Tommy Robinson

The Elites want you disarmed, silenced, asset-stripped, and ultimately, dead.

Plan accordingly.

7 responses to “Tommy Robinson

  1. Dudeinminnetonka

    Excellent video Tommy the btave

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  3. how’s everyone enjoying their free dumb? and those cops you all worship?

    ” A program that had some police officers asking drivers to allow a swab of their mouth to determine if they’ve been using drugs is expected to be expanded to more parts of Michigan.”

    this is just absurd. i guess anything is good as long as it’s “legal”…
    pretty soon, a finger up the snatch or ass for a sniff test?


  4. Old Gray Wolf

    Somebody oughta warn Robinson about speaking the truth in a disarmed and cuckified society. The nail that sticks up is quickly blunted over, and all that. History is full of martyrs that thought talking was resistance.

  5. Well worth it. Thanks for posting this.

  6. ….Somebody oughta warn Robinson about speaking the truth….

    Tommy Robinson has been the “black beast” to the British establishment for almost 10 years and has already been jailed on political speech charges, attacked by paid thugs on the street and demonised in every UK media outlet. He has said it himself he no longer fears anything, even death.

    He doesn’t have any deep ideology (this causes the hard-racial and anti-jew right to dismiss him) but he is the “common man’ that sees the ridiculous path western nations are following and the lies and falsehoods that are been forced by the traitorous politicians.

  7. Grenadier1

    That was an epic video and I can see why FB banned it. Scares the shit out of them.
    Tommy for PM!