Z Blog: Recursive Grifting

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Why the Great Shitweasel Purge must be a bi-partisan affair, from the name talent to the wannabes and faptivists.

And why Team Fuck All Y’all (hereinafter, “TFAY”) needs to work on its platform, its ground game, its recruiting pitch, and its constituent service.


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  1. Grenadier1

    TFAY’s ground game…

  2. plankton67

    One thing that any citizen can do without issue is to, if called to a jury, ensure that it is a fully informed jury and that the option of nullification is always on the table for a juror.

    https://fija.org/file_download/inline/a32b695a-cb60-4ab9-aea7-29e49d835ca0 and look for the 2nd Amendment applicable tri-fold you can print out yourself.
    If you are on a jury where a Patriot is getting railroaded, you have a choice to make. Make an informed one.

    Pro tip- you make the most of this if no one knows or suspects that you know the true rights and power of a juror and being on a jury. 1st Rule of this is that nobody talks about it. You have to be very subtle in how you push this info out there and keep it non-attributional – specifically not attributable to you.

    • go ahead and try that shit in a murkin court of just-us. the black-robed high priests will have you sitting in the corner the rest of the day… and your fellow jurors will be more than happy to turn you in for doing so.

      • Well T,have to try.In the great state of Hampster,tis the law that jury nullification be considered by a jury,and,you can at least always hang a jury and perhaps get prosecution to back off,tis worth a shot.

    • Black jurors use jury nullification everyday. They just don’t call it that. They claim they don’t trust the evidence against their black brothers and sisters. Never challenge the court to it’s face.

  3. ghostsniper

    No. I’ll have none of it.
    I’ll stay back here in the woods and let them consume each other.

    • They will.
      And then the winner (or worse, some third party with a plan, organization, and outfit – all tan, fit, and rested after their first-round bye) will be coming for you, in the woods.

      What’s yer plan for that?

      • What’s yer plan for that?
        Lol 😂 Plan we don’t need no stinking plan…

        • A.B. Prosper

          I don’t know why Aesop and I are the only ones who get the urban issue around here.

          You really need a city plan since 80% of the population of the US is urban .While they are not in general as well armed or trained as Bunker Patriots they outnumber you 5-1 and are far more likely to operate in large groups

          There are plenty of Crips. Bloods , MS-13, Reds and a hundred other gangs up to an including biker gangs who have well trained vets among them too.

          The fact is a few lone wolves can’t patrol a forest but a couple of guys with a can of gas can burn the woods to flush you out easy.

          Plain and simple, organize or die.

          And note to anyone thinking it, the cities are going to survive TEOTWAWKI just with less population

          Odds are you’ll see things like permaculture and vertical farming and less dependence on the countryside after a time so unless your plan involves 80% nearly all urban death or flight rates and/or so Pol Pot action to destroy the cities somehow and the rural areas are going to have to live with urban neighbors.

          If you get power, you’ll have to learn to understand the differences and difficulties in urban life and to make sure they work.

          They key is making sure the values you desire, lets call them a culturally conservative, Christian tradition driven culture with high personal liberty, a nationalist economy and little to no immigration are the law of the land,

          Cities can and did live under these rules and while the wealthy of urban living much less modernity will make people lean to leftism, its your job to make sure they don’t

          You have to conserve the ladies room as it were. And note this isn’t some other movement. Its your movement, if you are lucky you city allies can do it. If not, you have to .

          Otherwise you’ll lose.

  4. That is one form of bi-partisan activity.

    Rhetorical question: does it matter if it is Marco Rubio or Kamala Harris coming to take your property and/or your life?

    You know how few people understand that point.

    Ever thought about some long-form posts on the current situation?

    • Oldltradesman

      Been there, done that. Talking to nogs and white libshits is a waste of breath and invites disaster. The former have different genetic interests and only mimic white people in public settings. Every sane white man knows this on some level – including those disingenuous, beer-gutted, double-dipping, retired bastards down in Laguna Hills. True believing white libshits are mentally ill. One other point: since race realism doesn’t matter to the (((Ayn Rand))) types around here, then they better learn to respect those red flag laws.

      • I’m not really sure why I keep hearing sentiments like ” race realism doesn’t matter to the Ayn Rand types”. I see quite a bit of that mentality out of the denizens of Zman’s comment section as well.

