Buppert: The Gun Owner As The New (Pre-1964) Negro

Bill schools the normies.

The GOP also wants you racist, extremist scum to die.

Only difference twixt them and the Dems?

The GOP is willing to let you die of natural causes – albeit disarmed and enslaved.

Lose your illusions.

14 responses to “Buppert: The Gun Owner As The New (Pre-1964) Negro

  1. I couldn’t make it through all the “Democrats are the real racists” virtue-sniveling.

  2. “Ultimately, all government databases for private weapons ownership will be used for confiscation.”
    ^^That assumes there are enough misguided fools out there willing to put on the brown shirt and go knocking on doors to take said registered guns….or least some still living after the first round of seizures.

    On a separate note completely unrelated to the above, do you know how easy it is to hit a 10 inch ballistic plate at 500 meters? If not, you’re behind the curve. Just saying.

  3. ghostsniper

    Nobody gets to say anything about anything I own, and that galls them to no end. Free men don’t ask for permission, they just live as they will. Break a crowbar off in their ass.

  4. Words to live by. And if you can’t find a cemetery, any pig sty will do…

    • thesouthwasrght

      Why worry about finding a cemetery or sty? A sage feller once said: “buzzard’s gotta eat same as a worm.”

  5. Welp, it seems the gungrabbers never, ever quit. An unarmed populace is the goal since totalitarian governments can’t survive with an armed populace. The states are working overtime setting up the gun confiscation laws and the po po are marching in lock step, Wonder how your average cop will like being in a situation where he can get his head blown off attempting to confiscate weapons?

    The current crop of baby killing Orcs (aka: democrats) in the house are pushing their communist agenda really hard, kind of like how Oblahblah did during his first days in office. No grass to grow under the feet of the collectivists. The republicans are cat’s paws, they only exist as a prop to pretend there’s opposition. The plan has worked supremely well, the indoctrination and infiltration of all institutions and societies is complete.

    Only thing now is guerilla action.

  6. All you need is basic data, a single name, a DOB and ancestry.com. Suddenly the entire family tree is revealed

  7. The Old Guide

    Unintended Consequences is back in print and for just $30.

  8. I dunno.

    I’m thinking the gun owner is more likely the pre-1861 Negro.

    To-may-to, to-mah-to.

    • you’re gonna be flayed alive white boy. the mexis are gonna carve up you real nice for your momma

      heh heh heh

      • Yeah, because Mexico has always been a military powerhouse.
        On a par with the Duchy of Grand Fenwick, and less fearsome than the likelihood of herds of rabid cats after the apocalypse.

        That’s why they have trouble organizing a beer-n-BBQ without f**king it up sideways.

        Good news for you, though: they seem to think Greater Assland extends clear up to about Northern Manitoba.

  9. Well, Malcolm X just made it up on the refrigerator wall. All of my inspirational sayings reside there. Helps me line things up in a correct way. Hang on to those fire sticks-powerful magic in those amazing things. Every boy and girl wants to be a wizard or a witch. It’s fun to say “Shazam!”.
    Dark deeds brewing in DC. By darkies no less.