It Has Started Already

On civil war and the death of FUSA.

Don’t lose.

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  1. Johnny Paratrooper

    Sight the picture; Dump the Mag

  2. Johnny Paratrooper

    It stands to reason that a civil war would result in massive population shifts out of the major cities.

    Same as Syria.

    • Matt Bracken

      Except in the USA, those living outside the cities have the means to stop the outflow from the dying blue hives.
      If it comes down to Rule 308, you had better have a 308.

      • I would have to disagree with you on that Matt…The reasons are too many to list and would just cause the idiots to argue with you on why the Rambo’s will stop them…Very few actually have a plan in place and the numbers to accomplish it at this point in time and most rural people don’t see the need…They won’t until the hoard is upon them and by that time it will be to late…Sad That..

  3. i just returned from the land called Jusa. i went to the DOLLAR TREE and bought 100 cans of name brand fruit and veggies, pretty much cleared the shelf. added to the 58 boxes of bandages and hygiene products acquired last trip there. just wanted to top off the duffel bags, crates, boxes, and shelves that are already filled to capacity.

    i have over 150 gallons of stabilized fuel, a dozen full 20# LP tanks, gallons and gallons of all types of lubricants and additives, and boxes of spare parts for just about everything.

    while everyone else is dying, i’ll be enjoying myself away from the maelstrom
    and misery. let the good times roll.

  4. SW Richmond

    For you young people, and for those who dont study history, this is all new and you’re seeing it for the first time. For us old fucks who’ve been paying attention this is like watching a movie for the third or fourth time.

    It’s actually very disturbing for us to watch people wake the fuck up. The OP is slowly coming to grips with reality. Too goddamned slowly. The enemy gets stronger with each passing week.

    My thoughts for the OP are simple: pick up a goddamned rifle and get in shape. YOU’RE LATE. Opine about our odds of rebuilding after we have successfully avoided the Gulag. It won’t be a priority until then.

    • Matt Bracken

      Amen to all.

    • There is so much irony in that statement right there even if it’s true… Wish people could step back and see the big picture…

    • NorthGunner

      Or do as (((controlled opposition))) Jordan Peterson instructs:
      1. Clean your room
      2. Stand up straight
      3. Don’t forget to wash your circumcised penis correctly*

      Ok, Jordan may NOT have given that last bit of wisdom
      but considering how Jordan treated a free translated copy
      of “Two Hundred Years Together” might as well have as
      part of his fatuous “12 Rules for Life” which to quote Vox
      Day is “what happens when you cross Bill Kristol with L.Ron
      Hubbard and give him a Phd.”

      Here’s a recent video of Vox Day being interviewed by
      (Master Gatekeeper/Controlled Opposition Alex Jones):

      Vox Day Talks Shapiro and Peterson

      Neither Jordan or Shapiro have ANY idea of HOW to save
      Western Civilization because it’s NOT their job to do so!

      The creators of ‘Murdoch – Murdoch’ got it right
      in the below episode where Peterson is concerned:


      (The best part is seeing Dr. William Luther Pierce
      come out of retirement to save the day…well next
      to seeing Murdoch Chan cheerlead).

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  5. “Hybrid war”, OK. But if you can find a way to not get rapped around axle on the OODA Loop, and focus on what Col John Boyd was trying to teach us on the operational and strategic levels of warfare, IMO we would need new terms or concepts to understand what’s coming at us (or could come at us).

    Best book I’ve read in 15 years, but you have to understand that some of the most powerful information was intentionally understated.

  6. Great, sobering article. Gives voice to thoughts and feelings, general awareness of not-rightness, and gives them coherence. Don’t lose, we won’t like it.

  7. Shinmen Takezo

    What the author of the above piece fails to recognize is that at some point soon approaching–a matter of a few years… that there will be no voting your way out of this mess. Neither will sniveling and praying to your personal god of choice and hoping for some sorta’ divine intervention (not going to happen BTW) to save the day.

    The radical leftists intend at some date load your butts onto rail cars for a vacation stay at the local gulag. The country is currently being flooded by turd-world, non-europeans who for the most part have trouble using toilet paper and flush toilets… and you think you are going to convince them to be a “conseeeeerrrrrrvative.”

    Yeah-right… hey, the Brooklyn Bridge is for sale again!

    At some point in time soon, no conservative type will ever be elected to national office and you will have absolutely no political power. You will be dispossessed in you own homeland.

    And what are you going to do? Pray and snivel? Stand on a street corner waving American flags shouting “Murica’?”


    Better get used to the idea of what is soon to unfold.

    Here’s a video to help you grok the current situation…

    I suggest you watch the rest of John Mark’s videos to get your minds right.

