You Already Live In A Socialist Country

And, as Mike explains, most of your fellow FUSAns are A-OK with that.

You face a very complex operating environment.

Do not underestimate the task ahead.

Reality will leave a mark if you do.

23 responses to “You Already Live In A Socialist Country

  1. Yes, but it’s a Democratic socialist country, like Sweden, Germany, the UK. What could go wrong?

  2. Howzabout a pic of W. Wilson alongside the gimp?

    He’s the bastard that kick-started the engine.

  3. Johnny Paratrooper

    It is not our fault that J-Com pretends to be regular Americans; right until they introduce a bill and vote.

    The defining concept of any camouflage is that it works. Whether it’s a Ghillie Suit or a Grey Suit. It works 99% of the time. Always and Forever.

    We have been prepping for this since the 1990’s; many people have been prepping even longer.

    I will say three things.

    1) We are right; we are ethical, we are moral. We are, most importantly, patient. They are completely insane.

    2) We have much, much better weapons than any cops or soldiers in history.
    (FYI, All the cops I know are 110% on our team, they woke me up in many respects)

    3) Every day, someone comes to our side. And every day, they become more and more radical. Thus exposing themselves.

    Study the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)

    It took two weeks just for the lines to be drawn out and for the people to choose a side. The war itself took three years. Three years of absolutely brutal civill conflict. Shootouts and executions took place every single day.

    This is par for the course when considering the timeline any civil conflict.

    The Protestant Reformation was declared in 1517 and officially recognized in 1521. Only a few printing presses existed, and books were only owned by the very wealthy. Similar to our Tech Companies today.

    The actual religious wars didn’t start until 1556-1557. This is because almost no-one could read or write. By 1557, there were printing presses in every major city. Think of our scenario as a reversal of that situation. RAPIDLY learning and growing. Very Rapidly.

    The pamphleteers of the 16th century used 1 page(Or less for economy) “Meme Level” type bulletins to spread their information. We do the same thing RIGHT NOW. Memes are the modern day pamphlets.

    We just started fighting back as a whole.

    It’s three years… Not Three weeks… Minimum.

    Remember, every single High School and college Freshman in American has grown up in this for the last 3 years. The censorship, the mass media, the lies, the deceit.

    I watched an Antifa(my guess) member declare that Islam is compatible with the west in class last week. I could see and feel the uncomfortable tension in the room. Especially from the women.

    I hope(I know) you guys are serious.

    Just stay strong. Keep your moral up. Do not lose sight of the target.

    For the Love of God. This is the fight we have always been looking for.

    It’s like a dream come true. We get to go to war again traitors, homosexuals, a Corrupt Church, Islam, radicals, and commies.

    All in one big ass, grande finale of the 21st century.

    Our ancestors won. So will we.

    • “(FYI, All the cops I know are 110% on our team, they woke me up in many respects)”

      NO they are not.

      they are playing you for a fool. i guarantee they will never give up their power over the population until they are hunted and destroyed.. they have every intention of staying in control no matter who wins this. they believe in what they do.- just as the commies.

    • You’re missing your own lesson, JP:
      This ain’t 1936 rural Spain or pre-industrial 16th-C. Europe, and information isn’t spread by handbills and telegraph anymore.

      This might last three years some places, but the lines will be drawn and sides chosen in about 3 minutes. In some places, in about 3 seconds.

      We will not be fighting the Spanish Civil War, because the US is not Spain in 1936, in any sense.

      Look at the totality of the terrain, including human and technological, and take another whack at it.

    • lastmanstanding

      You had me at #1.

  4. This is why when Trump said “we’ll never be a socialist country” at the SOTU I laughed. What he should be saying is “we need to undo the socialist state we already have and vow to never become a communist country”.

    The GOPs lack of self awareness as to the amount of socialism they’ve already incorporated into their platform is to be expected since every Republican since Coolidge has been without a genuine conservative agenda. The GOP has been a decaffeinated version of Leftism ever since Lindbergh cucked to FDR to be let into the Air Force after Pearl Harbor. Lindbergh was making gains with the anti war majority and landing haymakers on FDR until he was forced to eat crow and spent the rest of his life fending off his association with the Third Reich. Every paleo conservative since has had to play defense.

