Your Daily Globohomo

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A new feature at Heartiste, “part of a new series detailing all the big and little ways Globohomo invades our nations, our communities, our families, our lives, and destroys them all from within.”

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  1. (((Globohomo))). There is no question.

  2. Globohomo is a MAGA hat, GOP cucking, and
    the Uniparty walking hand in hand.




  4. Johnny Paratrooper

    Baltimore has a huge homosexual population.

    In fact, We have all the rejects from NYC, Miami, and LA.

    In short, We have all the talentless assholes who are ugly as sin and can’t make it at an Ivy League school.

    They are, without exception, the most annoying people on earth.

    All of them work in Social Care, Teaching, and the Hospitality industry.

    They have been after the youth since the ancient age of Athens and Sparta.

  5. I love how easily corrupted the West was. Gave up without a fight.

    • there was a fight, alright:

      the 1914-45 mostly white-on-white massacre,

      that destroyed the best genetic lines,
      gutted White Western Civilization,
      collapsed the White empires,
      handed half the planet over to Judeo-communism,
      enabled Israhell-in-Palestine,

      and established the Jews as A#1 victim entitlement group.

      all the rest followed.

  6. “If you are in the USA when World War Three breaks out

    Canada is the best bet for anyone in the USA if war happens. It was ranked as the sixth safest country in the world by the Global Peace Index.
    What’s more, Canada’s homicide rate is three times lower than in the USA.”

  7. Just a Chemist

    I’m not a brit, but siding with the muslim will be a new event for me!
    Are they any [orthodox] Christian parents left in the UK to resist?

  8. Shinmen Takezo

    I think the first thing that has to be done with these sexual degenerates is to seize back the language that they have wrapped themselves in over the last four decades…. now they are called “gay” –which in the past was a term for being ‘happy, merthful, cheerful.”

    Don’t give them the upper hand with the language anymore–call them what they are… sodomites and lesbian sexual degenerates. They promote “degeneracy” and immorality.

    Don’t call these so-called “trans” degenerates by their adopted gender–call them “men disguised as women” or “women disguised as men.” Call them sicko-degenerates and whatever else you can think of.

    The idea is to shove them back into the closet where they belong and nail the door shut. Remember, they are all walking filth and a plague upon society.


    Remember Uncle Adolph’s quote: “…we have your children.” Get your kids and/or grandkids OUT of the Amerikan Public School system.

  10. Nothing here that One Shot Paddy couldn’t fix…

  11. robroysimmons

    GloHo for short. Honestly after reading dozens of heartfelt heartbreaks from liberal white inner city teachers I never thought they inflicted GloHo on the lil chilluns of color. I thought only white kids were beaten with that propaganda.

  12. And then one day, for some reason, someone started building camps.

    It is time to start building camps, yes?

    You know, for (((them))).

    So funny that the summary says “Muslim and Jewish parents are resisting.”

    What FN BULLSHIT! It those FN people who are creating this BS. Yah, no normal white British people are resisting, oh no not at all. The implication is that it is white Christian native Brits who are NOT objecting, and hence, pushing this. Well, the white liberals would be…but they’re doing it at the behest of their (((controllers))), i.e. the Jews and the Muslims.

    • I mean WHO TH is coming up with this shit? WHO!!?? Who in any way actually human comes up with this degenerate life-destroying BS?

      WHO!!!!!?????? I mean WTF!!

      WTF people!? Don’t you see how insane this is?! Don’t you see the line we’ve flown past at Mach3 in the background?!

      Who the fuck is doing this shit!? And how the fuck do we get rid of them!? I mean COME ON!

      • Angry American

        I think that many decent people still can’t believe their own lying eyes (and ears) when they see and hear this kind of pure evil.
        It’s like you are in a dream, trying to wake up.
        The frog is no longer boiling. It’s dead. And it has not even realized what happened to it.