        Which do you have more of a belief in – Magic Dirt Theory – or your own personal liberty? I used to spend quite a bit of time reading thru all the postings on LewRockwell.com, and a quick visit over there recently – shows all sorts of articles revolving around race realism, attacks on the globohomo agenda, the lunacy of feminism, etc.

        The problem with a lot of rightards – is that they have spent so long with a circumcised penis inserted into their mouths that it apparently cut off the oxygen supply to their brains. They spent so long following a bunch of left wingers (neocons) – that they wouldn’t know liberty and conservative thought if it was shoved up their ass.

        There’s an awful lot of people running around calling themselves “libertarians” these days – who are nothing more than very thinly disguised lefties. I’m also detecting an ever increasing amount of people in comment sections and even writing columns and blogs targeted towards conservative right wingers – that have the stench of left wing thought – once you pay attention enough to smell what they’re trying to get cooking.

        If actual liberty truly matters to a person – then they will be confronted with the race realism issue pretty early on during their mental evolution. If you choose to avoid it and go down the path of “all people are equal” – then you’re not TRULY devoted to personal liberty.

        Just like throwing away the Constitution because the children are crying is a bad idea – and a popular meme, so should be : ” hey look the darkies can’t do liberty – so I guess we can’t have it either “

        • Respectfully, please explain a realistic path from where we are today (including the USSC excretions since Marbury) to the restraints on the Federal government (maybe) intended by the drafters of the USC.

          Step by step, and explain how an addled, ignorant population comes to support the effort.

          I am with you on personal freedom – including the inalienable right to badthink and badspeak – as starting points for The Aftermath.

          • 1) Repeal the XVIth, XVIIth, and XIXth Amendments.
            2) No proposed law may be passed by Congress until the entire text has been read before a quorum of that body assembled, live, by an actual speaker, on three different occasions, comprising different days.
            3) No one except the president may serve more than one term in any elected federal office. (POTUS gets two, per the XXIInd Amendment.)
            Federal judges may serve a maximum of ten years, or twelve years if appointed to SCOTUS. Then they’re out, and must live under the laws they passed and/or ruled on. Congress is a call-up, not a career.
            4) All salaries for elected federal office are henceforth set to the poverty level of the poorest state, or federal minimum wage, whichever is lower.
            5) A one-time board comprised of the 50 state governors ex officio, will comprise a body to rule on every extant federal agency, including cabinet agencies, and will, by majority vote, decide which agencies and regulations fall within the scope of the Xth Amendment, or which shall be thrown out. Any agency or regulation thrown out is precedential, and is not eligible for reconsideration, ever. (No tie-breakers; 26 or more votes either way makes or breaks you.)
            6) No rule-making or legislative powers delegated to the Congress by the Constitution may be sub-delegated to any sub agencies, ever, and no federal regulation enacted which the Congress has not heard and voted into being, under the provisions of Item 2, above.
            7) The maximum salary for non-elective federal employment, outside the serving military, shall be the median average salary for the nation overall.
            Retirement benefits in their entirety, including for elected officials, shall comprise Social Security, and Medicare, period. Government employee unions are henceforth prohibited by law. No federal employee may ever accept employment in any field over which they had oversight, enforcement, judicial, or purchasing contact, nor may ever accept a lobbyist position.

            Sit back after that and wait twenty years, and see how you’re doing.
            I daresay it’ll sell itself.

            • I could get on board with that…

            • Now that is a good fucking start. Thanks, nice breath of sanity that.

            • A.B. Prosper

              Basically no one other than TFYA wants this kind of thing and its a non starter

              In the 21st century our tech means no matter what choice you make you get more State . It can be limited but instead of government oppressing you, Facebook or the banks will and they’ll b happy to make sure you can’t work or eat because of wrong think

              The problem is long and short, power and to stop the accumulation of private power you much use State power.

