Codrea: We’re The Only Ones Broke Enough

Coming to a town near you.

Tempus fugit.

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  1. 26 of New Mexico’s 33 Counties have told the gun-grabbers in Santa Fe to consume fecal matter and expire.

    We are winning while the rest of the country is rolling over like a bitch in heat.

  2. Darrell Cloud

    I’ve had four hurricanes come right over the top of my house. Irma was the last one. Each time the town went dark. If the cops were out, I didn’t see them. It will take a little time for the criminal element to organize under such circumstances. It will take a little longer for your local vigilance committee to organize as well. Be nice to people but keep our gun handy.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Good Advice hear.

      I built an indoor rifle range.

      Dry Fires only Gentlemen.

      Works though.

      • When I was a kid the old man built us an indoor range in the basement that allowed us to shoot 22’s using shorts only. I think it was a how to build out of popular mechanics.
        It was basically a 2×4 leanto design with a steel plate on the top with a 6in sand trap on the floor to catch the rounds.
        Worked great until he came home early one day and caught us shooting 22 longs. The first and only time we lost our gun privileges.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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    • New Messco is just Messco del Norte. Ask Mr Cordero about the gun rights ……

  4. “the 50-year-old said one morning as he squeezed into his Dodge Durango…

    …He has rationed gas. He has cut back on patrols. He has stopped providing security at ballgames. At times, his deputies have worn uniforms with holes in them and driven cruisers with tires worn through to the steel belts…

    …Key county roads are rife with potholes as the road and bridges department tries to make do with rusty excavators, dump trucks and salt trucks. Six months ago, an axle fell off the county’s only grader and the heavy-duty machine now languishes in a parking lot, in pieces. The county cannot afford the $10,000 to fix it….

    …In 2013, the county took out a 25-year loan to erect a massive government building that requires a monthly payment of $55,000….”

    boo fucking hoo. that fat fuck can eat shit and die. he’s just pissed because he has no one left to fleece and exploit while placing them in prison in that “massive” building..

    i also have no fucks to give anyone who wears a badge, and oppresses freedom.

  5. Old Gray Wolf

    Best thing that could happen is for cops to go find other jobs because they had to close up shop. Step out of the way and let us handle our business. Crime will drop precipitously. Of course, that sheriff is only broke because he has not learned to, or is unwilling to, prey on his employers in an increased fashion to fund his budget.


      Word. My Idaho-native wife grew up in a small town about 70 miles NE of Lewiston. Trouble makers, bullies, and thieves were told by the local committees of vigilance to mend their ways, get out of town, or they would end up feeding the forest beasts. Things were very quiet and orderly.

  6. There’s lots of hungry feral hogs around here….most folk are armed and everybody has a dog or two. Don’t think it would be a good idea for the criminal element to get too ambitious, we look out for one another.

  7. China is placing a brand spanking new coal plant online every ten days . Nothing even close to the emission controls forced onto our plants here in the US on those China plants . They will be buying coal from somebody soon . West By G-d may soon get a break from what I am hearing in the industry and I have many contacts in the power industry . Most of them up north not working or forced to retire like me by the diktats of the Bath House EPA . We never thought of living without mean assed dogs and big fast cars , trucks , guns , and homemade gravy . Don’t forget the gravy ! These hills are not where you really want to try a man or woman , or tribe ! Pickings will be much easier in the hood . Or thereabouts .

  8. Anonymous said…
    LA Times…good thing they don’t have an agenda and maintain such high standards of objectivity.
    Mean time locally there are 100s of coal cars headed west to China that pass my place every day; so much traffic that the rails and bridges have been rebuilt to take the loads! Gotta wonder why Kentucky coal ain’t good enough for them Chinese boys!

    Well darn. Eight years of being closed by Obamster and the House Dems keeping the mines closed and mines can’t be reopened unless they were still pumping out the water or else the mines are flooded. Economically, Obama and the Dems killed Kentucky for Al Gore and the Big Green Movement. IMHO.

  9. Grey Ghost
    Hawaii Senate wants to repeal or make 2A a “collective” right. Uh huh.

    and then there is this from Aesop country:

    Grey Ghost

  10. NorthGunner

    Where I live in Western Arizona, the town actually sits on land leased to it from the Indian authorities/Rez (the town is in fact on the Rez). Regarding the various agencies; there’s the Tribal police, the local (town) police and the Sherriff’s office.

    The town’s demographics currently are:
    Indian (5 different tribes on the Rez)
    And a smattering of negros

    When ‘Uncle Sugar’s’ checkbook is emptied and there’s no longer any subsidies coming to the Tribes/Rez, it’s anyone’s guess as to what will or won’t happen here (speaking of the normies and NPC’s who go about their day without a concern more pressing than “what’s for dinner/what do I want to watch on TV while I eat it”).

    I know that things WILL get ‘spicy’ in Phoenix; it’s a couple of hours drive away. This is a rural area, could likely see some cross-racial animosites flare up along with looting of the local grocery stores/Chinamart. As to how much police response if things go truly ‘tits up’…anyone’s guess..especially if there’s any cross agency rivalries that reveal themselves once the ‘festivities’ kick off and the debtbux goes byebye….

    Grey man indeed….

    We do “live in interesting times”….

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • NG , you in P town? i’m in Q town.

      • NorthGunner

        I’m within driving distance of Lake Havasu City;
        which may or may NOT be a good thing when
        the ballon goes ‘kaa-powwwey’.

        Good point is that my primary gunsmith is in LHC.

        One of my best friends in my AO can’t stand the
        local town ‘gov’ and it’s badged orcs and orcettes
        (he’s a semi-retired ‘Nam Vet; Air Force). He dreams
        of moving out to Yucca, Az to have more freedom
        but considering the hydrology of the area I’m not
        sure that he’d be able to pay for anything AWAY
        from the majority of sheeple in Yucca that DOESN’T
        already have a proven reliable well already in existence
        (water IS life; far more so here in Arizona).

        So, unless something drastically changes for him
        financially, I’d say that he’s ‘staying put’ unless
        outside forces say otherwise….

        If when you say ‘Q’ Town you mean Quartzsite?
        Yes, I’m familiar with it (used to drive thru it regularly
        for a previous security job dealing with Cal Edison east
        of it).
        If you’re in the area, ask CA to pass you my contact
        email; would look forward to sharing a cup of coffee
        at one of the local diners.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!