Leftist Ideology and the Corruption of the American Military

Your tax dollars at work.

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  1. let the Jusa die.

    once and for all.

    • heh.

      The following are 18 really big numbers that show that the U.S. economy is starting to fall apart very rapidly…

      #1 Farm loan delinquencies just hit the highest level that we have seen in 9 years.

      #2 We just learned that U.S. exports declined by 4 billion dollars during the month of December.

      #3 J.C. Penney just announced that they will be closing another 24 stores.

      #4 Victoria’s Secret has just announced plans to close 53 stores.

      #5 On Thursday, Gap announced that it will be closing 230 stores over the next two years.

      #6 Payless ShoeSource has declared bankruptcy and is closing all 2,100 stores.

      #7 Tesla is also closing all of their physical sales locations and will now only sell vehicles online.

      #8 PepsiCo has started laying off workers and has committed to “millions of dollars in severance pay”.

      #9 The Baltic Dry Index has dropped to the lowest level in more than two years.

      #10 This is the worst slump for core U.S. factory orders in three years.

      #11 We just witnessed the largest decline in the Philly Fed Business Index in more than 7 years.

      #12 In January, sales of existing homes fell 8.9 percent from a year earlier. That was the third month in a row that we have seen a decline of at least 8 percent. This is an absolutely catastrophic trend for the real estate industry.

      #13 U.S. housing starts were down 11.2 percent in December compared to the previous month.

      #14 Compared to a year earlier, home sales in southern California were down 17 percent in January.

      #15 In December, home sales in Sacramento County fell a whopping 22.5 percent compared to a year earlier.

      #16 Pending home sales in the United States have now fallen on a year over year basis for 13 months in a row.

      #17 More than 166 billion dollars in student loan debt is now “seriously delinquent”. That is an all-time record.

      #18 More than 7 million Americans are behind on their auto loan payments. That is also a new all-time record, and it is far higher than anything that we witnessed during the last recession.


      Burn baby burn..

      • The Baltic Dry Index is key indeed,if not the key to watch. So many don’t or even know what it is or means…

      • (this above can not be stated enough. look who wrote it. a warrior. a real one. one who actually honored his oath because he holds the great warrior virtues sacred: the roman ideas of fealty and great prudence within rex and uxe, he would never admit that probably. warriors of virtue are too humble)

        Look at this. Are they not the essence of MAGA, not some corny phrase, but an indictment, that has a death penalty clause on the end of it:

        The Nine Noble Virtues
        1 Courage
        2 Truth
        3 Honor
        4 Fidelity
        5 Discipline
        6 Hospitality
        7 Self Reliance
        8 Industriousness
        9 Perseverance

        Are they not all the things we see as the make up of our better selves and what we hope, and long for in our hearts and minds, of those of us who will never bend a knee?
        Tell those kids this.

        Looks to me like part of these corporate wealth mining operations are failing because the orchestrated ruse of artificial price discovery which rules the Casino on Wall St. no longer has the economic power it has held since the Federal Reserve, which is neither, was imposed, because they have strip mined the inherent wealth the dollar, 99%, which once represented of the inherent wealth of the people who produced that wealth.
        Wealth as it only comes from a person who creates something.
        The loss of artificial price discovery, jacking up the worth of commodities and resources, has reached its end of diminishing return, like a grinding gets smeller, wears down faster than its ability to grind metal smaller it gets.
        Most of those corporate box stores are nothing but fronts to strip more money from the multitude of investors who buy their stock. There’s nothing left but a store front and shiny objects. Not enough people buying enough shiny stuff to kite the check to keep the scam running.
        You could tell in the early 2000’s the strip mining was on its last legs. It must even then have still been a huge skim, like the real estate boom/scam, so much wealth they could afford to run the front operations at a loss on paper. They just began strip mining all those nice fat juicy 401s invested in those strip mining fronts. Claw back really.
        Whole thing in reality is a money laundering operation.
        Whats left is an empty facade with the illusion of corporate legitimacy. The shiny object is a powerful tool.