              To fisk a few points

              #1 The 16th is not going anywhere and there is no way that the US can afford national defense and roads on tariff alone. A massive national sales/ V.A.T tax % would be imposed instead . You do not want this. I’d go with a flat tax of X above minimum wage The 17th is a good idea and I don’t know about #19

              #2 is a great idea

              #3 I’m not a sure about that. In the case of such a thing you’d end up with almost no control over your elected officials since they have no incentive to keep promises even in the smallest way. What are you going to do? Vote them out? Most of the time the worst legislation passes by huge margins

              #4 is a non starter as it makes it impossible for anyone but the wealthy to hold public office. You need some kind of situation so I don’t know Joe the Plumber can afford to represent his people

              #5 an is a no sell as it would shift power from more populated states to the less populated ones. No way should Kansas and allies get to decide rules for New York or the other way around Majority rule is mob rule anyway . Instead go with a required 33 votes if you want this kind of thing

              #6 I rather like this though our typical elected are really not up to the task but it would be nice for them to have to recite the code allowing the EPA . None the less, you will have regulation and as nano tech and CRISPR continue to evolve, probably more of us. The only way to prevent massive privacy abuses from the private sector some nut job from mutating the population with mosquitoes some greedy jerks wiping out the worlds bee population and us to sell more pesticide or selling deliberately addictive foodstuffs with lethal withdraw is government boots on necks

              Modern tech is unimaginably dangerous and will require heavy government control

              #7 Salary issue ensure they Feds lack capable employees or will only have ideologues like trust fund babies. The rest is OK after a fashion

              The problem really isn’t Federal pay anyway , its private sector wage arbitrage

              If that was controlled and wages had gone up with GDP and immigration as controlled You and I would make more than any Fed does. Private sector wages need to go up or people won’t have children in an mainly urban society and we do not need 1.6 forever if we stop immigration. Better wages or no babies

              A caveat, no student loan debt much cheaper housing and better schools, meaning homogeneous, orderly and effective at the State/Local level can make a difference. It will take decades to change the culture to a more traditional natal one if it can be done at all.

              Also doing this will require a minimum of 50 million repatriations and very possibly a dictatorship as you won’t be able to sell it to 75% of the populace ,maybe more

              Good luck with that

              I’d suggest instead , if possible a lawful and orderly succession and making 11 or so new nations each to run in their own manner.

              • How did three nations work for Gaul?
                Asking for the Roman empire.

                As to the rest, you’ll either prune the current government back to its original intended boundaries, or watch the entire bloviated LZ Hindenburg go down in flames.

                In Swiss Family Robinson, the tale is told of catching monkeys by hollowing out a coconut, tying it to a tree trunk, cutting a hole small enough for a monkey’s paw to fit inside, and putting nuts in it as bait.

                The monkey tries to grasp the bait, but its fist makes the paw too large to withdraw, and monkey meat BBQ is back on the menu in short order.

                Trying to keep the current bloated system is a no-go; let go of the nuts you think you can keep, or you’re going on the BBQ, filleted and seasoned.

                Everything you argue cannot be sacrificed must be.

                And as everyone will be in DC for a minimal term, salary is superfluous; government service will be exactly that: a hiatus from one’s regular employment for a brief period. And where civil service is concerned, we already get the worst of the worst; we may as well pay them commensurate with their mediocrity. As an obvious exemplar, how has making fat airport flunkies TSA employees done in the last 18 years for improving airline security, employee quality, or customer service?

                And I was being kind.
                Were it within my power, government employees, starting with Congress, would be shanghaied off the street, led to DC in chains, serve in irons sitting in piles of festering offal and feces, and be beaten back into their cages each night whilst pelted with rotten fruit from bystanders, for their once-daily supper of cold gruel and fish heads, until their terms expired.
                Upon their return to private life, they’d be put in the public stocks in their hometowns for a fortnight, so that the citizens thereabouts could properly thank them for their services.
                Those who’d done a commendable job might receive a warm blanket for the nighttime chills, and hot meals.
                Those who hadn’t could expect a steady stream of getting kicked in the balls by a conga line of their friends and neighbors.
                Those two alternative prospects would concentrate their minds in office rather sharply, and once the stocks were erected, at an annual cost of $0.

                If you make it miserable enough, you’ll only get people who really don’t want to be there, which is the cardinal first step in curing what ails the republic.

                Plato argued for weekly beatings of your children, on the grounds that while you might not know why, they certainly would.
                That idea goes double for politicians.

        • Grenadier1

          Let me get some clarification, maybe its low viscosity this morning and I am not thinking clearly yet so I want to understand something here.

