And That’s The Ballgame

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Politico: Republicans pressure Trump to back down on border emergency

Abandon hope, all ye who proceed from this point.

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  1. Yeah sorry. TRUMP will veto and it won’t be overturned.

    Why make a big deal over a nothing burger? We already know the GOP sucks.

  2. The solution is not politically attainable. However it is attainable

  3. Natzsofast, Guido.

    No one has ever ruled that the Congress can block any such thing.

    That’s why it’s an Executive function.

    They’re also liable to find out how deep the anger will run if they try.
    They may also be talking tough, because they haven’t got the votes, nor the backbone to face down a president from their own party, nor the burning desire to be shitcanned and exiled forever from power next election.

    Don’t swallow everything you read where DC is concerned.

    BTW, Lamar Alexander has already announced his retirement for 2020; he isn’t running for re-election. This is his political suicide note.

    See how pleased TN will be with him for this.
    There is no law concerning recall of elected federal officials, but TN might set precedent over this.

    This isn’t settled yet, by any means.

    • The President, partly because of Javanka, doesn’t have the balls to go full Jackson on both the judiciary and the legislative branches.

      I hope I am wrong and you are right.

      • He may not have to go full Jackson.
        SCOTUS could tell the Congress to suck it, just to watch them fume.

        5-3? Cool.
        4-4? Interesting times.
        Ruth Vader Ginsburg tries to weigh in? There’ll be a competency hearing in about 2 seconds, and she’ll fail.

        Then it’s a party.
        Yertle may find himself joining Lamar on the retirement circuit in short order.

        You are watching, in real time, the scene where Amydala brings down the Republic, and ushers in Emperor Palpatine.

        Congress revokes an Emergency declaration, and SCOTUS lets it stand?
        Trump declares a military emergency, and sends 5 divisions to the border.
        It’s closed in about an hour. Period. Full stop.
        Martial law at the border, and Congress powerless to stop it.

        This is the point where Lincoln putting lippy upstarts in federal prison and suspending habeas corpus kicks in at the discussion level, and people start getting Gitmo’ed.

        Then you get the Cheetoh Hitler the Left has drooled about, except most of them are in the soccer stadiums waiting for the C-130 ride to Cuba.

        These fucktards are going to agitate their way right into Weimar, and then blow right past it to the Riechstag fire and annexing the Sudetenland.

        Trump shrugging his shoulders and saying “Fuck it, I’m beat?”
        Not so much.
        At that point, he’d be looking to eat a gun first.

        Either way:
        Go long on canned goods, both #10 and olive drab.

        • lastmanstanding

          SCOTUS? CON GRESS? Ha!

          Not one set of balls total between all those men.


        • Aesop the panicky Fabulist once again predicts the Trumpocalypse.

          and – as with

          ebola chan 1
          hurricane Prunella (“unless you’ve got gills, head for the hills!”)
          Russia will be “blown out of Syria” by ‘Murka
          ebola chan 2

          etc., etc.

          he’s wrong again:

          nothing of any significance will happen.

          not the least because Trump’s “emergency declaration” was just a puff of smoke emitted to cover up his complete sell-out on the border.

      • We will see 🙂

    • Aesop: You’re exactly right. Funny they never want to talk about this EO declaring a National Emergency (see below).

      Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption:

      “I therefore determine that for these measures to be effective in addressing the national emergency declared in this order, …”

  4. Just all coming out in the open now isn’t it?

    On a related note. If you could ingest this video you would wake up 6 days later with no memory of how you got to Montauk and why you had a sore butthole and a dead alien in your trunk.

    • lastmanstanding

      LOL! 5 hrs. with those 2…not a chance.

      I’m hoping to get back the 5 mins. I just took.

      • Grenadier1

        Wheres the fun in that? Just skip around.
        Say what you want about Alex Jones, he is a DYNAMO! If you have enough knowledge of the subjects to sort through his hysteria there is real stuff there. He is telling you things that you need to know.
        It may not all be exactly true but its close to the truth or its truth to the people who are “in charge”.
        I can only take his personality for a short period of time, but he is fun to watch.
        The part about the Virginia gov and his delivery of “keep’in the baby com’table” had me rolling on the floor.

        • lastmanstanding

          Rogan though…what a f wad.

          He and the meateater guy on Netflix are butt buddies. Joe’s just a media troll that will lick any ass to stay relevant…and paid.

  5. The primary responsibility of the executive branch is defense of the realm. That is first and foremost and above all other responsibilities. Those who opposed defending the realm are treasonous and greedy pricks.

  6. Show ain’t over till the TFAT sings, or until I run out of ammo

  7. “Whatever disaster you’re planning for, you’ll be right.” Ol’ Remus (I think)

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