MDT: A Modern Jed Eckert Rifle

.30 caliber rifles matter.

Just remember to obtain and cache plenty of ammo for them.

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  1. northern gunner

    The Ruger precision is also a great choice. Such a great “Budget” gun U bought two of them

  2. robroysimmons

    I own a Steyr Scout in poodle cal .223 mainly for use in marksmanship practice, it is a well finished rifle. Thing I would add is that forward scope mount, no it doesn’t excite me so I put a red dot forward and while it might not be the best for target ID once you do ID it is the ticket. Watched Blackhawk Down last night for something to kill time, we can get better gear than they had, think about that.

    And to stir some hate, IMO if you are serious about FreeForring in the coming activities get a rifle in .556 with standard Nato mag. Sure being a gun culture special snowflake makes you feel well special I don’t fucking care about supplying you with super ammo reloads or magazines at $75 a crack, never mind parts.

  3. I added CDI (in Florida- great products/service) detachable box mag bottom metal to a Mauser sporter (.308) that I had built some years go. Takes AICS/clone five and ten rd mags, functions perfectly. Mausers require minor milling of the bottom of the receiver but it’s nbd.

    CDI will install the DBM unit on your gun for free and they make them for about every bolt gun you can think of. I am not affiliated, just a very satisfied gunsmith. Check them out here:

  4. Thanks for that. Been thinking about them to butcher an FN SPR to accept Magpul/AICS clones. Current thinking is to sell the SPR intact (thing is an accurate but heavy pig) and CDI something lighter from the herd.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      You can always switch to, or build, a feather light Remington 700.

      My base model R-700 is a 1 MOA gun. Cost $700 after tax, tag, and title.

    • lastmanstanding

      I’m w/JP.

      I’m betting my life on my 700’s

      Check out a custom build @

      • Johnny Paratrooper


        Don’t set the trigger to light.

        After a couple of rounds the trigger will seize up.

        It can, in fact, be set “too light” and that will result in a lock up of the trigger system.

        A simple fix- Just take it out a little.

        • lastmanstanding

          Just dialing in right now as I have lots of time to hit range. Current trigger is 4+. Groups are sub 1 moa up to 300 but concentration for this old fuck is just to much. Get my drift. Timney sent direction, just waiting on a new tool kit.

          My rule 308 is perfect @ 3.5 and has never had a seizing issue…and it is a dream to pull. Lots of rounds down range. Both have 510’s.

          Please advise as necessary…thanks in advance.

          • Johnny Paratrooper

            Very cool. Bolt guns are great. I love the recoil impulse they put down.

            Seriously though, Be careful with that trigger.
            My seized up at the range.
            Completely dead lined.

            Imagine if that happened during an engagement. [Heart Attack]

            Make sure you test any adjustments to be sure.

    • CA, I might have mentioned that I built that rifle, and did the mods to adapt the receiver to the CDI rig. The milling was minor and I don’t think too many other actions require it. (I haven’t reviewed them all.)

      A bigger deal is inletting the stock for the hew bottom metal. Most sporters come with trim, graceful floorplate/trigger guard units, which the CDI is not and cannot be. No going back once done.

      I couldn’t bring myself to alter the original stock (also my work) so I altered a synthetic Howa stock- same guard screw hole dimensions as Mauser, everything else filled/altered rebedded with Acra Glas to mate with the Mauser action. Not as bad as it sounds and fits perfectly.

      CDI will do all the work for you on your gun including inletting, whichever action you choose.

  5. you people must all live in wide-open AO’s which equals “you’re dead” before you even know someones out there.

    those guns are tooooo long and totally useless in the northern jungles of Northern Murka.
    the AK is the weapon of choice.. it punches thru the close-in thick jungle better than anything else.

    note to self. purchase more AKs.

    • In the interest of streamlining ammo loads and caches, I’d suggest the CZ-527, a nice little carbine that launches 7.62 Russ

      Compact, accurate, enough oomph to take down h. not-so-sapiens and game

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      My friend went the AK route and I went the AR route.

      His RPK can make 500 meter hits on a 10 inch steel plate ALL DAY.

      Pretty amazing.

      The AK is a very serious weapon. Especially the American made ones with milled receivers and quality barrels.