          I call myself a libertarian even though I have nothing to do with the Libertarian party mostly because as you say there are a whole lot of people that call themselves libertarians that are just basically anarchists and low level authority left wingers.
          That being said I don’t think the concept of equality is invalidated by the concept of “race realism”.
          The concept of Equality is diminished when people oversimplify the phrase “all people are equal”. Its not ARE equal its are CREATED equal.
          That means that we all start at the same place from a humanity standpoint. It does not mean that everyone is capable of all things. Clearly some people excel in areas above others, just as some people are deficient in some areas when compared to others. That does not mean that we classify people according to their abilities or deficiencies and extend or deny freedom and liberty based on how they fall into those categories.
          That’s the path of to many of the “race realists”, the ones who would deny freedom to groups based on some assessment of the group as a whole.

          The concept of Race Realism in my mind is that given the current collective mindset of the racial make up in the US. We cannot live side by side any longer. That does not mean that the races are incapable of coexisting or that one race is “better” than others. It less an indictment on the genetic make up of the races, and more an indictment of the culture and they long game efforts of the powers that be to alter the mindset of the whole body of the population.
          The long assault on what it means to be a trad American.
          The other races were never really truly part of that, and while they COULD be they have not, in sufficient numbers shown to have bought into it.

          Can you expound on your line of reasoning?

          • Oldtradesman

            Men are NOT created equal, obviously, unless by “creation” you’re introducing a mystical or religious component to explain a rather vague concept. Are you? And why should I bother to expound further? You know the truth about race, unless you are consciously ignoring the lifelong evidence of your senses due to ideology or religion. Or, you are disingenuous. The information is out there, but one has to dig. The digging requires a focused attention span of longer than five minutes. If you really want to know specifics, then take a few months and look into the matter.

        • Oldtradesman

          Magic dirt. Are you serious? No genuine race realist believes that crap. Furthermore, flipping the coin, no consistent hyper-individualist idealogue is a race realist. Keyword, here, is consistent. Are you consistent? I’d be happy to cite your ideological predecessors of Semitic background (Rosenbaum, Rothbard, and Friedman), but long experience has shown it’s not worthwhile.

          • I don’t mean to quibble, but

            (((Rosenbaum-alias-Rand))), (((Rothbard))), and (((Friedman)))

            not to mention (((v. Mises))) were all

            ashkenazic (out of Asia via Europe) Jews, not ex-Middle Eastern semitic Jews. They were, however, all


  5. plankton67

    Here is another one… this time, from Florida:

    Understand what is going on. This is Lawfare and admin warfare against teh citizen by a corrupt state.

  6. Out grift the grifters?

    “Holder Admits No Equality Under Hate Crime Bill”

  7. there is no reason anyone should risk their lives for the useless waste of life the average murkin is. they simply aren’t worthy. shit, even the special forces won’t do anything. murkas only hope lies with the brave and courageous MS-13 members to do the work that the american’ts won’t

    bless MS-13 and their mission to rid the Fusa of rotten cops.

    • yOUR A CRAPPY ai
      everything you say is a lie

      • please point out the lie in what i stated.

        the normies will be the first to drop a dime on you for disrespecting authority.

        all the green boogers have is gardening tips.

        and MS-13 has publicly aired their intentions.

        i’m waiting………..

        • Old Gray Wolf

          ^^^ His stated wishes and hopes aside, he is right about the substance of this post. If you are not one of the ~300,000,000 problems this land has, you are persona non grata to those ~300,000,000. It is all lining up on you, and if you do not figure it out and take steps to get off the X, do not be surprised when it runs over you. Do not expect any of the normies to take your side. It can happen, but it is an anomaly when it does. There is no future in expecting to be saved by miracles, they are far too rare to be reliable.

          • ” Do not expect any of the normies to take your side”

            they’ll take your side once you show them who is their new master. kick some ass, take names, and chase those blue bellies into hiding.

            the normies will cheer you on for finally “making them safe” from the brutal oppressors called cops…

            you see, the worthless peepul just want to be safe. they don’t care about anything else.- well, they still want their crap food, teevee, gadgets…

  8. I’d recommend not using traditional infantry tactics against a modern military force, including an irregular force that has the financial funding that allows NV, drones, elint et al. In South Africa today the “gangs” that slaughter the Boer families use cell-phone jammers as a matter of course. This is a planet wide wyte genocide, well funded and directed by the Cloud People. Groups will be targeted, starting in the rural areas, Individual actions with no chain of command, no Plan that rely upon innate knowledge of the local AO and Human Terrain will have a higher chance of success.

    • Grenadier1

      Understood, it was a rhetorical suggestion upon viewing a very good video on basic infantry tactics.

