A Spot Of Good News

If true…

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  1. i know for a fact the Canadians can’t stand trudeau. he was elected by the citiots just as the liberals do in the Jusa. that said, they also can’t stand the murkins…

    they are ignorant, dirty, unhealthy, obnoxious, and disgusting in their appearance. take a look in any town in the Jusa(or in the mirror) and you’ll mostly see fat, t-shirt wearing slobs with scraggly beards and cheesy ball caps on their greasy heads. the american’ts are a sorry and pitiful lot.

    • I resemble that comment.

    • Bonaventure

      ^— Takes a $12 ferry ride to get to his Canuckistan to live on a sparsely inhabited island; now is an expert on Canadian politics, competent to speak on behalf of every single Canadian not living in a city.

      Then turns around and pisses on all of his countrymen.

      What a classless narcissist.

      • i cannot be friends with the cowardly who love their jailers and support that rotten corrupt system.. i will not throw myself into the meat grinder for the sake of idiots who have no clue about actual freedom, but instead, want more freedumb. get out of murka anyway you can.

        your fellow “countrymen” demand you go down the shitter with them.

        • Bonaventure

          Then renounce your citizenship.

          Otherwise…. shaddup.

          • i’ll bet every dollar you have you couldn’t make me do anything.

            i’m better than you and most everyone else in that shithole called murka. now go to work and pay my bills.

            • Bonaventure

              Translation: I will not renounce my citizenship because doing so would mean I would lose the monthly checks from Uncle Sam.

              In other words, you’re a whore.

              • no. i suffered wrong doing by incompetent us army NCOs and i deserve to be compensated for the rest of my life. unfortunately, those NCOs will not be held personally responsible, so you the taxpayer is forced to make payment to me- for the last 30 years…

                now fly that rag of yours, support the retard troops, and send in your taxes to the IRS. i will spend it on fuel for the boats and anything else i desire. why should i have to use my wealth for the little things in life? don’t like it? too bad. complain to your CONgressman. ha ha

  2. Back to part time substitute teaching!


    Meh. I’ll believe it when I see it. Hopefully, our neighbors to the North will not put some other whining soy boy into that position. Although, with all of our political, social, cultural, and moral dysfunction, it’s more like the pot calling the kettle black.

  4. It would be a tragic thing if the Canadian Army’s tank platoon were to attempt to make an amphibious landing on tFat’s planet, only to be driven off by well-aimed AK fire directed by tFat his own self. Phone links from his lowly bartender position to the guns, assisted by his claimed assorted Nurse Handy’s as they attempt to direct the vectors of … whatever.

    Ain’t life grand? We get to do this for free.

    • Ausgezeichnet! Good imagery for a script if there are any of the old SNL crew extant..

  5. Gerard vanderleun

    Lube him up with a caulking gun and set him out on Folsom street in SF to work off his karma.

  6. Don’t let the door hit ya where the goo Lord split ya, Castro!

  7. Mark Matis

    So you actually expect the Canadian “Law Enforcement” and its “Legal” system to, like, DO anything about these crimes? Nothing will happen unless Trudeau’s owners decide to replace him with one of their other puppets. Canadian “Law Enforcement” and their “Legal” system will ALSO do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in.

    No morals.
    No principles.
    No scruples.
    No honor.

    Those are the character traits of EVERY “Law Enforcement” officer and every member of the “Legal” system throughout the entire West. After all, they are chosen for their positions BECAUSE THEY HAVE THOSE TRAITS.

  8. Does Canada actually have a more responsible Press than the USA?

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. Half breeds must be denied free speech. They’re mentally ill. And they suffer from delusions of grandeur. They’re so screwed up, they think moving to a frozen island in winter is paradise. Let’s hope the loser stays there. Surrounded by other forest negroes, as the wise Canadians call them.

  11. The entire Canadian press was bought and paid for by a 600 million dollar Payout of taxpayer dollars from the Liberals this year. Ezra Levant and the Rebell Media refused to take a dime. They are hated by the Canadian government and as such, are the only one’s that can be trusted. That said, Trudeau will just call everyone a Nazi, point south and yell “Donald Trump, Donald Trump” and the city folks in eastern Canada will re-elect him. We don’t have an electoral college up here. We live in a badly run dictatorship.

    • NorthGunner

      “The entire Canadian press was bought and paid for by a 600 million dollar Payout of taxpayer dollars from the Liberals this year. Ezra Levant and the Rebell Media refused to take a dime.”

      Erza may not have taken a dime from them but he’s all about tear-jerking
      for shekels when he’s caught out by the legal system to the tune of 80K!
      Erza is nothing more than a zionist shill and controlled opposition and a
      (((Gate Keeper))) no different that Alex Jones!

      Ezra Levant cries Anti-Semite Wolf, and loses $80K in Canadian Court

      Personally, what happens in your country is your business; it’s up
      to you to clean your own porch just as it’s our duty to do so here.
      Erza WON’T help you with that..it’s not in his interests or narrative
      let alone his handlers/paymasters from israel.

      Good luck up North..you’re gonna need it (and lots of guns & ammo).

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  12. the Usual Suspect

    FaT—–tEE point to the place on the GI joee doll where the bad nCo’s
    touched you, HA HA HA

    • whatever. i haven’t had to work in 15 years- since i was 40. that’s because i took charge of my own destiny and future- unlike the poor slobs who are employees for some smart fucker like me.

      oh look, it’s the 1st of the month!

      my direct deposit is waiting in the credit union for me to write checks on your dime.

      thank you

      and thank

      SSG ——–
      SFC —-
      Cpt ——

      you incompetent fucktards, you cost the country so much loot you should all be brought up on charges of criminal negligence.

      me? i’ve had a GREAT LIFE!

      • Old Gray Wolf

        Deluded, much? You took charge of your own destiny by taking a check made of stolen money from the pockets of your countrymen. Took charge by lapping up crumbs from the table of those who used you and tossed you like a used tampon. And you graciously accept the role of being that useful by slopping yourself at the trough of thieves and murderers, all the while mocking your countrymen while you steal from them and live amongst the savages. A sad little specimen of humanity with all the attraction and usefulness of a pre-owned tampon, who fancies itself the king of all it surveys. All I can wonder is, what the hell CA ever saw in you. Whatever knowledge you possess is wasted, completely overwhelmed by the mentally deranged rantings you post here daily. The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God. The shoe fits, wear it proudly.

  13. TheAlaskan

    OMG! What is Canadian peoplekind to do!

    • NorthGunner

      eat bacon and drink beer..and appear on SouthPark
      dropping fart bombs on each other…..

      As Kenneth Royce said, “Canada is a purposeless nation.”

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • post-‘Murkan CW2,

        the GreatWhiteNorth is going to be annexed,

        good and hard. but

        I don’t know what we’re going to do with tfA-t,

        the lucky little survivor.

  14. Anyone who believes anything tFa-t says, step forward. …………………………..Anyone………………………….Anyone?…………………………………………..Bueller?