  13. Old Gray Wolf

    So? They are doing it here, too. And what is being done? I remember in the early eighties, a buddy of mine was in public school. (I was in a private school run by our church.) The public school added teach8ng on witchcraft to the curriculum, and buddy’s parents went ballistic. They organized with other parents, and the school ended up trashing the witchcraft stuff, at least for a while. Not sure when or if it reappeared. But I know schools here in the Bible Belt are now teaching every form of deviant behavior, and the effects are being seen locally. Where are the parents? Fact is, its a different world than it was, and people who gave a shit raised kids who didn’t. Now those kids are parents. We are going into a dark period. Short of a big disaster and associated die-off, stupidity and immorality are only going to increase exponentially. All because nobody(or at least not enough) gave a shit.

  14. This is what happens when you surrender your guns and turn your back on Christ

  15. First it was “they” just wanted to be left alone: then they wanted acceptance: now it’s full blown endorsement. I trust no “gay” person. Had a friend who, after 26 years of marriage and 3 kids, came out as a gay man. He got very angry when I questioned, which life is the lie? Needless to say, the long standing friendship was over quickly.
    All I can see is more children being born with no birth certificate or legal record. You cannot force a child who does not exist to do something. Parents will pay a doctor outright for medical care, educate at home, and have a small circle of trusted friends and relatives. I often wonder what effect WW1 had on my grandparents, as their last 2 children-my aunt (1916) & my mom (1920)- had no birth certificates. Educated in the Catholic schools, they both had to establish identity when they turned 16. The excuse was that they were born at home, so no one thought about it.

  16. RESIST!?!? Hell no HANG THE SICK FUCKS!!!!

  17. Embrace the stupidity, I see this as an opportunity to profit. There will be a Proctologist shortage with the coming epidemic of prolapsed rectums. If it’s to late to go for a medical degree then Kimberly-Clark, maker of Depend would be a great stock play to capitalize on Globolhomo.

  18. How can those homophobic jooz and mohamadans oppose Globohomo?

  19. Still not sure if this is satire, but here it is anyway. Turns out there’s a gay gene after all.

    • If it’s true that homosexuality is genetic, that carries some interesting implications.

      For example, encouraging gays to go find a good woman and settle down greatly increases the likelihood of propagating said genetics. On the other hand, encouraging them to go be as gay as they can be very much reduces the likelihood of such genetic propagation.

      No, not everyone can afford to go get genetically spliced artificially inseminated eggs stuck in a surrogate or up their own hoohoo, not by a long shot. Most gay couples I’ve met just don’t have babies, or at most they have someone else’s, despite most having had upper middle class incomes. Perhaps this will shift as such procedures get cheaper and more reliable, but I doubt it’s going to ever get easier or more repeatable than the fun way to make babies.

      To be filed under things that make you go hmmm.

    • Well now that I’ve got my own one-man thread going here, I just saw the small print satire at the top of that story. Should have known it was too perfect a story to be true, but I’m getting worse at telling the difference lately.

  20. these mofos are real men. my hats off to them.

    i have more respect for them than any green booger or navy squeal.

    • wendystringer48088

      Thanks for the link.
      Comments were interesting to read too.
      This one had me laughing:
      “It’s a shame foreigners have to do what Amerikans SHOULD be doing”

  21. Khan – Who? “They Call themselves (((jews))) but They Do Lie. They are of the Synagogue of Satan”
    READ the “communist manifesto”.
    READ the “zionist protocols”

    (((they))) Spell Out Explicitly in both those Documents that the Perversion of Morals and Destruction of (normal) Families is a Key Part of (((their))) Plan to Control Every Nation.

    Why do no “White, Christians” Object to this? Because the System of Brainwashing that (((they))) have run for a couple of Centuries has turned them into “CINO’s” , Christians in Name Only, Willing Puppets of zion ad their Satanic Babylonian Talmud.

    Those like Myself who DARE to question the (((bolsheviks))) get Shouted Down louder and harder by ‘christians’ who are Brainwashed than by the “Self-Chosen” people themselves.

    Until enough White European Descendants “get their Feral Hun On” and CRUSH this Abomination where it Originates, We will keep seeing this kind of Shit.

  22. Progressives are nothing more than relabeled communists. Globohomos are an offshoot and a tool of communists. Yuri Bezmenov ring a bell? He should. What we witness today is the culmination of generations of brain washing creating the monsters that comprise the “Progessive Movement.”