  8. We, heritage Americans, have been backed to the precipice. What happens next is…..

  9. Grey Ghost

    Welcome to the party pal. Mr. Pollack, you are not alone in your analysis of the coming fight; there are plenty who can see it. In fact, more people see it coming each and every day. For those who can’t figure out what the trigger will be then all I can say is get your head out of your ass, unless you are going to comply. Eventually you WILL be a felon, it’s just a matter of time and reason is because “it’s for the children”.

    A country that has been held together by force of arms (Lincoln’s vision of the USA) via the War of Northern Aggression, will unravel sooner or later just like a shotgun marriage is doomed. You can believe the yankee abolitionist 5th grade slavery drivel if you want to but then your head is up your ass and locked there. It doesn’t help that CPUSA and closet socialists have been eating away at this country for 150+ years. At any rate, the unraveling is within sight for those who have eyes and the fight will be in earnest within the next 2-7 years depending upon how much immigration voter fraud is committed by the left in the next election or two. Trump can not and will not save your ass, at best he’s a stop gap as he has little support in any quarter of leviathan.

    BFYTW, is in it’s infancy in TX with possible Federal Gun control nullification:
    I might be enticed to move to TX when and if this bill is passed. I have my doubts of it’s eventual passage though considering the corruption in politics at all levels.

    Grey Ghost

    • We could actually bring the fight to them if there was enough men that actually had any fight beyond the keyboard but at this point in time that isn’t looking likely…

      • NorthGunner

        How about striking terror into the International Globohomo
        Banksters besides engaging their orc and orcette pawns?

        Think of how they would feel about seeing Janet Yellen,
        Ben Bernake and Jamie Dimon as well as Sheldon Adelson
        and others swinging upside down from bridges buck naked
        and dressed out like it’s deer season…think those chickens
        would scare the monkey shitless?…

        Personally, I wouldn’t want to see it happen because for
        too many people it would just make them martyrs..that’s
        the level of misscomprehension that normies still function
        under..they don’t understand that those people ARE enemy..
        not yet at least.

        But make no bones about it, when it’s a civilizational war,
        such folk are lawful targets..they understand it and that’s
        why they have ‘immediate evac plans’ to whisk them away
        to their ‘safe spaces’ when their plans go clusterfuck.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  10. When I was growing up most folks didn’t call the police. They took care of stupid shit themselves. Cops directed traffic for church services and funerals. On rare occasions some drunk idiot would kick his dog and slap the old lady around. The police chief would take the perp down to the pumping station and tune them up. The drunken idiot would be taken home,apologize to the family and be told that if they pulled that shit again they would end up in Walpole Prison. No murders. No rapes. A few B+E’s and vandalism bullshit.
    The libtard fuckfaces built low-income housing in the 70’s and lo and behold..rape,murder,assaults,extortion,fraud,hard drugs(smack and crank) child abuse,prostitution,car theft. Pretty easy shit to figure out.
    Eliminate low-lifes. Eliminate crime. The “civil” war will be about elimination of human waste. The moles on the ass of progress. You don’t need a degree in niggerology,spicmania,social services or emotional development to feed the Morbark tub grinder. If you make a substantial investment in Morbark,utilize the machine,and make it cost effective. Business 101.

    • Word here – spot on …..
      Not hard to see over time (for those adults old enough) what has happened. Sadly, once out, there’s no going back (I think) – the civil discourse has been happening and only getting worse. I say, ‘let it ride’ and play out – those who will make it, will – those who are too stupid, dense, entitled or otherwise lazy, will not ……….. perhaps for the better in the end.
      Mr. Johnny Paratrooper had an essay some time ago regarding civil war and the similarities to the Spanish dust up – interesting just after there was a NPR (of all places) documentary: brutal in the max – and the military played a huge role – wonder what ours will do when ‘it’ finally comes ………..

      • that depends on what you believe the meaning of “ours” is.

        anyways, if you even have to wonder, you already know what the answer is…

        the Jusan militardy has been infiltrated and taken over- if it wasn’t then you’d already know that too… you are on your own. if it flies or wears a murkin rag on it’s shoulder- consider them the same as the cops- who also wear those colors.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. This has been repeated many times and NOW, at the edge of oblivion, NOW PPL/Normies are waking-up but are AR sales going up? I hope so, we don’ need no stinkin AKs!
    That’s it exactly: we are desperate. We know how close we are to the edge, to the dissolution of civilized order into chaos and tyranny. We can feel in our bones the implacable hatred of our would-be commissars for everything we believe is good and right and true — along with a growing understanding that their hatred doesn’t stop at our traditions and beliefs. As long as we live and breathe, we are a threat. If the blood-soaked history of the twentieth century can teach us anything at all, it should teach us that it will not be enough to see us displaced and destroyed. They will want us dead and gone

    • Yea they do but for most that isn’t a reality yet so they sit and do nothing…You know what’s amazing to me is that the ones that it will be the worse for when the SHTF are the ones who are the most hard headed and stubborn about doing anything proactive about their situation…Sad That…

    • NorthGunner

      Having an AR (or any weapon for that matter) is one thing.