        Its why oil can’t get past a certain price per barrel. There’s nothing left to strip mine, only natural price discovery, and the system is a huge leviathan, it has about a 10 year inertia, thats getting towards its end cycle too.
        The entire construct is getting ready to shit the bed.
        Interesting aspect of it though, and this is what you should tell the youngsters about, is the more you disconnect from The Matrix, the more anti fragile you become, the more who do so, hasten the demise of The Matrix, the more who do so, create sustainable families, tribes and small local local local communities. Lot of it is provincial by nature, but strong people who persevere can survive most anywhere. Reslilience and self sufficiency.
        That whole corporate construct depends entirely on the smallest element, people, who can not, or do not “cut the cord”, like for instance with the satellite and cable providers. People are cutting the cord by the thousands weekly. Its killing the matrix, people are literally and figuratively, “Unplugging”.
        At some point the ones running things lose control, because just enough of a magic level of a plurality are no longer controlled. That point is close, real close. It shows up everywhere, 64 Million who out foxed the margin of vote fraud in 2016, the increasing numbers who are dropping out of the debt serfdom system daily, millions who are taking care of their old vehicles and lovingly running them for as long as they are cost effective to repair, they have unplugged from the fiat creation machine, by not up-loaning to a new vehicle, more grow their food now, perserving it in their larder, a fantastic yet highly under-rated form of savings bank, (think of how much money you saved in one year eating out of your canned food, verses rise in cost of industrial food at the supermarket over the same period: 20%, some even 50%???), so is the garden, well managed is an incredible sound money investment, because the fuckers can’t skim your investment. Same with off grid power. We been running off grid power for 7 years now. It is almost impossible to define to others the freedom and its blessings of just this simple act of self reliance. But more are starting to look around and say, yes its going to get that bad, so why not join the honorable resistance?
        Thing here, its far more than just these brief accounts, its an entire form of open source resistance, “The Honorable Resistance” as of all people, John Mosby and Max Velocity, advocate, because its real, it works, you have to free your mind before you free yourself from the physical slavery of the economic tyranny of the corporate matrix, its happening, its incredibly effective, its self sustaining on many levels, it cuts the cord of The Matrix. Its unplugging. Once accomplished, one has no limits in front of them.

        The whole “matrix” has no flexibility, but More. More of other peoples wealth and mind slavery. More! It can’t stand still, it can’t go back, its why “Forward!” is the marxian ideology standard.

        The Take Take Take machine gots nothing lefts to take.
        The little bit left they can’t get their greasy meathooks on, is jealously guarded by people putting their hard earned investments in their self reliance back into their self sustaining lives they are building. The skim portion of the investment cycle no longer exists. Think about that, how much of your paycheck you would have if you cut out the extortion racketeering government and its sister crime syndicate the corporate construct no longer can get at your wealth you make? Remember always, wealth only originates from dirt people who create something tangible by their labor and efforts where nothing existed till they expended that energy. Nothing, no where else does real wealth come from. Everything else is stripping the wealth creators of their wealth.
        Sounds like it is a relatively speaking tiny drop in the bucket to “unplug from the matrix”, it is in certain scales, but the matrix has reached into every facet of the sphere of our activity and pinched their tribute, till there is no nothing more to steal. We have surpassed peek wealth strip mining. So when people start to make their own, go system D, start a small home business, trade, barter, bypass de-facto diktat, avoid taxes, learn new skills that create even more self determination in their lives, make themselves valuable members of their local area, for every one who do so, they now are no longer a part of that system, they are free. It begins to add up after awhiles.
        Watch the 1st Matrix movie sometime. Listen to Morphius as he mentors Neo, listen to the cast of characters as they try to give Neo messages, it is the parable of our time they are telling.

