dike that forced all troop movements into a deadly funnel, the NAZIs controlled access with just a few crew served weapons. Geography is history folks, make sure it works in your favor!

    • or, if short of time, read (((Alinsky))).

      as a whole, Market Garden (oversold to begin with) wasn’t a “failure”…that’s the (((Hollywood))) version. Montgomery called the quick jump over most of Holland a success, and he was right. AAF General Brereton, also involved, diagnosed “gross lack of aggression on the part of Brit XXX Corps” in getting up the funnel to Arnhem Bridge as the main cause for the failure at the operation’s terminal point. Of course there were still other reasons: the hostile geography you cite, poor intel re the 2 SS Panzer Divisions refitting near Arnhem, dropping Brit 6th Airborne too far from the bridge, etc.

  6. I invite all of you to come to Chicago this spring and set it free from the commies. The new Mayor of Chicago will be one of two runoff candidates. Both are female, black, communists. One is even lesbian. Don’t go to Wyoming. Chicago is the place to be. It’s like the limbo dance. How low can they go?

  7. Donny Corleone

    Every other group except White Males is a “protected” group. It has been this way in some form or fashion for the last fifty years. If all other groups are protected then the group which is not is by default discriminated against. I don’t know how much longer that this travesty can persist, but I do know that I am pretty fuckin’ tired of this shit. I have hardened my heart and have prepared myself both mentally and physically for the coming sportiness. I hope that I can find like minded people who are willing to do what is necessary but so far most people that I talk to whom I would expect to understand the situation are infected with normalcy bias and are unable or unwilling to see the situation as it is. I hope that they will wake up in time or I fear that this will not go well for us. I don’t hold out much hope though, because White People tend to be unwilling to confront the trouble that is before them. It is easier to just ignore bad behavior.

  8. Civil war, no. Open-air prison riot, yes.


    Well, I do not know how soon CWII will commence. What I do know is the POTUS’ former lawyer really spilled the beans in front of congress today. There will be a move to impeach him which, with the ongoing border festivities and Spike Lee chimpouts, should make for some entertaining idiot box watching. Done in between prepping, of course.

  10. The MSM focuses like a laser on watching Michael Cohen perjure himself ad nauseum while telling everyone that Trump is a poopie head. They ignore the ratcheting of violence between India and Pakistan, two nuclear armed entities and also ignore Trump and Lil’ Kim’s duet.

    There will be no civil war, No shooting war. What there will be is a death of the Republic by a thousand cuts served with a side order of Boiled Frog and sprinkled with a soupcon of infanticide while the Satanists (aka: Progressives), tuck in their bibs to enjoy tasty tidbits of genocided white meat.

    • Well it sure seems to be going that way doesn’t it… That’s the problem with the slippery slope once you start down it’s really hard to stop and impossible to climb back up it…Also you have to have enough personal all stopping at the same to make any sort of difference which gauging from the comments here and elsewhere isn’t going to be happening anytime soon…Sad That…


      mygirlp: Second paragraph: MASTHEAD! Bleib ubrig.

  11. As usual, Denninger gets things half-right.

    There is intended to be a Civil War. The Leftards openly fantasize this, as they see themselves as swooping in to repeat another victory.
    Except this time the South is every white person, everywhere.
    (They think they’ll get over because they “identify” as gay black women”. It won’t work any better for them than for the frog giving the scorpion a ride.)

    But “we” (D. apparently has a mouse in his pocket) won’t be stopping it, because “we” didn’t start it, don’t control the narrative, and have neither the will nor inclination to prevent gravity from working.

    The chimp-out under plans is being ginned up per protocol, exactly as thousands of smaller versions have, with a monotonous cadence of hoax crimes, all beating the drum inexorably to fan the flames and direct the muster of exactly the CW intended.

    The surprise will be when it comes calling.
    On Day One, predictably to a mathematical certainty, they run out of cops, after two or perhaps three volleys. The cops already know this to a man, hence the distinct lack of vigor to go about it in the first place.

    If no learning occurs prior, on Day Two, The Culling begins in earnest.
    Instructive, at this point, is the Flight 93 Effect: i.e. in this day and age, you’ve got about half an hour’s free reign to hatch your Clever Plan, and after that, the so-called Sheeple will come out you, if necessary with bread knives and magazines. And then you and you’re Clever Plan are over.

    The problem for the Leftards is that Joe Average can do much better, on thirty minutes’ notice, than bread knives and rolled up magazines, unless he’s trapped in an aluminum tube at 40k’.