  6. HCAR all the way for me. Heavy and expensive, but well worth it!

  7. iseaki trash

    My ‘ol Savage 270win may be the most accurate rifle I have, it’s a sporter w/detachable mag but shoots sub MOA w/cheap factory ammo (I have 200 rnds plus hand loads). I have a pile of EBRs but that 270 speaks to me.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Every single deer I have witnessed taking a .270 round, died before it hit the ground.


      Hardly any blood. Maybe a few drops.

  8. wendystringer48088

    Found it here:

    Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle .308 Win Black Laminate

    Looks like just under a thousand for the rifle not including scope and extra mags. Probably 2000 total with scope, sling, case, extra mags and ammo.

    Thinking I should sell a few AR’s I don’t need (saving for a rainy day when everyone who doesn’t have one suddenly decides they want one) and get one of these Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle .308 Win?

    Would Winchester 7.62 NATO/308 win 147gr FMJ be good ammo for it?

    Am assuming best not to use military surplus 7.62×51 ammo in it?

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      I have two “Zeroes” on my Bolt gun.

      One for my Match Grade Hunting Rounds and the Other for Literal MG ammo. (Delinked 7.62×51 M-80 Ball)

      I keep it zeroed for the Hunting ammo. (Ammo I can purchase at ANY big box outdoor’s store on the entire planet)

      14 clicks down and 9 clicks over and its DEAD on with the Machine Gun Ammo.

      Nearly as accurate out to about 300 meters/yards.

    • that range looks very similar to mine.

      but mines better. 🙂

    • “…Am assuming best not to use military surplus 7.62×51 ammo in it?…”

      It is fine to shoot 7.62/milsurp in a .308 chamber. The reverse is not true, reason being differences in chamber pressure of the two rounds. Miulsurp uses a heavier brass case and cannot hold the same amount of propellant, therefore creating lower chamber pressures. (Also, there are two differing methods used to measure the chamber pressure.)

      Is milsurp best? Not really, though accuracy can be acceptable in many rifles. Then again, accuracy depends much on what your particular rifle favors. (As an example, my Precision rifle shoots 3/4 MOA and sometimes less with Federal Fusion, and 5 MOA with Remington or Winchester.)

  9. I have a Ruger GSR, in .308, and plenty of magazines for it. While most are ten round mags, I have a few in lower capacities. I did away with the forward optics mount, I don’t care for the limitations of it and the Trijicon ACOG I mounted does not have that long eye relief required. XS makes a replacement rail that goes all the way to the normal location, LaRue makes a mount for the ACOG that offsets it further to the rear.

    Alpha Industries makes a 10 round magazine for the GSR, and for some of those bottom metal/detachable magazine kits, that puts ten rounds in little more space than a five round magazine. I’m testing their reliability myself, but so far, so good. Here’s an outside review of them.

    The Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle reviewed:

    The above web site has lots of good reviews, in depth most of the time.

    • Did you actually read the post Pat?
      “Another feature I love about this rifle are the back up iron sights. It started out with the factory Ruger peep sights (ghost ring). The front sight is wing protected and about as solid as can be without it being brazed onto the barrel. I replaced the rear sight with a full length (it came with the forward mounting rail) rail from XS Sights and this has a built in ghost ring aperture.”

      • I sure did and consider it excellent information. When I bought my stainless steel GSR they weren’t available with an eighteen inch barrel, so mine is 16.5.

        I had to remove the rear iron sight ring from the XS rail to permit the mounting of the ACOG. A compromise, certainly. If I’d mounted a more conventional scope like you did, I’d have kept the rear ghost ring.

        By the way, the LaRue mount is first class kit, making scope removal very fast, but still very secure. I recommend you consider acquiring LaRue mounts for your scope.

  10. I ended up going with the Ruger Gunsite about a year ago but I will say the Mossberg MVP is worth a look. Also in .308 it is at least $100 cheaper, its lighter, and unlike the Ruger it does NOT take proprietary magazines. Incredibly enough it takes AR-10 style (LR308/SR25) AND M1A/M14 style magazines with no parts to swap or modify. Not only do most gun owners already have those lying around but they are regularly available in 20+ round models versus the Ruger’s 10 only. So why the Ruger after having shot both? I liked the iron sights and magazine release better and didn’t see a higher capacity magazine on this set up as a huge benefit, I have semi-auto 308’s that fit that role. Also get the polymer mags for it, they are much shorter and lighter than the metal version. Lastly the thing is just dead sexy!