        The little things really add up. Its the little things one on top of the other, which are most robust, anti-fragle. And at the same the system of greed and spoils are denied. There is a snowball effect to all this. Some see it all imploding. There’s that feature, who with a lick of common sense can deny that. But oft overlooked is the renaissance too. Its insurgency, like our culture under siege, its upstream of the bastards regardless, always was, always will be. Our culture has survived 2000 years. It is the only iterative culture, it adapts itself, improvises, because it is open source in its precepts and origins, insurgent by nature. It becomes stronger with each cycle, or turning, its self learning. Sure it goes thru low points, part of the cycle. The great Christian Greco/Roman Western culture we who defy, we who reject the Statist Quo’s and the human extinction movement, the tyrannies, have existed loinger than any culture in human history, and counting.
        About that implosion? Nothings a sure thing in life but getting born & dying. Gonna be plenty of dyin’, and lots of things reborn, thats the great part in these cycles, each great age we get the chance to do thinhgs we could never do otherwise. remember, keep it in mind, the ONLY successful revolution in history, was fought and won by yours truly, us White Christian Men of The West and those who ally with us.

        All the truth you need to understand, is this: It is why we are sp despised, why we are called the dirt people, the “basket of Deplorable’s”, for who knows us better than ourselves but our enemies who know we are the existential foe who are indomitable people and culture. Its why they are trying to wage their culture/class/race war in the first place.

        Tell your youngin’s that. If they are of the right mind, then its like good fertile soil, plant the seeds of ideas and precepts, the truth and history, the truth of us Men of The west, in finding fertile ground, these things will grow all outside their diminutive beginnings.
        Thats legacy stuff.
        It’s how we made Liberty possible for the first time, that 5000 year leap Andrew Skousen believed in.
        Its Epic shit.
        America is Epic Shit.
        Its why everyone wants us fucking dead.
        As Max V. says , you can’t do epic shit with standard people.

        • “, like for instance with the satellite and cable providers. People are cutting the cord by the thousands weekly. Its killing the matrix, people are literally and figuratively, “Unplugging”.”

          not really.

          they are shit canning the cable because there’s no time for it when they have their faces stuck on their dumb phones 24/7… so they are still connected, it’s just wireless now.

  2. Two years in with a Republican prez, and a recently Republicrat controlled representative body.
    This is the result?
    Nice going.
    Yes, our tax dollars at work. Indeed.

  3. Diversity is our strength

  4. I told you so:

    Over and over again, before and since:

    So have 100 other bloggers, 200 Pentagon studies, two turtledoves, and a partridge in a pear tree.

    The Sisterhood has sewn the wind.
    The nation will now reap the whirlwind.

    Women want equality?
    Fair enough.

    Draft them, send them to war, and kill them in droves.
    It’s the only way to be sure.

    • you fucking loser

      go change a band-aid or something.

      a supposed full grown man still working… as a nurse.

      LOL what a shit weasel

    • NorthGunner

      All of the above WILL happen to them and they’ll
      STILL blame ‘the Patriarchy’ and be stamping
      their feet as they sob and shout ‘it’s all MEN’s fault!”.

      As one of my best friends says, “You can’t fix stupid!!”.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!


    We all knew this would happen. I saw it back in the early ’80’s as an active Army Reservist. It has just snowballed. While I feel bad for the Marine writing the article, I cannot help to think that once the current POTUS has been impeached, or thrown up his hands and walked away, the new residents of the Criminals’ Time Share at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will use their .mil Snowflakes to round us all up, confiscate our firearms, etc.
    I do not lament the demise of the Amerikan .mil. It is nothing more than a gigantic social experiment coupled with a freebie money tree for the REMF porch monkeys who: “I bees done mah time.” The remainder dregs will just keep on keeping on until they try to enforce President Harris’ firearms confiscation edict in Chicongo, Watts, or East LA.

    • dmv gringo


        Point taken. And for every one like him, there are legions of black, brown, and white REMFs. I saw it with my own eyes when I was on active duty and as an active reservist. . One of my former students saw it with his own eyes while he was in the ‘Stan with his NG unit. BTW, they trained him as a sniper.

