GoV: Crime, Hate Crime, Propaganda, and Censorship

Blighty today, FUSA next year.

And don’t forget your social credit score, Comrade.

10 responses to “GoV: Crime, Hate Crime, Propaganda, and Censorship

  1. fuck the police

  2. Mark Matis

    Yes, they are indeed watching me. Though somewhat less now that I have dumped AT&T as my ISP. But I am watching them and their families. VERY closely.

    I know where they live.
    I know their schedules.
    I know their spouses’ schedules.

    Do you???

  3. “ uses all this information to compile a “Reputation Score,” which the company bills as “similar to your credit score.”

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. I’ve noticed reputation scores on some of the sites. They’re totally worthless as real reputation info. So then what are they really for? Hmmm?