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NYT: People Kill People. But The Bullets Seem To Matter.

More deep-thinking policy wisdom from The Smartest People In The Country.

You really don’t have enough rifled slugs.

Or .50 BMG.

(.pdf for educational purposes only.)

Historical Amnesia: It’s Happening Again

Please take time to read this timely article; h/t GVDL.

The Communists won, notwithstanding the 1989-93 dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The adaptive amongst them – both in the West and the East – have mutated and expanded their power through both technology, economic development, and – shamefully – the success of anti-history.

Combined with their Islamic allies-of-temporary-convenience, the New Breed Totalitarians stand on the cusp of victory in North America, the former Western Europe, and most of South America.

Their game is what it always is: disinformation, ruthless commitment to objectives, adaptability to changing conditions, and a multi-decade focus on incremental success.

Solzhenitsyn told you in the Seventies.

Bezmenov told you 35 years ago, in this video:

Kundera has now told you as well.

Their time is here.

Building A Simple, Inexpensive, High-Quality Multi-Band Antenna

Someone on your team should be working on your radio capabilities.

Remember: Comms skills include both transmitting and receiving.

You can listen everywhere your receiver can go, regardless of your license status.

Don’t neglect the HF/VHF/UHF reception function.

Whose America?

The essential question of our time.

Unfortunately, virtually all American institutions have decided to support the “few elites, very many underclass, no middle class, zero social mobility save for downward” model.

Gonna be a bitch to reverse the damage even in a region or two of the old FUSAn footprint.

And people are going to have to toss the judicial and statutory impositions on property and associative rights ginned up post-1945.

Spend a few minutes today as well considering the term “ethnic cleansing” to the future chances (if any) of trad Americans.

Got hard hearts?

Mils Or MOA – Which Is Right For You?

A good high-intermediate-level discussion of topics which are often misunderstood.

How well can your shoot with irons?

At what range?

How long ago most recently?

If you can’t see irons, what about with an optic – same questions?

(H/t AL)

Z Blog: Welcome To The Resistance

Do not play to your enemies’ strengths.

Learn their weaknesses.

Find their vulnerabilities.

Exploit them, either anonymously or while flying false flag, ruthlessly.

And GTFO the freaking Internet/media circus.

The whole damned thing is an enemy honeypot.

Day By Day

From Chris Muir.

2 Short Info Blegs

1. Common object dimensions for use in mil-dot ranging (e.g., human face 8″ high, etc.)

2. Foreign dentistry havens, so that a former 1ID soldier can get the full-mouth rebuild he needs without dropping $50k.

Thanks in advance.

Essential Reading x 2

From DTG at AP, two books to read and a review of why.

Ripper was right.

Buppert: The Cliff And The Clown Posse

There is no one coming to save you.

No one.

Except you.

Tempus fugit.

From A WRSA Reader In Finland

People around the world are beginning to understand.

Once you grok that elections are also a ruse, your choices become clear.


Or crush those who destroyed your country.

Break the spear shaft.

At every level.

The Woes Of John Brennan

(Earl: Brennan Knows What’s Coming)

Here’s Why Devin Nunes Could Submit a Criminal Referral for CIA Director John Brennan

Reconciling ‘Spygate’ With The ‘Soft Coup’ – Five Phases That Explain The Behavior





No one is coming to save you.

And the country of your birth is gone.

Adapt or go mad.


Above: Texas Is Losing The War On Feral Hogs

Below: Texas woman births 3 sets of twins in 9 minutes


Introducing the Dark Voice of Clownworld.


He is your future.

Embrace it.

An Accurate Operational Sitrep, March 2019

(Order here)

Aesop in comments:

…Because most of the country, like most people who read and post here, have two settings:
1) Vote
2) Fuck it, kill every last one of them.

We move to #2 slowly, but it’s nigh irrevocable once it happens, and unstoppable until we run out of targets. Which will happen long before we run out of ammunition.

This will not be the Alamo x 1000.
It will be Little Big Horn.
And this time, we get to be the Indians…


Plan accordingly.

The Pictures Say It All

Some words to accompany the pix.

Thousand words and all.

Thoughtcrime, American Style

Badspeak from badthinkers.

Where are the burka-wearing wise womyn when you need them?

Falcon 37 Advanced Engagement Charging Handle: First Glance

Part 1 of 2.

Looks interesting.

A Nice Story

Via Twitter.

Backstory, actually.



On Faceberg, It’s Not OK To Be White

H/t to Insty for this update.

As noted previously:

Free speech, audible/visible to the general public, is the central element in any sort of acceptable polity. That is why all of the Bad People are working so hard to mute it forever. That is also why free speech, perhaps even more than private property, is the tripwire beyond which unrestricted war must be fought.