    • dmv gringo

  6. Bonaventure

    Outside of land-side supportive/administration roles, anyone who thinks that women should be in the military should be taken outside and shot for sedition.

  7. gas mask required

    The Tuna Patrol™

  8. the Usual Suspect

    There will be another war, there is always another war.
    American women will experience the joy of being cannon fodder.
    They will come home in droves maimed and destroyed.
    They won’t be unique like Tammy Duckworth and ride their wounds
    to a Congressional seat, there will be too, too many of them.
    Who will they blame ?
    Men of course, stupid bitches !

  9. I’m a newbie here, so be gentle.
    This is an issue near and dear to me, as my husband is in the military. In fact, he is currently in a six week leadership course, today being day 3. When he came home after Day 1, I thought he would regale me with how instructors dove right in to how to kill things, blow things up, and win wars. I was completely wrong. Day 1 at Military Leadership class, topic number 1, was TRANSGENDERS in the military and how to deal with them. Incredulous, I figured they’d get to talking about killing things, blowing things up and winning wars on Day 2. Not so much. Day 2 was focused on the fragile psyches of the millennial soldier, and how to identify suicidal ones. This is regular topic of chats at monthly drills, as is the usual “Don’t rape the women” spiel that occurs by default virtually every month. Husband says he is running out of hope and losing heart at the state of his military. The amount of time they spend actually training to kill things, blow things up and win wars is dwarfed by the amount of time they must dedicate to PC lectures about social issues. He has six weeks left in the class, so there is hope that they will eventually get to the part about commanding troops fit to win wars. We’ll see.

    • he must be hard-up for a job.

      you do know that military marriages almost ALWAYS end in failure right? he’ll be cheating and so will you. it’s already over honey. do like the rest of you split tails do and take everything from the bastard. he’s obviously an idiot.

      • gas mask required

        I always wondered what it would look like if Satan himself became a board commenter. How is Hell these days Most Unclean?

      • “Almost ALWAYS” you socio-pathic shit-weasel????? Where did you invent this shit-log at, your outhouse? Get it out of Cosmo magazine? I usually pass by your verbal diarrhea because your same-sex ‘daddy’ built you a treehouse in the backyard so,when the two women in your life started ‘talking’ you’d be out of the house and not peeking around the door or hiding in the closet yourself. You shit-faced, chicken-livered, pussilanimous inbred cretin….. no one in the military is as lily-white pastey-faced syphilis-ridden brain-diseased leech as you are. I hope your hemorrhagic fever takes you soon…….

        • Thank you, AR man.

          Saved me the trouble. I have learned that it does him no good… he’s so far beyond lost that the map reads, “Beyond here, there be dragons.” I do it for the benefit of others, specially newbies so they don’t think he/it represents the rest of us.

      • You’re a real ray of sunshine. I like it.

        • thank you ma’am. 🙂

          i have a Tortoiseshell cat like yours.

          of course, mines better looking…

        • Nina, pay no attention to the little man behind the blustering facade of hatred, with pretensions to adequacy…..

    • wendystringer48088


      First of all I am a former Marine from back in the 70’s, and am now transgender myself. (By the way, I am of the belief that queers and transgenders have the same rights as anyone else but absolutely no place in the military for the same reason we don’t let people who are mentally retarded or persons with cerebral palsy in the military).

      Ok, now with that out of the way…

      You didn’t mention what branch of the military he is in, how long he has been in, what military occupational specialty he is in, does he have job skills that are useful in civilian life, do you have job skills, your family situation (do you have children, do you work outside the home, etc.)

      That’s ok, it’s perfectly understandable not to want to give too much away on a public forum for the whole world to see.

      Here is my general advice…

      Ignore all the negative comments about how military marriages are doomed. There are many guys here who have been betrayed and back-stabbed by cheating and lying spouses and have been raped in divorce court here, so they have their biases (not entirely unfounded) that marriages are a bad deal for the man.