      Making the conscious decision to shoulder it, line up the
      sights (or optics) on another human being and then follow
      through by squeezing the trigger…and watching the former
      human being (now decomposing meatbag) drop to the
      ground..twitch a bit..maybe scream and cry for a bit..then
      bleed definitely another thing.

      Hardening one’s heart doesn’t even begin to cover it..yet
      in the upcoming unpleasantness it will have to be cultivated.
      And for many, there WILL be many years of nightmares to
      make peace with and live through…been there and done that.

      I wish none any harm, only to be left alone and live and let live.
      The Globohomo Parasites and their indoctrinated useful idiot
      foot soldiers don’t feel the same about any of us though, nor
      do they have any ‘Rules of Decency/Engagement’.

      So be it…when it comes, guess it’s going to be the ‘hard way’
      with my Fal and my kith and kin and friends and their arms…we’ll see who
      wants to survive more.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is it’s OWN Defense!

  14. gas mask required

    National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, 32% of electoral votes in agreement signed, another 30% in pending compact legislation.

    Looking for a tripwire, a flying balloon, a flashing siren, a red line, a tripwire, etc? Well, there it is.

  15. The brainwashing has done its job. I don’t watch television, got rid of the idiot box many years ago. I recently had the misfortune of being stuck in a dental office, waiting and having to watch and listen to the teevee. It was nothing but one giant infomercial pushing the leftist /progressive agenda while getting the viewer to buy totally useless crap, pushing pharmaceuticals while also pushing ‘public service’ information like getting vaccinations for measles.
    The measles vac brainwashing was fascinating to watch.

    How did we come to have this measles outbreak?

    Couldn’t be all the illegals massing into the country via the open borders, right? Oh, noes, that was never mentioned.

    No, it was those wicked people who were un-vaccinated and who had traveled to foreign lands that brought the evil disease home.

    They don’t need a civil war, the battle has been lost, ditto the war, so long as people watch the tv the programming continues and those adverse to said programming will be hunted down and destroyed.

    • Well said Brother…Are you going to give up though or actually start working towards a solution…

  16. Everyone seems to understand the “us versus them” scenario. It is only going to get worse as time passes. I used to plan 10/15 years ahead, but there is so much chaos in the world, that I wonder if it will be possible to plan for the unknown. In my head, I hear CCR’s “Run through the Jungle” everytime I need to interact with a Progressive/Leftist/NWO adherent. I try to avoid those on the other side of the division line as much as possible. Civil discourse, polite conversation, and reality died a long time ago. No time like the present to firm up your battle plans.

  17. 10/10.

    Thanks for that one.

  18. NorthGunner

    “That’s it exactly: we are desperate. We know how close we are to the edge, to the dissolution of civilized order into chaos and tyranny. We can feel in our bones the implacable hatred of our would-be commissars for everything we believe is good and right and true — along with a growing understanding that their hatred doesn’t stop at our traditions and beliefs. As long as we live and breathe, we are a threat. If the blood-soaked history of the twentieth century can teach us anything at all, it should teach us that it will not be enough to see us displaced and destroyed. They will want us dead and gone.”

    Our enemy hates us and wants us gone. I’d say that it’s past time to learn to hate the enemy right back in spades, irregardless of the ‘hopey – dopey hate is eviiil’ pablum regularly offered by the likes of ‘a follower’.

    Nurture that hatred into a sharp cold blade to guide our will and actions when the enemy drops the mask and commits to their actions.

    No quarter – No mercy, for the enemy will show us none!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Matt Bracken

      The neo-commies think they can use their same old playbook, but they discount the 2A factor. Instead of a revolution, they will only trigger a CW. The commies do not always win, sometimes they miscalculate, overreach, and are wiped out.
      Why didn’t Finland become a communist state after World War 2?
      7 Answers
      Rob Warner
      Rob Warner, former Repairs Manager
      Answered Apr 11, 2018 · Author has 1.5k answers and 313k answer views
      Finland gained its independence from Russia when Tzarist Russia collapsed. Then Finland fought a bitter civil war to determine whether the newly independent nation would be ruled by communists or a parliamentary democracy. The Russian Red Army tried meddling in the Finnish Civil War, but never supplied enough troops to triumph. Finnish communists were slaughtered by the thousands!

      When communist Russia tried to invade – Winter War at the start of a World War 2, the Finnish Army stubbornly defended and inflicted thousands of casualties.

      During the Continuation War, Finns again mounted a stubborn defense, but overwhelmed by the vastly larger Russian Army. The peace settlement only saw Finland cede a few hundred square kilometers of forest along its eastern border. That was all Russia really wanted: a larger buffer zone protecting Petrograd, Leningrad of Saint Peter’s Burg.

