MDT: Product Review – “Battle Bars”

Chow matters.

Especially in the cold.

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  1. My order has shipped, a combination of both flavors. I like blueberries, I grow fresh ones.

  2. Seems like a useful item to have around, I’d just store them in the deep freeze

  3. Translation: If passed into law — and passage in the House seems a sure bet if it comes up for a vote — anyone who owns an AR-15 rifle would have to register it as an NFA item. But wait, there’s more.

    It’s not just those scary black weapons of war that Deutch wants to keep track of, either. Own a Ruger 10/22? Register it. Mini-14 or Mini Thirty? Register them. How about that non-frightening Browning BAR hunting rifle? Register it, too. Because if you don’t…congratulations, you’re a felon…

  4. Grenadier1

    I will give them a go. I normally keep 3 or 4 Cliff bars in the ruck for quick energy I have burned through a couple of those on my last three hikes so its time to refill.
    These look like a good candidate.

  5. Johnny Paratrooper

    The Protein Bar from Infowars are pretty tasty.

    I enjoy a mix of crisps in my bars. But the Infowars ones taste fine without them.

    They are a little chewy, but most importantly, they don’t cause any stomach discomfort or any feelings of being “clogged” up.

  6. Will try but wondered when the author would discuss how much these things made him fart.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Or if he used them long enough to determine if bowel habits were impacted(pun intended). A steady diet of MRE’s will cause issues, I suspect a bar without the addition of proper amounts of fiber would also, especially if it were the sole intake other than water for a few days.

      • Old Gray Wolf

        See thatnthey have three grams each of fiber. Good enough if you eat several per day. At 250 calories per, 10 bars per day offer the 2500 calories needed to maintain under moderate conditions. 10 bars also offer 30 total grams of fiber, which is the recommended daily intake. Most people operate on less. Nutritionally, the bars look very good. Perhaps a future post where we can detail our experience with them would be in order, I plan to order a few cases and do a multiday test as soon as I have some time to dedicate a few days to rucking in the hills. Comes to food, water filtration, shelter, clothing, and weapons, I work nothing into the supply until I have wrung it out under as realistic conditions as possible.

    • That’s what mil-spec diapers are for!

  7. Johnny Paratrooper

    You can always go to Trader Joe’s or Whole food and do the ole’ “Fruits, Nuts, and Water” Trick.

    You lose ten pounds in two days.

    Make sure you get the salted nuts.

    Funny Stuff.

    Feels good man.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. Pemmican and jerky, nuts and raisins for me, How much sugar in these bars?

  10. If you load a ruck with all the chow you can carry. You max out at a little over a week even on starvation rationing. If you pull a scow sled with 4 cases of rations and four cans of ammo you still don’t have much (two-three weeks max) . Logistics is transported and measured by the TON. Here’s some homework for you “survivalist/militia” types. How many TONS of food , ammo, medical supply, water , POL, and replacement parts does it take to keep 50 men in the field for 30 days? Look it up. You won’t like the answer. Second question. How many trucks does it take to move the basic resupply for fifty men for one week? How much fuel? How many drivers/cooks and mechanics? How many tons to supply THEM. Look it up. Like I said you won’t like the hole it pops in your fantasy bubble. You say you want a revolution? I hope you have a few dozen Kroger stores and a refinery in your “preps”.