      Realize that all guys probably have porn stashes for when they are not with their loved ones and don’t freak out about finding out he is a normal man with normal heterosexual male desires. At least he’s not screwing around on you.

      You and him have to think of yourselves as a two person “fire team” or “militia of two” and work together to figure out the best course of action for you both / and your family. You have to be supportive of him and he has to be supportive of you.

      You both have to “embrace the suck” – realize the situation is difficult and resolve to get through it.

      For now gather information and what best course of action to take for him and yourself post military life. Or if he can put up with the BS until he can retire.

      You can get through this if you both work together and really do love each other.

    • Welcome Nina,
      Most of the military seem to be pawns to be used by the ruling elite class to keep us in ongoing wars. Sad, but I think true .

    • Welcome Nina, and I sincerely wish you and your husband the best in your future. Being an officer is way different than being in the military. Officers have to be “gentlemen” and politicians any more, not so much fighting combat soldiers. Make the best of everything you get, don’t lose faith in each other, and if it isn’t the right job for him, and you, walk away from the military. It is NOT a life for everyone. I’m third generation military, grandfather was a Warrant Officer, father was a commissioned officer, I was an NCO, am retired. One of my sons also went in the military, he and his wife loved their time in.

  10. Name (required)

    Well written piece, until I got to this little gem.

    “If anarchy comes to our nation, the armed forces will be needed, not for foolish wars of empire around the globe, but to preserve America itself.”

    So, if the citizens refuse to obey the government, the US military must be used domestically to force compliance? I’m glad all the masks are coming off. I now fully support women and transgenders as commanding officers in the marine corps. I want them in charge of the apparently inevitable martial law and gun confiscation. I hope everyone reading this realizes whose side the military is really on.

  11. “If we do not reject the ideological insanity brewing in our military institutions, we may lose more than our martial virtue; we may lose America itself.”

    That ship has sailed.

  12. Bubba White

    Nice picture. Weapons at the ready. All in proper uniform. Good distance between soldiers. Obviously great leadership.

    I am not even drinking and this shit gets me going.

    Nothing new about this article. Saw it in PLDC in early 1980’s in Korea. Women talking, talking, talking about how they were just as good as soldiers as men. But had never seen Leadership manual, Counseling manual, never done land nav, didn’t know even basic shit about tactics or even how to supervise clean up details. But they, one in particular, could talk and talk and talk about how they could do everything-when an instructor was present. For the two day (yeah-pretty tough-two whole days) FTX said woman, when in leadership position, wouldn’t/ couldn’t troop the line at night-the cunt was the first one asleep. On the grueling 2 mile walk back to (I think Camp Jackson) the PLDC school house the bimbo couldn’t keep up on a walk –down hill. When we go to the gate the cadre told me (I was in leadership position then) I was missing somebody. The bimbo was about 75 yards behind, sniveling and crying. So I went back and grabbed her sorry ass by the ruck and dragged her into camp-feet and legs & knees literally dragging her sorry “I can do everything a man can do” ass. The cadre faced about to cover their laughing as I told them I now had everybody.
    The crap had progressed by the 1990’s. In the Infantry, I had been mostly sheltered from the ‘equality’ B.S.
    But at the Ft Bliss 1SG academy about 40% of the students were female. I was on my 4th overseas tour, I was never stationed stateside longer than 18 months at a time. Most of the women had only been at ONE installation their entire career. A couple of MEDCOM guys too.
    Some of the students were already 1SG’s; the remainder, like me, were SFC promotable, getting ready to assume 1SG duties.
    None of the women even knew to discuss promotions with their platoon sergeants before promoting people.
    None of them had a clue about what a duty roster (DA 31) was or how to use it.
    Tactics-forget it.
    PT? Yeah right.
    Having an NCOPD program for their subordinates? Huh? what’s that?
    But there we were, all getting the same pay, same rank.