    • “I’d recommend not using traditional infantry tactics against a modern military force,”

      Please explain this?

      Are you referring to fighting as an insurgent and not head to head? If so, that makes some sense. However, insurgent tactics are still ‘traditional infantry tactics’ (depending on your assumptions / knowledge or lack of) it just depends how you use them. For example, fire and movement is a fundamental principle, as is teamwork, basic tactics and leadership. A clever insurgent will not go ‘head to head’ unless the conditions are right. Such would be planned ambush and raid. However, in conducting those operations, you are still using ‘traditional infantry tactics.’

      I hear about plans to launch ‘swarm attacks’ and other such BS. That will result in failure and fratricide. Sadly, if you intend to have success in kinetic operations, you need to learn how to conduct small unit tactics, with all that entails. To think otherwise is denial that the harder course is the only course; a mental crutch to deny the necessity to follow and develop the warrior mindset.



      • Max:

        From discussions over at your place, I was pretty sure that you and your followers considered the WRSA commentariat as a bunch of potty-mouthed ignorant morons beyond redemption.

        So why the new attention?

        There are also some good people to whom you likely should make amends.

        • Yea kind of wondering that myself… I think though you know the answer to your own question 😉

          • he needs more over-weight, out of shape cucks who weren’t man enough to to fight the school bully or enlist in the infantry to pay his mounting bills. fact is, if you haven’t been fighting your whole life already, you probably aren’t worth a shit to begin with- certainly not as a member of a fighting force. most are more suited to cook and relay messages. of course, ALL are useful as cover and sandbags- which are always in demand..

            • my thought exactly. Still,

              some time ago I ordered a cut-rate combat vest via Amazon,

              and am not happy with what arrived. By and by I’ll purchase one of Max’s expensive-but-perfect vests.

        • This is a guy in love with himself who’s “selling his book” every third sentence. I wouldn’t follow him into a whorehouse.

        • Did you really moderate out my response? Say it isn’t so? Tell me it is still in the queue for moderation?

          • Max, I am sitting on it for now. Not because you said anything heinous, but because you are stomping your feet and shouting “Pay attention to me!”.

            You keep making my point. Your people skills need work.

            You have a good operation.

            Focus on that.

            Disregard whether or not some dumbshit blogger is letting you have your way.

            Free consulting advice: Build a “This is MVT” series of posts, become a member of both Gab and FreeZoxee, and run the series there.

            Best wishes personally and professionally.

            • Post the comment. It was great comment, It was entirely rational and explanatory. You have several times now ascribed childlike motives to me, which you know are not true; I’m not gonna bite. You are attempting to belittle and diminish while disguising that under ‘helpful advice’. What reason would you have to hold a comment in moderation i.e. censorship in your self-described free-speech freestyle comment zone? What motives could you have? You let any moron spout hateful shite, yet a rational answer to your question to me is held in moderation?
              Post the comment.

      • “I hear about plans to launch ‘swarm attacks’ and other such BS. That will result in failure and fratricide.”

        and standing toe to toe with well-equipped and well-organized Jusan forces are gonna work more better…


        coordinated, lightning fast, and ruthless leadership decapitation strikes along with no quarter attacks on personnel manning critical infrastructure/installations is the way to go. re-staff with vetted technicians and security teams. prepare and rig all captured facilities with ordinance to blow in place if security is breached.

  9. Emory Kiser

    Why use a wood grinder? Are you trying to starve a bunch of hungry pigs? Use what Henry Bowman utilized, much more efficient and no lingering evidence!

  10. Pete appears to not be answering email or posting anything from MVT. That is a loss to many folks here, and a disservice to those who would benefit from it. Here is the latest:

    Edge of Collapse: Your Role as a Protector:


    • See, Max, there you go.

      That’s the immature behavior that cost you the free advertising on WRSA that had been extended gladly over the years.

      When I was advised by a friend of your shit-talking me personally because I hadn’t reviewed your book as of the time that you thought I should have, I decided not to play with you any more. Not so much because you were upset with the lack of the review, but because you failed to mention that I personally had purchased 3 of those books at full price. FYI, those books got distributed to folks who could use them, and I was considering getting another larger set for the same purpose. Also FYI, the book you comp’d to me will be disposed of the same way.

      Oh well.

