“Not Closing The Door…”


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  1. Yeah, she’s not running.

  2. Yeah, they always project. You just have to think like a alysnki-ite organized crime syndicate regime matriarch. One could infer that about it’s comment about not closing the door. The stealth Trotskyites of The Human Extinction Movement, aka THEM, must make way for the crop of amerikan neo-bolsheviks they have spawned, the future leadership out of their crotch droppings of course. The long march to their one world order organized crime syndicate is kaput if they aren’t brining up the next generation of red diaper babies. But the new generation of THEM is becoming more difficult to control by the day. The old guard Trotskyites are having problems keeping the reigns of PR tight on their little indoctrinated darlings.

    No self respecting tyrants and usurpers of their ilk ever give up power and wealth without a struggle even among blood. Yet this is their swamp, they made it and must stay afloat in its consequences.
    Can they fight a two front war, the external war against he dirt people and the internecine war internally? Not to mention the increasing extremism of fractional factions. Never mind long time proxies, who are flexing their own agenda’s?
    I guess this is inevitable, if the circular history of marxian insanity is coming full circle.
    The amerikan neo-bolsheviks are both ascendent and a majority of THEM.
    This is the face of the new THEM. They been pumping them out of the intelligentsia’s institutions of ideological programming for decades.
    Time to get a return on that investment:

    Meet Brianna Wu. Candidate for US House of Representatives in MA District 8 for 2020. The lovely face of inclusivity. Such an innocent beguiling NPC.
    She has shot the AR15. She would tell you she knows everything, is empowered now, her virtue is unassailable, what is good for you comrade is a foregone conclusion, “You” have no possible need for such a gun. Can not fathom why you should have the “need” for so many bullets. “Feels”, determine the course of the human race.

    Notice how Breanna and Chelsey share that same look of absolute superiority in their eyes? Look good. It is the product of an agenda two centuries in the making, the look of institutionalized madness that launches genocide.

    It is genocide which will be the only remedy for her and her comrades.

  3. After hearing all the “ LOCK HER UP” it’s pretty obvious she’s not worried about that happening. All the BS about the Clinton foundation, no security on her govt emails and on and on. But she is still out there flapping her gums! All those aholes are going to walk.

  4. mistermisfit01

    Talk about resting bitch face

  5. Damn it, CA – I thought you had ‘no good reason’ to use that picture again! I’ll be skipping supper tonight, thanks to your wanton, irresponsible use of that photo of an albino manatee.

  6. that pic of Mrs. Clinton

    is losing its shock value.

    I’m increasingly impressed by Hillary’s evident joie de vivre,

    despite all her tribulations.

  7. When you can’t remember what you said the day before, they call those “alcoholic blackouts”.

    The only thing she’ll be running for in 2020 is a country with no U.S. extradition treaty.

  8. Augusto Pintobean

    You know, I cannot un-see that picture of HRC. Ugh.

  9. Scott halloween

    I wonder if Chelsea has taken a 23 and me?
    It’s really cheap and easy way to finally “know” your mother is a liar and your father is a cuck.

  10. Mtnforge: yup. To think of Hillary is to think of putting your finger down your throat to get rid of something vile. As to the NPC female pictured above…they all have that look, that look of superiority, well fed, groomed, protected and so superior to anyone not of her group. She’s been coddled and cossetted all her life, she’s soft like a marshmallow or a baggie full of mayonnaise, she looks like you could poke her and find her body has the consistency of bread dough. She has never done a hard days work in her life, doesn’t understand the concept. Probably doesn’t know how to operate a can opener. She’s the type that will collapse like an over soaked paper towel when things go ‘sporty.’ She’s also got a very punchable face….


      “…or a baggie full of mayonnaise.” Great metaphor. And, you are right. The problem with her and her collectivist ilk is that they are surrounded by badge-wearing, tatted-up, ‘roided-out Orcs and Orcettes who will kill to protect not her so much as their place in the food chain. Take a look at Venezuela.