    And I got “counseling” from the cadre for expressing my disbelief that anybody could possibly be promoted to 1SG without these very basic skills.
    I was told the military was changing and that I needed to embrace the changes and the diversity being brought by those with different experiences.

    Since I am on my soapbox, an interesting all inclusive/diversity tidbit for ex-military folks:
    As best as I can remember, the last Army Sergeant Majors Academy graduation (2018:
    40% of the graduates had Platoon Sergeant experience.
    60% had 1SG experience. (Source was AUSA monthly magazine.)

    How one can become a 1SG without being a PSG is a mystery to me. Also how one can be a SGM/CSM without having first been a 1SG.
    Yeah-there will be a (very) few SF guys who were Operations Sergeants/Team Sergeants who obviously deserve to be there, but they do not represent anywhere near these percentages.

    But still, what a great day to be an American!!!!

  13. Look at their faces. Tired, hurting, hating life and wishing they were somewhere else. Been there done that, as a recruit. After awhile we learn that the suffering ends at the end of the day, a good night’s sleep and we heal. The next day brings new suffering and another step towards toughness.

    What I would tell that detail: SUTOMUDO!
    Suck it UP-Move it Out-Tough it Out-Drive ON!

    They would likely report up the chain: ” I can’t work with this guy! ”

    I get the points of the Officer’s essay, if I were to take down the U.S. I would use this P.C. against them as well as using their “diversity” to help them defeat themselves. But I am not at war with the U.S. armed forces.

  14. Every time I read articles like these, I think “An enemy couldn’t have hamstrung us any better than we have done (mostly) on our own.”

  15. Old Paratrooper

    I was in the last all male jump class @ Benning, Oct ‘73. The next class had 2 females, future parachute riggers, they were coddled, photo’d, and held up as examples of “VolAr”, the all volunteer Army. First run on the track around the towers, they were in the front of formation, tits bouncing for the camera in the back of a pick-up leading the show. After the photo – op, the duo was led over to the base of the towers for a rest; the men went on for two more miles. The double standard has only grown worse in the last 4 or 5 decades.

    • ghostsniper

      I was there Sep 74, no wimminz.
      Permanent party, Wildflecken Germany there were a few wimmin, maybe a dozen on the whole post. But the numbers were growing.

  16. Old Gray Wolf

    Every day, I read something that further confirms what I now know to be true. The America we grew up in is dead and gone. It is not coming back. Want that if you must, but know that it will color your planning and your actions, and nothing good will come to you from it.

    The objective observer will recognize the overall direction of this society, and know that a society this large and complex will not be turned 180 degrees by a few people desirous of past ideals. We are on the Titanic. The ice has already sheared the hull, and though the lights may still be on, those without a lifeboat will find themselves in rough water in short order. Choosing the boat, and who you will share it with, is needful. You will be sharing it with people. Choosing them beforehand is advisable. Oh yeah, pick the boat right, because no one is coming to save you.

    • hey scumbag bitch boy

      i had my first million by age 38.

      how long did it take you to save up that much?

      suck on my ass punk.

      • Nunya Bizniss Sr

        Lol no you didn’t. You’re a full of shit little bitch living on his minuscule pay check. Imagine such a bitch made little fuck that you spend your days raging at random people on the internet as if you make an ounce of difference.

        Take a long hard look at yourself. You’re about as manly as a woman’s sex toy party.

        • dmv gringo

          Take heart, the whole lot of you
          are stupid (poser) bastards and worthless as fuck. Without a shoot being fired, barely a punch thrown, and hardly any dying, the communists are thoroughly beating you Murikans’. That’s right, those limp-wrist soyflakes, multigay, multigender, feminazis, bulldaggers, SJW’s, pajama boys,
          and their combined forces of foot-soldiers and illegal alien shitholers are kicking your asses hands down.
          Reap the whirlwind, you stupid fucks.