      The damnedest thing is that I think your facility, cadre, and program that you have built over the years are well worth the money for anybody wishing to achieve skills not available many other places. Your central location gives you access to a huge portion of the US population, and I wish nothing but the best for you and yours, both personally and professionally.

      But I will not be shat upon in my own space by someone who I supported over the years, and who knows how to behave when he chooses to exercise his considerable self-discipline. It’s a shame, but for some reason, you just don’t get the basics.

      Good luck, Max.

      • I will review it for you, with your permission, good rudimentary infantry skills, rehash of infantry basic course. good for those with no REAL in your face combat skills (starting point) advanced AIT needed….but one must continue on with other and more in depth training and daily practice of fundamentals to make it come together, in addition skilled advice on proper equipment and use is required . Terrible spelling and punctuation run rampant through the books……..
        ……….and on a personal note………didn’t we run the Brits outta here long ago….?

          • …………I just did………………………….I thought we were all just being mean and talking shit to each other and I haven’t had an opportunity to participate lately ……..let me know when we are going to be BIG BOYS and build that cohesive unit and I would be flattered to be heard.

            ……but seriously that is about all I have to say about the books…….spend your money on TM’s and FM’s and BLOAT till HELL won’t have it !!

            • Well, that’s interesting. Can you please state your specific military experience? Are you talking about the Tactical Manual: Small Unit Tactics?

              The point here is that although there are only good solid basics in infantry work, the Tactical Manual actually covers some advanced SUT which will not be commonly known by a basic infantryman – because it included years of training and experience in SOF. There are areas of the book which an 11B simply would not know or would never have been trained in. Event the CQB portion is current SOF tactics. So you may be reviewing the wrong book or you just didn’t get it? Contact is probably more of a basic book like you describe.

              Where you are right is in stating that a manual read alone cannot suffice in place of training. As such, the book is designed to be followed with MVT classes. You simply will not get the same level of clarity or understanding by reading an FM, which are mostly terrible and not written for citizen / insurgent forces.

              • …sure MAX, My mos was 11B4S my secondary was 05B4S….. I served my first tour (13 months) with a Ranger Co. in RVN, second tour with 5th Group mostly in KHMERE, while I was there casualty rates were on average 100 -400 US a week which gives a little different perspective then 100 on average a year, served as a civilian instructor through the 80’s as the last time I “was blowed up ” they put me out on my ear !
                and I will save you the trouble…….your dick is bigger then mine ” OK !
                ..but I will walk the walk since I decided to talk the talk….. if Pete and you desire I will go reread your books and do a book report. Fairly and Honestly.
                ……I am old now but I am one deadly motherfucker , I got rid of my ego several gun shots ago and know my skills/levels/desires/wants and needs.
                …..I offered my skills (for free ) to several local groups here in western Montana as much , as often , and as deep as they wanted to go ….when we started with those darned fundamentals they all said NO NO we want all that sneaky pete special forces cool shit …??? HUH ? they lasted two weeks and I left..when I did go they said well shit can you leave us with something really good……so says I…………….

                ( I’m up .. he sees me….I’m down ) !!!!!!!
                ….I for one support any of the training groups like yours and others that we hear about and am in no way dising you…I have attended a couple and found them lacking…….there are so many professionals out there that really are not….and the uninitiated are not able to tell what is realistic or not.
                I am with you on difference between reading an FM and practical experience …..good on you for your efforts just calm down !
                You got to be “that guy” today ….smile take a breath and carry on.

                ..PS….. you do still need a proof reader though !

              • It was forty-seven years ago, on March 30, 1972, that fourteen North Vietnamese divisions backed by more than three hundred tanks crossed the Demilitarized Zone into South Vietnam. It was an assault every bit as ferocious as the Tet Offensive in 1969, and perhaps even more so: where Tet had been an uprising by Viet Cong guerrillas backed by regular North Vietnamese troops, the Easter Offensive of 1972 was a blitzkrieg, a conventional mechanized assault by troops well-equipped with armor, artillery and antiaircraft weapons (in the words of author Michael Herr , “People’s Army, my ass”). Several North Vietnamese Army, or NVA, divisions crossed the DMZ into the northern tip of South Vietnam. Other forces struck from their bases in ostensibly neutral Cambodia into the southwest part of South Vietnam, perilously close to Saigon. H/T to nationalinterest.com

                MAX……..I also did a tour in central america and I do not mean Iowa and a couple of sand box visits………all this has got me thinking about how important all this training is going to be and it just seems like MOST just cannot get it through there heads that this is for real……….painful……..just fucking painful

            • TFAY works for me…

              you can’t trust anyone who has less $ and experience than yourself.

              they will always try to fuck you out of your $ and use the skills you teach them, from your experience- against you.