  11. But, practical simple bolt guns aren’t sexy or tacticool!

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Every single trooper and militiaman I know owns multiple bolt guns.

      No one on earth denies that even a cheap Bolt gun(Used or New) still groups at 1-2 MOA with even the cheapest of off the shelf hunting ammo.

      And is half the weight of a fully loaded AR in many instances.

      And looks A LOT less scary or alarming.

  12. Seraphim of Sarov

    Bolt action rifles and Bushido spirit raised a lot of hell in the Pacific theater.

    Don’t discount them.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Yeah, Total war is funny like that. They were also all hardened combat vets with nearly 40 plus years of imperial expansion and war.

      And putting 2.5x optics on every single Light and Medium Machine-Gun they had didn’t hurt either.

    • Ditto in the Russian theater as well against Germans with the Mosin.

  13. Tactless Wookie

    M1A and more ammo than I can carry at the ready.

  14. Mauser in 308 with stripper clips and bayonet for when ammo runs out

    • Ditto on the Mossberg MVP. I stole a Scout version in .308 for $425 OTD.
      It’s a hammer and rock solid. Wish I had bought one sooner.

  15. Mannlicher-Schoennauer 308. Leupold scope. Set trigger. Nine out of ten,4″ target@500 yards. Bad little whammer jammer.

  16. whitedeath81

    Two custom built mosins nagants. Going see how they pattern out at distance. Decent enough scopes and let’s see what they can do. With better ammo.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      I recently pimped out a Mosin-Nagant to the 11’s

      It was made in 1943 and has a Hammer and Sickle Stamp on the receiver.

      I think shooting commies with their own weaponry has a poetic sense of irony.

      Call me crazy, but I have that Italian Dark Humor.

      About as dark as a Turkish/Arab expresso.

  17. the Usual Suspect

    I own the 18″ SS , lam stock RGS rifle and mine sports a Aimpoint 9000,
    2 moa set in LaRue 30mm LT 123 QD rings, works fine.
    I have not yet decided on low power trad scope yet.

  18. Old Gray Wolf

    Got an AR in .308, thing runs like a sewing machine and shoots sub MOA. A little over MOA with malaysian MG ammo. Heavy, though, to the tune of about twelve and a half pounds, May sell it and build one of the lightweight .30 cal AR variants. I like the punch. And range. The right Acog, and it is good for up close or far enough.

    .223 is a good carbine round, I keep the carbines light and simple, set up with aimpoints for a good 300 yds and under weapon. Never bothered with shooting heavy .223 stuff for distance, I have bigger stuff that works for that. And if I put together a light enough .30 AR, that will likely multiply into one for the truck, one for the bedroom, and one for a general combat rifle role. Backup for the backup. Although, I did see a nice AR pistol with a side folding “brace” that will fit in a day pack. That could be interesting for having something pretty effective in areas where a small backpack is not out of the norm, but a rifle is…

  19. I don’t think the CZ 550 Varmint, a very heavy barelled precision rifle has been mentioned yet. Not an ultra-light by a long shot, but worthy of mention.

  20. Alfred E. Neuman

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  21. One shot-one kill. Crawl away and do it somewhere else. Try to own at least one accurate bolt gun that has no paper on it. “Granddady’s deer gun.” Zero for 300 meters with a modern scope(so you don’t have leaking O rings) Use old ammo. 3006 has a shelf life of around 80 years. Anything over 40 is pre computer database, pre tagent , pre anything traceable. It will hit fine out to 400 meters if it has been stored properly. You can still find piles of “old” 3006 at any road side yard sale or fly market. There is a lot to be said for looking like a fudd, until you get boss hog in a kill box. ANYTHING you buy in a box store traces right back to you. They call that a “fatal error”. If you can find weapons and ammo that haven’t seen paperwork since Carter or Ford were in office . You are doing it right. After the general insanity gets cranked up to Bosnia level’s none of this will matter much. Until then, at least TRY and fly under the radar. OH! AND: tfA-T is still 100% asshole. 100%of the time. he is so full of lies and bullshit he must work for the FBI.