    It will be ARs and Glocks and such, until all obvious targets have either changed shape, caught fire, or bled out.

    Then, the survivors (and pure odds overwhelmingly favors one side, and that side is not The Diversity) will look to who started it, and The Hunt will begin in earnest.

    By Friday, people will be rounded up in batches, and shot against the handiest wall, and it likely won’t end until Rush Limbaugh is considered the most Liberal Man in America.

    You can forget the military; they’ll be hamstrung, and the wiser ones (about 98%) will either have joined the melee, or chosen to sit on their hands until the festivities are over, rather than wade amidst an internal war fray. They’ll retreat to their bases, and lock the gates, with orders to merely repel boarders, and fire only defensively. And for exactly the same reason the Beijing Guards wouldn’t fire on the Beijing students in Tiananmen Square.
    The Chicoms had to import hicks from the sticks to do that dirty work.
    Our military won’t have time for that, not being prepared beforehand.
    And they’ll see what happens to the cops, from local to federal, and want no part of that pie for themselves. (“Only a fool fights in a burning house.“)

    Besides, they’ll generally have their hands full assuring six other world powers that the nukes are secure (nations that have them get itchy about that point, to a metaphysical certainty), and they should fuck right off and stay out of this hemisphere, and not stick their nose into the bear fight, lest it get blown off with a response in the megaton range, by way of warning shot.
    For the same reasons, there will be a rush to the Mexican Border, but it will be an exodus headed south, not north.

    How long The Hunt lasts is an open question, as is how far the decline.
    Some areas may last for weeks, so for only a few hours.
    The “Civil War” is liable to resemble more closely the Rodney King Riots, rather than the Unpleasantness of the 1860s. Ain’t nobody got time for that, and in any event, there’ll be no one left to whack after a few days or weeks, the rest either dead or in hiding or exile, with bounties on their heads.

    You think the Left will suddenly show backbone?
    Look at an Antifa event: one Moldylocks face punch, and it’s over.
    The “brave” ones only attack with police escort and at 10:1 odds.
    Toe to toe, they scurry like roaches, and when heads start exploding and guts opened up right and left, they’ll set Olympic track records getting back to the safety of mommy’s basement, if they can make it there unscathed. And those are their “tough” customers.

    Hospitals and churches won’t be a safe zone sanctuary, and there’ll be no Geneva conventions: people will be pulled out by the hair and shot on the steps, when and where found.

    Media outlets will be gutted free-fire zones: radio, TV, newspapers. Open season on “journalists”, and no bag limit. Mark my words. This ain’t going to be Vietnam or GWI or GWII: “PRESS” creds on your vehicle or person will be a death sentence. “The revolution will not be televised.”
    You may get some Liveleak and youTube hashed up cell video, but it will look like shakey-cam outtakes from The Blair Witch Project of War Of the Worlds. and liable to get you shot in the face for doing it, so it will not be a wise move to be the guy holding out a cell phone camera like some talisman of protection, unless it’s got an NIJ rating sufficient to stop .30 cal incoming.

    What happens after that is when things get interesting, in a Chinese curse sort of way, and my crystal ball is hazy by that point.

    Then we’ll see who’s organized, and legitimized, or whether we enter the warlord and dictator period of history.

    And whether it starts next month or twenty years from now – if it ever does – is still a wide-open question.
    But the Left definitely thinks they want one to start, and are openly salivating at the prospect.
    Like all mad dogs.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Yeah, Totally

      25 million Muslims and Mexicans.

      Millions of hardened anti-white blacks who have done serious time in prison.

      Yeah, A few weeks, It”ll be all over. In and out. Quick 20 minute adventure.


    • Old Gray Wolf

      If enough Americans think like you think they do, your scenario has merit. I question if enough Americans have the sand to engage in such a romp, but perhaps they can get there with the proper stimulus. I am not afraid of the left’s goons. What I do fear is their ability to implement an agenda while Americans sit on their hands. They are in our faces with their smug looks and their scheming smirks, and still we tolerate the stupidity. I am sure where the left wants to go, and you are right about it, unless they think they can get there without a fight. I just wonder how they are going to drag the rest of America there. Our tolerance level shocks me on a daily basis. We should have been shooting Tories, commies, socialists, and the like since day one, just have a nationwide undesirable hunt every few years. I think Jefferson recommended it…