  5. i’m thinking it’s time to start shaming these loser special operators across all services. they couldn’t find their asses with a mirror and a buddy to help them. god damned peacocks with no balls. sure they look real tough to the average nincompoop murkin, but, they don’t fool me. nothing but punk ass bitches with girl scout bonnets. stop praising these turds once and for all. they don’t deserve anything more than ridicule. IMO they are worse than the commies, because they actually believe they are doing some good in the world. in reality, they are nothing more than bitches sucking cock for a paycheck. if they were for real, you would see HVT’s dead or disappeared on a daily and weekly basis.

    fuck all of you weasels.

    your tax $ is better spent by me- i assure you… at least i don’t blow smoke up your ass about how i’m protecting your freedumb and libertardys, while parading around in a gubmint issues costume.

    • Tfat, your opinion has great value here. Hee Hee Hee.

      • just pay your taxes BITCH.

        i’ll be thinking of ewe as i spend more thousands and thousands on top of the million + $s i have already gotten from your dumb asses…


    After reading the link to Liberty’s Torch about (((Bill Maher))), two thoughts came to my mind: 1) Where does this asshat live? 2) How many Infantry Divisions does he have? Let this foul-mouthed Marxist useful idiot bloviate. When the balloon goes up, he and his kind will be pulled out of their Escalades, Foresters, and Priuses and shot dead. Saw it happen when I lived in SoCal.

    • Yes. The riots in LA have always been instructive for those willing to learn life’s lessons. For your 4 year degree, the Rodney King Riots can teach those who doubt us a lot about survival of the fittest, team sports, and racial identity. See also: Rooftop Koreans. The MBA was the Chechen Fire Fight. Only the military have the pre-requistes for a Phd in Urbanization. Think I’m kidding? The big dark secret is that they almost took Parker Center when things went super sporty: imagine those secret M16 Swat weapons in MS13 hands. The Left really does amuse me, when they aren’t pissing me off. “Only the Military and Police NEED those weapons”, sez the Hollywood Gun Grabbers like Alyssa Milano. Be careful what you wish for…………your mountain top paradise in Calabassas won’t be far away. M16’s may be the least of your problems, sister. Lotsa cool stuff tucked away in those SWAT wagons. But at least you drive an earth friendly vehicle.

  7. Seraphim of Sarov

    Progressive income tax, HUD, estate tax, EBT, we’re over half way there to 1930s USSR. We’re already there compared to 1980s USSR.

    As the communist agitprop meme pages like to say, if you have a social security card you’re already by definition a card carrying socialist.

    Steel your hearts. Cache your shit. Meatspace.

    • “…if you have a social security card you’re already by definition a card carrying socialist.”

      Fuck you.
      I’m finally getting back a small portion that was stolen from me at the point of a gun. I’ve been self employed since 1986 and paid TWICE as much as regular employees. If you make it as far as I have YOU will collect what was stolen from you too. Lastly, go look up the word “definition”.

      • it’s a wonderful feeling ain’t it?

        getting your stolen property back after all those years.

        and i’ve gotten that and more- i consider it interest on my forced loan to the real “mob” and restitution from the incompetent army NCOs who i wouldn’t trust to be in charge of a pay toilette.

      • You paid the same SS, the regular employees had the other half of SS remitted by the company. It was also earned compensation, but the company was legally required to call it a “contribution” and not show it on the pay stub.

  8. Use your big boy words……….comm-u-nist, “You Already Live In A COMMUNIST Country”

  9. You can always spot a cointel op, they always substitute Communism with Socialism. History lesson, Nazi Germany was National Socialism (right wing). Russia was communist ( left wing ). America is being taken over by the left wing (communist), which is why they call the right wing Nazis.

    • Russia the soviet union was communist ( left wing ).

      there, fixed it for you – yes, there is a difference.

  10. No uniforms. How do you identify a dirty commie bastard? Is there a certain item of clothing or “tell” that aids in the classification of the filthy, deceptive spawn of Satan? In many cases they will be caucasian. 80% of the American negro will be dependent upon a narrative other than work. White trash,trailer park ,gutter dwelling juicers and addicts are dependent on hand-outs. 70% of the immigrants,illegal or legal are on assistance. Over one million in jail. Gubmint employees and their families. Military. MIC. This rat infested garbage barge must sink to the bottom of the swamp. Swim for your life.
    The only way out is to swim through shit with fish hooks in it. This is going to be fucking ugly.

  11. We know.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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