Causes That Produced The Guerrilla

Take the time to read through it thoughtfully.

Those people – or at least a bunch of them – had been taught about Hell and its approach routes.

Now think about the average FUSAn.

Rwanda x Bosnia on steroids, indeed.

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  1. Michelle Obama is a guerrilla.

  2. Additions like this are exactly why I like this site. I’m fixing to write this out in cursive for affect. Thanks

  3. RIDE WITH THE DEVIL Trailer (1999)

    • That’s a really good movie, one of the very few that show southern Missouri and its defenders with any sort of historical accuracy and sympathy.

      Should be required viewing for the young’ns, subject of the recent open thread.

  4. Thomas a bibleater

    I fear that many of us will be as Jack Hinson.

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  6. Mark Matis

    This is why, when the festivities begin, I will be hunting “Law Enforcement” spouses. And quite frankly, their spawn as well. They have already set, even now in “peacetime”, the Rules of Engagement which insist that is fair and just. And their families know it, yet they cheer them on anyway. So I will be glad to let them and theirs fully enjoy the fruits of their labors.

  7. St.Maur1066

    The vengeance will be white hot, and they will be stacked like cord wood. Or lined along the roadside as if to brag of the count. And for the ones who held themselves “important” hung from lamp posts. ……….
    “They wanted to avoid the uncertainty of regular battle and know by actual results how many died as a propitiation or a sacrifice. Every other passion became subsidiary to that of revenge. They sought personal encounters that their own handiwork might become unmistakably manifest. Those who died by other agencies than their own were not counted in the general summing up of a fight, nor were the solacements of any victory sweet to them unless they had the knowledge of being important factors in its achievement. As this class of Guerrillas increased, the warfare of the border became necessarily more cruel and unsparing. Where at first there was only killing in ordinary battle, there became to be no quarter shown. The wounded of the enemy next felt the might of this individual vengeance – acting through a community of bitter memories – and from every stricken field there began, by and by, to come up the substance of this awful bulletin: Dead such and such a number – wounded none. The war had then passed into its fever heat, and thereafter the gentle and the merciful, equally with the harsh and the revengeful, spared nothing clad in blue that could be captured.”

  8. Copperhead Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Civil War Movie

  9. If one cannot be honest with one’s self about the actions one undertakes it is pointless, lacking that honesty, to undertake convincing the public of one’s innocence, this is the heritage of The Democrat.

  10. Matt Bracken

    Outstanding essay from 1877, very pertinent to today’s coming festivities.

  11. Plenty of “wrath” building until the meeting “face to face and hand to hand”

  12. The site where that essay lives is worth bookmarking, then reviewing many of the documents available in the drop-down at the bottom of the page.

    • There’s a novel “Wildwood Boys” by James Carlos Blake. It’s about Bill Anderson and shows well how he came to be the person he’s remembered as. Highly recommended, a peek into the past that may portend much for the future.

      Misdemeanor/day, mal prohibitum felony/week.

  13. Guerilla warfare during the war of northern aggression is a subject I have studied my entire adult life. I often point out the voting map of the US when speaking about the coming unpleasantness with trusted associates. Those purple areas with a blending of red and blue are numerous. It will be those areas that will likely become hell on Earth. Our side of the equation will likely have more success in rooting out and either eliminating or pushing our opponents out of the territory. This will likely cause backlash from idealistic Federal (US Military/National Guard) unit commanders who will be ordered to repopulate the territory gained and push the extreme elements (us) off the land. See General Ewing’s General Order #11. This is when the real nightmare begins for all parties involved. Figures like Anderson, Quantrill and Champ Ferguson will move into the void and be matched by ideological opponents similar to Beatty in Appalachia and the Jayhawkers in the West. All on a larger scale. This is what I meant in a past post that whatever happens when SHTF it will be uniquely American in it’s scope and brutality.

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    That site is a treasure trove of interesting stuff; bookmark & hit the drop-down, available at the bottom of each page.

  15. And it will come down to this;

  16. Bob camden

    Mind blowing.
    Thanx CA

  17. the Usual Suspect

    Violence is as American as apple pie !

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

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  19. Ride with the devil, parts were filmed in my town the brick house is about 5 miles from my place. Bloody Bill is buried about 10 miles north Quantrill is buried 13 miles south. The James farm is about 25 miles north east. Lot of history in these parts. They used to celebrate Cole & Bob Younger with Younger day in a town south west of me. A few years back they made us take down the confederate flag from the confederate cemetery

  20. The fence sitters will have to choose a side or it will be chosen for them

  21. Goose pimple stuff there.