          • hell, i want murka to fail, just for the excitement.

            burn it down!

            and no, i’m not a poser. i’m pretty well off.

            after one has either done, had, or has everything they ever wanted, it all gets pretty boring. i have more stuff than i’ll ever use. a lot of my things are still brand-new a decade after i purchased them.. i bought a $140,000 RV back in 2016 that i used once. cars that just sit covered-up in the barn. more boats than a person should be allowed. shit, i have properties i have only been to a couple of times.

            just not enough time to use everything.

            America WAS good to me. but everything ends, and so must murka.

        • Old Gray Wolf

          Tfat hates himself. Therefore he cannot but hate everyone and everything else. His interactions with other people, if his rantings are to be believed, consist of nothing more than using someone to get what he wants. He uses this medium as a vent for his frustration, feeling safe in thinking that nobody will give him the pounding he so richly deserves for his disrespectful and crude rantings. It keeps him from having to confront the total uselessness of his life, and the resultant late-night sobbing drunken pistol in the mouth episode that would result. I might pity him, if he weren’t such an asshole to everyone. As it is, he should just take that whiskey pistol ride. Do us all a solid. Put some skin in the game and start on that 300million he is always yapping about.

      • You are a scumbag and a prissy faggot..
        Hope you become target practice real soon.
        Now.. Go suk some commie dick.

  17. robroysimmons

    I love these stories, they are entertainment for me.

    But does anyone have anything actually useful to say on how to navigate FUSA.

    How can I in good conscience recommend to a younger loved one to take to Right, it’s just mean spirited black pills and despair all the way down.

    • Good open post suggestion.

    • RobRoy, the only thing that I can recommend to navigate the decline is to be ready for the decline by exercising strategic relocation to the best of your ability, for example living in Chicago or Baltimore is bad while living in a very rural area such as Idaho or Wyoming is good, if you can do it. The point is to get to the best place that you can. Also, get in shape and try to surround yourself with likeminded local people. Obviously, learn all that you can in terms of useful survival skills. Outside of that, there isn’t much that you can do. Of course, the most important part about navigating the decline is understanding that you are in a decline. For that reason alone, it’s important to teach all that you can to people about Right. If you don’t do that, they have exactly zero chance what so ever.

      In an unrelated note, combine this piece with the piece about Chinese colonization above and tell me who is going to dominate for the next 200 years.


        If you want to live in Idaho, be prepared for very cold, snowy winters. The upside of that is it keeps the population low. The Cosmic White Marxist Kalifornians leave after a few winters. The only Negroes up here are, by and large imported for college basketball teams. There are too many low-income whites in the labor pool to allow Juan, Maria, and their 12 kids to get a toehold. Plus, this is not a .gov freebie paradise like CA, OR, & WA. Dress warm.

      • Garry F. Owen, Trooper

        1) Get your own head and heart Right spiritually and emotionally. Harden your hearts and minds.
        2) Make sure the young have a real world work skill. This is true whether or not they go to college. It can keep them from the teat of Babylon, tied to extortionistic, non-bankruptable student “loans”. This will be sufficient until the festivities kick off.
        3) Be ready, and have them ready to defend what is yours.

    • The one thing I can recommend speaking from experience is be a good example, in other words practice what you preach…If they see you walking what you talk about and it being a benefit in your life then they will want to make those same choices expecting the same outcome…Ive steered a lot of young men into the lineman trade using that very thing…It has a lot to do with how you present yourself and the way the material.is presented…Also helps if you are in a good place as Z commented which Ive been advocating for quite some time now…Good Luck…

    • “But does anyone have anything actually useful to say on how to navigate FUSA. ”

      yeah. head north to Canada.

      leave new Babylon before it’s too late.


      • That you actually believe that Canada is somehow immune to the coming collapse, and that an imaginary border will keep you safe, is all anyone with two firing synapses would need to know about the accuracy, utility or veracity of your comments.

        You are consistent… something about repetition of failure = insanity.