    • Should festivities last a month or more the wiser of the Rurals will commit Open Source Logistical Containment against the Urbans. Power, water, food detained/prevented from entering blue zones. Capitulation will ensue in short order.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. Angry white men with guns vs the mean green fighting machine new big deal. The occasional cortex did not just pop up out of nowhere, nor did the previous potus of questionable origin. And the New Green Big Deal didn’t either. Everything has been aimed at white men to anger them. The replacement for the angry white men is the migrants after the angry white man’s guns have been confiscated and they become whimpering angry white men, dehumanized. Yes, everything has been weaponized to anger white men and some of you white girls too. But not all white men are angry. Some are very pleased with what they have done.
    Almost like there is a plan, an agenda where ends will justify the means. And yes, it is a trap. Don’t remember where I read it, it goes something like this: the American dream is alive and well, in China. Need I say more, other than you will not vote your way out of this agenda.
    Do the math, world population seven billion. US population 320 million and half of the 320 million are very pleased with themselves or a protected class. Under the world microscope of instantaneous misinformation and victim hood, what are the chances we survive?

    • Now that was halfway coherent Joe X… Thanks…

    • Proximity is more important than numbers in your calculation. 6 billion of the earthlings lack the logistical means to be a factor in the Americas. Of the half of 320m that don’t give a flying ‘F, are themselves persons not worth a flying ‘F as a resource, they are merely consumers that won’t be missed. Just sayin’.

  14. Unknownsailor

    Not a civil war, an insurgency. I don’t know what will be the event that pushes it into kenetic, but get there it will. The radical left shows no sign at all that they are interested in stopping short of total control.

  15. Hear that whip crack, fellow serfs? Racist, bigot, misogynist. Crack, crack, crack. Evil, crack, white, crack, man, crack. There are no fake hate crimes, crack. Truth is bigotry in the land of the blind.

    They don’t use their twisted words to describe people like us in a good light, they do it to dehumanize us. To make us the /other/, to justify the creation of more protected classes and to cripple us. This is not how equals coexist, and those that believed it was about equality and fairness are in for a shock when the scales drop from their eyes.

  16. wendystringer48088

    In a sense we are already in the first stages of a Civil War if you think in terms of Low Intensity Conflict that is short of a massive shooting war.
    Information Warfare banning certain voices from the major media platforms and only allowing the approved narrative to be heard.
    Approved harassment in public of persons known to be working for or supportive of the or who are wearing MAGA (Make Ameriaca Great Again) clothing or hats.
    Police in certain areas standing by while traditional America supporters get attacked by Leftists yet arresting and heavily charging and convicting the traditional America supporters when they are caught up in a violent situation and act to defend or counter-attack.
    Continued demonization of white people for past slavery and having white privilege and continued under reported by the media random violence targeting white people by ghetto dwellers (or what Matt Bracken refers to as MUY – minority urban youths).
    Politicians on the other side passing ever more laws removing guns from legal gun owners.
    The list goes on. In short all steps short of conventional warfare with massed forces are being taken.
    As for myself in my daily living I am just aware that at any time I could be in the wrong place at the wrong time around the wrong people and take steps to minimize that and be otherwise prepared for if things suddenly get wierd in a big way.

  17. Just in case anyone ever really goes off the reservation, have a safe house to hole up in for a few days or a month. Not a friends place or someplace you normally hangout. Someplace you never took your cell phone to. Or your tollway transponder. Or your gps equipped late model vehicle. It doesn’t have to be a home or apartment. It can be a warehouse or storage building. Don’t share the info with anyone. Keep a bicycle there. Change of clothes, etc. Start carrying cash.

  18. Aesop. You forgot one rather important group in the coming festivities. The “contractors” Guys who are highly trained paid killers who will murder anyone on ether side if the money is right. The “deep state” has most of the super rich and boarding school connected on there team. They don’t need the army or the DOD –AT ALL. They can afford to put “Blackwater” in the field and keep them in it for years if not decades. That is the joker in this deck that everybody overlooks. Guys who will obey no ROE, will run airstrikes on any town or city, burn children alive in daycares, or rape and murder our wives in “black sights”–and at the will of the pay master, All equipped with the very newest and best the CIA can provide. and They will be damn difficult, to imposable for old combat vets and CIDG’s to beat armed with deer rifles, AR 15’s and bootleg MG’s and IED’s. Frankly I hope the army does come out. They are the only hope the women& kids have once these murdering bastards come out.