      Please remember that Finns have had a distinctive gene pool and a distinctive language compared with the rest of Europe. Finns are descended for a Uiger horsemen who migrated to Finland long before anyone kept written records. Only a small minority of Finns speak Swedish, a remnant of when Sweden ruled Finland.

      Only neighboring Estonia has a similar language and Estonia has an even fiercer record of slaughtering invading Empires.

      After blooding communist invaders three times, Finns are happy living in a democratic country with one of the higher living standards in Europe.

    • “I’d say that it’s past time to learn to hate the enemy right back in spades, irregardless of the ‘hopey – dopey hate is eviiil’ pablum regularly offered by the likes of ‘a follower’.”

      HATE! that’s what i’m talking about.

      FUCK YEAH!

      • NorthGunner

        Does this scene from “The Last Samurai” adequately
        cover the topic? I certainly think so, fictional though it is.

        The Last Samurai – Scalping (2003)

        Unfortunately, there will probably be instances of ‘Counting Coup’
        in the upcoming unpleasantness…just as more than a few folk
        will be channeling ‘Ol Jack Hinson and ‘Bloody Bill Anderson’.
        Mutilations and massacres WILL be happening, even though
        I have no wish for such..the fact that both sides hate each
        other almost make that assured. MVT was right to counsel
        against mistreatment of captured enemy and others..wonder
        how many will remember when they see their own family/young
        butchered ‘for no good reason’…

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  19. This is worth a listen. Globohomo can fuck itself. The character of this marine compared to the jackals (and officer cadre) that put him where he was and gave him fucked up ROE are something to see. Look this up on u tube. Damn. Any doubts you had about the commies neutering the .mil should be erased. This young man knew it was gonna go bad and they wouldn’t listen, in fact they pulled him from the op cause he pissed upstream. And men (his friends) died because of it. But listen to the whole fking thing. I think you can apply the Barnhardt doctrine to a LOT of senior .mil at this point. I have NO .mil experience myself. I’m just some asshole on a mountain spewing hate speech. Fuck globohomo and the child sacrificers.

    Jocko Podcast 115 with Dakota Meyer – Into The Fire, and Beyond the Call of Duty

  20. Johnny Paratrooper

    Great Article.

    I would like to point out a few things.

    1) Nothing has changed in the colleges.

    2) The West is still losing as a net whole.

    3) Whatever happens today or tomorrow; BLOAT and BLOFT

    4) Train, Train, Train. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Reconnect with people.

  21. Humanity First

    Universal Basic Income
    Learn More
    Medicare for All
    Learn More
    Human-Centered Capitalism

    Yang! FUCK YEAH!

  22. Matt Bracken

    Outstanding CW2 essay, embedded links, and comments after.

  23. Old Gray Wolf

    Hmmm. I recognize at least the “othering” and dehumanization stage, and quite possibly the normalization of violence stage, already. Time is short. The worst thing about this is the apparent lack of a coherent strategy among heritage America to prosecute a fast program to remove the problem and gain control of the natonal direction. There is going to be, needs to be a fight. It has to be fast, it has to be targeted, and it has to be solely aimed at quickly regaining control. If it lasts more than a few weeks at most, if it spreads to the general population, if the power goes out nationwide for any length of time, if the food trucks fail to supply the stores, things will spiral down to a place we do not want to go, and may not come back from in our lifetimes.

    Three days of food in the stores. 400million guns(known about) in private hands. Nothing works without electricity. All of this together makes things ugly if the lid comes off Pandora’s box. The trick is to crack the lid, and fumigate the box with something that works, and slam it shut again. If what is under there is released, kiss any remembrance of America goodbye. Most of us won’t be here by the time the killing stops, and what comes after is unlikely to resemble anything that was here before.

    Our fathers and grandfathers failed to maintain their responsibilities to Liberty, and it falls to us. It has become.a metastasized threat due to this procrastination, and it will now be a near miraculous trick to save the patient while removing the cancer. But we have it to do, and we need some really smart guys to figure out a winning strategy. One of the most complex and high risk missions in the history of the world will not be planned and executed by run of the mill individuals with any degree of success. Indeed, I wonder if it can even be done, to the point that my planning is structured for what happens when the whole thing goes to hell. Call what I have outlined a pleasant surprise if it materializes.

    • “It has to be fast, it has to be targeted, and it has to be solely aimed at quickly regaining control.”

      where have i heard that before?

      yet the dumb dumbs want to train to fight an extended guerilla war.

      if it comes to that- you already lost.

      Blitzkrieg baby!

  24. Matt Bracken

    A 5 minute youtube reminder of the stakes:
    “Democide: Socialism, Tyranny, Guns and Freedom.”