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  19. oregon farmer

    Look at the sunny side: is this flabby, feminized, tranny-infested, ultra-LGBTQ+ American “military” actually going to dominate the USA landscape outside of the cities? Oh yeah? How about the FBI? Does anyone remember Special Agent Strzock’s creepy squirming faggy performance UNDER OATH in front of Congress? RIGHT.

  20. LOL! Some of you (dmv gringo and the bitter and petty tfA-t) smell like government agent provocateurs. Go ahead keep stirring the pot and trying to bait the rest of us into some kind of foolish action while you sit on your ass playing keyboard warrior. I find a lot of useful info and commentary on this site, but the comment threads seem more and more like a government sting operation or a honeypot for would -be reactionaries and the seditious.

  21. Relocate. BLOAT! Pack your ruck and hike over the mountain.

    Sounds good but what about those who cannot do any of those things! Believe me, when half of your diet consists of Opiates or alcohol (or both); when standing up from a sitting position requires help; when old friends don’t come around anymore because you smell bad. And when you know your only value in a SHTF situation is as a minor delay in the schedule of those who are collecting guns from “prospective terrorists” (you,) that’s when you’ll know how valuable all this free chest-beating was. But if the subject happens to be your father or your brother you just might realize how expensive it was.

    And if that old guy happens to be you… Well, then you get to savor a few seconds of intense pain topped with not knowing how your kids and grandkids will survive.
    Talk about a shit sandwich!

  22. What Lt. (or Capt.) Leatherdick doesn’t realize, is that when things get shitty for real, about 4 seconds into the deployment, Lt. Splittail and any of her little BAM minions are going to get fragged “accidentally”, thus saving the lives of everyone else in the unit. And 20:1 it’ll be a platoon sgt. that does it.

    When troops realize that the greatest threat to their lives isn’t the Enemy, but rather is a walking disaster in a leadership position, that person is on the short list for a posthumous Purple Heart, every time.

    Some bright rookie reporter will note the disproportionate number of female casualties, and the lack of explanation will be baffling, but quietly, all women will be withdrawn by higher command from anywhere within range of someone dropping a grenade into their shower stall, or under their rack.

    It’s inevitable.

  23. Can’t you just imagine the squad @ top singing “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary” all the way to base?

  24. Copy paste & print, hand this to the youngin’s. They get it or they don’t. The ones worth mentoring will get it. Those you do everything to nurture. Teach. Fertile minds dont need much, just the precepts, the seeds only require planting. Those minds naturally know good things when they see it. They only need to see it to begin with.

    If you can’t find virtue and meaning, inspiration, or good old common sense in this, your probably going to end up having a part as an extra in the great dirt nap coming.

    The neo-bolsheviks can’t tolerate this. It is anathema to everything they are. And aren’t.

    here it is PDF and oringinal link:

  25. From 77 to 81 active USMC, no women “working” with us,
    then active reserves, another field MOS, no women either.
    Heh… except for the Sow-Sow lady and the one that did our laundry
    overseas in Okinawa, but they came in like a 9 to 5 job to the
    open barracks with us dividing our little two man cubicles by
    our individual wall lockers.

  26. The problem is not women in the military. There have been women in the military for over a century. The problem is putting women in positions for which they are unsuited, and then pretending that they are equal to men.

    The photo of the females at the top of the page is misleading. I have personal knowledge about that photo. They’re not training for direct combat roles. It is a crew of women training for specialized missions in which they were supposed to search and interrogate Muslim women and children so as the keep the local population from freaking out if Male soldiers laid hand hands on them. In other words, they were training for a role ideally suited to female soldiers.

  27. the Usual Suspect

    And you DMF greenhole are a poser pustule of a FAtee abomination,
    flush away , ya turds.

  28. Anon-E- mouse

    Being old enough to remember the useless duck and cover drills in school but, just young enough to miss the draft, Thanks to tricky Dick, I distinctly remember seeing the video of Nikita Khrushchev pounding a shoe while proclaiming that “We will bury you!”. Seem to me that they did that without firing a shot.