        • Your personal note is masthead worthy, if nothing else a giant Zing and a big middle finger as well. Well done!

      • CA,a good post/response.I along with another a few years back got into for lack of a better word pissing contest with Max on another site,looking back was a waste of time for all involved.I still will read his articles and think about what he has to say as it gets me thinking and may learn something I can apply to my own life/situations ect.Like you I wish him and his crew the best as they do offer a great learning experience for folks who can travel and attend.I am lucky have a friend working with me and a few others who is a 10th Mountain retiree and was over in Afghan,feel he teaches us a lot(and am very grateful) and has a lot more to teach us time permitting.For those not having friends that can help folks like Dodge/Max/Mosby ect. fill a educational niche that tis needed.

  11. A little more likely. Those big Morbarks cost a whole bunch.

  12. Author’s assessment of CPAC is accurate. They should hand out CPAC cum rags as the level of media whoring is monumental. Virtue signaling is not working. It’s astounding just how many continue to watch the puppet show. We need Polish Power not Gorilla Monsoon for Tfay mascot.


      Tom: They continue to watch the puppet show because they are STILL economically comfortable. They still can play with all their debt buck toys and eat their GMO fast-food poison. Nothing will change much until the Nacho Cheese Doritos, Pepsi, Mickey-D’s and caramel machiaddos(sp?) disappear forever; along with the “value” of their debt bucks. Bleib ubrig. BLOAT.

      • Agree. And the ones that aren’t comfortable are SSRI’d, potted, drunk, tweaked, doped, nicotined and fucked up on the crack that serves as food from the ‘grocer’.

  13. Old Gray Wolf

    Wood chippers are loud, expensive, required cleaning and maintenance. Disposal on the scale that is likely will be better served with flammable liquids and earthmoving equipment.

    I know the Morbark thing is mostly rhetorical, but those who may take it serious should realize the potential risks of turning one of nature’s nastiest and most pathogenic species into red mist and such. Best have your NBC suit and a decon setup available, at least. I will take some fuel mixture and a D6.

  14. It CANNOT be Bipartisan. The Left want us DEAD. There can be no compromise with those who want you DEAD.

    • A lot of the so-called Right wants the Deplorables dead as well.

      Think about the Government parties (both of them) versus the Free American alliance.

      It’s a more useful lens.

  15. The only thing I can triffle over is the degree of blame to go around. The reality is, the whole political shit show sits on the shoulders of the electorate. If they voted only for honest individuals that were also willing to out the grifters in their midst Zman would not have needed to post the obvious. But alas we are at the terminal ‘private profits, public expenditures’ stage with a side order of FSA thrown in.

  16. Lots of downed trees in my little AO, got to see the wood chippers in action. Those puppies grind up 5 1/2 ft around logs like it’s nothing. Loud, messy, and very competent. So, I’m thinking that for the Festivities, either during or after, disposal of inappropriate things would be better handled with a flame thrower, extra fuel, and some overwatch. JMO. The smell could be a deterent or an enticement, depending on where we are on the Festivities Gauge.
    The Federal Court System keeps threatening to call me in as a juror. I will be discussing jury nullification and looking to give almost anyone his/her freedom. (Pedophiles and Animal abusers will get thrown on Mordor’s pyre of the unclean.)
    I think Aesop’s rules for radicals is a good start. Of course, the psycopaths would not stand for such shenanigan’s. It’s for the children, you see.
    Malkin was about the only bright spot at CPAC.

  17. Government employees can be used as assets if done properly. If the local police dispatchers, police, paramedics, firemen, and public works guys aren’t talking to you, then you need to work on intel gathering. Use your social skills to set up your own mini network. I’ve got so called “first responders” texting me when stuff happens locally. The local drug dealers have tons of info. You’d be surprised which of your neighbors are using and dealing.

    • “You’d be surprised which of your neighbors are using and dealing.”

      and why the fuck is that any of your business anyways?

      if you don’t like your neighbors- MOVE.

      fucking cop statist pig.

      godamn law abiding asshole.